How much does dressbarn pay

how much does dressbarn pay

How much does dressbarn pay

How much does dressbarn pay

How much does dressbarn pay

How much does dressbarn pay

There is a rumour going around the world that wages in Norway are high. They are. Below is a presentation from government statistics as well as information from private people about how much certain jobs pay in Norway. I have focused on the main jobs that people look at when wanting to immigrate to Norway.

The Value of Norwegian Money: All currencies below are in Norwegian Crowns. You can’t just divide Norwegian Crowns to your countries equivalent by the exchange rate as it doesn’t consider ‘value’ or purchasing power. Working with ‘value’ is what gives a more accurate idea of money-worth. For example, if your currency exchange rate is around 5-5.5 to Norwegian Crowns, I’d say it is safe to divide by 10 (rather than 5 or 5.5) to get a better idea of the ‘value’. Being an Australian, I have used this method while in Norway for the past five years and it has served me well. A common indicator of value, or purchasing power, is the Big Mac Index. It would be wise to use this to balance out the high value of Norwegian Crowns when comparing to your own countries currency. About the rest – drool away!

Gross Annual Salaries in Europe As demonstrated in the chart below from Statistics Norway, Norway is the highest gross annual salary earner (per capita) in the private sector in all of Europe (2005). However, Norway does have very high taxes and the largest percentage of public sector workers in the world.

Wage comparisons of men and women

As you can see in the chart below from Statistics Norway, Norway still has a way to go with wage equality. However, it is a major plus that wage rises surpass the price rises.

How much does dressbarn pay

Another interesting fact is that from 2004 to 2008 a labour cost survey from the Statistics Norway showed that there has been a 26% increase in the private sector. That is an annual increase of 5.9% per year. (Labour costs include both the direct and indirect cost of employees. The direct costs are wages and salaries in cash, while indirect costs include employers’ social security contribution, pension plans and insurance, payments in kind and on-the-job training as well as other miscellaneous costs.) For example: Oil and gas extraction and mining along with financial intermediation and insurance have the highest labour costs with respectively NOK 1 075 000 and NOK 853 000 per full-time employee. This corresponds to an increase of respectively 33 and 35 per cent since 2004. You can view more job sectors here: Also, on average, workers in 2010 had a yearly wage increase of 4.5%. (Which is something to consider when looking at the wage earnings below from other years.)

Below I have gathered information from Statistics Norway (the National Statistics bureau), Jobbfeber (A youth careers advisory website), Studenttorget (a student portal) and Barn i magen (a website and forum specifically for pregnant women) to give you an all-round view of pay and wages in Norway. This is not our own information.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Monthly earnings for full-time employees in private hospitals were NOK 37 300 as per 1 October 2010. Full-time employees in private child welfare institutions had average monthly earnings of NOK 27 000, while employees in vocational rehabilitation activities had average monthly earnings of NOK 31 300.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Doctors – the average salary for doctors NOK 57,300 per month., Or 687,600 per year. (in 2007). Hospital doctors averaged 678,036 (2007). Doctors in nursing homes: 488,832 (2007). A private practitioner or specialist’s pay is often higher.

Nurses (Hospital, Nursing Home, or other) – As a registered nurse working in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, the municipal health centers, in home care, occupational health service or by private institutions, the minimum wage rates in 2008 were: nurse: 0 years: 301,300; 4 years: 304,800, 8 years: 313,000 . For specialist nurses: 0 years: 320,300; 4 years: 324,100; 8 years: 327,400 . You also get a supplement for inconvenient working hours (shifts), and many have special agreements. Many can thus earn more on an annual basis. According to Statistics Norway, the average salary for a nurse includes all additional 32,200 per month, or 386,400 per year. (Oct 2007)

Dentists – A newly qualified dentist employed in the public sector can earn about 350,000 a year, but there are also counties that offer more. The income level in private practice depends on many factors such as working hours, access to patients and expense levels, but dentists in private practice often earn between 500,000 .- and a million. According to Statistics Norway, the average income of a municipal employee dentist in 2006 for 438,000.

Vets – Income for veterinarians in general, is considered reasonably good. A permanent employee veterinarian has approx. 300-350000 in the starting salary (2006), and rises quickly when you have worked for a few years. As a practicing veterinarian, self-employed income will largely depend on the efforts and access to work.

Laboratory Technicians – Starting salary is dependent on education and how long you have worked. Average Salaries in the industry is about 325,000 a year. With bachelor’s degree you can earn from 380 to 440,000.

Pharmacists – Average wages (2006) according to Statistics Norway: Training pharmacists with 5 years education: 350,000. First job: 485,000 Pharmacist (staff) 639,000.

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

State hospital – Physician 657,768; Psychologist 385,836; Nurse 345,048; Bioengineering 315,552; Physiotherapist 306,516; Social Nurse 328,&68; Social Worker 322,272; Child Welfare 317,100; Secretary 260,460; Anesthesiologist 276,768; Medical secretary 257,440; Cleaning Assistant 247,920 .-

From Barn i magen Website: Doctors – In 2006, an intern says he earns 380-3&0,000; in 2007, an anesthetist says he earns 1.5 mil; in 2009, a resident doctor says he earns 650,000.

Nurses – In 2006, a newly educated nurse in a temp position says she earnt about 300,000. In 2007, a 100% position nurse working for six years says she earnt 300,00 including extras; a newly educated nurse says she earnt 278,500; an intensive care unit nurse earnt 316,00 plus bonuses adding up to 350,000; a nurse has a basic wage of 280,000 but with additions, 360,000; a nurse says she has a basic wage of 322,000; a nurse with maximum payscale earns 320,000 as a base; a nurse with six years experience is earning 400,000. In 2008, a newly educated nurse says she is earning 281,500 plus extras. In 2009, a nurse make 345,000 plus evening/weekend extras which makes up about 50,000 extra. In 2010, a nurse in a 100% position earns 320,000 plus extras; a newly educated nurse grosses 450,000.

Dentists/Technicians – In 2007, a public sector dentist earned 420,000 basic and about 500,000 with bonuses; a dental assistant earned 250,000 including 10 hours overtime each week. In 2008, a dental secretary in the private sector earnt 280,000.

Vets – In 2009, a vet works nights, weekends, 17 May and Christmas Eve (a 150% position) and only gets about 350,000. In 2010, a vet makes 370-380,000.

Pharmacists – In 2007, a pharmacist in the public sector earned close to 400,000 in their basic wage and 110-150,000 in overtime; a pharmacist earnt 350,000, a molecularbiologist working as a consultant in the pharacutical industry earnt 410,000 plus car, mobile phone and pension – no overtime. In 2008, a pharmacist working for two years earnt 285,000; a pharmacist that manages a pharmacy earnt about 700,000.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Teacher/Municiple workers – Monthly earnings for full-time employed women were NOK 34 500, while the corresponding earnings for men were NOK 37 000.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Lecturers – As of 2006 salary starts at 326,000. Top Salary 386 700. Average salary in 2006 according to Statistics Norway NOK 391,000.

Teachers – average salary for a teacher in primary school is about 350,000 (2006). Starting salaries are lower and top salary (after a long tenure) are slightly higher. In Oslo schools teacher salaries start from 338 100 and go up to 414 096 (2010). Secondary school teacher starting salary is 354 492 and goes up to 429 000. The average salary for a teacher according to Statistics Norway is approx. 396 000 (2010) and 413 800 for seconday school teachers.

Child Care Assistants – Salary level is from 230,200 to 267,300 (2006). Less if you are unskilled.

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

Employees in schools – Principal 457,000; Subject Leader 427,000; Teachers 340,000; Adjunct 355,000; Adjunct to Promotion 370,000; Lecturers 405,000

From Barn i magen Website:

Teachers – In 2006, a teacher after working for two and a half years got 310,000; a newly educated teacher in a one year temp job earnt 295,500. In 2007, a preschool teacher started on 258,000, and after one year got 303,500; a teacher earnt 2&5,000; a teacher with a diploma working as an after school coordinator earnt 306,000; a teacher without education in a 65% position earnt 160,000. In 2009, a primary school teacher earnt 350,000. In 2010, a teacher still in education earnt 270,000.

Lecturers – In 2009, a lecturer in a middle school with contact teacher bonus earnt 409,000

Childcare/Assistants – In 2007, an assistant earnt 100,000 in a 60% position; an assistant working two years earnt 247,000; an assistant that worked 7 years earnt 225,000. In 2008, an assistant in the public sector earnt 217,000; an educational leader in a private kindergarten worked 7 years and earnt 314,000; a kindergarten manager worked 10 years and earnt 356,000. In 2008, a childcare work with a diploma earnt 243,000.

Information on this range of employment has not been released by Statistics Norway as yet.

Hairdressers – Salaries are estimated about 250 – 300 000 per year. In addition, to commissions.

Painters – In 2007, the average salary for a painter is estimated at 325 000.

Car Mechanics – When it comes to skilled workers in mechanical engineering, it is difficult to give a concrete picture of the exact income. Wages are quite individual and can be from about 130 per hours or 230/250. This equals approx. 250 to 400 000 per year. Income will vary depending on position, industry, enterprise / workshop size, location and supply and demand etc.

Bus Drivers – Including overtime, bus drivers can earn about the same as a teacher, 342,000 per year (2010). In 2008, a new agreement was signed that will raise the status and competence of drivers, and this will raise the overall wage salary. By 2013, all drivers will have this tariff.

Taxi Drivers – Taxi drivers are usually paid a percentage of run-in amounts. The salary varies greatly and depends on the workload, and driver skill, etc, but you can count on about 250 350 000 per year for a normal working day, more if you work evening / night and weekends. The collective agreement between the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Federation and the Norwegian Taxi Association has set minimum rates of pay rate. Taxi fares are higher at inconvenient hours and holidays. With a fixed percentage, compensation increases the driver’s per capita income.

Bakers – Depending on the workplace and how long you have worked a basic is from 250 000 to 350 000. Many also start their own bakery, and then pay depends on how much you sell.

Electricians – A primary worker can make​in 2010 about 172.64 per hour. This corresponds to 314,204 per year. The average salary is from Statistics Norway is 358,944 in 2008, but this can vary greatly from workplace to workplace.

Fishmongers – As an apprentice you will receive pay during your apprenticeship, both first year (year of training) and second year (value added per year). The salary will rise gradually. It is based on current tariffs in the workplace, but the pay can vary from workplace to workplace. The fishery industry has a good salary compared to other industries. Estimated the wage after a few years range from 260 to 330 000.

Carpenters – In 2005 the average monthly earnings for a full-time carpenter is 23 949 per month or a salary of 287 300. Surcharge for overtime, inconvenient hours and the like are not included.

Cleaners – The salary varies depending on whether you are working privately or in the community, but in the municipality about 130 NOK per hour, ie 25,350 per month. And thats 253,500 per year. In the state employment it depends on how you have worked, ie from 250,800 as a starting salary to 287,600 per year. There are some additionals on top of this, approximately 6-10,000 crowns. The private sector may pay be higher. In the offshore oil industry it is often about 500,000. (Oil Company Employees – cleaning workers in 2007 had a compensation of 625,000 on average). Cleaners in cleaning agencies in 2007 had an average income of 270,000.

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

Building and construction – Managers 486,456; Concrete work 32&,148; Shuttering Carpenter 347,664; Carpentry 300,264; Plumbing 323,&52; Templates 2&7,144; Electrician 302,676; Help Work 270,768

Fish farming – Manager 4&0,572; Fish farmer / cultivator 305,760

Forestry 3&7,284; Graphic industry 427,&92; Metals 487,212; Construction 487,212; Petroleum activities 608,436

From Barn i magen Website:

Hairdressers – In 2009, a hairdresser earnt 232,000. In 2011, a hairdresser earnt 325,000.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Hotels and Restaurants – Full-time employees in hotels and restaurants had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 29 000 as per 1 October 2010. The hotel and restaurant industry is dominated by employees in sales and service occupations. This includes cooks, waiters, head waiters and barkeepers. Average monthly earnings for chefs were NOK 28 500. Full-time employees in occupations with no requirements for education had an average monthly salary of NOK 27 200. This group includes among others, cleaners, maids and kitchen assistants.

Retail – Full-time employees in wholesale and retail trade had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 35 100 at 1 September 2010. For full-time employees in retail the average monthly earnings were NOK 30 500. Sales workers is the biggest occupational group in retail, with monthly earnings of NOK 25 600.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Shop Assistants – The average wage is in 2006 is about 250 to 280,000 per year. Management positions are about 349,000.

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

Sales and service occupations – Receptionists 286,308; Switchboard Operator 282,108; Custodian 332,628; Store Employee 284,076; Seller (wholesale) 322,752

Hotel and restaurant industry – Head of 3&4,608; Chef 257,784; Waiter 253,032

From Barn i magen Website:

Waiters – In 2007, a head waiter with no education earnt 300,000 plus bonuses.

Receptionists – In 2007, a receptionist on a ferry worked for 9 years earnt 390,000 plus union labour.

Chef – In 2007, an educated chef in a 60% position earnt 180,000; a head chef at an office canteen earnt 260,000; a head chef at a restaurant earnt 360,000. In 2008, a chef earnt 300,000 a year.

Retail – In 2006, a grocery store manager earnt 405,000, a shop assistant at a sporting goods store earnt 260,000; a shop manager earnt 420,000 in salary and 40,000 in bonuses. In 2007, a shop manager earnt 330,000; a worker at a clothing store earnt 200,000 in an 80% position; a manager at a clothing store earnt 260,000; a grocery store manager for 14 years earnt 460,000 plus bonuses anywhere 10-100,000 a year depending on performance; a shop assistant earnt 300,000. In 2009, an operations manager earnt 320,000 plus overtime.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Full-time employees in the oil and gas extraction industry had average monthly earnings of NOK 59 700 as per 1 October 2010. The largest occupational group in the oil sector consists of drill floor crew, process technicians and other operators, who had average monthly earnings of NOK 51 400. Engineers and technicians or employees with a college degree had average monthly earnings of NOK 56 700. The monthly earnings excluding overtime for full-time employees in the mining sector amounted to NOK 37 400. Approximately half of all the full-time employees in the sector are operators and drivers. This occupation had an average monthly wage of NOK 33 500.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Geologists – It depends on what work and how long you have worked, but geologists get a generally good salary. As a researcher, or employed by private companies (eg, oil industry) you can earn from 380 – to 500,000, and more. If you are working with education, from 394,000 (Assistant Professor) to 513,000 .- (Professor).

Engineers – In 2006, a civil engineer earnt 440,000, a civil engineer earnt 425,000. In 2007, a civil engineer earnt 425,000; a civil engineer in the oil industry with 10 years experience and in middle management earnt 720,000 plus bonuses, a civil engineer in the oil industry earnt 540,000 plus bonuses. In 2010, a civil engineer and manager earnt 800,000.

Geologist – In 2008, a geologist in an oil company earnt 700,000 depending on travels and overtime.

Technicians – In 2009, a technical assistant with no education earnt 335,000. In 2010, a process technician earnt 510,000 plus bonuses.

Management – In 2010, an uneducated coordinator 21 years old in an oil company earnt 385,000 plus bonuses (and very lucky); a staff consultant in an oil company earnt 430,000.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Government Administration – The central administration consists of public administration, the foreign service, and the National Insurance Office. Average earnings for employees in the central administration as a whole were NOK 38 600.

Information and Communication – Full-time employees in information and communication had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 47 000 as per 1 October 2010. The highest earnings are found in the ICT services, at NOK 50 000. Employees in radio and television had monthly earnings of NOK 40 300, and employees in publishing industries had monthly earnings of NOK 44 500.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Financial Consultants – Salaries are dependent on where you work, what firm and how many years you have worked. Those who follow the state’s wage scales pay from 301,700 to 365,200 .- per year (2006)

ICT Workers/Consultants – In companies where employees are organized, have collective agreements with provisions on salary placement, one can expect a starting salary of about 250 – 300 000. The average salary is between 320 to 350 000.

Marketing Consultant – A marketing consultant can expect to earn from 330 to 400,000 – and up, depending on where you work and what you are working with.

Translators – There is great variation in how interpreters are paid in Norway, depending on the interpreter’s qualifications, type of work and interpret the situation. Conference Interpreters are usually the highest-paid interpreters. Among interpreters who take assignments in the public sector, it is usually legal and police interpreters who achieves the highest wages. The rates for other types of assignments in the public sector can vary from one region or municipality to another. An estimated salary: Police and court interpreter: 400-450 kroner per hour, down to 150 for assignments submitted through an interpreting company. Permanent staff interpreters usually start at pay grade 22, which is 239,800 per year in base salary (2007), but the more education you have, the higher the salary.

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

Banking and insurance – Average Salary (not managers) 382,000

Manager Occupations – Construction 543,360; Transportation and communication 510,000; Finance, finance 656,544; Personnel Director 60&,984; Director of Sales 57&,324; Information Manager 637,236; Purchasing 534,672; IT Director 618,&96; Research Director, 655,128; M.Sc. 582,&36; Systems Developer / Programmers 503,8&2; Personnel Consultants 431,5&2; Market analysts 550,080; Social and civilian economists 498,504

Occupations with the bachelor / university education – Engineering bachelor 458,112; Security Inspector 430,644; Travel Consultants 325,500; Tech. sales representative 424,272; Purchaser 402,264; Marketing / advertising consultant 3&1,548; Chief functionary 41&,376; Auditor (not State Authorized) 433,116; Information Worker 404,040; Secretaries 330,216; Office Employee 310,200; Economy Employee 340,0&2; Materials Manager 327,600; Logistician 381,6&6; Transportation Employees 340,188; Scholar: 311,000; Lecturer: 3&4,000; Associate 41&,000; Professor: 513,000; Researcher: From 368 to 480,000; Research director: 52&,000; University Librarian 383,000; Institute Leader 612,000; State Meteorologist 383,000; Head of Office 401,000; Vice President, 602,000; Chief Engineer 480,000; State Archivist 454,000; Dep. Archivist 458,000; College Teacher 35&,000; HR Manager 414,000

From Barn i magen Website:

Administration – In 2007, a marketing secretary earnt 425,000 plus benefits. In 2009, a public sector consultant earnt 450,000; a secretary earnt 310,000 plus overtime.

ICT – In 2007, an IT consultant earnt 700,000; an It consultant earnt 500,000. In 2008, a computer engineer with a masters working as a training manager earnt 350,000; an IT consultant earnt 380,000 (she says if she lived in Olso she would make 480,000). In 2009, an IT manager earnt 440,000; a computer technician in the telecom industry earnt 620,000. In 2010, an IT consultant earnt 500,000 plus bonuses. In 2011, a computer engineer earnt 500,000.

General from Statistics Norway 2010:

Arts and entertainment – Average monthly earnings were NOK 34 900. Academic professions are heavily represented within this industry, and include among others musicians, actors, dancers and directors. The average monthly earnings for this group were NOK 36 400 in 2010.

Libraries and Museums – Academic professions, which includes archivists and curators, had a monthly salary of NOK 35 600, while technical and associate professionals received NOK 32 900 as of 1 October 2010.

Sports, recreation and leisure – Average monthly earnings for employees in sports, recreation and leisure were NOK 34 500 as per October 2010. For technical and associate professionals the average monthly earnings were NOK 36 100.

Specific from Jobbfeber (note: wages have increased about 4% annually since 2006)

Actor – A starting salary of 310,000 and up to 400,000 with employment in the highest establishments in Norwegian theaters in 2008. However, many actors have extra income from other projects in film, television, entertainment, etc.

Librarian – As an employee of the municipality yearly earns are approx. 280000-310000 .- depending on qualifications and responsibilities (2006).

From Studenttorget – figures apply to 2005 so add 15-30% for 2011:

Press – Editor trade press from 400 to 450,000; Journalist trade press from 250 to 350,000 – otherwise varies from Moss Dagblad 323,663, to Agderposten 434,653, Dagbladet 548,735, TV2 605,000

As you can see there can be great differences in wages according to where you live, education and luck. If you would like to know more information about wages and job statistics please use the links below (and google translate).

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How much does car insurance go down at 25 state farm

How Age, Gender, and Marital Status Affect Your Car Insurance

It's a well-accepted fact that car insurance premiums vary between certain demographics.

For instance, a 20-year-old male driver will most likely pay more for insurance than a man who's 10 years older.

What may be shocking, however, is just how significant these premium swings can be -- with age being just one of several factors.

For the second year in a row, a study commissioned by insuranceQuotes found that car insurance premiums, on average, can vary by more than 50 percent based on age, gender and marital status.

According to Mike Barry, spokesman for the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute, insurers have long been interested in the way marriage, gender and age may affect insurance rates -- and the general consensus has been resounding.

"Younger people cause more accidents than older people -- unless they're married -- and men cause more accidents than women," Barry says.

The Impact of Marriage on Car Insurance Rates

According to the study, marital status is almost as significant in car insurance pricing as age and gender. On average, a married 20-year-old pays 21 percent less than a single 20-year-old for the same policy.

The difference gets more pronounced when you divide it by gender. A single 20-year-old male will pay 25 percent more for auto insurance than his married counterpart.

And a single 20-year-old woman will pay 28 percent more than her married counterpart.

Premium differences between married and unmarried drivers drop off significantly as they get older. For instance, a single 25-year-old just pays 7 percent more for auto insurance than a married 25-year-old.

So why do insurers consider married people a lower risk when it comes to pricing auto insurance?

Eli Lehrer, president of the nonprofit research group The R Street Institute, says, "Marriage really does make people more careful and responsible. it isn't at all surprising that this translates into better driving behavior."

For example, a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that married men are more focused on taking care of their health than single men.

What's more, Lehrer says married people are also a better business opportunity for an insurer, since they are more likely to own homes and "far, far, far more likely" to buy life insurance.

The Impact of Age on Car Insurance Rates

Without exception, young drivers pay more for car insurance than any other demographic -- and there's a very good reason why.

According to the CDC, crash rates per mile driven for 16- to 20-year-olds are four times higher than those of older drivers.

Bob Hunter, director of insurance at the Washington, D.C.-based Consumer Federation of America, a consumer advocacy organization, says younger drivers also file more car insurance claims than those with more experience behind the wheel, which is what accounts for significant differences in premium cost.

For example, according to the study, a 20-year-old driver pays 41 percent more than a 20-year-old driver for car insurance.

Also, premium costs don't stop dropping at 25. According to the study, premiums begin to stabilize around 25 years old, but they fall by another 18 percent until they bottom out around age 60.

For instance, a 60-year-old single male driver is paying, on average, 59 percent less for auto insurance than his 20-year-old counterpart. The difference for women is 51 percent.

"This all comes back to (driver) experience," Barry says.

However, don't expect your insurance rates to drop at midnight on your 25th birthday.

Barry suggests paying close attention to your rates at renewal.

"Your rates are going to slowly go down every year you get older each time the policy is renewed," Barry says. "When it's renewal time and you're 25, that's when you'll see the biggest drop."

Age and Car Insurance Rates by State

When it comes to how age impacts insurance premiums, not all states follow the national average.

For instance, in Massachusetts, a 25-year-old married woman will pay a whopping 51 percent less than a 20-year-old married woman in that state.

Meanwhile, in Hawaii, a 25-year-old married woman will pay just 2 percent less than her 20-year-old counterpart.

The reason for this is how individual states regulate insurance.

"In some states, insurers are allowed to weigh age more heavily than in others," Lehrer says.

For instance, according to the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs' Insurance Division, Hawaii is the only state that doesn't allow insurance providers to consider age, gender or length of driving experience when determining premiums, which accounts for the negligible difference in premium costs.

Here's the bottom line: Women are statistically safer drivers, which means they're also less likely to file a claim than men. Therefore, they generally pay less for car insurance.

According to the study, a single 20-year-old male driver will pay 21 percent more than his female counterpart. The good news for men is this difference begins to drastically level off as male drivers get older.

For instance, a single 25-year-old male driver will only pay an average of 4 percent more for auto insurance than his female counterpart.

What's more, between the ages of 30 and 50, men actually pay slightly less for auto insurance than women. Experts aren't entirely sure why this is the case, although Lehrer thinks it's most likely an insignificant difference.

"The differences you find beyond about age 30 will amount to less than a dollar a month for most people based on gender," Lehrer says.

Nonetheless, Hunter says, "At the end of the day, young men are less cautious, riskier, more distracted drivers."

The study also accentuated the fact that three states -- Hawaii, Massachusetts and North Carolina -- prohibit gender from being used to set auto insurance rates.

Three other states -- Michigan, Montana and Pennsylvania -- apply the same rating factors to men and women, which is why there is no difference between their rates due to gender.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates

Whether you're a man or woman, married or single, here are four tips for reducing your auto insurance premium.

1. Get a good-student discount.

Most insurers will offer a discount of up to 20 percent for young drivers who maintain at least a B average (a 3.0 GPA or better) in high school or college and take a recognized advanced driver training course in addition to driver's ed.

2. Enroll in a pay-as-you-drive program.

Many major insurers -- including Allstate, Progressive, State Farm and Liberty Mutual -- offer discounts based on how well, how far and how often you drive. It's a voluntary incentive and can save you as much as 25 percent on insurance.

3. Avoid making small claims.

Auto insurance is not meant for everyday repairs. Also, making just one claim worth $2,000 or more can kick up your rate by a national average of 41 percent, according to a January insuranceQuotes study.

If you file many small claims over the course of three or five years, your insurance company may not only raise your premium but could cancel your policy.

4. Shop and compare rates at least once a year.

According to Barry, car insurance is a buyer's market, and shopping for new coverage could save you up to $500 per year.

Laura Adams is a personal finance expert, award-winning author, host of the top-rated Money Girl Podcast, and senior insurance analyst for insuranceQuotes, a Bankrate company. For more on auto, home, health, life, and business insurance, click here.

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How much does babies r us pay

Babies”R”Us Baby Registry: Perks, Coupons & Freebies You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Creating a registry at Babies R’ Us is pretty simple to do.

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  • First, you’ll need to enter your email address and password. These will be the login details you enter to sign into your registry. You can also choose to sign in with Facebook.
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  • If you want to add a product to the registry, then simply visit the product’s detail page, select the quantity you want and then click “Add to Registry”.
  • Once you’ve done that you’ll be taken to our Registry List and you’ll get a confirmation that your item was added to the registry.

At Babies R’ Us, your registry is divided into three sections:

  • Products available online
  • Products available in-store
  • Products already purchased

This makes navigating the registry, updating it and managing it a lot easier.

Once you’ve added everything to your registry, you can share it with others if you want to.

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  • Sign into your registry.
  • Once you’re signed in and viewing your registry, click on “Share Registry”.
  • Then, add a list of names and email addresses for the people that you want to share the registry with.
  • Once you’ve created a list, the people on it will get an email containing a link to your registry.
  • You can add new names and email addresses to the list whenever you want to.

As we mentioned above, Babies R’ Us is a really generous store that provides you with plenty of incentives to register.

Here are a few of the perks that you can expect if you choose to register with the store:

It’s great to get a discount, especially for new parents.

Having a child can be costly, so any time that you can save some money on things you need to buy its great.

Babies R’ Us gives you a 10% Completion Discount Certificate.

This gives you a 10% discount on all items that remain in your registry.

You can use this certificate online and in-store on any items remaining in your registry.

What sets Babies R’ Us apart from other stores is that not only does it give you a discount, but it actually gives you cashback too!

So, you get money back when you buy stuff.

When you, a friend or a family member purchases an item from your baby registry in-store or online, up to 30 days after the baby’s expected arrival date you get cash back.

For the first $300 in registry purchases, you, as the registrant, will earn 5% back. Then, for registry purchases that are over $300, you earn 10% back.

So, if you, your friends and family make $300 worth of purchases from your registry, then you’ll get $15 back.

And, once you’ve hit the $300 mark, you’ll get double the cashback.

This is definitely one of the main reasons to consider registering with Babies R’ Us.

One thing that sets the Babies R’ Us Registry back a bit, compared to, for example, Amazon Baby Registry or Walmart is that its prices tend to be higher overall. So, you might think that Babies R’ Us is not necessarily the best place to shop if you’re looking for the lowest prices on an item.

But, that’s not necessarily the case, because the store actually offers a price matching service.

All you need to do is go to an employee and show them an identical item in a competitor’s printed ad, an eligible online retailer, or online, which is cheaper. Then, they will match the price.

This means that you get a competitive price for the stuff you buy at Babies R’ Us.

The store doesn’t offer a price match on everything.

You can find out more about the Price Match Guarantee at Babies R’ Us here.

Out of all of the stores that provide a registry service, Babies R’s Us is certainly one of the most generous when it comes to returns.

You can return items for up to a year after your baby’s expected arrival date.

Shopping online is great!

You can browse a selection of items, without having to even leave the house.

But, there’s one downside to shopping online – shipping fees!

Shipping fees can add up, increasing your baby registry budget.

So, you’ll be glad to know that with Babies R’ Us, you, your friends, and your family can get free shipping on all online purchases worth $29 or more.

This is one of the lowest thresholds for free shipping.

In fact, at just $29, how much you have to spend to qualify for free shipping at Babies R’ Us is far less than the $49 you have to spend at to get free delivery (unless you are a Prime member of course and then no spending minimum is required to get free shipping).

Another feature of the Babies R’ Us Baby Registry that sets it apart from other registry services is the fact that it offers so many tools.

And, it provides parents with a lot of useful advice and it even holds in-store classes and events for parents.

If you create a Babies R’ Us Registry you can get a one-on-one consultation.

At this baby registry appointment, you meet up with a Personal Registry Partner who provides you with tips and advice on how to create a registry and more.

Babies R’ Us has an app available, meaning that you can manage your registry on the go, which is pretty handy.

You can easily browse through products using it too.

Overall, Babies R’ Us is a great place to set up your baby registry.

The fact that it offers both a completion discount and cashback definitely makes it one of the more generous registry services when it comes to discounts.

Plus, it offers a wide range of products from high-quality brands. So, you know that you’re going to get good items if you register with them.

If you’re thinking about setting up a baby registry, then Babies R’ Us is definitely a store that you should consider.

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9 Women Share Exactly How Much It Cost Them to Give Birth

How much does babies r us pay

I almost had a breakdown after my son was born, and it wasn't due to new-mom anxiety. Despite having "great" health insurance, my husband and I were handed more than $5,000 in hospital bills.

As if the price tag wasn't painful enough, the invoices trickled in over the span of nine months. We'd scramble to pay off a large bill and—bam!—another one would arrive in the mail that was due in two weeks.

You may unsubscribe at any time.

I tried to fight a few of the more outrageous ones, like the $800 bill for "blood" since I never had a blood transfusion. I was laughed at by a hospital administrator—she told me that I'd never be able to successfully get rid of the charge, that we were billed because the hospital had blood "in case" I needed it. but I hadn't.

We had saved up for months to lessen the financial blow of my maternity leave and new baby expenses. That money was wiped out in a month, all because of hospital bills. I was already frazzled with learning how to keep a baby alive, and the unexpected financial stress didn't help.

How much does babies r us pay

Unfortunately, my frustration isn't rare. Countless families have gone through the same situation. While some women have tiny hospital bills after giving birth, they seem to be the minority.

Planning to have a child one day or just want to see how bad you had it compared to other women? Check out the hospital bills of several women from across the country below—all of whom were insured—then get expert input on how you can keep costs at bay when you give birth.

What went down: Attempted natural childbirth, but had to have an emergency C-section

In her own words: "After the birth, the bills started coming in fast and furious. I tried to keep on top of them and send them off to the insurance companies. It seemed like everyone at the hospital sent a separate bill, which made everything even harder to keep track of. I have come to expect hospitals to charge ridiculous amounts in indecipherable bills for unrequested services. I get very nervous when I receive multiple bills for the same procedure because it is so hard to ferret out what is what, and I am always concerned that I am being double-billed for things. I should be more aware and careful about it, but I was not in a state to do that at the time. Honestly, I probably paid more than I owed because I didn't take the time to follow up on things. I think that whole system needs to be overhauled and pricing needs to be more transparent."

What went down: No birth complications and had an epidural

In her own words: "I had a great pregnancy and delivery, although the little man was stressed at the end. He wouldn't breathe for four minutes after he was born, and they had to do CPR to get him to. He was monitored in the nursery, but other than that, it was smooth sailing. Our insurance is good. We knew the cost would be low, but we didn't know it would be that low. I love our insurance!"

Katie, Providence, Rhode Island

What went down: No birth complications and had an epidural

In her own words: "We were somewhat surprised by the costs when I gave birth to my second son because some things weren't covered. Seeing how much the hospital charged for stuff was totally nuts. Our insurance year renewed in the middle of my pregnancy so the deductible started over. I know that should have been obvious, but we hadn't thought about it! What's really crazy is that we had different insurance with our first son and paid almost nothing—even though our sons were born at the same hospital."

Nora, Unionville, Pennsylvania

What went down: Had a scheduled Caesarian

In her own words: "I hate insurance. It is so confusing. I had a C-section, so that added more cost and I had to stay in the hospital for two days after giving birth. Some of the bills were in my name, and some were in my baby's name. The cost was not a surprise. I called my insurance company when I knew I was going to have a C-section, just to be sure that we were covered. I had our son in May, and we went to settlement on a new home at the end of June, so we did a payment plan for the hospital bills. We just got everything paid off in November. It is crazy, the cost of having kids."

How much does babies r us pay

What went down: Had a natural childbirth at a hospital with a midwife

In her own words: "I was shocked and frustrated by the cost. The midwife practice that was recommended to me—because they do all their deliveries in a hospital—did not accept any insurance at the time. So we paid out of pocket. After our baby came along, happy and healthy, we filed an insurance claim but still owed $2,000.

"I stayed in the hospital for less than 24 hours. I did not use any medication. But because I opted for a 'natural' or un-medicated delivery, I paid much more than many friends who were covered upfront by insurance and used far more health services, including way more medication and diagnostic tools and had far longer stays in the hospital."

What went down: 30 hours of labor, three hours of pushing, and had an unplanned C-section

In her own words: "I remember wondering what the bill was going to look like in the days and weeks after my horrendous delivery ordeal. I went through the whole thing—epidural, Pitocin [a drug that is used to kickstart labor], water breaking, increased epidural, ice pops, pushing, pushing, and more pushing—and all of that was followed by surgery and a four-night hospital stay. I was absolutely flabbergasted that the only out-of-pocket expense we had to pay was the difference between a private and shared room [$1,200 for a four-night stay]! I kept waiting for more bills to come in, but they never did. I guess I have great insurance coverage."

What went down: Induced due to preeclampsia and had an epidural

In her own words: "The original cost was $19,000, but my military health care covered all but $19.99. I've heard of tons of people having to pay loads of money to have babies. I know that I'm very lucky with my health insurance."

How much does babies r us pay

What went down: No complications and had an epidural

In her own words: "Our bill from just the obstetrician was around $3,000—that's not accounting for any hospital or anesthesiologist fees. We definitely expected it to be high because our insurance isn't the best, but our hospital bills never stopped. It was constant and seemed never-ending. What we didn't think about is that you start to get bills for the baby, as well. For the next pregnancy, we're putting money in our HSA to help."

There's a reason why it often costs a lot to give birth: Childbirth is one of the most expensive payouts for insurance companies, and more than 300,000 American women give birth every month, says health-care expert Sarah O'Leary, founder of Exhale Healthcare Advocates, a national consumer health-care advocacy. Since insurance companies make money by taking in more than they pay out, their customers often have to shoulder some—or a lot—of the financial burden.

O'Leary notes that every hospital decides independently how much a test, procedure, medication, and even blanket costs. She says this charging system often results in "wildly inflated" costs, and they can vary from hospital to hospital—even if you're just looking at ones in the same neighborhood. "Because insurance companies have negotiated rates with their preferred hospitals, we may not be impacted by this," she says, "but patients can be in jeopardy when insurers don't cover certain inflated costs completely or in part."

Also troubling: According to a 2009 University of Minnesota study, 30 to 40 percent of all medical bills contain errors.

While the cost of giving birth is determined by a slew of factors, including your level of insurance, deductible, what the hospital charges, and whether the hospital and care providers are in-network, it is possible to keep high bills at bay, says health-care expert Caitlin Donovan, a director at the National Patient Advocate Foundation.

First, call the hospital where you plan to give birth, and ask whether they're in your network. Most people don't realize this, but you may not be in network at the hospital where you choose to give birth—even though your doctor is. "Some neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) can be contracted by the hospital, so if your child ends up in NICU, it might not be covered, either," she says. Not only that, if you plan to get an epidural, the anesthesiologist may not be covered by your insurance. And they're "infamous" for being out of network, says Donovan. She recommends asking about that during your phone call, as well.

How much does babies r us pay

Next, come up with a birth plan that includes which tests you may or may not want to get during your labor. "Many times, your health-care provider is going to be pressuring you to get a lot of testing done, and that will usually cost extra," she says. "We're in the habit of saying 'yes,' even when it's not medically necessary."

You should also make that plan clear to the doctors and hospital staff; let them know that you want to be made aware of any test or procedure that may not be covered by your insurance and/or isn't medically necessary, says O'Leary.

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How much does a short sale affect your credit

Real Estate Short Sale: What Is It And How Does It Effect My Credit.

How much does a short sale affect your creditWhat is a short sale? After the real estate bubble burst. House prices rapidly dropped. Many homeowners ended up having a mortgage balance higher than the current market value (Term used for this “Under Water”). So these under water homeowners cant refinance or sell their home without coming up with a large sum of money to cover the difference. For many people foreclosure was the only option. Foreclosures are costly for the lender, take time, involve attorneys, and make homeowners angry. Some homeowners would even damage property; lowering the properties value even more. So the mortgage lenders come up with a perfect solution beneficial to both the Lender and the Homeowner: A Real Estate Short Sale.

Bank Specific Short Sale Process Help.

If you didnt find your banks link. Use the one Below.

This video talks about short sales from a real estate agents point of view. This is how most agents would sell the idea of a real estate short sale to a homeowner. They talk about: how does a short sale affect your credit and basic short sale vs foreclosure consequences. Continue reading for documented data and more clarity on the credit related question.

Real estate short sales are fast becoming one of the best alternatives to foreclosures. Lots of lenders have an established short sale system and human resources devoted to working with home owners and real estate agents. Short sales involve detail based paperwork that needs to be submitted in a timely matter. Working with an experienced short sale real estate agent can greatly improve a home sellers chance of a sale and decrease stress levels.

Common short sale question:

Many people ask how does a short sale hurt your credit? / How does a short sale affect your credit?

  • Both short sales and foreclosures have a similar hit on your credit score (about 85 to 160 points)
  • Credit score is also hit with 30 and 90 day late payment penalty (which could add up to a total of 200 to 300 points during the process) Fico Link and Fannie Mae.

How much does a short sale affect your credit

Some sellers report hits as low as 100 points vs the 250 – 300 that come with a foreclosure. 100 points can be restored with good credit habits in a period of about 3 years vs a 300 point hit from a foreclosure which can take up to 5 – 7 years to restore. Every short sale situation is different; taking the short sale route gives homeowners a chance for less credit score hit and a faster recovery. But its not a guaranty dispute what some real estate agents might say.

Good news short sale sellers!

Buying a house after a short sale:

This is direct from Fannie Mae – info link.

How much does a short sale affect your credit

That’s right in as little as 2 years. This is coming directly from the Fannie Mae consumer help website.

For anyone looking to do a real estate short sale.

Here’s a to do short sale checklist and short sale documents list. View, download, or print. Documents were produced by Fannie Mae’s mortgage help website specifically for short sales. Good luck.

Chart : How Does A Foreclosure, Missed Payment, And Maxed-Out Credit Card Change Your FICO Score

How much does a short sale affect your credit

How much does a short sale affect your creditThe company behind the popular FICO scoring model published a "What If?" series for common, specific credit missteps.

If you've ever wondered how your credit score would be affected by a missed payment or a maxed-out credit card, makes a look-up guide available to assess the probable damage.

Here's a few common financial difficulties and how they'll affect your credit scores, based on your "starting score".

  • Starting score of 780 : 25-45 point drop
  • Starting score of 680 : 10-30 point drop

  • Starting score of 780 : 90-110 point drop
  • Starting score of 680 : 60-80 point drop

  • Starting score of 780 : 140-160 point drop
  • Starting score of 680 : 85-105 point drop

Not surprisingly, the higher your starting score, the more each given difficulty can drop your FICO. This is because credit scores are meant to predict the likelihood of a loan default. People with lower FICOs are already reflecting the effects of risky credit behavior.

Also worth noting that the above is just a guide -- your scores may fall by more -- or less -- depending on your individuak credit profile. The number and type of credit accounts you hold, plus their respective payments and balances make up your complete credit history.

Protecting your FICO matters. When your credit scores are high, you get access to better, lower mortgage rates than the next guy. And every 1/8 percent matters to your household budget.

What rate will you get with your credit score?

The information contained on The Mortgage Reports website is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement for products offered by Full Beaker. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not reflect the policy or position of Full Beaker, its officers, parent, or affiliates.

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How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

how much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

By now, you've probably heard about Al Roker's unfortunate bathroom-related incident at -- of all places -- the White House. Perhaps almost as surprising as the headlines themselves was the admission that the embarrassing episode was an often-ignored side effect of weight loss surgery. "I probably went off and ate something I wasn't supposed to," he said on NBC's "Dateline. " "Which is a common side effect of the surgery," NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman responded. The weatherman wasn't always so open about discussing his 2002 procedure. "In this country, if you have an alcohol problem or a drug problem, you can get treatment," Roker told USA Today after months of keeping mum about his dramatic weight loss.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

Hi Erica, Last week, I received a collection notice addressed to my old married name. Citibank said I owed $9,000. I wrote a note on the letter that this was not my account and sent it back to the collection agency. I also double-checked my credit report, which I print out once a year, and this account was nowhere to be found. Then, yesterday, I received an actual statement from Citibank for this same account! I called the number on the statement. It turns out that someone did indeed open this account in 2003. The Social Security number is different but they had my phone number attached to it somehow.

The 7-Day Hypnosis Plan: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

On today’s show, renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna shared his 7-day plan for weight loss using hypnosis techniques. The mind is the most powerful organ and using it to achieve your weight-loss goals can prove highly effective. You could lose twice as much weight with hypnosis as you would using most other techniques alone! However, the concept is very controversial. The medical community still doesn’t officially recognize hypnosis as a valid method of weight loss. But there are many doctors who use it in their practice. Hypnosis involves the induction of a trance state.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

It’s important to know what services a health plan covers and how much you’ll have to pay for those services. Until recently, people had a hard time finding details about their insurance plan. The health care law requires insurers to give consumers a Summary of Benefits that’s short and easy to understand. Make sure you ask for one on any insurance plan you’re thinking about buying. The law also requires all plans to cover essential health benefits, which include services needed to help prevent and treat a serious disease such as cancer. Still, health plans cover different doctors and hospitals, and costs for those that aren’t in their network can be much higher.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

Check Your Account Funds are deposited directly to your bank account as soon as the next business day. Picking Payday Loan Companies Online In the event you are needing some crisis resources that are fast, make things easy on your own as well as take advantage of simplicity, the speed and ease of the web cash advance process as conducted through our site. To begin that procedure, please visit our Get Started page. If you are in a bind and require cash fast, business is here for you - whether you need a cash advance to hold you over until payday, an installment loan a title loan to borrow a dollar amount that is higher, or that you can slowly pay back.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

View Larger >9gt; Humans, like all animals, need sleep, along with food, water and oxygen, to survive. For humans sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, and the overall state of our “ sleep health ” remains an essential question throughout our lifespan. Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, but too few of us actually make those eight or so hours between the sheets a priority. For many of us with sleep debt. we’ve forgotten what “being really, truly rested” feels like.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

Does Lemon Water Really Help You Lose Weight? I recently became the proud owner of a few extra pounds. Nothing crazy but enough for me to take notice and decide to reverse the process. I love to stay in the best shape possible so I can enjoy optimal health. Since that level is different for everyone, I don’t follow any set formula. I just know what weight feels best for me. The funny thing is that I already eat a very healthy diet and exercise. So, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do to send those little rascals away. Hmmmm… what to do… what to do… Then I remembered something my Great Aunt told me years ago.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

CREATE, COMPILE, CONSTRUCT plus PROTECT YOURSELF FROM IDENTITY THEFT I want to thank you for showing an interest in my service. When I was working within the system at the credit bureau we would always be confronted by people who paid hundreds and even upto tens of thousands of dollars to have their bad credit erased. And to their surprise nothing was ever removed. The reason why is because no one, I repeat, no one can erase anything off your credit report that was correctly placed there. Out of ten years of working with credit I had never seen or heard of anyone who was ever able to do this.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

The claims process is usually straightforward, but there are those instances where the fine print can be a shock to those who aren’t prepared. Before you go to the doctor and claims are processed, there are guidelines to every health insurance plan as to what is covered and what you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Searching for health insurance quotes doesn’t have to be hard and by visiting this website, you can compare different health insurance providers by simply providing your zip code. It’s better to be safe than sorry in these instances.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

Start Now By submitting your information, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Terms & Conditions of Use. and Marketing Practices. I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender. Funds are deposited directly to your bank account as soon as the next business day. Get Installment Loans Direct Lenders Options When you go through our site to get installment loans direct lenders a loan, every part of the process is fast. First of all, it takes five minutes for you to finish and submit our brief loan request form.

how much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

Collection accounts are derogatory entries on your credit report, but a collection account isn't like a bankruptcy or foreclosure, which are the financial equivalent of Monopoly's "Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200" card.

In Joe's case, his good credit rating caused his credit score to go into free fall from a single collection hitting his credit report while a collection hitting Jane's credit didn't have that much of an impact. The degree to which a collection hurts your credit score – and how many points you can expect to lose – is directly related to how high your credit score is when the collection agency reports the debt. The higher your are, the greater the fall.

Estimating the Damage Collections Do to Your Credit Rating

As much as you'd like to know ahead of time how much damage a collection account will do to your credit rating, estimating the damage is just that: an estimate. Each piece of information on your credit report affects your score to a different degree. Thus, two people with the same credit score may have drastically different results should the same collection account for the same amount hit their reports. On average, with an average credit rating, an individual may suffer anywhere from 50 to 75 points of damage, but that's just a ballpark figure. As I stated before, everyone is different.

One thing most debtors don't realize is that the amount they owe a collection agency influences whether or not their credit scores take a nose dive once the entry hits their credit files.

Not Only Did You Lose Your House—Your Credit Score Is a Mess After a Foreclosure

"Foreclosure" is a frightening word for a number of reasons. Topping the list? If you’re unable to make your mortgage payments, you’ll lose your home.

However, the misery doesn't end there. Foreclosure ripples out and affects your credit score, which can hurt your chances of qualifying for a new loan—or another home—in the future.

A foreclosure appears on your credit report and leaves a dingy residue that can seriously damage your credit score.

"A mortgage is considered one of the safest forms of credit but is also typically one of the largest debts a person ever has, so when you stop making payments, or are late on a payment, you will see a large drop in your scores," said Rod Griffin, director of public education for Experian.

While it's impossible to pinpoint exactly how many points your credit score will plummet after a foreclosure, it might be enough to drop your score from the prime to subprime range. “A consumer could drop credit tiers following a foreclosure. [It depends] on the consumer’s credit history prior to the foreclosure and if there are other negative factors contributing to a drop at the time of foreclosure,” Griffin said.

And while some of the negatives will diminish over time, a foreclosure will linger on your credit report for seven years from the filing date.

Getting your credit score back on track after a foreclosure boils down to following a simple philosophy: Keep it positive.

"Because negative information is deleted eventually, you can rebuild your creditworthiness if you take control of your debts and build a history of positive payments that will continue to appear after the foreclosure disappears," said Griffin.

"A foreclosure in your credit report is typically looked at by lenders as very negative. It may not be as bad as bankruptcy, but not paying your mortgage and losing your house is very close," Griffin said.

If you apply for credit cards, department store cards, or other loans, you may find lenders aren’t as willing to extend credit as they once were. And when you do get approved, you'll likely face higher interest rates, higher annual fees, or more onerous terms than you would have before your foreclosure.

If you think you're back on solid financial footing and want to buy again, jumping back into the homeownership saddle is near impossible shortly after a foreclosure. All mortgage loans have a waiting period after a foreclosure before you're able to apply for another loan:

  • Conventional loans require a seven-year waiting period.
  • Loans backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs require a two-year waiting period.
  • Loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration require a minimum of one year.

It's tough to rebound from a foreclosure and become a home buyer again, but the devastating effect of defaulting on a loan has a more immediate (and negative) impact on your credit score.

For more smart financial news and advice, head over to MarketWatch.

10 Really Surprising Things That Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Most people know the typical credit no-nos:

Don’t make a late payment. Don’t allow an account to go into collections. Avoid tax liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures.

And of course, paying off credit card debt should be one of your top financial priorities.

But there are also lesser-known ways you could unintentionally damage your credit score.

Here are ten actions—from least to most harmful—that could make your number take a plunge.

While many rental agencies require that you pay your deposit with a credit card, some will accept your debit card instead. However, agencies typically have a clause in the contract stating that they can pull your credit report if you choose to pay with a debit card. That credit check causes a hard inquiry, which can ding your score a few points.

A hard inquiry is when a lender, credit card issuer or other financial institution requests a credit check in order to decide whether or not to extend a line of credit to you, such as a credit card or home loan. Each hard inquiry usually drops your credit score by a few points and will remain on your credit report for two years. The other kind of inquiry, soft inquiries, are made by people who don’t intend to take action, such as your landlord checking your credit, and won’t have any effect on your credit score.

While it could be a good idea to ask for a limit increase on your credit card (and might help your credit score in the long run), it could also damage your score in the short-term if it initiates a hard credit inquiry. When calling to request a limit increase, make sure to ask first if it will initiate a hard or soft inquiry on your credit report. Each institution handles it differently.

How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit8. Applying for an Account at a Credit Union

With lots of people moving their money from big banks to smaller credit unions, it’s important to know that opening that new account could cause a hard inquiry. Before applying, ask whether or not opening a new account will involve a hard inquiry into your credit report. The inquiry isn’t unique to credit unions—most institutions conduct a hard inquiry when you open a new account.

(For more on whether moving to a credit union could be a good move for you, read this.)

Opening a new mobile account could also initiate a hard credit inquiry. Although each hard inquiry shouldn’t drop your score too drastically, you’ll want to be careful not to initiate too many in too short a time, or else these little actions can really add up.

It used to be that business credit card activities didn’t show up on your credit report, but that’s no longer true. These days, all major credit card issuers require that you provide a “personal guarantee” when applying for a business credit card. That means you’ll essentially be a co-signer with your company on the card. Your company may be responsible for paying the balance, but your credit will take a hit if you fail to keep up with the paperwork or they default on a payment. If you work for a small, young business and need a business card for work expenses, first ask if you’ll have to provide a personal guarantee. If the answer is yes, you may instead want to use your own credit for business expenses and fill out expense forms.

If you have a credit card account in good standing that has zero activity over a long period of time, your credit card issuer could choose to close your account due to inactivity. If you’re not using it, you may not notice that your account has been closed until your credit takes a hit. The reason this would hurt your score is that it would be bad for your credit utilization ratio. For more on what that is and why it matters, check this out.

If you’re in the midst of a credit dispute, some credit score algorithms may not take the disputed credit line into account when calculating your score, so a credit check done on your profile during that time could cause your score to be lower than it would be if the disputed account were included. Why? Again, by lowering your total “available” credit line, your credit utilization ratio would change, and not for the better.

A small, local furniture retailer may offer to let you finance a purchase … but if you accept the loan, it can hurt your credit because it’s considered a “last-resort” loan, which may make you look like a higher credit risk. Additionally, your credit could suffer from the high balance being reported on your credit.

For instance, say you apply for credit to finance a $1,400 couch. You get a great offer: no payments and 0% interest for 18 months. You take a few months to start making payments, and in the interim you have a new line of credit on your credit report. The new line will essentially be maxed out, because the limit will be $1,400 and your balance will be $1,400. Your credit utilization rate, therefore, would be negatively affected.

It may seem like a good idea to get rid of an old credit card, but it can decrease the length of your credit history and increase your credit utilization rate, both of which can lower your credit score. In particular, we generally suggest you avoid closing your oldest credit card, since that long credit history is an asset you’ll want to hang on to.

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Some jurisdictions turn over unpaid parking tickets to collections agencies. Having an account in collections severely decreases your credit score. More and more municipalities have been sending unpaid parking ticket information to collection agencies recently, in an effort to close budget gaps.

This year, Chicago and the suburbs of Washington, D.C. have started pursuing unpaid tickets this way. New York City, which has nearly $700 million in overdue parking fines, does this, too. To find out if your city gives unpaid tickets to collections agencies, search on its .gov homepage or call the Department of Revenue. Keep in mind that this includes parking tickets you may have incurred as an out-of-state visitor!

These rules governing your credit change from time to time. Something that didn’t affect your credit several years ago could now factor into your profile due to recent government legislation. Keep up-to-date on which actions can have negative credit impacts by monitoring your credit score at

Credit Karma™ is a completely free credit management service that provides free credit scores, financial education, and personalized savings recommendations. We help more than 3 million consumers realize the everyday cost savings of having a good credit score.

LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of LearnVest, Inc. that provides financial plans for its clients. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment, legal or tax planning advice. Please consult a financial adviser, attorney or tax specialist for advice specific to your financial situation. Unless specifically identified as such, the people interviewed in this piece are neither clients, employees nor affiliates of LearnVest Planning Services, and the views expressed are their own. LearnVest Planning Services and any third parties listed in this message are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each other’s products, services or policies.

I have real problems with the fact that some of these can affect your credit score, and hence what you pay for insurance, for example, since that is largely based on credit scores these days.

#4 Maybe you have a legitimate complaint. Is it better to just shut up to not hurt your credit score?

#5 I’m not working full-time these days so don’t use several of my cards. Isn’t that more responsible than spending money I don’t have and know I won’t be able to pay back any time soon?

#3 Maybe I can get 0% financing by purchasing furniture with store credit – I’ve done this several times and paid it off before the end. Doesn’t that make more sense than paying interest to a credit card company?

A lot of your points seem slanted toward what’s best for the credit card companies, not what’s best for the consumer. Why are we allowing them to run our lives?

I’m not the author so I can’t promise my interpretation is correct, but I think the point of the article is to let you know that these are things to bear in mind, especially if you are about to try to get approved for, say, a car loan or a mortgage. These aren’t things that do irreparable harm to your credit score, but they do have a short-term impact that could affect your the interest rate the lender gives you, or even your ability to get a loan at all. So if you’re about to apply for a mortgage, it’s probably not a good idea to take out a line of credit with a furniture store. If you know you won’t be applying for a big, important loan in the near future and your credit score can take that temporary hit, then of course it makes sense to take advantage of a 0% financing offer.

And regarding not using your cards at all – you could always treat them as debit cards. Use them to pay everyday expenses such as gas or groceries, but pay it off in full each month, or even once a week. Then you’re preventing the card(s) from going inactive, but not spending money you don’t have either. Bonus: if they offer rewards you could actually end up with MORE money by getting gift cards or cash back. (But of course, only do this if you have faith in your ability to accurately track your spending and pay off each bill before you ending up having to pay interest.)

You’re probably right on all your points. I just get really tired of the power that credit card companies have over our lives, the fact that we have to constantly think about what will or won’t affect our credit scores. I’ve had credit card debt in the past – now paid off – and am quite happy to not use credit now. Then again, I already have a mortgage and drive an old car, so my credit score isn’t as important to me as it once was.

I am a big fan of LearnVest (recommend in all of my workshops and trainings) but I have to say that # 8 (applying for a credit card at the credit union) is very misleading. I know you go on to say that this is true for all NEW credit applications, this is in stark contrast to the wording on #2.

If someone were to read the headings without the detail (as we KNOW many people do) this could be misleading and create confusion about credit union accounts. Causes me to wonder about the motivation as I REALLY hope this service remains a trusted and unbiased resource.

You’re right; it could be misleading. I think the point here, though, is the timeliness. A lot of people are moving their money to credit unions right now, perhaps without thinking about how it can affect their credit. If opening an account at a credit union is right for you (as it is for many people), you should be aware of how it could affect your credit so you’re not surprised by the appearance of a new credit inquiry. That’s all.

I recently got a card with a dept. store to get the 10% discount. I later realize the interest rate is at 26.99%. Would it hurt my credit rating if I immediately pay it off and cancel it ?

I’d just use it for small purchases and pay it off in full each month. I have store cards for both Kohl’s and Best Buy for the purpose of getting discounts. I knew full well that the interest rate would be terrible (most store credit cards are), but I also knew I wouldn’t carry a balance unless it had 0% financing (such as the laptop I bought in June – and I’m even paying that off early). If you don’t think you have the self-discipline to keep purchases low and/or pay if off each month, I’d say your better off cutting up the card and not using it, but if you close the account it could hurt your credit utilization rate, and your score already took a little hit from the hard credit inquiry from when you opened the account.

I have a debit card and a credit card for extreme emergencies only. I use my debit card to avoid carrying a lot of cash. But I treat it like just I would a credit card “carefully”. Remember cash is still king folks. Especially during the holidays it’s so easy to overspend. So the bottom line is we have to be smart about how we handle our money and credit cards. I wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But really folks it takes discipline to manage your wealth. And you’re wealth is not only your finances, but your mind, spirit and body. That’s you’re wealth.

Some of these rules are abusive. We should demand that our elected representatives change some of them. When you pay OFF a credit card, it should not count against your score. And it is highly discriminatory to have your score suffer because you’re doing business with a credit union instead of a bank. Perhaps the credit unions will come up with some SANE standards and develop their own credit scores? I’d like that!

You wrote, “It may seem like a good idea to get rid of an old credit card, but it will decrease the length of your credit history and increase your credit utilization rate, both of which can lower your credit score.”

Who told you that closing an account decreases the length of a person’s credit history?

Closing your oldest card will shorten the length of your credit history, in regards of your credit score. For the purposes of your credit score, your credit history length is calculated by averaging the age of your open credit accounts. Thus, closing that old card will remove its length from the total, reducing your average credit history length, thus hurting your credit score through reducing that value.

According to Fair Isaac, the FICO score company: “Closing an account doesn’t make it go away” and “A closed account will still show up on your credit report, and its history will be considered by your FICO Scores.”

Who is your source? Or, what is your evidence?

Well, in fact, the higher your credit score, the more detrimental a negative action can have on your credit rating. Typically, consumers with less than perfect credit history

already have particular patterns of credit usage factored into their scores. On

the other hand, what happens to consumers with very good credit is quite the

opposite. The scoring model views a negative occurrence as a sign the consumer

is heading for financial trouble because negative records on your report are

atypical. Also, transferring your credit balances to one card may sound

reasonable, especially if that card has rather low introductory interest rate. This

practice can seriously hurt your credit score as carrying a high balance changes

your credit utilization index.

I just started to use and when I first registered for their site, my credit was 777. They told me in my “credit councelling” that I would benefit from opening another credit card with 0% interest for 18 months on balance transfers and I could save $4,000 over the next 3 years by doing so. I opened up the credit card, transferred some of my smaller balances onto the card leaving me with two cards with high balances and 0 balances on the other….my credit plunged to a 699! Thanks for nothing CreditKarma…douchebags How much does a foreclosure hurt your credit

I have a car loan that the car is not wort what I am paying the car is breaking and the company is not willing to fix it but the most important is that this loan is steadily bringing down my credit score I want to take the car back and just pay off all my other loans and bills what should O do

credit is a trap to keep you spending and in dept….if you dont spend they wont trust you..but even if you had years of paying off depts. they want active recent depts…financial responsibility to be dept. free and out of depts. not rewarded at all…i dont agree with how some of these impact your score like parking tickets, thats just wrong!! or using your debit card…the car rental places never tell you this at all…i just learned and never knew this sneaky practice..nobody should be able to do a hard inquiry on you without your full approval and signature…they hide or rush you through the fine print!

my advice i share about collection agencys:

if you ever call to settle a collection, ”always always” ask for a complete ”deletion” before you ever pay. they all will say we dont do deletions, yes they do! then they will say we will mark it paid/closed, people thats not good enough as it is still seen as a negative on your credit report for years still and your still punished…so i will never pay one unless they write in a letter first they will do the full deletion…just my experience to help!

I got approved to finance a tv but dont have the tv in my possession. I cancelled the order. In fact, i didnt sign any agreement. Can this still hurt my credit?

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How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

How to Lower Your Interest Rate With Discover Card

How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

If you have trouble keeping up with payments, Discover may help you.

Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

You can successfully receive a lower interest rate from Discover Card if you prepare in ways that differ from requests to other credit card companies. You have some leverage with Discover that can help you convince a representative to lower your rate on a permanent basis. You must have an unpaid balance each month for this method to work.

Before you call Discover Card, be sure you know the exact amount of your unpaid balance. Your most previous invoice may not reflect new charges. You may need to call just to get your balance, and then plan your interest-reduction call for the next day. The person who gives you your balance seldom has the authority to lower rates.

If you have received offers for zero-interest balance transfers, choose one or two that seem attractive and have them ready when you call Discover. These can serve as your conversation-starter with the representative. You can say something like, “I have all of these zero-interest offers to transfer my Discover balance, but I really like my Discover Card. Is there any negotiating room on my interest rate?” This question may help you get the attention of the customer service representative.

Once you have the representative’s attention, tell him that you would like to use Discover Card for all of your purchases because of the cash-back feature. Explain that you could use the card more if you had a lower interest rate, because you would be able to make higher payments and therefore have more buying power. The prospect of increased business from you may persuade the representative to lower your interest rate to get your business.

If you successfully lower your Discover Card rate, think about paying the same monthly payment you have been paying. More of your payments will go toward principal because of the lowered interest. You will have an opportunity to reduce your debt without increasing your payments.

Don’t be afraid to call back in a few months and ask for an even lower rate. The fact that the company lowered your rate once will signal the representative that you are a valued customer. Because you haven’t moved your Discover balance to another card, you can point out that you are a loyal customer.

Kevin Johnston writes for Ameriprise Financial, the Rutgers University MBA Program and Evan Carmichael. He has written about business, marketing, finance, sales and investing for publications such as "The New York Daily News," "Business Age" and "Nation's Business." He is an instructional designer with credits for companies such as ADP, Standard and Poor's and Bank of America.

  • How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

[Interest Rate] | The Relationship Between Interest Rate & Inflation

  • How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    [Interest Rate Swaps] | How to Account for Interest Rate Swaps

  • How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    [Multifamily] | How to Refinance a Nonowner-Occupied Multifamily

  • How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    [Business Line] | How to Obtain a Business Line of Credit

    What is APR? How does APR differ from standard interest rates?

    Article Category: Finance |

    How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    In an ideal world, taking a loan would be simple. Apart from filling out the paperwork and receiving approval all you'd need to know is the amount of interest you have to pay. Take out $1,000 at 5% and your total repayment sum comes to $1,050. But, depending on the terms of your finance, on top of this you'll need to consider any additional costs such as processing fees, etc.

    Simple, right? In theory, yes. The confusion starts to set in once you factor in APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

    Before we move on to look at the specifics of APR, let's start with some very basic explanations.

    An interest rate is a fee, calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount, that you are charged for borrowing money. Most lenders refer to this as a base rate.

    We've already delved into the question, what is compound interest and how can it help you?. But to save you having to jump back and forth between pages, here's a quick explanation:

    When you take out a loan the lender calculates interest on a sliding scale. This figure is then used to work out what your monthly repayments will be.

    You borrow $1,000 with an APR of 3% over 3 years (assuming an annual APR calculation).

    Year 1 interest: 1,000 x 0.03 = 30 and 30 + 1,000 = 1,030

    Year 2 interest: 1,030 x 0.03 = 30.9 and 30.9 + 1,030 = 1061

    Year 3 interest: 1,061 x 0.03 = 31.83 and 31.83 + 1,061 = 1,092.83

    In total, you'll pay back $1,092.83 at the end of the finance period.

    Note: advertised APR figures are normally higher than the advertised interest rate because lenders bundle additional costs and fees into the rate shown. For peace of mind, and to ensure you know what you're going to pay, ask your lender exactly what fees are included in the APR figure they offer you.

    So, what is the difference between interest rate and APR?

    We've touched on it very briefly already, but let's go a little deeper. When you accept any kind of loan offer you should be shown two interest rates: the APR and the flat rate of interest.

    The yearly interest rate you see is exactly what it says: it's only the charge (in the form on interest) that you pay for borrowing money. There are no grey areas here - if the figure is 10% then that's the base rate you'll be charged. So, if you're lucky enough to find a lender who charges you only $45 for borrowing $1,000 then the rate you pay is 4.5% (45/1000).

    As we noted earlier, the way APR is calculated is a little more complex as it combines a number of additional fees charged by your lender. Included in the cost are prepaid interest, insurance, closing fees and any other costs that may be associated with the transaction. Combined, these factors mean the APR you're shown is higher than the base rate that lenders use to advertise their loan plans.

    Another factor to consider is the cost of moving loans from one supplier to another. APR is worked out on a sliding scale and your lender shows you figures based on the assumption that your debt will be held by them until it's finally paid off. If at some point you decide to shift your debt to another company then we strongly advise you check the sums. Although those lower interest rates look very appealing, if you keep jumping from one supplier to another, you might end up paying far more over the term.

    As with any form of lending, it's important to understand the terminology that money lenders wrap around their offers. But, even more important, having a reliable tool you can use to work out the financial impact of borrowing money will stand you in excellent stead before you even start the application process that's why we've created an interest rate calculator to give you an accurate view of both the interest and APR payments you'll be required to meet. If you would like to learn more about the different types of interest rate, read our article, what is the difference between nominal, effective and APR interest rates?

    Written by James Redden

    Please rate this article using the star rater below. If there is anything missing from the article, or any information you would like to see included, please contact me.

    What Are Mortgage Points and When Should I Buy One?

    By Brandon Cornett | © 2017, all rights reserved | Duplication prohibited

    Reader question: "I was told I could get a lower interest rate on a home loan if I paid points at closing. I'm not very clear on the relationship between these two things. What is a mortgage point, and when does it make sense to use them when buying a home?"

    Mortgage points are a form of prepaid interest. Basically, you're paying additional money up front to secure a lower interest rate on the loan. This strategy could save you a lot of money, if you keep the loan long enough. Thus, it's a strategy best reserved for a long-term stay. If you're only going to be in the house for a few years (as with a temporary relocation), it probably won't make sense to pay points.

    That's the short answer. Now let's take a closer look at mortgage points, and when it makes sense to use them.

    Definition: A mortgage point (also known as a discount point) is a type of prepaid interest on a home loan. One point is equal to one percent of the loan amount. With a $250,000 loan, one point would equal $2,500.

    Lenders will generally reduce the interest rate by one-eighth of a percent (0.125 percent) for every point paid, though the exact amount may vary. So if you started with an interest rate of 6.5 percent, and you paid a mortgage point to reduce it, you could end up with a revised rate of 6.375 percent.

    As a borrower, you must know exactly how much your rate will be reduced for paying mortgage points. This is the only way to calculate your savings over time. So, by extension, it's the only way to decide if this strategy makes sense in the first place.

    Under the right circumstances, the paying of points can benefit the lender as well as the borrower. Here's how:

    • The lender gets a higher yield on the loan, because the borrower is paying more than the stated interest rate. So it increases the lender's upfront profit.
    • The borrower can save money over the life of the loan, by securing a lower interest rate. In order to achieve this, however, the borrower must keep the loan for a certain period of time. We will talk more about this "break-even point" below.

    The lender's benefits are in the short term, while the borrower can benefit over a period of years.

    Many home buyers choose to pay mortgage points at closing. The goal here is to reduce the interest rate over the term of the loan. But when does it make financial sense to do this?

    Here's the rule of thumb. At some point during the payback period, you will reach the break-even point. This is where the money you save (with the reduced interest payments) begins to exceed the amount you paid to buy down the rate.

    Tip: The break-even point is when your total savings exceed the cost of paying for mortgage points at closing. If you sell or refinance the home before reaching this point, you'll have a net loss instead of a gain. So you need to think about your long-term plans before making a decision.

    This will be much easier to understand once we plug in some numbers.

    Does it make sense to pay mortgage points at closing? To answer this question, you need to know two things: (1) your loan amount, and (2) the time when your savings begin to exceed your costs. Remember, a point equals one percent of the loan amount. That's the first piece of information you need. Next, you need to determine your break-even point. You need to now how many months you'll need to keep the loan to justify the cost of the mortgage points.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Find out what your monthly payment will be without using points.
    2. Determine your reduced payment when paying points at closing.
    3. Determine your monthly savings by subtracting the lower payment from the higher.
    4. Divide (A) the amount of money the lender will charge for points by (B) the amount you save each month. The number you get from this calculation shows you how many months it will take to reach the "break even" stage.

    Let's say I take out a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the amount of $200,000.

    1. With no points and a 7-percent interest rate, monthly payment = $1,330.60.
    2. If I pay one point at closing ($2,000), my reduced payment = $1,313.86.
    3. I subtract the lower number from the higher number to determine my monthly savings. Based on these numbers, I would save about $16.74 per month. That's not a very big savings. So you can already see that it will take some time to recoup my $2,000 expense.
    4. Next, I would divide the cost of paying the point ($2,000) by the monthly savings. 2,000 divided by 16.74 = 119.

    Now I've determined my break-even point. It's 119 months, or about ten years. In order to recoup the $2,000 expense of paying the point at closing, I would have to keep the loan for about ten years. This is just to break even, mind you. In order to truly benefit from this strategy, I would need to keep the loan beyond the break-even date -- the longer the better.

    Mortgage points are a form of prepaid interest. One point equals one percent of the loan amount. By paying this amount at closing, you could secure a lower interest rate on your loan. But the rate reduction alone does not justify using the strategy. You will need to keep the mortgage for a certain period of time to recoup your expense. Thus, paying points might make sense if you plan on living in the home for more than a few years.

    Of course, this adds to your overall closing costs. So you should get an estimate of those costs before making a decision about points.

    If you would like to learn more about this subject, you can use the search tool at the top of this page. There are more than 1,000 home-buying articles on this website. And the quick-search tool is the easiest way to find what you need. Good luck.

    How To Get The Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate Possible

    How much does 1 point lower your interest rateI must be mad, because after multiple mortgage refinances, I’ve decided to take my own advice on improving my cash flow further by trying to refinance my mortgage again! I say “trying” because getting a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage is still not a slam dunk like it was pre-2007.

    Lending standards are strict with

    729 being the average credit score for denied mortgage applicants. Furthermore, my debt-to-income ratio could be a problem because 100% of my 1099 (freelance income) won’t count for 2014 because banks require two years of 1099 income, and I’ve only got 14 months worth.

    Can you believe that? Even if I made $800,000 in freelance income over the past twelve months, big banks would still disavow all of it and likely reject even a small mortgage refinance amount if I had no other income. Banks should discount 1099 income by some amount, but not by 100%. There’s a growing misconception now that full-time income is more stable. A full-time employee is betting on one horse. An independent contractor can bet on multiple horses.

    We’re close to all-time lows again in 2H2015. Volatility is up, collapsing oil prices are stoking fears of weak global consumer demand, and chaos reigns once again in Europe. I’m glad there isn’t anymore US government shutdown drama at the very least.

    I’ve got two years left on a

    $1 million dollar jumbo 5/1 ARM at $4,338 a month at 2.625%. My goal is to refinance this puppy down to a 2.25% 5/1 ARM at $3,822 a month, for a cost of less than $3,000. The annual interest savings is $3,750, and the monthly cash flow increase is $516 or $6,192 a year. That’s a good move towards my unwavering quest to generate $200,000 a year in passive income.

    I’ve looked everywhere, and I can’t find a better rate than 2.25% for a 5/1 ARM jumbo with zero points. This is what I did:

    1) Pressed my existing mortgage lender: I called Citibank, the bank that has my $1 million loan, and asked what they could give me. They first said 2.625%, which is exactly what my rate is now. I pressed them to give me a deal as a CitiGold client, so they brought the rate down to 2.375% at the end of our negotiations. This was not good enough because a mortgage refinance takes time and costs money. Saving 0.25% would only be worth it if I had a $2 million+ mortgage. My trusty Citimortgage officer who did my other deals had left.

    2) Shopped around online: I then filled out my mortgage details on LendingTree Mortgage to see what their bankers could come up with. I like LendingTree because they have one of the largest mortgage lending networks online, and they aggressively compete for your business. Within five minutes of filling out the application, I got several phone calls and e-mails. They are super efficient, so don’t be surprised. I wanted to use LendingTree to make sure Citibank was indeed providing a good rate. Some of the LendingTree-referred bankers said they could match 2.375%, while one said he could do 2.25%, but for a quarter point in cost. It’s not a problem to get a mortgage with an institution that might not have a branch close by. But I prefer having a branch I can walk into and talk to someone. Call me old school.

    3) Tracked down my old mortgage officer now at a new bank: Armed with six solid mortgage offers, I then Googled the name of my old Citibank mortgage broker who left to go to JP Morgan Chase. I called him on a Sunday and he surprisingly picked up. I told him I want a 2.25% 5/1 ARM jumbo loan for a cost of under $3,000. I mentioned my six other bids, and highlighted the collapse in the 10-year yield to 1.85% to get him to accept. He told me he’d look into things because the rate was so low. I knew that bringing over new business would be huge for him, so I filled out a two-page Chase mortgage application. Having an official application would give him more firepower to convince his manager he has a very serious customer. It worked. I was able to get a “no risk” mortgage refinance because his manager agreed to not only accept 2.25% for a 5/1 jumbo ARM, but will also waive the

    $800 appraisal fee if my mortgage refinance were to fail. I have nothing to lose, except for time.

    4) Dangled the carrot: As a bonus, I offered to open up a savings, checking, and potentially investment account with the new bank to get them to give me the lowest rate possible. Banks want sticky clients with multiple accounts for cross selling and revenue generation purposes. There is no legal quid pro quo that banks can use to get you better terms. But every big bank has a tiered client system in place where clients with more assets get better access, rates, and benefits. I’m planning on opening up a $25,000 savings account with Chase as a good gesture. Each savings account is FDIC insured up to $250,000, so if you happen to have more than $250,000 saved per individual, you might as well diversify your savings anyway.

    Being armed with knowledge will save you money! In fact, being armed with as much knowledge and options as possible is the key to ANY good negotiation. Don’t go into a discussion blind. Be willing to spend the time to make things happen.

    Now that I’m back in the mortgage refinance process, I’d like to re-share some information that I think will help every single mortgage refinancer and borrower around.

    Knowing when to refinance is like being a bond trader. Bond traders obsess over inflation assumptions, and you should have at least a basic assumption as well. There has been tremendous monetary expansion since the economic downturn, which should ultimately lead to higher inflation. Basic economic theory says that for every new $1 dollar bill printed, there will eventually be a $1 increase in prices in the overall basket of goods. The key word is eventually, which could be decades away.

    So many Wall Street veterans have gotten inflation and interest rates wrong over the past decade by calling for a rise in interest rates. I am a firm believer that interest rates will stay low for a very long time because there’s still a lot of slack in the system, a lot of volatility in the global markets, and there’s also very efficient monetary policy around the world thanks to technology. Technology and diplomatic relationships allow Central Bankers to coordinate monetary policy in an effective manner to guide desired inflation and interest rates. When Central Bankers don’t coordinate, like when the Swiss government decided to depeg from the Euro, that’s when chaos ensues.

    Those with adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are this century’s winners because rates are resetting at equal to lower levels than when they were originally fixed. Those who’ve been borrowing with 30-year fixed mortgages have been losers because they’ve been paying 1-2% higher interest rates than necessary. Sure, there is perhaps more peace of mind knowing that your mortgage interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan. But most people either pay off their loans in under 30 years or move every seven years. Bankers push people into fixed rate mortgages because they can earn a higher spread.

    Inflation has been coming down now for over 30 years, and I see little reason to expect inflation to suddenly jump higher given the tremendous output gap in the economy. If inflation does start rising, at least you know that your assets are by definition also rising in nominal value.

    The figure to watch is the 10-year US treasury yield. The spreads between treasury yields and bank mortgage rates have narrowed since the crisis. Most long term duration mortgages are related to the 10-yr bond yield, hence whenever you see the stock market crashing, watch bond prices rise, and yields fall. This is the exact time to refinance.

    How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    In an ideal world, it’s best to match the time it will take for you to pay down your mortgage and the fixed duration of your mortgage once you’ve made assumptions about inflation and interest rates. For example, if you need 30 years to pay off your mortgage, then it’s probably most prudent to get a 30-year fixed mortgage, even though the interest rate is higher than an ARM mortgage.

    But let’s say you’ve got assets elsewhere you could easily sell to pay off your mortgage if you wanted to. Then, you should consider getting as short a duration mortgage as possible to save on interest cost. For example, many multi-millionaires I know borrow based on a 1 year ARM where interest rates are 50 basis points lower than a 3/1 or 5/1 ARM. If interest rates rise drastically after the 1 year ARM is over, the borrow can simply choose to pay down the mortgage.

    If you look at mortgages in places like Hong Kong and Singapore where property fever is high, almost everyone borrows at a 1 year fixed rate that floats after. The US is a special country which not only has mortgage interest deductions, but also fixed rate loans of varying lengths.

    Given the yield curve is upward sloping, longer duration loans have higher interest rates. This is a truism for the most part, except during times of extreme economic duress, where the yield curve flattens, or inverts given people want their money as liquid as possible. Assuming a normal upward sloping yield curve, you will pay a higher rate for a longer duration mortgage.

    How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    Yield Curve: It costs more to borrow at longer durations

    The are a bunch of costs that go into refinancing, which unfortunately eat into the savings of refinancing. The way to think about costs is to get the total cost of refinancing divided by the monthly savings of refinancing to see how many months it takes to break even.

    For example, let’s say it costs $3,000 to refinance a $400,000 loan from 5.25% to 4.25%. Your monthly payment goes from $2,375 down to $2,135 for a savings of $240. Take the $3,000 in refinancing costs divided by $240 = 12.5. In other words, it takes 12.5 months for your cash flow to start benefiting from a refinance.

    If you plan to take 360 months (30 yr fixed) to pay off your mortgage, your actual savings would be $83,400 (347 months X $240) making the $3,000 cost to refinance a no-brainer. Ironically, you save less if you pay off your loan quicker from a refinancing stand point. From a bank’s point of view, this is called “prepayment risk.” They don’t want you to pre-pay because they want to make as much money from you for as long as possible.

    Savvy readers will realize that there’s a difference in cash flow savings vs. interest savings. Even though my $1 million mortgage refinance will drop down to a $3,882 a month payment from $4,338, the $456 a month savings is not all interest savings because I’ll be paying less principal as well. The easiest way to calculate the interest savings is to take the mortgage amount and multiply it by the difference between the interest rates e.g. $1,000,000 X (2.625% – 2.25%) = $3,750. Now take the cost of refinance and divide it by the interest savings to calculate a truer break even number.

    You can also ask your mortgage officer what the cost would be to refinance at a higher rate. In this example, you could get a “credit” to your costs if you refinanced for 4.75% instead of 4.25%, thereby having less money leave your pocket. The general rule of thumb is that if you plan to stay in your house for over 5 years, and it costs no more than 20 months until you break even, you should refinance. I personally shoot for a break even cost of less than 12 months.

    It would be nice if one could just snap one’s fingers and change the terms of a loan. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and you need to spend at least five hours of your time speaking to your mortgage representative and preparing and signing the paperwork. Furthermore, the whole mortgage refinance process could take more than three months, as was the case with my previous mortgage refinance. A good agent should be able to tell you all the necessary documents you need to get things going.

    The mortgage process generally takes about a month and a half given the bank needs to pay off the loan, send an appraiser to figure out the loan-to-value ratio, check your income and assets, go through the title company to get the proper documents, pull insurance records from the homeowner’s association, and get you to sign everything. It’s the underwriter who is going to give you the hardest time, so be prepared for battle.

    The less you make, and the less busy you are, the more you should look into refinancing! If on the other hand, you’re happy with your loan, don’t have a lot of time, and make a ton of money, your time is worth more than the headache you will go through to save $16,000 bucks in the example above.

    A lot of people think that all debt is bad. These are probably the same people who probably haven’t been able to successfully leverage debt to build their net worth as much as they could. I do believe that too much debt is bad. The banks have determined that having a debt-to-income ratio of over 42% will not qualify one to refinance or get a loan.

    As an investor or CEO, one of your goals is to utilize the right mix of debt and equity to provide the highest return on equity possible. The key is to not take on too much of either to avoid risk of insolvency. When interest rates are low, borrowing money becomes cheaper than raising money through equity. When interest rates are high and equity valuations are low, the reverse is true.

    If you are a mortgage borrower, then you actually want inflation to come back. Inflation means your underlying assets – in this case your home – is inflating at a higher rate than before. You want inflation as an asset owner. Meanwhile, inflation will pull interest rates higher, making your mortgage that much more valuable to HOLD. If you paid off your 2.25% mortgage and decide you want to borrow money again in an interest rate environment that’s now at 5%, you’re hurting.

    In other words, taking out a mortgage for X amount is like SHORTING a bond for X amount. Bond values fall in a rising interest rate environment because investors sell bonds in favor of higher interest yielding bonds.

    I know this post is a lot to take in, but if you can understand everything I’ve written in this post and check around online and offline for as many solid mortgage quotes as possible, you will be in a much better position to negotiate a great mortgage rate at a reasonable cost.

    Shop around for a mortgage: Check the latest mortgage rates online through LendingTree. They’ve got one of the largest networks of lenders that compete for your business. Your goal should be to get as many written offers as possible and then use the offers as leverage to get the lowest interest rate possible from them or your existing bank. When banks compete, you win.

    Invest in real estate more surgically: If you don’t want to constantly pay massive property taxes, don’t have the downpayment to buy property, or don’t want to tie up your liquidity in physical real estate, take a look at RealtyShares, one of the largest real estate crowdsourcing companies today. You can invest in higher returning deals around the country for as little as $5,000. Historical returns have ranged between 9% – 15%, much higher than the average stock market return. It’s free to explore and they’ve got the best platform around.

    How much does 1 point lower your interest rate

    A rigorous screening ensures only the best operators make it on the RealtyShares platform.

    Question: How much interest am I paying when I revolve balances?

    If you don't pay off your credit card balance each month, you're paying more than you should in interest. But how much? Enter your credit card balance, your interest rate, and an average monthly payment, then choose a time period to see how much interest you'd actually pay over that span.

    You will pay 0 in interest charges over that time period.

    Compare these Balance Transfer card offers and start saving more money today.

    • Earn $100 Cash Back after you spend $500 or more in new, net purchases in your first three months from credit card account opening.
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    • Terms Apply.
    • 0% APR promo balance transfer rate for 12 months with 3% balance transfer fee, now through September 30, 2017. After that, the APR for the unpaid balance and any new balance transfers will be 9.74% to 17.99%. APR will vary with the market based on Prime Rate. Subject to credit approval. $100 bonus after spending $1,500 in purchase transactions within 3 months of account opening.
    • Rate and offers current as of August 1, 2017 and are subject to change.
    • 1.5% unlimited cash back on all purchases
      • Flexible cash redemption options
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      • Earn up to 2% cash back through the PenFed Honors Advantage program
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    PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card

    • 0% APR promo balance transfer rate for 12 months, now through September 30, 2017. After that, the APR for the unpaid balance and any new balance transfers will be 9.74% to 17.99%. APR will vary with the market based on Prime Rate. 3% balance transfer fee per transaction. Subject to credit approval.
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    • Rate and offers current as of August 1, 2017 and are subject to change.
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    • Rate and offers current as of August 1, 2017 and subject to change.
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    • Receive all the benefits of a World MasterCard such as: extended warranty, MasterCard global service, concierge services, ID theft protection, price guarantee, and many more exclusive services
    • Chip and Apple Pay enabled

    Disclaimer: The information in this article is believed to be accurate as of the date it was written. Please keep in mind that credit card offers change frequently. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this article. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. See the online credit card application for full terms and conditions on offers and rewards. Please verify all terms and conditions of any credit card prior to applying.

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    How much do you make at lowes

    Make A Man Fall In LOVE With You In 9 Easy Steps (Yes, Really!)

    How much do you make at lowes

    Spoiler alert: Yes, there really IS a magic formula .

    You’ve met your dream guy, and things are going pretty well. But how can you be sure that he’s as head over heels for you as you are for him?

    If you’ve ever fallen hard for someone in the early stages of crushes and dating, you know the most frustrating—and the greatest—thing about it can be trying to gain their attention and earn their returned love. You want to prove yourself as someone worthy of their time and affection, but it’s never just as easy as casting a magic spell to make it all go well, is it?

    Relationships take time, dedication, and a steady mix of patience to work out right. After all, you’re trying to build a life with someone, and that’s no easy task.

    However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a method to all of the madness or a way to get someone to notice the depth of your love and give you some of that adoration in return. A good relationship is like a dance. It requires two people giving their all and learning the steps to work with each other so they don’t crush a lot of toes. And like a good dance, there are steps you can take in your relationship to help make it flow smoothly, and keep you from stepping all over your partner by accident.

    Relationships need a lot of effort, but sometimes it’s not easy to figure out where you should be directing that effort. Want to be more successful in dating? Then you’ll want to follow these simple steps, because believe it or not, there is actually a formula that can make a man fall in love with you. It might not be magic, but it’s as close to a magic as you can get—and it’s also far more reliable.

    Just how does such a thing work? Well, you’re going to want to remember the acronym "MAGNETICS" and get ready to get loved up!

    Without further ado, here are 9 easy steps to make a man fall in love with you:

    A man wants a woman who just "gets" him. He wants her radiance and femininity to draw him in the way his masculine energy attracts her. He wants a woman who appreciates his ability to protect, provide and solve problems. He wants her to admire him for his steadiness and sense of calm under pressure. He doesn't want to feel emasculated because he's way more logical and analytical and doesn't (necessarily) cry at sappy movies.

    In short, he wants a woman who sees him as the hero he's always wanted to be — and when you really get that — you just might be shocked at how heroic he truly is in his heart and soul. Ladies, that is the real greatness of a man. For the right reason or cause, he would literally die for you. Now if that's not a hero, what is?

    Now when it comes to "getting" your man, there is one thing you must not do if you want a man to see a future with you. Do not treat him like some kind of project that needs to be fixed because it immediately brings up the walls. If you have the urge to try to change his clothes, his circle of friends, the way he talks, what he loves to do — don't do it!

    Just move on and find someone you can respect and appreciate just the way he is right now. If he wants your help, he'll ask for it. The right guy for you deserves to feel like he's your hero. If you can't offer that, he's not your guy.

    A man has two primary gifts he can offer a woman: his ability to protect and provide. So if he is willing to risk his life to protect yours and invest his time, talent and treasure in order provide for you, all he really wants is a little gratitude in return.

    He simply wants you to appreciate that he works hard to take care of you even if he can't give you everything he'd like. That's really not a lot to ask. So if you want a guy to see the very best in you and fall hopelessly in love, the one thing you can't do is take him for granted or disrespect his efforts.

    If it's up to a man to protect and provide for his woman and family, what is it that he wants and needs from her in return? Simply put, a woman's beauty and grace attracts a man and is often demonstrated in her innate ability as a nurturer or caretaker.

    Now before you attack that idea as sexist, we're really just talking about two people who come together to love, care for and make each other's life even better by forming a cooperative partnership here. The real beauty of a relationship is when two people come together with a desire to give rather than just take. That's when the magic is unleashed.

    Despite what you may think or your past experience — you may never know just how much a man really does want to please you if he is able. In fact, the problems show up when he no longer thinks he can please you. Men are very simple creatures. They demonstrate their value by solving problems and fixing things (and occasionally they may make the mistake of trying to fix you).

    Plus, nothing makes a man feel worse than to feel stuck in a problem he just can't solve so if you're unhappy too often, at some level, he's failed and he will try to distance himself from feeling like a failure. By contrast, nothing makes a man feel successful like you when you are happy — which is why a positive, happy and radiant woman is so appealing.

    When it comes to true demonstrations of masculine energy and the code it lives by, the concept of honor is practically inseparable from the ideal. Whether it's warriors on the battlefield or symbolic "warriors" on the playing field, having your partner's back is the difference between winning and losing or even life and death. A man has got to trust that you're on his team and have his back, otherwise, he will never commit.

    If there is one area I see women mess up time and again, it's in trying to define a relationship or tie a man down too soon. That's because her need to feel "safe" is in direct contrast to his innate desire for freedom and not being tied down. If you think about it, every soldier anywhere who has ever been killed in action has died trying to defend their idea of freedom.

    When you realize that simple fact, you'll understand why he'll feel reluctant to just give it away, but don't worry. The good news is — he will trade his freedom for something better, so just be better and don't try to force him into a decision too soon.

    When you really get what I've just shared and exude these nine traits, you will officially be in your man's head — and in his heart as well. That's because he will notice all the "logical" benefits of your wonderful traits right about the time his heart opens and "emotion" slowly enters the equation.

    Oh, and there's one other thing that gets a man to act in the captivation stage, his competitive nature won't tolerate losing the greatest woman he's ever met to another man.

    When you follow this as outlined, it all adds up to something magical. When you embody a love of his Masculinity with your Appreciation for who he is, add in some Gratitude, a Nurturing spirit, an Easy-going nature, an ability to be Trustworthy, and honor his Independence all while captivating him — it all adds up to one thing. The final S is for Soulmate because that's what you'll have found.

    If you still want more information on how to make a guy fall in love with you, feel free to check out the hours of free content on Dave Elliott's website.

    how much do you make at lowes

    Ben Chantrea, 21, sophomore student at the Phnom Penh International University

    “While traveling, I love taking photos to have good memories. I love doing photo shoots with my family and friends wherever I go. Sometimes, when I am upset or bored with work, I take a look at the photos I took with them. It eases the tension. My traveling partner during my trip is my camera.”

    Chheang Poutheary, 25 , junior student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh

    “I think I am not different from many other girls. Most of the time, I like shopping while travelling. I prefer buying new things. Items often change depending where you go. Also, whenever I’m away, I always miss some people, so I buy some souvenirs for them. Shopping makes traveling more interesting and enjoyable.”

    Heng Kim hourng, 21, freshman at the National University of Management

    “I like making new friends and traveling allows me to do so. When I am on a trip, I like to have a tour package arranged by a travel agency. It is the best chance to share the experience with someone new and learn about other people, exchange points of views and opinions.”

    Suon Sinuon, 20, freshman at the Phnom Penh International University

    “I have a dream: travel around the world and try different food. Trying new food is such an exjoyable experience and it's usually always good. Most of my friends and family members are only into spectacular landscape and stunning sightseeing, while I am much more interested in the culinary traditions of the places I visit.”

    Ouk Moden, 23, junior student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh

    “While traveling, I prefer to go to beautiful places because nature’s beauty touches me. This is what I like the most about traveling. A great landscape always makes me feel relaxed. I can release all the stress that comes from work and studying. And I like learning new things while traveling, like the history of the place for example. I like sightseeing and learn something new every time.”

    Tutorial: How to make a wood valance window treatment

    I have been staring at the blank window in my living room for a whole year now. I kept thinking about doing a window valance tutorial and then kept putting it off. I finally decided I wanted to make a wooden cornice. I saw a similar version in a model home once and loved it! After doing a little googling, I decided to make one of my own, that way it would be unique. How hard could it be?

    It really wasn’t that hard to make…it just took time letting the glue and paint dry. It was well worth the wait though!

    How much do you make at lowes

    We finished it last week, and I LOOVE it! It adds the perfect touch to our living room. This trim and scroll on the wood cornice adds a wonderful look!

    Do you recognize the crown molding? It’s the same kind we used in our kitchen makeover. It’s my favorite stuff. You can find it at Lowes.

    How much do you make at lowes

    To make this you’ll need to start out with a long piece of MDF wood. Decide how long you want it and how wide. I bought a pre primed piece of MDF wood and had it cut down to 65” x 11”. Measure your window and decide what your measurements will be. I wanted a fairly large cornice so I chose 11 in. for the height but I think anywhere from 5”-12” would look great.

    How much do you make at lowes

    I bought some trim to place at the bottom of the board to add a little more character.

    How much do you make at lowes

    We glued that on using power grab.

    How much do you make at lowes

    I also wanted to add one of these scrolly things to the base. I LOVE those things…whatever their called. 😉 After everything was glued I added two coats of Swiss coffee paint.

    How much do you make at lowes

    I had two 4” X 11” in. pieces as well to give the valance good depth. We attached these to the main board using L brackets to give extra support.

    How much do you make at lowes

    After everything was attached we had to fill in some gaps in between the molding. We used wood putty for filling. That stuff can work miracles I tell ya. Once that was dry we sanded it down one last time and then I added one more coat of paint to seal the deal.

    We then attached some more L brackets to the wall, so we could attach the wood cornice. Look how boring that window is. Not for long!

    How much do you make at lowes

    We also attached these wooden circles, so if I decided later to add curtains I could. These are found by the wooden rods at home depot. To hang curtains, you would buy a long wooden rod, and place it between the circles. Then you could hang your curtains from the rod. I found the awesome idea on All Things Thrifty. I plan to add curtains later… I just need to decide what color and find time to sew them.

    How much do you make at lowes

    So what do you think of the window treatment?!

    I love how it turned out, and it looks great in our living room.

    How much do you make at lowes

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    UPDATE: To see more from the living room makeover click here.

    It was cut at a 45 degree angle. It is more difficult than cutting normal base boards or chair rails, though. The trick is that when you are cutting it, you can not just lay it flat and cut it at 45 degrees. In the cutting box the molding needs to be standing just as it will be standing when you have it on the valance or else the angle will be incorrect when you try to put them together. Does this make sense? Sorry, it is a little hard to explain.

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    How much do you get paid at victoria’s secret

    How old do you have to be to work at victoria's secret?

    Let’s learn how old do you have to be to work at victoria's secret. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

    There are ten answers to this question.

    I was wondering how old you have to be to work at Victoria's Secret? . How old do you have to be to work at Victoria . which means you have to work .

    Victoria's Secret Angels were chosen to be part of People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful People.

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    From experience I know you must be 16 years old at least to work there.

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    You must be at least 18 years of age to work at any Victoria's Secrets stores, including locations in.

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    You have to be at least 16 yrs old and some places 19 yrs. old. Call to place an application.

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    As long as you have the proper work permits (if you are under 18), you can probably work there if you.

    Anonymous at ChaCha

    as old as you need to be to get a job(: duhh.

    community wiki at

    Since Factor Women is in Atlanta, Georgia I was curious to see if they still send their girls in for Victorias Secret in New York City. I know Elite Models work very close with Victorias Secret, but Elite got shut down in Altanta and now Factor has taken.

    Elite didn't actually get shut down - Factor Women is run by Jane Stewart who is the same person that.

    Melissa9. at Yahoo! Answers

    has anyone used the victorias secret very volluptuos lip plumper? does it work? did it really make ur lips appear plumper?

    Yes. I have it and my lips are very plumpier. Haha. (: PLEASE ANSWER MY NEWEST QUESTION IF YOU COULD.

    j13 at Yahoo! Answers

    Just Added Q & A:

    For every problem there is a solution! Proved by Solucija.

    How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    Got an issue and looking for advice?

    How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    Ask Solucija to search every corner of the Web for help.

    How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    Get workable solutions and helpful tips in a moment.

    Just ask Solucija about an issue you face and immediately get a list of ready solutions, answers and tips from other Internet users. We always provide the most suitable and complete answer to your question at the top, along with a few good alternatives below.

    how much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    That’s right, you read that title correctly, I generally get all of my underwear for free at Victoria’s Secret! If you join Victoria’s Secret’s Mailing lists and e-mail lists they will send you coupons for free pairs of underwear no purchase necessary (like the ones in the picture above) and they send them out fairly frequently.

    How much do you get paid at victoria's secretA couple of years ago I lived behind an outside shopping mall that had a Victoria’s Secret Store and I developed a system. I signed up for all of the Victoria’s Secret Mailing Lists and would collect all of the coupons I could for free underwear and other items. When I received a coupon for free underwear (no purchase necessary) I would go and pick it up. You won’t pay a cent and they are really nice about it. This was easier to do when I lived behind one of their stores but I still live close enough to our mall that I’m usually able to swing by the store to get my free items before the coupons expire. I do have a Victoria Secret Credit Card which will earn you more free offers but that isn’t necessary to get free stuff. I have also received free gift cards (like the one in the picture above), free perfume, and free $10 at the store. Their underwear really is high quality and lasts a long time.

    I often think that frugal living is about figuring out how to get the things you need or want for free and this is a great and easy way to do that if you live near a Victoria’s Secret Store. You can also do this with their other store Bath & Body Works to get free candles, lotions, and hand sanitizers. Remember that this is a marketing strategy designed to get you into their stores in the hopes that you will pick up your free item and also buy something but it isn’t required. I do occasionally buy stuff from their stores when I find great deals.

    If you follow the links below and sign up for their mailing lists you will start receiving communication from them about sales and events and also FREE items. Note- I do get a certain amount of e-mail and snail mail from them that doesn’t contain free offers but I find it worth sorting through.

    Click HERE to join Victoria’s Secret Store Offers And Events E-mail List

    Click HERE to join Victoria’s Secret Mailing List

    Note- The information provided is meant to be helpful. These aren’t affiliate links, I am in no way affiliated with Victoria’s Secret and receive no compensation for mentioning them

    You can check out my Victoria’s Secret category HERE were I only post about deals from them. Check back often to see when I receive Free Victoria’s Secret coupons.

    I also post when I receive free coupons in the mail and e-mail as well as other things I get for free in my Free In The Mail category and you can find the link HERE.

    The Scariest Thing about Being a Man Applying for a Job at Victoria’s Secret

    How much do you get paid at victoria's secretAll I could think about was running.

    Looking across the desk at my boss, Jamie, I listened as he asked the question I’d been fearing for more two months.


    He glared at me, and I shifted my weight, trying to figure out what to say.

    I hadn’t expected this to happen when I walked into his office that morning. As a fitness assistant at my university’s student life center, I’d been on my way to drop off some gym visitation statistics in his mailbox. He usually didn’t come in that early, and if he did, it was almost impossible for him to know anything about my applying for a job at Victoria’s Secret. How could he? I had barely told anyone about it. Just my roommate, Josh, and the hiring manager at the store, Janice—neither of whom had direct contact with people who could disown me.

    Unless, I thought, Janice had called my references.

    Like any good company, Victoria’s Secret had warned me they would do this, multiple times; and like any good idiot, I’d proceeded to ignore them. First, they mentioned it on the application, specifically asking for references from two supervisors and one peer. They then made it painstakingly clear that they would not only contact these people, but possibly a slew of others–including “family members, business associates, financial sources, friends, neighbors, and others with whom I am associated”–in order to get a clear picture of my character. (Unless I lived in the states of Maryland or Connecticut, they could have also required me to take a polygraph test.)

    And still, I sat at the dining room table of my townhouse, reading it over and thinking, Nah, they won’t actually call those people.

    Even during the job interview, as I listened to the hiring manager say something along the lines of, “So, next step, we’re going to call those people,” I only nodded my head, thinking, Oh come on. This is retail. You don’t get paid enough to do that.

    Yet looking at Jamie, who was slowly growing more red in the face by the second, I began wondering if perhaps they do get paid enough to do that. Especially when the applicant is a grown-ish man with the tendency to wear too much cologne.


    The question played again in my head, and I stared at him, still trying to figure out how to respond. I knew I was going to have to answer this question at some point, but I hadn’t imagined it would come this quickly–or from someone other than my parents. In fact, I’d just resigned to hoping that it would never happen, that I could just coast peacefully along in the world of bras without anyone noticing. On the surface, I’d be the same 23-year-old Chris that everyone knew as the preppy, pre-dental student in his fifth year of undergrad. But in the shadows, in a world that I only knew, I’d be working towards something that felt a lot more like myself. Even if it was as a cashier at Victoria’s Secret.

    But that was all out the window now. Jamie, by way of Janice the hiring manager, had forced my hand. And, as much as I wanted to sprint out of the room and never return, I couldn’t. If I didn’t answer Jamie now, I would have to eventually. And likely by that point, he’d have other concerned-going-on-horrified coworkers with him. As best as I could tell, I had one of three options: I could tell the truth—about the heartbreak, the rejection, and the nipple buds poking through my shirt; I could lie and say I’d done it on a dare from a friend; or, I could act completely oblivious to what he was talking about in an effort to see just how much he actually knew. If the latter was successful, there was a chance I could get out of it with him feeling like he was mistaken. And if he felt mistaken, there was a chance I could get out of it with my secret life still in place. So, hoping for the best, I went with option three.

    “What do you mean, ‘Why do I want to sell women’s underwear’?”

    “What do I mean?” he said. “I mean this woman called me from Victoria’s Secret the other day saying you wanted to work there.”

    “Yes,” he said. “Was she serious?”

    “She said I wanted to work there?”

    “Your name is Chris Pilny, right?”

    “Well that’s what she said. She said, ‘Hi, this is so-and-so from Victoria’s Secret in Green Hills, and I’m calling in regards to Chris Pilny.’ “

    “Huh, that’s strange,” I said.

    “Yeah, it IS strange,” he said, growing more impatient. But I hadn’t given up yet.

    “Well,” I said. “How did she spell ‘Pilny’?”

    At this, he shook his head, picking up a baseball off his desk and tossing it in the air.

    “Come on, man. Why do you want to sell women’s underwear? Tell me this is a joke.”

    Desperately, desperately I wanted this to be the case. If anything, I wanted to tell myself that it was a joke. That I was abandoning my future as an oral maxillofacial surgeon to sell thongs at Victoria’s Secret simply for a laugh. “Some college kids backpack Europe for a year following graduation,” I wanted to say. “But I’m headed to the mall! Ha!”

    But it wasn’t a joke. It was a very serious mission, and one that I hoped would finally give me the piece of knowledge I’d always sought: How to get girls and keep them interested. You just can’t really say that to your boss when he’s glaring at you from behind his desk. Especially when he’s watched you, over the course of four years, meet all your college girlfriends while working for him, and inform the entire staff that the only transferrable skill you’ve earned from the job is “flirting with undergrads.” He would have called me on bullshit immediately.

    So, realizing that option three wasn’t working, and that option one was out of the question, I resorted to option two: lie, saying I was taking the job on a dare.

    Again, he shook his head.

    “Yeah, but…what if you actually get the job? Would you actually work at Vickie’s?”

    “I mean, I might,” I told him. “It is a recession, and it is a job. And I am an English major. I don’t know. Might as well?”

    “I guess, man. Whatever. Just, uh, keep me posted about it.”

    “Oh, and if you apply for a job at the Hustler store next week, don’t put me down as a reference, ok?”

    “Good,” he said. “Thanks.”

    “Anything else?” I asked.

    “Nope. Just don’t end up in prison, OK? I don’t want to know what they’d do to you in there for sniffing panties.”

    “Got it,” I said. “Won’t sniff any panties. Thanks.”

    And with that, I turned around and walked out of the room, back to my post in the fitness center, and the life where everyone still knew me as the preppy, pre-dental Chris.

    how much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    This much I’ll admit: I love Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

    And back in the day, I was an employee at the sexy retail chain, fully immersed in the world of all things bras, crotchless panties, fishnet stockings, and corny pick-up lines from male shoppers. You look like my girlfriend’s body type…can you try on this corset and show me if it fits? or ‘Your cleavage looks nice, what size are you because you look like my wife’s size?’ I wish I was making this up.

    If you dove head first into this article with the hopes of receiving a fat loss program, you’re in the wrong place. And I hope I didn’t spoil the beans that you discontinue reading this post as I believe there are valuable takeaways here. Sure, I could provide the “quick fix” with a crash diet, an immense caloric deficit, a high reps-low weight “toning” routine, or a total body dehydration to #prunestatus. Don’t get me wrong, all of these would produce results, BUT. As a fitness professional, who boasts healthy, balanced living, it would be irresponsible for me to encourage such behavior.

    So you made it this far into the article, which means you must be curious as to how to get a Victoria’s Secret body.

    You’re eager to see what witty shit I spew out next.

    Either way, I’ll tell you how. So How do you get a Victoria’s Secret body?

    Answer: Put lingerie and wings on your body.

    LOL. Had I typed this same question into Google, I would’ve gotten a multitude of articles that would laud stringent diets, excessive cardio, and the most recent discovery: the Ballet Beautiful program. Of course, I’d rather be stabbed in the pelvic bone by a Samurai sword than attempt to justify ballet’s effect on physique building. (Here is the link if you want a good laugh).

    While I do laud women who walk down a runway covering up their private parts, the spectacle of the #VSFashionShow becomes a problem when young girls harbor negative thoughts about their bodies when looking up to the angels on TV.

    Somewhere out there, there’s a girl pulling her inner thighs apart, praying for a thigh gap one day. Somewhere out there, there’s a woman resenting herself because she has cellulite. Somewhere out there, there’s a girl doing jumping jacks during the show’s commercial breaks. Somewhere out there, there’s a girl pinching her muffin top. And as result, now suffers from a severe eating disorder.

    What’s even more heartbreaking is girls across the country scroll through the VS models’ Instagram accounts seeking workout and diet advice, utilizing the hashtag “#bodygoals.” And I get it. It’s easy to confuse “celebrity” with “legitimacy.” BUT. When this induces girls broadcasting on social media statuses “The VS Fashion Show: time to hit the gym hard tomorrow” or “time to eat only spinach for the next month,” that’s that shit I don’t like.

    YUCK. Nobody wants that.

    So now I digress.

    Ladies: there are alternatives to “a Victoria’s Secret Body” that aren’t nearly as soul sucking. In fact, these will ignite motivation and breathe life into the core of your being.

    I urge you to unfollow #trainlikeanangel. Sure, Adriana Lima is the trailblazer of the group as an avid boxer, but for the rest, it’s pilates, pilates, pilates, and obscure “muscle lengthening” techniques that even a surgeon can’t perform. Oh, and that Ballet Beautiful program that requires four hours a day of exercise. HAHAHAHA. FOUR HOURS? I could do five loads of laundry, get groceries across the Bay Bridge, and watch a Lord of the Rings movie in that length of time. Put simply, there are more efficient ways to build a physique: doing dead lifts, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and tabata work. The more lean muscle we have, the more we are burning at rest. Tony Gentilcore just posted a great article on powerlifting for women here. And as for cardio, interval work with light to moderate loads will do the job. Earth shattering, right?? Here’s a sample program:

    1A) Goblet Squat

    2A) Single Leg Dead Lift

    3A) Reverse Lunge

    3C) RKC Plank Hold

    Finisher: 10 Hill Sprints

    2) Eat whole foods but sprinkle in treats daily.

    Diets don&#8217;t have to be full of veggies, juices, or nuts that we eat ourselves into misery. Nor do they have to follow angel Adriana Lima&#8217;s 7-day juice cleanse. Yes, eating nutrient dense foods makes you feel AWESOME, and every cell of your being soaks in the energy. However. You can still indulge in treats daily to deter an all-out binge in one sitting on the weekend. Sohee Lee, my go-to gal for nutrition, ate a big ass snickers bar every day leading up to her bikini show, while maintaining a lean physique. She wrote about her positive experience with flexible dieting here. Above all, you can still splurge once in a while. It&#8217;s okay to have Donuts every Friday at the office. It&#8217;s okay to drink a whole bottle of wine (<&#8212;it&#8217;s women&#8217;s science). It&#8217;s okay to go to happy hour with your friends. Because most of the time, loaded nachos with the gals is totally worth it. And I promise, your physique won&#8217;t explode into the giant Marshmallow Man after a few social events with your squad.

    3) Walk like an angel. Everywhere.

    Recently, I&#8217;ve found that walking with my head up, shoulders back, and chest proud has its way of making me feel powerful. So what hell? Practice this every day &#8211; at the grocery store, at work rounding the cubicles, upon entrance at the coffee shop, even in your apartment alone. It&#8217;s time to act the part. Even better, this shit is CONTAGIOUS. By walking with your head up, you&#8217;re sending a tremendously positive message to other women to hone in on their confidence and feel empowered.

    4) Don&#8217;t pay attention to mainstream media.

    So you want an easy way to fall under the comparison trap? Get your hands on as many magazines as you can, watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, and check every VS models&#8217; Instagram account upon waking up. Instead, let&#8217;s keep our eyes on our own paper, shall we? Because then, we save ourselves from toxic societal constructs that produce grandiose perceptions about reality. Escaping the fallacy is key because we can breathe. We can practice self development. We can find solace in who we are, giving ourselves our own personal definition of &#8220;Victoria&#8217;s Secret Angel.&#8221;

    5) Accept that you still won&#8217;t look EXACTLY like an angel.

    Now this is when I get all tough love-y on you guys. As women, no matter how hard we fight, restrict, or workout, we still may not look runway ready. And that&#8217;s totally fine. Above all, your health and inner peace are critical. If you push yourself to the limit to achieve the catwalk-esque physique, your sanity will wither away. Exercise and nutrition should align with your energy levels. Be kind to your body and nurture it in a way that elevates your zest for life.

    You still with me now? Good.

    The bottom line: We are all angels. Models. Fierce beings. We are worthy of self-love. We deserve to walk with pride, making the Earth rumble with our vibrance. Life is your spectacle. Your own fashion show. So start playing the part of a bombshell.

    One more thing: do I have a Victoria&#8217;s Secret body? YES. At 147 pounds (looking like Jabba the Hutt compared to Adriana Lima), YET packed with muscle, a butt that could knock down the Great Wall of China, and a soul with heaps of self love, I can confidently say I am an angel in my own mind. I&#8217;m whoever I want to be. And you are too.

    4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Victoria&#8217;s Secret Bras

    I&#8217;m going to talk about Victoria&#8217;s Secret today. I bet most of you shop at VS. Around 70% of women in the U.S. shop there. Did you know they generated about $6.6 billion dollars last year? Before I worked as a bra fitter at Nordstrom I used to shop there for all of my bras while I was in college and high school because that&#8217;s where you go for bras, right? I&#8217;m here to tell you that Victoria&#8217;s Secret is actually one of the worst places to go to buy your bras. In this post I&#8217;m going to give you the four reasons why you should never buy a bra from them again.

    Victoria&#8217;s Secret is known for their sexy bras and lingerie. I mean, they have a very alluring mission, marketing and advertising to make women feel sexy and feminine, and for men to buy their stuff for their girlfriends and wives.

    I have no problem with feeling sexy and attractive, but I have a problem feeling sexy when I feel like I&#8217;m falling out of my bra, my underwires are digging into my breasts, and I feel uncomfortable all the time. How is that sexy?

    If you flip through a VS catalog it becomes very apparent that their models don&#8217;t even wear their bras right. VS makes it clear that they care more about feeling sexy then getting a properly fitting bra. I&#8217;m a firm believer to feel sexy or attractive wearing a proper fitting bra is one of the first steps.

    Let me share some of the examples of ill fitting bras I found on their site.

    Here are some beautiful examples of how bras should fit.

    You can tell from all of these bras that the middle part &#8220;gore&#8221; is lying flat against the middle, the cups are covering the breasts, and these bras actually fit the models! These bras look 100% more comfortable than the VS ones.

    So here are some of the reasons why I would avoid buying my bras from Victoria&#8217;s Secret.

    1. They don&#8217;t carry a wide range of sizes. They carry band sizes from 30-40 and cup sizes from a AA-DDD depending on the band size. This might sound a lot, but it&#8217;s not. Did you know that cup sizes go up to a KK? That means there&#8217;s 9 cup sizes missing, You&#8217;re probably thinking, who are these women who wear a J or KK? It&#8217;s very common for women to have larger cup sizes like this. I know VS don&#8217;t cater to those type of women, but I think it&#8217;s important to point out that they carry a very narrow selection of sizes.

    Because VS doesn&#8217;t carry a wide range of sizes, they try to fit you into one of their bras, even if it&#8217;s not the correct bra size. This has happened to me personally and to many people I&#8217;ve helped with their bras. They kept on trying to get me to buy the sister size of 32C which is 34B, even though the band size was big on me. From my experience they don&#8217;t have their focus on trying to help women find correct fitting bras, they&#8217;re a large company trying to sell sexy bras.

    Fit is the most important thing when it comes to bras, even more than what it looks like. A well fitting bra will change your life, literally. You wear your bra everyday, it&#8217;s one of the most important things you wear.

    3. I don&#8217;t find the quality of their bras to be that great. They&#8217;re cheaply made and I know for a fact they don&#8217;t last that long. I remember buying a bra from them and a month later felt like it was stretched out already. The problem I have with VS is most women think that VS is the ultimate place to buy their bras and I&#8217;m here to demystify that myth that you can get a lot better quality bras that fit, that are pretty, feminine, sexy, and come in a wide range of sizes for the same price. There&#8217;s a plethora of bras I find to be much better quality than Victoria&#8217;s Secret like: Betsey Johnson, b.tempt&#8217;d by Wacoal, Calvin Klein, Chantelle, Curvy Kate, DKNY, Elle Macpherson, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, Josie, La Perla, Le Mystere, Natori, Panache, and Wacoal are to name a few I really like.

    4. This last reason is more of a personal reason. I don&#8217;t like how VS objectives women and teenage girls in an overtly sexual way. I don&#8217;t want to spend my money somewhere where they sell sex to teenagers. Read this really great article from Beauty Redefined about it, it&#8217;s really interesting.

    Conclusion: I don&#8217;t like to be a Debbie Downer or negative, so I hope you don&#8217;t get that feeling from reading this post. I don&#8217;t hate VS, I more dislike them. I&#8217;m not trying to make women feel bad for shopping there, or who have smaller busts that like push up bras. I&#8217;m also not against feeling attractive and pretty in your bra. I think the prettier the bra the better!

    Bras serve a purpose and function, to lift, separate, support, and shape breasts. They&#8217;re not just something to look at (I know some men might disagree with me on this). My intention is to simply educate you on what to avoid when it comes to bra shopping and give you a perspective from someone who has worked in the lingerie industry for several years.

    If you have questions or concerns, I&#8217;d love to hear from you! If you made it to the end, I applaud you! Thanks!

    I use to want to be able to buy a VS bra&#8230;now I DON&#8217;T! They don&#8217;t have my size and I don&#8217;t like how I feel when I go in there! Plus their prices are OUTRAGEOUS (especially for how little material they use to make their bras)!

    I agree on the whole selling sex to teens. It is disgusting.

    I wish I could get a fitting with you! I am sick of my bra moving up! UGH!

    Sara, I offer in person and online bra consultations if you&#8217;re interested. Email me at [email protected]

    This was literally the most ignorant thing I have ever read. I&#8217;m actually a full time bra specialist at VS. I am fully bra certified and am completely capable of identifying and diagnosing fit issues, as well as getting women into the right size bra. Yes we only go up to triple D&#8217;s but I will try my hardest to find a bra for them but if its just not working I will tell them in the kindest way possible we do not have their correct size and I do not want them to spend their money on something that is not functional for them. Our bras are excellent quality and will last long if properly taken care of. Im sorry an associate told you that you are a 34A, as that is a unicorn size and rarely exists. We do not sell SEX, we sell sexy, sophisticated and forever young. We make women feel confident and sexy about their bras, not like they are wearing body armor. Nothing wrong with that. Please do not let this woman discourage you from visiting a VS, we know our stuff and take pride in our passion.

    I&#8217;m not in retail, but myself and every woman I know personally; family, friends, and co workers do not buy bras from VS. And yes, they are selling sex to teenagers. To be forever young, means not being an adult. Adulthood does not signify youth in any way. Being a teenager is called being young.

    I&#8217;ve personally been fitted at Nordstrom, Macys, Jc Penney&#8217;s, and Frederick&#8217;s of Hollywood, and independent retailers as well and they all said the same size. VS never got it right with me. Therefore, I do not waste money on cheap material *made in China* garbage. Sorry, but the majority of people would rather buy a bra from a high end brand or Walmart, Target, than from you or your lousy company that looks like blue film ads with blue film actors.

    Three cheers for real design houses and quality.

    I disagree with your post. I have been using VS bra for 3 years. My first bra from VS still okay now. They have their quality. I have a small breast and always worry about my look. I find some bras are perfect for me. Sometime, human body is different. Mine is an example. Specialist from VS measured me and said my size is 32A which is true, for demi bra, A cup fit me perfectly. But with push up bra, I go with 32B. I and the specialist agree that it&#8217;s strange.

    I am buying all bra for cousins, my mom, they all have great feedback for VS.

    Well, They are selling sexy stuff but NOT SEX. Maybe you had bad experience or you didn&#8217;t try harder. But because of having a bad experience doesn&#8217;t mean VS is bad, or selling sex&#8230;

    My VS bra has lasted years, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. No gaps, no squeezing on-top of my breasts, just a beautiful, sexy, comfortable look.

    Speaking as a shopper in the London, UK VS shopper, I have to hugely disagree with this article. I just bought a bunch of new bras there, and they&#8217;re great. I usually find it fairly awkward to get a bra that fits me in every way. The fitters were careful, considerate and took pains to check a large variety of bras and sizes with me before confirming a size and recommending what would give me the most support, and flatter me. It was a pleasant experience and I now have some new super-comfortable, well-fitting, pretty bras to add to my wardrobe. They did not measure my bra over a shirt and were very keen not to let me settle for something that seemed &#8216;alright&#8217;.

    Perhaps the author knows a lot more about the technicalities of fitting, but I think it&#8217;s fairly ridiculous to base so much of this article on photoshopped pictures. Where was the comparison with other retailers? Do you apply this treatment to all clothing? Because the same thing happens everywhere. I judge a bra for how it feels and looks on ME. I&#8217;m certainly no model, so it&#8217;s a mistake to use those photos as any kind of example.

    VS gets something right about selling bras and underwear &#8211; they make it a fun and exciting experience. I always find something I love in there, and the fitting experience was comfortable, non-embarrassing and the assistant and I were able to have a bit of a laugh whilst she ran back and forth to try me with different styles and shapes.

    Don&#8217;t let this put you off VS. Be armed with a little info about how bras should properly fit (not hard with the Internet these days), maybe get fitted in a few different places, but do check out VS.

    Wish there were more VS associates like you then. They don&#8217;t carry my size. (38 F) But I like shopping there for underwear, athletic wear (sans sportsbras), and other clothes. But I had an associate ask if I needed measured and when I told her &#8216;no thank you, VS doesn&#8217;t manufacture my size) she insisted that VS sizes were unique and asked me twice more to get sized. Before walking away to leer at me from another part of the store.

    Good for you for doing your best at your job.

    And VS isn&#8217;t the only store guilty of poor measurements. I&#8217;ve been mis-measured at Soma as well, and they do have a wider array of sizes.

    Shop around ladies.

    Great points my dear!

    Kimberly Cole Zemke says

    I have had so many Victoria secret bras fall apart on me, I gently hand wash them. I paid about sixty dollars for the last bra I got and two months later the WIRE is sticking through the material, this is not an isolated occurrence. I buy a lot of bras from VS but no longer, this is the third bra in a year to have the wire sticking out of it. Now either your expert fitters are fitting me incorrectly or your bras are as I suspect, shoddily made. I am about to gather up the bras and mail them back to your hack company.

    I haven&#8217;t been a fan of VS for many of the same reasons you mentioned. They do try to fit you into one of their sizes, even if it isn&#8217;t the right size for you. I also agree that their bras aren&#8217;t very well made and don&#8217;t hold up over time. That being said, I do want to look sexy in my bra and wear some fun colors, etc. I recently purchased the Natori Feathers Underwire bra from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale based on your recommendation. It gets great reviews and I&#8217;ve been impressed so far!

    Erica, I&#8217;m so glad to hear you like that bra. It&#8217;s one of my favorites and it&#8217;s really pretty.

    Great article Courtney and very informative. Also, VS is probably one of the worst companies to work for, they overwork their employees and make it mandatory to put up new and take down old displays and making girls work their days off to do so. They pay very little to their employees, unattainable sales quotas and it&#8217;s just doesn&#8217;t have a good reputation for treating their employees well. Just my 2 cents worth.

    Such a great article! I recently got fitted by a bra specialist at soma-and it was one of the best decisions ever! My clothing looks better and I feel more confident!

    I&#8217;ve actually have never tried Soma because they don&#8217;t have one close by me. But I&#8217;ve heard some great things from them! I&#8217;ll definitely have to order one of their bras and try it out!

    Very interesting post. I am a long time VS bra purchaser; in fact in my adult life they are the only bras that I have purchased. I do agree with your post (despite my VS bra history). I am desperately in need of a few new bras and I&#8217;ve already been thinking I should shop elsewhere; I feel your post only confirms that. Thanks for the info.

    Sarah, I&#8217;m so happy to help you. If you have any questions, please don&#8217;t hesitate to ask!

    Helloooo they&#8217;re photos! I&#8217;m not really seeing this &#8220;gap&#8221; between the skin and bra, looks like a shadow to me. The racer back also looks pretty straight to me seeing as the model is turned. I will agree the sports bra is too small but the other push up.bras promote that cleavage because hello its a pushup! AND the &#8220;proper fitting bras&#8221; are demi and full coverage bras which happen to be none of the VS ones you compared. So I think its wrong to shame the VS name due to some ill shamed photos, especially with the way photoshop is used these days.

    Hey Kay! Thanks for your comment. We all have different opinions and I appreciate you voicing yours.

    ^^ I Agree 100%! I have purchased bras from all over the place. The only bras that LAST and fit Perfectly are from VS. If you have issues with the company, That&#8217;s your right but at least find pics that support your cause. VS is a bit pricey but no more than Nordstroms or those little boutiques.

    Sorry, I don&#8217;t see any truth in this rant. I have been more than happy with EVERY VS purchase I&#8217;ve ever made!

    Kimberly Cole Zemke says

    Since you love their bras so much maybe you can explain to me why I have three expensive VS bras in a year that I hand wash gently and the wires have come through the material. Why is this happening?

    I totally agree with you! I used to buy from VS when I was in college and was a 32B. Then I had my son and went up to a 32DD at one point, I&#8217;m a 32D now that I&#8217;m no longer nursing. I had a &#8220;bra fitting&#8221; at VS and the girl (who I knew wasn&#8217;t certified because I knew her in a roundabout way from other friends!) slipped a tape measure around me OVER my clothes and told me I was a 34C. No way. Later on, I went to Belk to have a real bra fitting &#8212; in the dressing room, undressed, and tried on about 20 bras. The woman was so helpful and found me 2 really great bras that totally cover my breasts and lay flat on my ribcage area. One was actually Wacoal. Thanks for writing about this. I&#8217;m repinning on Pinterest!

    Bethany, so glad to hear you were able to find a bra. The problem with VS is because they don&#8217;t carry a wide range of sizes they put you in a size that doesn&#8217;t fit. I&#8217;ve had it happen to me and have heard it from thousands of women.

    I hate that they don&#8217;t carry nursing bras! Just makes me think that all they care about is the sexual aspect of breasts, not the functional!

    I don&#8217;t think they&#8217;ll ever carry nursing bras. That&#8217;s ok because I don&#8217;t think their bras are that great anyway. Go check out my nursing bra guide where I list my favorite nursing bras. Go here:

    Where would be a good place to find a decent bra? I&#8217;m tired of adjusting mine all the time, I need some help!

    Aleisha, I really like Nordstrom, Dillard&#8217;s, Macy&#8217;s; independently owned bra boutiques, and online stores like: Amazon, Figleaves, and Herroom.

    I was once a sucker for Victoria Secret bras. Never feeling comfortable in them, but assumed that was one of the &#8220;joys&#8221;of being female. I read a great article about a year ago on how to accurately measure yourself for the right bra using a tape measure and a mirror. I tried it and thought I&#8217;d done it way wrong! So I figured I&#8217;d go to Nordstrom and have a professional fitting. I was shocked! My measurements were spot on, and my jaw about hit the floor! I was trying to &#8220;force&#8221; myself into a bra 5x too small!! All because of a VS fitting years before. Needless to say, I will gladly spend the money on a high quality bra from Nordstrom! I never realized how comfortable the right bra could feel!

    I immediately shared the article with all my sisters and girlfriends. It&#8217;s sad to think that the majority of women are wearing uncomfortable bras just to feel sexy, when they Don&#8217;t Have To.

    Karalie, it&#8217;s so true. Most women live most of their lives in discomfort because they&#8217;ve never been educated on how they should be properly fitted. Thanks for sharing the knowledge to those you love!

    I&#8217;ve actually never bought a VS bra. I&#8217;ve always thought their bras looked impractical and that they were trying to sell an image rather than a really good product that meets the average woman&#8217;s needs.

    That&#8217;s why I have a hard problem with VS because I feel like they&#8217;re selling a fake and not reachable or attainable of goal of having skinny models with their boobs hanging out of their bras. I agree with you 100%!

    Oh wow. I did not know some of this! I had no idea their fitters were not certified. This is so helpful. I have never bought from them because I didn&#8217;t like the way they were falling out in the pictures. I do not want to fall out! LOL! Also, I hate how they objectify women too. Thank you for a great, informative post!

    I think feeling sexy is important as a woman, wife, mother, and etc. But I&#8217;m not a huge fan of projecting it and targeting teens. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

    Wow! So informative! I had no idea! Thanks Courtney!

    Kristina, no problem. What are friends for, right?

    I&#8217;ve always felt the same way about VS! The one time I went and got fitted there the gal tried to squeeze my into this tiny little bra with no support! They do have sexy/fun stuff, but totally impractical for an everyday bra! Anyways, love this post&#8211;pinned!

    I personally have been fitted by courtney and I can testify that she is amazing! It was seriously the first bra in my life that ever fit correctly, and it feels amazing! Love this post, thanks for sharing!!

    You make me blush. Love you Jessica!

    Thanks for the helpful post! Ive never loved their products, but &#8216;thats where you go for bras, right?&#8217; haha. The latest few I got from them didn&#8217;t even last 1 month before the top of the bras started to flip over :/ Thanks again!

    You&#8217;re not alone in feeling that their quality is lacking. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comment. That means so much to us!

    I stopped shopping at VS because they ner had my size. There bras would always (or so I felt) target small breasted women. I mean they also only have skinny women workin there. I shop at Lane Bryant now.

    Lane Bryant is a good place to go, but they only carry up to a H cup, which is pretty good. Nordstrom carries sizes up to a K cup.

    I haven&#8217;t bought Victoria Secrets bras in years mostly because of the price. You gave some great tips on things to consider when buying bras that I&#8217;ve never paid much attention to. Pinned.

    No problem Erica. I&#8217;m so glad I was able to help!

    Brilliant Post. I&#8217;ve had trouble finding good bras. I always thought it was funny that people think VS is good quality. Thanks for the tips.

    Hey Amy, that&#8217;s the common thought for most women that VS is the only place to go to buy their bras, but there&#8217;s far better places that have a wider range of sizes, selection, and quality for women. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Courtney &#8211; I love this article! I always thought that VS had poor quality bras, but when I first became a BC survivor, I had the most horrible experience ever at that store. I wrote the company a letter and the response was crickets. Will never shop there again. One would think that a company &#8220;so committed&#8221; to &#8220;the girls&#8221; would care about BC &#8211; nope! It&#8217;s all lip service. I ended up getting fitted at Nordstrom with a very professional and caring bra fitter. I saved your article to feature on my website and would love for you to include it when I host some BC promotions in October. Hugs, Holly

    Hey Holly! Thanks so much for commenting! I think Nordstrom has the best program for bra fitting and for providing the most products for mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I&#8217;d love to help out! Look forward to reading your article! I&#8217;m actually in the works for something for October for BC Awareness Month. I&#8217;m really excited about it.

    YES YES YES. Depending on the brand and the cut, I can wear a 28F-28H, and I have one 30G that fits me well too. I haven&#8217;t been able to fit in VS bras since I was a 32 D (and I was a 32D&#8211;my weight and boobs have fluctuated a lot, yay Crohn&#8217;s Disease!).

    I buy my bras almost exclusively from Breakout Bras, a store in Greenville, SC. I&#8217;m originally from Greenwood, SC, and whenever I&#8217;m home visiting my parents, I go bra-shopping. It&#8217;s near-impossible for me to find bras in my size otherwise.

    Brita, I&#8217;m so glad to hear you found a place to get all of your bras. I&#8217;ve never been to SC, but hear it&#8217;s gorgeous!

    Thanks for the post. I did think VS was the place to shop for bras, but never went there because I didn&#8217;t think I could afford it. I still don&#8217;t think I can afford Nordstroms, but I know that next time I&#8217;ll try to find someone that is certified to help me. Thanks for your opinion.

    Margaret, to score a cheap bra is to check out their sales, half yearly, and their anniversary sale. These are all great times to stock up.

    Great post! I totally agree. I buy bras at Nordstrom and love the way they can really help me find something that fits. I thought bras were so uncomfortable in the past but it was just because VS put me in a 34 not a 32 and in the wrong cup size. Plus, for the quality they are (bad), I think VS is expensive!

    I agree with you! I was incorrectly fitted at a VS store. The girl tried to tell me I was a 34C, but the band was sooo tight and uncomfortable. I ended up buying it anyway instead of my usual 36B. Well it gave me great cleavage but at the price of not being able to breathe. I&#8217;ve had 2 kids since and my rib cage is even wider now, needless to say I just wasted money on that trip. Not happy.

    Roni, sometimes when the band size is snug, that&#8217;s actually a good thing because that&#8217;s where your support comes from. If your bra is so tight you can&#8217;t snap it in the back, then it&#8217;s probably too tight. The reason why you were thinking it was too tight was because you&#8217;ve never worn a &#8220;correct&#8221; fitting bra and it feels weird at first. 90% of women I fit I always end up going down one band size at least. So I would say try the 34C size one more time. But if you&#8217;re happy with the 36B, and the girls feel supported, then I&#8217;d say stick with that size.

    This post is so helpful! I have always felt that the vs bras don&#8217;t fit me very well but it was just easier to go there since they have a big selection. I&#8217;m going to look into getting fitted somewhere else now.

    I highly recommend that. Nordstrom, Dillard&#8217;s, Macy&#8217;s, and bra boutiques are all great choices.

    Michelle Wynn says

    Thank you for these articles about breast shape, correct sizing and why NOT to buy the VC bras. One thing I didn&#8217;t see addressed was the issue of straps. I am a larger busted gal (38DD &#8211; probably need a larger cup after reading these articles!) and my breast shape is large. But the bras that were some of your favs have really thin straps. These hurt! Isn&#8217;t there a good bra out there with wider straps?

    Michelle, most bra manufactures will make the straps wider on larger cup sizes. So if you have a bra in a D cup, the straps aren&#8217;t going to be as wide as that same bra in a G cup. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    I have to disagree. I recently went to the VS in Las Vegas and got a fantastic fitting. All the things you say the pictures for wrong, my specialist showed me and I now have perfectly fitting bras. Those pictures are for advertisement purposes only.

    I&#8217;m so glad you had a good experience at VS. You must have gotten a really good fitter.

    After reading another of your articles a week ago, I finally went out and bought a sports bra that fits. Thanks for the tips from then. I wish I&#8217;d known more about bra fitting before. Just looking through these will also help me in the future know what to look for when bra shopping.

    Funny story about VS:

    When my sister was in high school, she was in a Secret Santa gift exchange. A guy got her name. He gave her money in an envelope and told her, &#8220;Everyone said I should get you a Victoria&#8217;s Secret gift card&#8211;that&#8217;s what all girls like. But I went to the mall and hung around for 30 minutes, but couldn&#8217;t bring myself to actually go into the store to get the gift card, so here&#8217;s the money instead.&#8221;

    Thanks for the great post Courtney! I stopped buying from VS when I was in college. They never fit, and now I know it&#8217;s because those who do the bra fittings aren&#8217;t properly trained! I&#8217;ve continued to stay away from VS because I have ethical issues with the company &#8211; they have very questionable labor practices. Delta Galil Industries, which manufactures VS products has been condemned by Sweatshop Watch for its exploitation of labor in various countries. I have yet to find one solid place to purchase bras, but I plan to try Nordstrom for my next purchase.

    That&#8217;s a really good point about VS. My older sister worked there and talked about how they pay like crap. Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, lets not endorse sweat shop labor.

    First I don&#8217;t doubt what you have written. In fact I do my best to avoid those kinds of fits. This is my experience. I shop at Victoria&#8217;s Secret and Pink because it is the only place in our area except Soma where I don&#8217;t have to hunt a person, stuggle with crowded racks that are packed with bras, plastic hangers, and tight spaces. that I can barely walk between. And the small hot dressing rooms! I have gone to department stores that boast of a fitter without sucess. I really dislike the Soma bra which cost more the VS. I bought but my adult daughter loves them. My teen girls and I like each other much better when we shop and are less frustrated when we have someone else help us. Every couple of years I try to go to a department store, I am not looking for sexy, just decent service and a shopping experience that doe not leave me exhausted. I suspect many women out there feel the same way.

    I appreciate your comment. Yes, I do agree. Sometimes you don&#8217;t have many options and VS is the only place to go. Good thing there&#8217;s the internet that has tons of online bra stores like Her Room, Bigger Bras, and Figleaves to name a few.

    I learned so much from this post! I stopped wearing VS bras after my daughter was born. Somehow the &#8220;girls&#8221; are never the same and I realized VS actually wasn&#8217;t all that great. Thanks so much for sharing this! I never thought I would examine VS models&#8217; boobies so closely. Haha

    Past VS employee says

    I was employed at Victorias Secret for 3 years, and never measured a customer wrong. We are not permitted to ask them to remove their clothes for a &#8220;proper&#8221; fitting, but if they ever requested it, it was done. Any woman with a larger cup size we did not carry, or a size that just wasn&#8217;t working, I, nor my fellow associates would never make them squeeze into anything just for a sale. The first picture you&#8217;re picking apart is a Demi, it is cut low because that is the style. The second picture is a Bombshell, which is an Add 2 cup bra, which is why she has so much cleavage, it&#8217;s actually completing serving it&#8217;s purpose. As for your comment of &#8220;selling sex&#8221; to teenagers, the PINK brand is made specially for them, with fun colored very lightly lined bras. You have your own opinions and they are respected, but I wanted to clear a few things up from a past associate&#8217;s and VS customer&#8217;s point of view.

    I really appreciate your comment. I wish I would have had you help me when I went into Victoria&#8217;s Secret. I know not ALL employees are bad, just the many experiences I&#8217;ve had weren&#8217;t helpful.

    I love this. I haven&#8217;t bought a VS bra in yearssssss! Ridiculous cost and the darn wires pop out so fast. Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday Roundup Link Party!

    Angela @ LeMoine Family Kitchen

    You&#8217;re not a Debbie Downer at all. VS sells sex, not bras. I need to bite the bullet and spend the extra money and go to a place that has professionals who know what they are doing. I can&#8217;t remember the last time I had a bra that was truly comfortable. Thanks for the tips.

    It is very obvious that they make the bra look &#8220;sexy&#8221; by over stuffing the bras (i.e. they are way to small for the models) That is very poor advertising on their part. It does send the wrong message to teens.

    I do like my under garments to look pretty and feel like I am not wearing anything. I don&#8217;t like to suffer for my fashion.

    I switched to VS Invisibles bra because it is the ONLY bra I have bought that the exposed elastic does NOT cause my skin to break out. Why do the bra manufactures have to put exposed elastic that often contains latex in every bra they make? My allergy is mild but after 6 hours I am extremely uncomfortable with every bra I have ever tried for 40 years.

    After being properly fitted by another company, I bought my first VS Invisibles. Though the bra does not last as long at least now I don&#8217;t have the red raw line every night after wearing a bra for 8 hours.

    It is not just bras that cause problems. I also wear VS panties that have lace instead of elastic on them.

    I love this and totally agree! I found a long time ago that their bras were cheap. And I totally agree with your last reason too! How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    I have never bought a VS bra, though I do find their underwear comfy. I have a booty, round a shapely [Like a kim kardashian issue but far from that extreme] and their underwear actually fits without riding up and being awkward. But aside from that, I&#8217;ve never bought a bra because most of the time, I can&#8217;t find mine. I&#8217;m a 32D, so almost the same problem as you, stores always tell me a 34C is the same thing and it&#8217;s not. The 34C actually gapes in the cup, oddly enough and the back never fits well where the 32D actually stays fitted to me, spaces the girls out properly AND I don&#8217;t gush out of the cups or have that awkward bra line under my shirts because my bra is pulling away from my chest.

    Proper bra fit is hard! It even varies by designer and even within designer, the bra type. I&#8217;ve ordered two different bras from the same company and one would be too small, go figure!

    Thanks for the information though! I was honestly just going to go look into a bra there because I was caving under the difficulty of finding my size. [We don&#8217;t have a Nordstroms here, so I can&#8217;t go there either!]

    I told myself I shouldn&#8217;t shop there because they don&#8217;t even have my size. I&#8217;m a 26F, so its no surprise that I would have to look elsewhere. lol But I think ALL well fitting bras are expensive, most will be more than VS. I still haven&#8217;t bought another brand, because so many seem so bland and boring looking, even if I do need to wear the right size. They put me at a 32 D at VS, the band is too big and it doesn&#8217;t cover all of my breasts.

    The moment I quit buying VS bras was the day I was free! I found a great bra that fits me well and I don&#8217;t have to fidget with ALLLLL day! I love your articles on bras!

    I felt the same way. Thanks so much for visiting abd trashing tone out of your day to comment.

    I worked at VS during college, and it was a fantastic experience! Just wanted to point out that none of the bras I&#8217;ve ever bought from there (and I still buy almost all of them from VS) fit me like they do the models in the pics you posted. But, DUH, right?! Nothing I buy fits me like it does the model. How much do you get paid at victoria's secretI&#8217;m always happy with the way they look on me though, as long as I&#8217;m wearing the right size. And they hold up for years in my experience. Different strokes&#8230;

    Im so glad you&#8217;ve had great experiences there. I haven&#8217;t, but that&#8217;s ok. I appreciate your comment!

    Thank you for the article, I loved it! Would you recommend Aerie bras?

    I&#8217;ve never tried them but I think they work just fine if you find one that fits! I&#8217;m glad to see they sell bras in smaller band sizes, like a 30.

    Amen! Thank you for this post! I have NEVER shopped at VS before. Why? Because of how the objectify women. I&#8217;m glad to see that it isn&#8217;t the be all end all that everyone touts it to be. I&#8217;m glad I&#8217;m not missing out. I HATE bras, so I try to find the most comfortable ones possible. I&#8217;m a 34DD and wish I was much smaller because these suckers are uncomfortable. All those smaller busted ladies should be thankful that they are, because small breast bras are sooooo much cuter than big busted bras. I&#8217;m going to check out some of your other posts. Thanks!

    I&#8217;ve always bought my bras from VS, and while I like most of the bras I&#8217;ve purchased, I agree that they tend to stretch out or have the underwire break through the seam very quickly for the price you pay. But I&#8217;ve always thought VS was the only option around!!

    Where do you find all these other bras you have mentioned and the consultants to measure properly?? If I have been measured wrong by VS all these years, I can&#8217;t just buy a bra online, since it would be the wrong size, right? How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    Hey Alli, if you have some department stores closes by like Nordstrom, Macy&#8217;s, Dillard&#8217;s or a bra boutique that specializes in fitting those are great places to get fitted. I offer online and in person bra consultations too! You can email me at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. Most of the bras I recommend you can find them at the places I mentioned. The great thing is you can find them ALL online. Or

    It pains me to hear about the horror stories you all have about VS. I have been working there for 4 years, left and came back because there truly is no place better. They hold true to their values as a company and strive to make women feel confident. For some women confidence is sexy and that&#8217;s how THEY want to look. I&#8217;m a 38DDD and speak to my customers from my heart and If something in my store does not work out, I personally send them to Nordstroms or Soma to find something that will work for them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but before misleading the public, you should inform yourself with facts.

    I don&#8217;t doubt many have had horrible experiences with Victoria&#8217;s Secret, but I personally love them. The woman who fitted me was an older lady and looked like she had seen a thing or two from girls who had no idea what their bra size was. I love their Fabulous Plunge bra (I found it after buying quite a few that just weren&#8217;t working for me) and boy let me tell you, that bra is perfect for me.

    i totally see your point from the pictures and everything and i 100% respect your opinion, but at the same time, i am also entitled to my own opinion and personal experience. the first time i had a fitting at VS i was nervous as hell, the store is hella intimidating, but the ladies are so incredibly friendly and fitted me with a 36DD &#8211; an average to the slightly bigger size, i&#8217;d say. i took the basic body by VS bras, nothing fancy or push up, and they&#8217;ve lasted me for more than 2 years. i have never had a bra fit better and give the amount of support that the VS bras have.

    i think at the end of the day, it&#8217;s all about finding what fits right for you and what gives you the most amount of confidence in. i found that at VS &#8211; and i am by no means a skinny girl either. but other girls are going to find that at other places, and that&#8217;s perfectly okay. as long as YOU are comfortable, and YOU are confident.

    I have been wearing nothing but VS bras since I started wearing bras. They never fit totally BAD, but they didn&#8217;t fit great either. I have been measured at VS many times and they always put me in a 32B. After reading this I went into the bathroom and measured myself and my band width is 29! No wonder all my bras are always gaping at the top and sliding around. Thank you for the article! I can&#8217;t wait to go bra shopping tomorrow! haha

    Good luck finding a 29 band. Did you know you can order a 30 band on Victorias Secret website?? Oh and if you&#8217;re a 32B than you&#8217;ll be a 30C trust me. I change lives one bra at a time. I&#8217;ve had more customer compliments on my bra fittings. I take pride in what I do.

    First off bra girls really do get certified at VS&#8230;I work there as one of our full time bra specialists and I was certified for 3 months before I could be promoted! I LOVE VICTORIAS SECRET! Granted we could carry more sizes even I agree with that. But taking jabs at our employees is wrong. Sure you might get that new employee that will get better with practice as far as measurment BUT to say we don&#8217;t know what we&#8217;re doing is ignorant. Please do more research before you go on our local news station for all to see. You could&#8217;ve promoted your views without bashing another company.

    This is really good to know! I usually go to VS to get sized, even if I don&#8217;t buy from there- because I thought they know what they&#8217;re doing! Now I&#8217;ll go to Nordstrom instead, because I don&#8217;t like VS sexy photos all over the place.

    We do not have VS stores where I live, but I was buying bras online and had five purchases in a row where even after measuring and entering my sizes, I was still ending up with bras that were the wrong fit, or so low cut that when I lean over my breasts were falling out! I finally bit the bullet and went to get a professional bra fitting, and I am so glad I did. I walked out with a new bra and a new sports bra, and am loving my purchases. No more chafing, double boob or straps sliding down my shoulders!

    I hate VS for this reason! They constantly try to tell me I&#8217;m a 34C (which in reality I&#8217;m a 32E) and I&#8217;m constantly popping out of their bras. They&#8217;re falling apart after a few washes and wires jabbing me in the chest after a few wears. I got fitted at Nordstroms and it legit changed my life. I had no idea they go through so much training to get certified! And no wonder why! Its a massive change! Yeah I end up spending double what I would spend elsewhere on a bra but it fits and it lasts.

    Great article. I haven&#8217;t bought from VS in years and years after a friend of mine became a Bra Fit Specialist at Nordstroms. I found that VS was measuring me as a 34D (so that I would buy one of their bras) when in reality, I am a 36DD. I went from having boobs overflowing out of my bra (and sometimes shirt) to being able to fit into (most) tops with out boobs all over the place!

    That&#8217;s crazy. I&#8217;m glad you found the right size!!

    I&#8217;m a 32B and all of my bras fit the &#8220;wrong&#8221; way according to this post. I&#8217;ve bought from Nordstrom, VS, Frederick&#8217;s of Hollywood, Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Sears, Bealls&#8230; you get the idea. Women aren&#8217;t built the same, and not all bras fit women the &#8220;right&#8221; way if we go by the guidelines here. None of mine have ever hit midback, and underwire doesn&#8217;t stay &#8220;under&#8221; because there&#8217;s no breast tissue for it to BE under being that I&#8217;m a small B.

    And honestly, I want cleavage and I&#8217;m dang happy when I get some boobage coming out the top. That makes my day. I don&#8217;t need support, I just need to not be &#8220;pointing&#8221; at everything.

    Also, if a sports bra isn&#8217;t tight fitting, it negates the entire point of wearing it. I see nothing wrong with the bra that model is wearing. Any larger and she&#8217;d bounce around when running and then there&#8217;s no point in wearing the bra.

    If this was suppose to be a guideline for big-breasted women, then say so, but this hasn&#8217;t convinced me of anything negative regarding how bras are worn or VS.

    Hey Stephanie. I feel that for some women push up bras are fine, but for majority of the women I don&#8217;t recommend them for everyday wear. For a lot of women they&#8217;re not practical, but that&#8217;s totally depending on the woman and her lifestyle and taste. No this guide isn&#8217;t for large breasted women, it&#8217;s a guide for all women. I appreciate you commenting and your opinion. You&#8217;re totally entitled to yours and so am I.

    This article is of one person&#8217;s opinion. There isn&#8217;t a standard correct way for a woman to wear a bra, it&#8217;s however she feels comfortable! Yes there are recommended guidelines on how to properly wear a bra but it all comes down to what makes her feel comfortable, sexy, and confident. Some women do like to have their breasts plump as shown in the photos above and actually look for bras that are going to do that for them. It is not our place to judge or tell her that she is wrong if that is what she wants. Additionally, Victoria&#8217;s Secret bras are made EXCEPTIONALLY well. You can tell by the look and the feel of the fabric alone. It is recommended to hand wash your bras but I can tell you that I have been wearing VS bras for years and have never hand washed them. I wash them in the washing machine and then hang them to dry and place them in my draw properly when dried. Doing this has had them last for years. If yours didn&#8217;t last then you have not taken care of them properly. Lastly, I too am an employee of VS and I can assure that it is a fantastic company to work for. They take care of their employees and do not overwork you as mentioned in a comment on this article.

    Hey Courtney! Interesting article and I agree with all of things you said when comparing the different photos. I, too, felt the same way as you about Victoria&#8217;s Secret&#8230; until I started working there and received bra certification. I am quite larger than the average Victoria&#8217;s Secret model, though I am not quite plus size. I always felt a little bit of resentment toward VS because I am wider and heavier, though I still have small breasts. It&#8217;s hard to find 38B bras and even when they are available, it&#8217;s always black, white, or nude.

    The way VS models fit in their bras is NOT how a VS employee is supposed to fit customers. Sure, larger women will have a harder time finding something that fits at VS. However, VS associates are supposed to be focused on finding bras that fit just like the alternate bra styles you provided from other companies. A center gore should lay flat, the band should be parallel to the ground, and your boobs should not be spilling out of the cups. Those are all things every associate learns from the moment they begin onboarding. It is an important mission of associates to learn how a customer&#8217;s bra is fitting currently, have her try on different styles (because, of course, certain styles work better for some women than others), and ultimately let HER decide which size and style she feels most comfortable in. Some women like very little pushup for everyday wear, and others want cleavage to their neck. VS models are exactly that &#8211; models &#8211; and not a representation of the average woman. I know that I will never look like Adriana Lima. However, even though I am bigger, I can wear VS lingerie and feel I&#8217;m getting great support, while also knowing my boyfriend will like it too. That is a great thing for me as someone who is not very positive about her body. I don&#8217;t feel objectified in any way, but rather I feel feminine and confident, even when nobody will be seeing what I&#8217;m wearing underneath my clothes. It&#8217;s also exactly why I hate the VS Body by Victoria collection. To me, it&#8217;s boring and not very sexy, though most women who come into VS find it to be their favorite collection.

    Great bras exist at many companies, and I think VS is one of them. VS makes me feel confident and pretty, even though I&#8217;m like twice the size of the other associates. I don&#8217;t feel like VS&#8217;s mission is to make women appealing to men&#8230; It&#8217;s about making HER feel confident and beautiful, no matter how she likes her bra to fit or what styles she likes!

    If you buy VS bras from the better quality collections, they should last you a long time. Of course, if you buy PINK, cotton, or Sexy Tee bras, they definitely won&#8217;t last as long, but they&#8217;re also half the price. And if you&#8217;re not hanging your bras to dry, as you shouldn&#8217;t, the straps and band shouldn&#8217;t stretch out too much. I&#8217;ve alternated between just a couple bras every day and they lasted me a few years.

    Finally, VS is a great company to work for. I&#8217;m well taken care of, I can take breaks when needed, and I am able to take off when sick. I am paid $2 more than my last management position, and I worked in my last position much, much longer. When there was a natural disaster in my area and the power was out for weeks, VS was the first to call and provide employees with hotel rooms for hot showers.

    I really appreciate your comment. I&#8217;m glad to know that VS is more than a company just selling bras.

    It sounds as though you are in an area with a great District and/or Regional Manager! I too worked for VS (many years ago) and my experience with them was not a pleasant one. However the experience I gained allowed me to go on in my management career, moving on to Maidenform, than into bridal until I began my new career as Mom.

    Having had that experience, and being one of those few women who have been trained to properly fit bras, does it seem to anyone else that the very design and definition of &#8220;full coverage&#8221; has changed? I have tried so many brands to find that &#8220;proper fit&#8221; with little success. I&#8217;m one of the lucky ones &#8211; I KNOW how to spot an incorrect fit! And still even I have difficulty. I even resorted to trying Jockey and their new fitting concept. Those bras just rode up. VS no longer fits as their &#8220;full coverage&#8221; means the girls are falling out the top. Now, back when I worked for them (in the &0&#8217;s) the current &#8220;full coverage&#8221; style bras would have been classified as demi bras. I even commented on that on their site &#8211; only to have a condescending email from VS on how I&#8217;m wearing the wrong size bra!

    &#8211; &#8211; &#8211; Now, I MUST stress&#8230; I was trained by VS (I was the manager in charge of the bra room) I was Store Manager for Maidenform &#8211; &#8211; &#8211;

    Full coverage is just that &#8211; the boob is fully in the cup, not popping over the top or being squished in a way that makes it look like you have 4 little boobs. I recently pulled out an old &#8220;Body by Victoria&#8221; bra that I didn&#8217;t wear often and compared the cups (same size bra) to a current version. The cups are narrower. There is less material on the top and the straps have been moved out farther to the sides.

    I will say that I had success in finding a well fitting full coverage bra that was comfortable and made the girls look good and made me feel attractive in my clothes. And isn&#8217;t that what we want? &#8216;Course than Soma discontinued them and since I&#8217;ve been working out my bras size has changed. (Which is really unfair since I was never that big to begin with) And they too are designing their &#8220;full coverage&#8221; bras with a more narrow cup.

    I was on one site, I forget which, and took a look at their bra fitting guide &#8211; according to them I should wear a 36B. Now, the way I was trained (much the same as Courtney) I wear a 32D.

    I&#8217;ve gone to Macy&#8217;s and Dillards. They don&#8217;t have my size, and the fitters are not trained in fitting and have little knowledge of their product lines. &#8211; Let me just say that I live in a large metropolitan area. &#8211; Online buying is frustrating, as you may get free shipping &#8211; but you pay to return them. Yes, you can do or which offers free returns, but the selection isn&#8217;t very large.

    Somewhere along the way, the sizing structure and cup definitions has changed. Probably a marketing thing to get us all out to buy new bras. Which, is funny when you think about it since our bras DO wear out. I was trained that the life of a bra is about 6 months. Hey, those babies do quite a bit of work so that makes sense. And we&#8217;re women, we like pretty things so it&#8217;s a no brainer that we would like pretty new bras. So why change the sizing and cups? Who are lingerie companies targeting? My teenage daughter? College age women? 20&#8217;s?

    Let&#8217;s be real. How much disposable income do those age groups have? What about the educated, gainfully employed 30&#8217;s. Or the 40&#8217;s and 50&#8217;s who no longer need to work to live. What about the older ladies who still want pretty lingerie? We women have money to spend. And apparel companies are leaving us behind, chasing after the younger broke crowd.

    It&#8217;s no wonder we women are confused about bras!

    &#8211; &#8211; &#8211; and while I&#8217;m at it&#8230; Please, you ladies who work for and defend VS. Store level and catalog are 2 very different things. The catalogs of old managed to be elegant and sexy. The new versions feature items that look as though they were taken from s&m/bondage. This is very sad when you consider that VS began when Roy Raymond was embarrassed in a dept. store trying to buy lingerie for his wife. The entire message of VS has changed. Their models have become considerably younger. Once upon a time, VS lingerie carried beautiful items &#8211; silks, satins, bras that were pretty &#8211; but still kept everything where it&#8217;s supposed to. Then they ventured into Fredricks of Hollywood land, which was considered racy. What does that say that now Fredricks is more tame than VS?

    *** And those of you at store level&#8230; I haven&#8217;t been impressed with the level of professionalism in my local stores. The lack of knowledge and customer service is astounding. &#8211; Gosh, I&#8217;m sorry that I&#8217;m interrupting your gossip/bitching session to ask you to help me. &#8211; I&#8217;m stunned that these stores make their make their numbers.

    Ladies, your frustration is shared. Now share it with these companies. Call them, write to them, text, tweet, post on Facebook. Obviously the ladies who have been trained by dept. stores, VS, etc. that have posted here care about what they do. These are the ladies who are the gems, so rare and prized we all wish we came across them in our daily shopping lives &#8211; oh how our days would be better for finding them.

    Courtney &#8211; keep up the good work. Women deserve to look and feel beautiful. We should get to spend our days living without poking wires, falling or digging straps, and drooping girls. Thank you for reminding us, and offering help.

    Sammy, beautifully said. I can tell you have a lot of passion, just like me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the blog. It&#8217;s people like you that make me smile!

    Also, one more thing because I read that ridiculous post about how VS objectifies women.

    I&#8217;ll tell you one thing, I feel much much much more intimidated and bad about myself when I see the girls I go to college with than I do when I see a VS model. Why? Because girls in my class are right there in front of me and are just like me, only they have itty bitty bodies that can fit into anything. I&#8217;m not intimidated by women in magazines or on TV because I&#8217;m aware that they&#8217;re photoshopped or have superior makeup.

    Courtney- My two cents&#8230; you&#8217;re a genius. The snotty comments on here about &#8220;that&#8217;s your own opinion&#8221; and &#8220;i&#8217;ve worn them for years and blah-blah-blah&#8221; is the unfortunate reason that it&#8217;s a 6.6 billion dollar business and that 70% of American women shop there. In college I wanted to ease into my Victoria Secret purchases because of the outrageous cost. I went in, bought five + pairs of underwear (not even a thong or anything fancy) after ONE washing they all unraveled! Cripes! What a waste of money. Give me cotton Hanes&#8230; Disaster. Luckily for my husband I&#8217;ll stick to Wacoal and shop at Macy&#8217;s where they&#8217;ll take the time to fit me properly and not try to force me into buying something I shouldn&#8217;t. Thank you so much for this fantastic post, along with all the others you&#8217;ve written, and inspiring me to find the perfect fitting bra- NOT at VS&#8230; Now if you&#8217;ll excuse me, I gotta get this bra off&#8230;

    I&#8217;m so glad you feel that way. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even the negative ones. I love how this topic gets people so passionate, including me.

    Victoria&#8217;s Secret is the only place I have ever purchased my bras. The last time I got measured, probably 6-7 years ago, I was measured at a 34B. I tried on 34B and the bra would not stay on. So, I began wearing a 32C, it was a lot more comfortable. I wore 32C for 5 years, got pregnant and had a baby, but those years we are not counting for bra size. I recently was refitted, the woman did not measure me, instead she had me open the door and show her, as long as I was comfortable. Some people may be uncomfortable about that, but I was fine. 32 C in one type of bra was too small. So she had me try on 32 D. It was more comfortable in some aspects. It covers a little more than I would like. I would have liked a little less bra and a little more boob. My 32C bras I have never have bothered me. Either way, I went with a 32D. The other 3 bras I purchased were in 32C, one being a sports bra, one being a PINK bra, and one being strapless. The 32D strapless would have never have worked. It fell off in multiple lines of strapless. 32C strapless ones worked. They stay up, and what I don&#8217;t miss my straps. I feel half naked, but hey, at least you don&#8217;t see bra strap. 34 band size never fit.

    One last thing, I am petite, measurements being 33-23-34.

    And I look like I have A/B, especially with my old bras that are quite a few years old, like 5, minimum. And without push-up bras haha. I don&#8217;t mind though.

    I would absolutely never trust anyone else with my bras. Their gearing toward college aged students, not teenagers, in PINK, check out their dorm and campus gear.

    Victoria&#8217;s Secret is geared towards women.

    And it makes many feel extremely sexy, and yes, comfortable.

    Surprisingly enough. I used to buy from VS since my boyfriend has an employee discount (he works for corporate L. Brands). Before, my weight stabilized and I wasn&#8217;t changing in band size for a while. Last year I decided it was time to get refitted for a different bra because my current bra wad riding up the back and I didn&#8217;t feel supported at all. So I go to thw store and was getting measured. The employee agreed that the band was now too big for me (measured at 34DDD prior). Now I was measuring st a 32DDD. For one, I know the cup size didn&#8217;t change for me.So going to a 32DDD was too small. So I humored her and tried on the 32DDD bra and she noticed I was bulging over the top of the cup. She gave me other bras to try but still the same result. She was at least nice and told me, &#8220;look you should probably go to Nordstrom and try on a 32F. I don&#8217;t want to sell you any bras that you clearly don&#8217;t fit and it&#8217;s not fair to you either.&#8221; After that, I stopped shopping at VS. I fit into a 30FF anf that was that. Now the 30FF is big on me&#8230; since I lost more weight. I should probably try on more sizes like a 28FF or something equivalent.

    Alyssa, I&#8217;m so glad that VS employee REALLY did help you. 28FF can be found readily online. You might not find them much in brick and mortar stores.

    Hi there! I just wanted to add that I like the bras pictured in the advert, I have small breasts and if they were laying the &#8216;correct way&#8217; they would be point in a bra then. im petite all over :/ any recomendations? my go to and best fiting bra was the wonderbra by maidenform. very sof and are still fine 3 years down the line..but i think they are no longer being made :/ any help would be lovely! (i wear a 32A)

    Good article &#8211; the commentary on the lack of longevity and excessive sexuality in VS products is worth considering. However, I don&#8217;t find the analysis of a lot of these images to be very convincing, not because I disagree with how well VS bras fit, but because there&#8217;s a vast difference between all the models shown and probably a whole lot of photoshop covering up the truth everywhere.

    The VS models are all thin and toned, whereas most of the models for the other brands are healthy and full-figured. This is probably why the gore appears to fit the models in other brands better than the VS models, who have a natural (or photoshopped) indentation in their skin just beneath the gore. It&#8217;s not really a gap that&#8217;s large enough to criticize. Also, what&#8217;s wrong with cleavage? That&#8217;s the advertised intent of a push-up bra. Plus, I wouldn&#8217;t take the cleavage in these pictures very seriously because they&#8217;re evidently photoshopped. In the image of the girl in the lilac VS bra, the cleavage on her right breast seems to end at the base of the wire, which is unrealistic.

    That being said, I like some of the VS bras, but I&#8217;m a smaller gal. I&#8217;ve noticed my bustier friends tend to avoid VS.

    I have bought bra&#8217;s at Victoria&#8217;s Secret probably for the last 8-10 years, but recently when I needed some new bra&#8217;s I noticed the bra&#8217;s were just not the same as my old ones and maybe my breasts have changed as well. Needless to say I went to Nordstrom to be fitted and was told that I am a 36 G or 38 DDD, compared to the 36 DD or 38 DD at VS. Now they fitted me with some bra&#8217;s that when I put them on looked absolutely stunning, but when I put them on the next day and wore it all day long, the straps cut into my arms and the band in the back rolled up on the ends. I have tried and bought and returned bra&#8217;s 4 times now. I wander if they are going to turn down one of my returns. Thanks goodness they haven&#8217;t. I thought I will try one more time and thought I have gotten closer, but could not wait to get the bra off when I got home as it felt like rubber on my skin in the back and rolled up at the bottom. Now VS never hurt me or dug into me, I am tempted to go back. Either the new bra&#8217;s that are pricey are just not comfortable or I wear the wrong size and live in comfort. Not sure what direction to go.

    I&#8217;m sorry to hear you&#8217;re having so many problems. Did you try loosening up the straps? Sometimes the way were shaped makes the band curl up a bit. What I suggest is to get a band that is really thick and wide, this will help prevent it from curling up. Keep trying, sometimes it takes a couple of times to find the perfect bra. If you need help I offer bra consults online and in person and have a really high success rate, email me at cfrysauceandgrits at gmail dot com.

    During the past 2 years I have become annoyed with VS prices and horrible quality bras, after having worn them all of my adult life.

    At your suggestion I went to the closest shop to me, Soma. The staff took 45 minutes for measuring and fitting the best bras for my size and shape. Surprise &#8211; just like you said, the over the clothing measurements the little girl at VS took was completely inaccurate.

    Back to my Soma experience. With a 20% coupon (signed up for email with Soma; create an account and get points and bonuses) I walked out with three bras and a free panty for $100 and change. Wore my first bra by Soma today and OMG&#8230;.the BEST thing I&#8217;ve ever done for my body!

    Thank you SO MUCH for providing suggestions for alternatives to VS.

    So it seems as though your dislike for VS bras & specialist is deep. As a long-time VS bra specialist I want to say it is very nice to read about your passion for the need of women to feel amazing when wearing a comfortable well-fitting bra. You&#8217;re correct about the models wearing improper sized bras, I have often had the urge to re-fit them myself lol! I also agree VS should carry maternity bras. But, VS bra specialists are trained and many of us take great pride in what we do. And, honestly Body by Victoria bras are extremely comfortable, without overly emphasizing sexiness, well-made, and are not outrageously priced when compared to other bras you suggested.

    Thanks for providing info to women, but taking jabs at other bra specialists is not needed.

    I disagree with this post. After shopping extensively for the bra that makes me feel and look good, VS has been the best place for me. Their bras fit me much better than any other brand that I&#8217;ve tried. The pictures of the &#8220;well fitting bras&#8221; cannot fairly be compared to the ones you showed of the VS bras. But even so, only the sports bra looked like it didn&#8217;t fit. Aside from that, you seem to be shaming them for advertising sexy. While they do have the basic everyday bras, it seems that they specialize in the sexy ones, and sexuality in general. And what&#8217;s wrong with that? Any woman who says they&#8217;ve never wanted to look sexy for her man, or just for herself, isn&#8217;t telling the truth. We all want to look and feel good, no matter the type of bra, and Vicorias Secret has done that for me.

    I personally disagree, I have been shopping there for years the bras have last me for years I hand wash them and I don&#8217;t fold them I have them up in my closet. The bra fits perfect and they are comfortable. Once you find your size you won&#8217;t have a problem. and yes they over sexualize but females like to feel sexy and feminine and their commercials catch your attention. Every example you have given me to show why I shouldn&#8217;t buy from them can be solved by them getting a bigger size. If you go on in the store to get fit and you try on a bra and you don&#8217;t like the way it fits you ask for a different size and they help you they don&#8217;t force you to buy a size that doesn&#8217;t fit you. And if you take care of your bras they will last. Washing machine damages all clothes over time.

    I was wondering if you&#8217;d seen the proper bra fit and measuring guide that&#8217;s on ( ) and what your thoughts were on that? She emphasizes measuring your under bust for the exact band size and then bending over and measuring across the nipples and using the difference in the 2 numbers to determine cup size. She also emphasizes only using UK sizing and not American sizing.

    I have been wearing a VS 36C, which I find uncomfortable. the band feels tight and there is a gap at the top of the cups. In the way of measuring purported by the tumblr I read, I would be a UK size 32DDD or G.

    I&#8217;m just curious if you&#8217;re aware of this sizing method and what your thoughts are. I can&#8217;t imagine trying to squeeze myself into a 32, no matter how ginormous the cup size is.

    Thanks for your time.

    Since when do they carry 30 band size? I&#8217;ll be honest&#8230;.if they made 30DD, then I&#8217;d buy it. Back when I was wearing the wrong size (32B) and showing all the classic symptoms of an ill-fitting bra, I bought VS bras, and frankly, they were cute and held up well. Besides the fact that I wore the wrong size, the bras were comfy (straps & wires didn&#8217;t cut in, but then the band floated around my torso&#8230;.). My gripe with them is how narrow their sizing selection is. This post actually gives them more credit than they deserve when it comes to size range available.

    I also agree that the models show how a bra is NOT supposed to fit, which will confuse women as to how they should look in their bra when it fits well. Obviously VS is putting the models in too small cups to make them look sexier, but IRL, a good fit is more flattering underneath clothes (more lift, better shape, etc), even if you don&#8217;t get super sexy cleavage spilling out when your top comes off. Let&#8217;s not forget the main point &#8211; the bra can actually do it&#8217;s job when it fits well, ie give SUPPORT. It took me time to get used to the look of a well-fitting bra, but it looks so much better under clothes (and without any need of padding) that I&#8217;d never go back to too small cups with thick pads and no support.

    Thank you so much for writing this article, I completely agree with you. I was beginning to feel that maybe something was wrong with me because I didn&#8217;t understand the hype around VS. I have been twice and I don&#8217;t plan on going back, I wish I had know more about correct bra fitting (I read your Bra guide: How they should and shouldn&#8217;t fit) before going the first time, I left the store with an ill fitting bra and just assumed maybe I had a weird chest shape. I am busty and they were having a difficult time accurately measuring me to fit into one of there bras without one part of me falling out. Thank you so much for taking the time to write both articles, I feel empowered to make a better choice for a bra that would fit my needs.

    Great information on bras, but I also love the message about Victoria&#8217;s Secret. I am fully on board with banning them. They create way too much body shame, and they are aiming much of their advertising at younger and younger age groups. I wrote a post about them a few months ago and feel strongly about empowering women and body image. Thanks for the post! I enjoyed it!

    Thank you for this article! I too used to shop at VS because few places carry a 32 band size. For years, they told me I was a 32B despite the fact that I was uncomfortable and falling out of the bras. Desperate to get rid of the discomfort, I found a Nordstrom Rack an hour and a half away from me. I was measured there by a wonderful lady, who looked just a few years older than I. She was horrified when we were walking into the dressing room and I had told her I had worn a 32B for years because that&#8217;s what VS measured me as. The first thing she said after that was &#8220;You&#8217;re definitely not a B&#8221;.

    This wonderful lady went above and beyond to make sure I was in properly fitting bras. She asked what styles I liked, preferred colors, etc, and went out into the store and picked out bras for me. She came in after I tried on each bra and told me if it fit or not, as well as showing me how she could tell. It was a Saturday and busy as all get out, but this wonderful lady took the time to really give me a great experience and it made all the difference to me. Months later, I still regularly tell friends about my experience and tell them to go to a Nordstrom&#8217;s and get measured if they can.

    Bras in a 32D are impossible to find for me unless I go to VS. I avoid VS at all costs because their bras give me quadraboob (where the cup cuts into the breast falling out above the cup, making it look like you have 4 boobs, hence the name). I mainly buy online because department stores near me don&#8217;t even carry my size, but sizing varies from brand to brand and is a hit or miss online. I mainly buy from Aerie since I don&#8217;t have one near me and their size is consistent.

    I&#8217;m not a large person, as I&#8217;m 5&#8217;8&#8243; and 130 lbs, but the way I&#8217;ve seen sales associates at VS treat larger built women is a main reason why I won&#8217;t go there anymore. As a former S.A (not for VS), it absolutely appalled me that the sales associate had the guts to ask a woman if she was sure she needed a size extra large (the woman was underwear shopping). How dare you second guess the person who&#8217;s trying on the article of clothing to begin with and how dare you announce the size so loud the entire store can hear it? I set down the pair of sweatpants I had been looking at (I had been searching every store for sweatpants with non-elastic bottoms and finally found some at VS) and walked right out.

    I refuse to be forced into bras half my size, to have poorly made bras, and to stand behind a company that allows SA to be biased towards larger women. I&#8217;m not a 32B, I&#8217;m a 32D and I&#8217;ll be damned if some high school aged VS SA tells me any different. I refuse to be looked at and told &#8220;You&#8217;re not a D&#8221; and then steered over to smaller bras. I&#8217;m the size a PROFESSIONAL bra sizer tells me, not the size an under-educated sales associate for a chain lingerie store tells me.

    I love how passionate you are about this, because this is how I feel about VS too. I&#8217;m so glad you were able to find the right fitting bra and living a happier and more comfortable life!!

    Wow! I always just thought I was hard to fit because nothing ever felt right!

    Thank you so much for this post. I had no idea that there were certifications or anything like that. I&#8217;m definitely going to be stopping by Nordstrom for a fitting

    Great post! I feel that Victoria Secret bras definitely lack. They&#8217;re nice when you try them on in the store but as far as everyday use I always spill out of them and the underwire always ends up coming out. Not impressed with the quality!

    everything about this make me sad. I know everyone has their own opinion about stores, however, I think it is extremely important to make a few things corrected here. I have been with the company for 5 years, and we have changed a lot within all those years. We have gone through some major changes that put us in the customers shoes. Since I have been with the company I have been certified 10 times. That is twice a year, they have us go through the classes, the time spent with customers. We measure to fit our bras, just like other stores do to fit their bras. When I went into VS for the first times I remember walking in there crying because of the fitting I had just got at a department store, they were extremely rude and gave me a bra that would never work. VS ended up fitting me and making me feel confident, and sexy in my own body. That was when I realized I have to be apart of that. I then realized that it wasn&#8217;t necessarily the company that made that store great it was the managers. Looking back at it the department store that I went to the manager was leaving on the desk and sent the associate to &#8220;fit&#8221; me. When I became a manager I had to go through extensive classes that started to role out. Just remember that a store is only as good as the manager that cast the shadow, please do. To judge one VS store for the whole company, it would be saying lets judge the human race by the person sitting in jail who murdered. Another thing I want to clear up is we do not get paid by sales we are only there to give you customer service, and they are great with our days off. Like I said I this won&#8217;t change your mind to go there or not I just want to inform you on something that have change since the last time that anyone has visited a store.

    Kristin. Yach says

    That&#8217;s good to know. It may be time for me to be refit, as I don&#8217;t believe I&#8217;m in the correct size. It&#8217;s difficult for those of us in small towns to measure yourself and order online.

    I would respectfully disagree. I thought I wore a 34B throughout all of college (not really sure why I thought this, just tried them on at Target and they seemed okay? lol) but a friend dragged me to VS for a fitting and they measured me properly and put my in a 32D. It was AMAZING to finally be in a bra that fit! I didn&#8217;t know bras could fit so well! lol. I would agree that I&#8217;m sure the quality of the fitting specialists varies widely between different stores. I live in a big city, so I feel that the bra specialists here may be a notch up from smaller stores? But maybe not. Either way, I had a great experience and I&#8217;m so happy I&#8217;m finally wearing a bra that fits! The most important thing a woman can do is get properly fitted by someone competent, whoever and wherever that may be!

    So, I bit the bullet this weekend and went to VS after reading this article. I have always been a 34C but after having my son 5 years ago and breastfeeding, I never found a bra to fit right and &#8220;the girls&#8221; just looked terrible. I was hopeless and have read almost every article on this site including this one. I recently found a coupon for $10 off a bra at VS and some extra cash so I figured no harm in trying. Best thing I have done. I was fitted at VS. Turns out I&#8217;m a 34 DD. I couldn&#8217;t believe it when she told me but when she gave me a bra to try one I was AMAZED. The fit was perfect. They looked perky and lifted and like I had set the time machine 5 years back How much do you get paid at victoria's secretI bought 2, a nude and a black. Everything I wear looks better (even my husband and other people that don&#8217;t know are giving me compliments on my figure). Now, let&#8217;s see how much they last. Hoping they last at least a year because I wont lie, the price is kind of hefty.

    I&#8217;m glad you found a bra that fit you!

    Okay. First of all, for all of you complaining about the prices, many of the brands mentioned run around 60-70 dollars. You can buy a GOOD bra at VS for 45. Second of all if your bra stretched out chances are you aren&#8217;t taking care of it and properly washing it. Where was the TLC of bra care in your article? Third of all, I am the Bra Specialist at a VS and I can assure you, my team and I know what they are doing. I would NEVER put somebody in our bra if they didn&#8217;t properly fit, I don&#8217;t even like suggesting sister sizes, but if I do I tell them to try it on because chances are it won&#8217;t fit properly. Maybe the VS you were at didn&#8217;t care as much as they should and I can assure you our company is dedicated to getting women in their right bra. I understand your opinion, and you have ever right to make it, but don&#8217;t judge the whole brand and every one who may work there from one bad apple.

    I bought a VS bra the other day. It was before I read this, but I don&#8217;t have any issues with the bra I bought. I got the demi t-shirt bra (because t-shirts pretty much make up my entire wardrobe) and it fits perfectly. I was measured when I was there. I&#8217;m used to being a 32 or 34 C but the girl who measured me handed me a 34DD, but it could just be sizing differences because the whole ego whatnot. The thing is: it really does fit. It&#8217;s probably the most comfortable bra I&#8217;ve owned. Maybe I just haven&#8217;t been buying bras from the right places?

    I read the article about how a bra should fit, and I admit, it&#8217;s low on each boob, but it&#8217;s very comfortable. I&#8217;m hoping that it will last longer than many have said because I&#8217;m not exactly rolling in dough and don&#8217;t want to buy another anytime soon. I suppose I&#8217;ve been lucky here

    (definitely giving some of your other suggestions a try though!)

    Me shouldn&#8217;t disagree since an ill fitting bra can disfigure your chest not to mention torment the poor wearer and put her in a very disagreeable mood.

    That being said I realize there are probably much better places to find bras than VS but they are not as bad as serious bra people make them out to be. I got my right size done there the first time and occasionally I get a new fitting and always the same size. Even if they did me over my clothes it didn&#8217;t make a difference, I&#8217;m a 34D, I have a 33 inch rib cage plus 4 extra inches of boob, 32DD, 34C, and 36C all give me problems. I have tried to branch away from VS but I always get frustrated and return there so I think that says a lot about thier store. I do think they make horrible sports bras which I&#8217;m really passionate about but so do many other brands. I&#8217;m super picky about sports bras. Another plus of VS is they are everywhere. I don&#8217;t have tons of time to shop for bras, I use to live in a small town and believe me our VS was very welcome. I have a VS bra for over ten years and it&#8217;s still a good bra, I think thier lace bras are better fitting and last longer, too bad you can see them through shirts. I think VS is a lot better quality than many other bras. That being said, I agree these bra photos look uncomfortable and I dont like how all of thier models are super skinny teenagers. I don&#8217;t dislike skinny people but I do dislike the fashion industry&#8217;s obsession with them. I think people should look healthy, people that look like they&#8217;re on drugs and emaciated do not make me want to buy clothes. Now that I live on the big city lol I might try shopping at nordstroms. I actually only but shoes from there online because I&#8217;m a 7.5 Wide shoes size and they have such a large selection of wide shoes and it makes me so happy they carry them. I&#8217;ve noticed they had nice bras too.

    We don&#8217;t have VS where I live but I&#8217;ve had similar experiences at other chains. Finally I found a fabulous boutique 15 minutes away with great sizes and fittings. Plus if you bring in a gently used bra to be donated they will give you 10% off your new one. And free repairs!

    Kristin. Yach says

    Thanks for writing this article. I found it this article when I was doing a web search of my breasts falling over the top of a NEW VS racerback bra I just purchased. I knew that shouldn&#8217;t be how it fit, because it looks terrible under the clothes obviously. I went with the size I was sized at last time I was at a VS. That being said I live in a very small town with no nordstroms, macys etc and none within an hours drive. Can you point me to the correct way to size because all the websites I find get me to this same size that I often spillover. Please help!

    I offer Skype consultations. If you&#8217;re interested feel free to shoot me an email. [email protected]

    Where would be the best place to get fitted? I&#8217;ve recently gained some weight and now my bras are too tight for me. I need to get new ones but I know I should get fitted first. Also, what can I expect in a fitting? I&#8217;ve really only gone to VS before, so I don&#8217;t really know what a good fitting includes.

    Thanks for commenting! Nordstrom is definitely my favorite, they are very professional and you will leave feeling like a new woman. However, if you don&#8217;t have a Nordstrom nearby, Dillards, Macys also are a great option. If you are interested in doing a Skype consultation I also offer those. You can find the information to contact me under the bra guide and consults tab on our homepage. Good Luck!

    Woman are speaking out about positive body image in response to the #bellybuttonchallenge (saying only skinny girls can wrap their arms around a small waist to touch their navel which is impossible for just about anyone) with #boobsoverbellybuttons (which promotes positive body image of women of all sizes [featuring many voluptuous or large breasted women] and pro breast health) but there&#8217;s still something that is not being touched on about positive body image for small breasted women.

    Rarely do I fit into a 34A. 34AA&#8217;s are too narrow on me and 36AA&#8217;s are almost impossible to find, too expensive or only offered in a push up bra. I have resorted to buying girls bras as a last resort. I feel awkward scoping out bras in the girls isles. I feel embarrassed if I buy online and return in the store. While some of the girls’ option can be fun, rarely are they sexy. While the girls’ bras are often cheaper most are of poor quality. As a 31 yr old I have come to terms with my body and I am happy with what I have now. Growing up, feeling inadequate, it was a challenge to feel happy with myself. It&#8217;s still frustrating going out bra shopping and rarely finding something that fits in a lightly lined underwire form.

    Two companies I have felt frustrated with recently on this topic are H&M and Victoria&#8217;s Secret. While looking over the bras at H&M I realized that anything offered in an A cup (lightly lined underwire) came with added padding. Anything above an A cup in the same exact bra had no added padding. This is a terrible message this company is sending to women of all ages and it&#8217;s an emotional challenge for smaller breasted women young and old. I could only imagine discovering this as a teenager and feeling mortified. Now I just feel frustration and disappointment.

    After talking to my Mom, about the challenges we have both endured as smaller breasted woman, she suggested that I look into Victoria&#8217;s Secret claiming they should have bras in 36AA. I did a search on their website and all I could find was one line of bras claiming to add &#8220;two cup sizes&#8221;. NO! I&#8217;m not trying to fool the world into thinking I have larger breasts then what is physically there. I simply want a bra that fits. This is outrageous that such a large lingerie company would only provide this one option, again making women feel inadequate like we need to make our breasts larger.

    This is another body image struggle that woman have to constantly mentally battle to keep telling themselves that they are beautiful and NOT inadequate. While the media is challenging positive body image daily we need to keep in mind all of the struggles that all women may be going through. I am not sure how to make these companies aware of their actions or how to go about making changes but I will start with writing my opinion on this topic and try to raise awareness.

    Thank you so much for your comment. I&#8217;m so glad to hear there&#8217;s other women out there that feel passionate about stopping body shaming and encouraging women to love themselves!

    Just stumbled upon this and wanted to say that this was really informative and helpful! I always pass by VS and see the displays and images of their models. I remember asking my mother why she never purchases bras from VS and she tells me that the material is cheap & for what it&#8217;s priced at, it&#8217;s not worth it. After reading your article/post, I realized how an actual bra is supposed to fit (I thought this whole time boobs were supposed to come out alittle from the top of the bra). I have a question to ask you though, Courtney-why does it seem like it&#8217;s hard to find bras in a wide range of cup sizes at a reasonable price?? I found this Wacoal 32DDD bra that fit me, but it was $60!! I&#8217;ve been to Tj Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls, but it&#8217;s rare to find a 32DDD bra :'(

    On a side note-I feel like people have different opinions on VS and other bra brands because it&#8217;s about themselves and their boobs. What works for someone, might not work for someone else because everyone is different/unique :&#8217;)

    I don&#8217;t know the exact reason why DDD+ bras are harder to find and more expensive is because the majority of brick and mortar stores carry what the industry calls &#8220;average&#8221; sizes A-DD cup sizes because it&#8217;s more economical. Bra companies can&#8217;t have every single size available because it would be really expensive to do so. So most bra companies that aren&#8217;t the highest quality do the average cup sizes to save and make more money. Pretty lame, huh? So that&#8217;s why bra companies that carry larger cup sizes charge more because they&#8217;re higher quality and have a lot more thought and design put into them.

    I am a 32DDD. I avoided VS because I didn&#8217;t think they would have anything that would fit well. I went in on a whim and I like the body full coverage and the body perfect shape for cleavage. It doesn&#8217;t hurt to try it on and see if it works for you.

    Jamie, I&#8217;m so glad you found a bra that fits at VS!

    As a certified bra specialist that used to work at VS I can understand some of your woes with the store. The photos of the models are over-sexualized which is also why the bras don&#8217;t fit properly. Generally a certified bra specialist who is *actually* certified should be working the fitting room. The sad thing is that sometimes (especially during semi-annual sale and Christmas) it is just SO busy in there so new girls get thrown into jobs they aren&#8217;t qualified to do. On that note I would NEVER put a customer in a bra that is ill-fitting like portrayed in some of the photos AND when we came across women who needed a size we didn&#8217;t carry (generally plus-sized women OR women like me who wear a 32H) we always referred them to the nearest specialty store who did carry their size.

    Some VS are terrible with customer service and most things bra-related. My VS was wonderful and we held ourselves to a very high standard. This, on top of population, was probably why we were a over 1million dollar per year store. Other stores in less populated areas don&#8217;t have as large of staff, etc., like where I currently live and they only gross about 100K per year. Huge difference and sadly it also makes differences in the types of women we hire/take time to train properly.

    Years ago when I would buy my bras at VS, the fitter would measure the fullest part of my bust and overbust &#8211; never at the underbust. They consistently put me in a 34C.

    Now I get high-quality bras at specialty stores, and I&#8217;m wearing my correct size of 30DD-28F, depending on the brand.

    I think one of the reasons women tend to wear the wrong bra size has more to do with VS advertisement. Skimpier bras on models photograph better than those in bras that provide fuller coverage and better support. As a result, we end up aiming for ill-fitting bras. I&#8217;m glad we&#8217;re moving away from that more and more with the help of body-image awareness and breast health. Perhaps VS should follow suit

    1. Why do VS catalogues show women wearing ill-fitting bras? VS isn&#8217;t clueless but actually quite shrewd&#8211;because the target readers of their catalogues are MEN. (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against men, and have been married to the same one for 44 years). Men have been conditioned to think cleavage is sexy&#8211;it gives the illusion of fuller breasts, and they think they are doing the women in their lives a favor by giving them lingerie they believe makes them look and feel more attractive. And we’ve been conditioned to dress for our men (or lovers of either gender), not ourselves. Besides, VS bras are really meant to be worn without clothing over them, and for only as long as it takes to remove (or have said significant other) remove them. We women know better. If we find ourselves in VS shopping for bras, it’s not because we saw them in a catalog! And to be fair, I have always had VS saleswomen be honest and admit that they just don’t carry bras in my size. Not so with many high-end dept. store, even some Nordstrom, fitters (present company excepted) in Chicago and DC. That’s how I ended up in Wacoal 42DDDs, with underwires that broke through the fabric, instead of the 38I (US) or G (UK) I really am.

    2. Sadly, you will find “Made in China” on most bras these days&#8211;no matter where sold or how costly. Yup&#8211;even Panache, Fantasie, Prima Donna, etc. Best case scenario? Sri Lanka, Thailand or Vietnam. Labor is simply cheaper there. (The only underwear I’ve found made in a first-world country? In Seville, panties actually made in Spain). Unless you are all about making a political statement, the (slow) boat has sailed on this one. No successful company is so altruistic as to financially shoot itself in the corporate foot.

    3. In the U.S. it may still be difficult-to-impossible to find bras in U.S. H, (even G) or larger cups. even in a fine dept. store such as Nordstrom. Best I’ve been able to do there was to wait for a special order (necessitating I make a return visit) or order from (and risk an improper fit and the necessity of repacking and sending it back). I wish such quality brands as Wacoal, Natori, or decent mass-market brands such as Warners’ or Olga made large enough cups. (Not even LeMystere cups are large enough for me, and I can shop for many of my clothes in the regular, not plus-size, dept.). If your closest Nordstrom can’t fit you, I suggest finding a branch of Intimacy (or equivalent specialty lingerie boutique catering to a wide range of sizes) and scheduling a fitting. You may find yourself able to afford (or fit into) only one or two bras in the shop, but you can always go online (, Amazon, Bare Necessities,, HerRoom, etc.) and order it in additional (NOT white) colors at a lower price.

    Hey Sandy! Thank you so much for your passionate and lengthy comment! I love it! Yes, you made very great points. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and visit our blog!

    THis corresponds to my experiences there. I am a 36h. I only go there to buy underwear. But every damn time their &#8220;fitters&#8221; tell me they can help me. SO last time i let them. They told me i was a 40dd, and i even pointed out the band was too big (obviously) hers suggestion, tighten the straps. I have never been back in a store.

    I&#8217;m so sorry to hear this!

    I wear a 32DDD. I went to Macy&#8217;s, Nordstrom, and several other places and IF they have a bra in my size they are minimizers or they flatten me out. VS is the only place I found with a comfortable bra that fits well. Not every style works. The demi bras are not the best for my size, but the body full coverage and the shaper are amazing!!

    Hi! I just want to thank you for this article. I read it a couple of days ago when the underwire of my VS bra broke and I did a search for alternate bras, this article was the 2nd link down. That night I read all your bra posts and today I went to my local Nordstroms were I was fitted and walked away with 2 Natori bras!! I have all along worn the wrong size (I&#8217;m in my early 40s) and today I could not believe the difference I felt wearing a GOOD fitting bra!! Thank you so much for taking the time writing all of your thorough posts that taught me a few things! How much do you get paid at victoria's secret

    This makes me so happy to hear! Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. It&#8217;s comments like these that make my job was awesome!

    A lot of my bras I purchased at VS and they&#8217;re all comfortable for me but an employee once offered to measure me and her measurements were SO off. I know I&#8217;m a 34 A but she insisted I was a 32 D/DD. and so I tried on a size 32 D bra and it was so ridiculous. I even hinted that she was doing it incorrectly when she measured me over my clothes and not bare buutt whatever, they dont know how to do measurements.

    Sadly, I&#8217;ve had the same experience. I recommend going to Nordstrom, I feel like they have the best fitting program.

    I went to VS for the first time ever this month. The girl asked me what size I was wearing&#8230;I told her 40C for years. She measured me and brought me a 38C, because they didn&#8217;t have 40 in the store, only online&#8230;first strike! It was too small. I specifically wanted a sexy, push up padded bra, which I ended up in a 40DD. I&#8217;ve never owned a D in my life, nevermind a DD! I thought she was crazy, but it actually fit good, but I&#8217;m pretty sure it&#8217;s only because of this style of bra, because a regular bra in D is too big of a cup. What I didn&#8217;t like is she was pushing me on buying the 38DD with a hook extender. Why on earth would I do that, when it was itchy, scratchy and very uncomfortable&#8230;poor customer service&#8230;strike 2! I ended up ordering it online in 40DD. I thought the $52 price tag was a bit much too. When it arrived, it fit and looked sexy&#8230;but there is one major problem with this bra that I absolutely hate. The bra actually makes noise when I move my arms or move around&#8230;strike 3! Why. Never had a bra do that before. The sound comes from my sides closest to my underarms, and it&#8217;s from the underwires moving around, which tells me they are not make properly or long enough to fit snug from end to end, there is room for them to move around, hence the noise. It&#8217;s embarrassing and too noisy, so I will live with this, but will never buy from them again.

    I have pretty small boobies, like 28C or something. Of course, I can never wear this because almost no one I know carries this size. I cannot even get anything up to 32 band size because it is so uncommon I guess. (at least where I live) Victoria Secret flat out told me my bra size was invalid. I&#8217;m not flat chested by any means, my rib cage is just extremely tiny, and my boobs are quite proportionate to that. So basically Victoria Secret isn&#8217;t only tough for girls with larger boobies, but also for girls with tiny rib cages. Which is silly because they target teenage girls as well, tiny women who obviously have tiny rib cages, but they don&#8217;t go tiny enough.

    ok but all of the VS pictures are photoshopped

    Using your sizing guide I measured myself at 32DD. After trying on several bras, I decided I needed to keep the band size the same but go up one cup size. I then went to VS and they wanted to measure me before I tried anything on. They also measured me at 32DD, but they still didn&#8217;t fit properly and I wear a 32DDD. I go to VS because that&#8217;s the only place I know of near me that sells that size. I don&#8217;t want to buy online because I know all the styles fit a bit differently and I want to try it on before I purchase.

    [&#8230;] Fry Sauce and Grits | 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Victoria&#8217;s Secret Bras [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] Fry Sauce and Grits | 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Victoria&#8217;s Secret Bras [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] Fry Sauce and Grits | 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Victoria&#8217;s Secret Bras [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] I&#8217;m not a huge fan of Victoria&#8217;s Secret (DUN, DUN, DUN), read the reasons why here. It&#8217;s worth it to invest in your bras. Invest the time and energy to getting fitted [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] 1. Why You Should Never Buy Victoria&#8217;s Secret Bras [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] I heard a lot about flaws of Victoria&#8217;s Secret bra fitting and bras that stretch enormously after just 2 months, this was the first time I saw my [&#8230;]

    [&#8230;] Why you should not buy Victoria Secret Bras &#8211; not that I can anyways but a very interesting read. I am a feminest I am a feminest thewomansplainer 35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry 25 Famous Women on Childlessness &#8211; [&#8230;]

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    How much do you get paid at kohls

    How much money does a YouTuber make? How do YouTubers make money? A Full-Time YouTubers perspective by Wengie

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    When people think of successful YouTuber&#8217;s especially YouTubers like Pew Die Pie they think wow!! They must earn millions of dollars!! And many people I meet assume that you are making so much money online doing very little but making videos. So how do YouTubers make money and how do YouTubers get paid? Do YouTubers make money or is it all a big lie?

    I know so many people that want to quit their jobs to become a full time YouTuber because it seems easy and they would make more money than their current job. It&#8217;s one of those careers where people suddenly think of Fame and Fortune when the reality is incredibly different! I can possibly say the same thing about full-time bloggers but that&#8217;s a totally different topic all together and not one I can comment completely on.

    In this blog post I&#8217;ll be talking about how much a full-time YouTuber makes and how do they make money and how do they get paid? If you have other questions regarding YouTube life, please leave it in the comments box and I will type up an in depth blog post for you soon

    To answer this question with a frustratingly common answer I would have to say.

    The reason why I and many YouTubers will give you this answer is because it depends on a lot of factors. I&#8217;m going to list all the factors that affect one of the most common source of income for YouTube and that is Advertising income.

    If you would like to watch my personal story before eyou get into the nitty gritty I recently made a video explaining how much money I got paid and my financial circumstances after being a full time YouTuber for 2 years:

    The following factors will affect how much ad revenue you get:

    Your niche and topic and how much revenue advertisers make

    YouTube income will vary dramatically depending on what advertisers will pay more money to advertise in certain categories. Usually the more revenue an advertiser can make from the purchase of their product the more they are willing to pay for ad space.

    How much content exists and the quality of your content

    • Things like ad block is really big these days which means your viewers may not even be watching your ads which means you don&#8217;t earn income.
    • In addition views on mobile devices don&#8217;t get monetised well and until YouTube find a way to display ads gracefully, most likely you won&#8217;t be getting much income from the views you get from mobile devices.
    • Also people may skip your ads and sometimes people may not even get served ads because YouTube values user engagement and would prefer them to not abandon your video before watching.

    So since I&#8217;ve talked about advertising revenue mainly I will move on to other sources of income which may mean the actually income of a YouTuber can vary dramatically even if you figured out how to work out their $ for every 1,000 views, the amount of regular views and how often their views get monetised.

    I hope this blog post helps those of you that are looking to make YouTube your career one day and remember to share this blog post it if you know someone that&#8217;s every wondered this too!!If you have any other questions on this topic to comment below!

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    Having a pet can be an amazing experience. Nothing beats snuggling up for a nap with a fuzzy cat, or coming home to an excitable puppy who has been WAITING FOR YOU ALL DAY.

    But pet ownership isn't all kitten kisses and puppy love, and before you adopt a furry friend, you need to be sure you're ready for the responsibility that comes with keeping an animal alive and happy. Every year, thousands of animals are returned to shelters by people who weren't adequately prepared to make the adoption in the first place, and sadly, most of the cats and dogs who get returned won't make it out of there alive. If you're going to bring an animal into your home, you need to be in it for the long-haul, and be prepared to make a significant emotional and financial commitment to this creature.

    Seriously, I cannot guilt trip you enough about this: there is nothing sadder than giving a vulnerable animal a home and then taking it away because you "bit off more than you could chew." If you want a good cry, check out this piece from The Dodo on the lame excuses shelter workers hear people when they give up their pets--they're all pretty heartbreaking.

    So now that you've decided you'll stand by your pet no matter what (don't make me link you to even sadder articles on shelter life), let's crunch the numbers. Pets are a serious financial undertaking, so you need to budget accordingly before you take the plunge into parenthood. I'm going to focus exclusively on cats and dogs in this post, so if you're looking to get another kind of pet, like a bird, ferret, rabbit or lizard, make sure to do your own research before heading to the pet store.

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    Adoption fees can vary depending on the shelter, the age and general health of the cat, and how many veterinary services have been provided prior to the adoption. Most shelters will charge more for kittens, and less for older cats who have health problems, and most provide standard veterinary care (vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery/microchip insertion, etc) for every cat before they're adopted.

    *You can also adopt a cat through a breeder, but their fees are significantly higher ($500-$1,000). See my note on how to pick a reputable breeder below in the section on dog breeders.

    Spay/Neuter Surgery & Vaccinations – $100-$150

    You don't have to adopt a cat from a shelter, of course. Maybe a stray will capture your heart, or maybe a friend's cat will unexpectedly deliver a litter of kittens. In these cases, you'll need to pay for spay/neuter surgery and initial vaccinations yourself.

    You can get a standard litter pan for about $5 at PetSmart or Petco, but unless you have a basement or secluded place to put it, I recommend pricing up and going with a lidded box. Having a cover helps keep unsavory smells at bay, and a small entrance-way makes cleanup easier, because your cat won't be accidentally kicking litter over the side all the time.

    This might not seem necessary if you're planning on keeping your cat inside, but if he gets lost, you'll be glad you invested in it. Going with a bright color like safety orange helps lost pets to be spotted more easily.

    Trust me. You're going to want a brush for your cat. Fluffy cats can get mats in their fur that you have to cut out, and short haired cats shed more than you could ever imagine. If you'd like to keep your home from becoming clogged with cat hair, you should brush your cat a few times a week.

    Some apartment complexes charge a monthly cat rent (anywhere from $10-$50), some ask for a lump sum up front (usually around $200), and some don't charge anything, but you need to find out what you need to pay BEFORE you adopt a cat.

    Pro tip: buying in bulk saves a lot of money, as does putting your cat on a regular feeding schedule. You might think you're being nice by keeping their bowl constantly full of food, but this might lead to overeating, weight problems, and dietary issues. Talk to your vet to see how much food your cat really needs.

    Once again, buy this in bulk if you want to spend less. Since I do all of my grocery errands on foot, I like ordering bulky, heavy items like kitty litter through services like Amazon Pantry and

    A healthy cat needs a checkup about once a year, which typically run about $60-$70 per visit, depending on the vet. But accidents happen, so keep about $200 in budget for emergency vet visits.

    *Keep in mind that serious stuff, like emergency surgery or long-term health problems, is going to cost a LOT more than this. If you don't have an emergency fund you'd be willing to dip into to help cover your pet's medical costs, you probably should think twice before you adopt an animal.

    Cats are easily amused. Sure, they might love that squeaky toy mouse, but they're also just as content playing with a ball of crumpled up paper. Definitely invest in 2-3 fun toys for your feline friend, but don't feel like you need to spend a fortune on fancy cat toys that they might never touch. My cats have always loved their catnip lobsters in particular.

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    Adopting a dog from a shelter is the cheapest option up front, but be aware that some shelter dogs have been through both emotional and physical trauma (like abuse and abandonment), and may require additional love, training and medical care.

    On the flip side, if you decide to go with a breeder, always do your research beforehand. Make sure you're picking a reputable breeder who you're positive isn't running a puppy mill on the side. For more information on how to identify a responsible breeder, please refer to this pamphlet from the Humane Society.

    Spay/Neuter Surgery & Vaccinations – $200-$300

    This will vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, but most shelters and some breeders will take care of this for you, and will include the cost in the adoption fee.

    No, I'm not saying you should keep your dog cooped up all day, but you might want to train your dog to sleep in a crate at night, or at least have it around for when you have parties or need a bit of peace and quiet. And most dogs actually like the coziness of curling up in a crate.

    Shop crates at PetSmart and find the right one for your dog here.

    If you want to keep your dog out of certain areas of the house, you'll want to invest in baby gates before you bring home an excitable puppy.

    Dogs get VERY excited when food is around, so you're going to need two sturdy bowls to hold their food and water. Ceramic and glass bowls might be pretty, but they can break easily. If you don't want your doggie to accidentally eat a shard of her old food bowl while she feasts, invest in some heavy-duty metal bowls.

    You're gonna need these to take long, luxurious walks with your new pup! Get a leash that's 4-6 feet long, and make sure to get tags that have your phone number and address on them in case your dog gets lost.

    Unless you're a master dog whisperer, it will do you well to invest in some training classes for your dog. No one wants to be around a dog that can't sit, stay, or get off the couch when necessary, and this is especially important if you have children in the home.

    This can vary depending on how big your dog is. As always, buying in bulk helps keep food costs down.

    *Again, if your dog needs any emergency care or has serious health issues, this number is going to be a LOT higher. If you don't think you can afford a $2,000 emergency vet bill, please don't get a dog.

    Unlike cats, dogs are usually SUPER into their store-bought toys, and they go through them quickly. Make sure you always have a few bones, balls or chew toys on hand for your dog to entertain herself with.

    Additional pet costs (you might not have considered)

    How much do you get paid at kohls

    Sure, you've got the basics covered, but there are a few other pet costs that you may not have considered:

    One thing to think about before you get a pet is how often you plan on going out of town. Cats are a little easier to deal with than dogs in this regard, because you can usually leave them on their own for one or two days and they'll be fine with a big bowl of food and water. But if you have a dog, or if you're planning on going away for more than a weekend, unless you have a very enthusiastic friend who will do it for free, you're going to need to pay someone to look after your pet.

    Damage Repair & Replacement – varies

    Animals are adorable, but they can also be destructive little buggers. My cats went through a phase of clawing up the doorways in my old apartment (pro tip: stop this behavior by sticking double-sided tape to the places where your cats usually scratch, they hate the stickiness and they stopped immediately after I tried this), and I ended up paying for this mischief in the form of a significantly reduced security deposit. Animals are really good at ruining things, so if, for example, your dog likes to chew up leather shoes, or your cat is super into peeing on the couch cushions, keep this in mind when arranging your budget.

    If you have a huge fluffy dog, or a particularly mat-prone cat, you're probably going to need to hire a professional to keep their coats clean and free of tangles.

    Professional Dog Walker – $12-$20/walk

    If you're thinking of getting a dog and you spend most of your day at work, you're going to need to hire a dog walker to keep your living room accident-free and your pup happy and healthy.

    Special Dietary Needs – varies

    Some animals, like people, have food allergies. Some need special food for weight management, kidney issues or urinary tract problems. These foods tend to cost more than the regular bargain stuff, so make sure you have enough in your budget to cover any unexpected dietary needs your new furry friend might have.

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    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    JCPenney “Free Shipping” Code &#8211; (4 Ways to Get the Coupon)

    A DealCrunch community member asked.

    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    How much can I save with a JCPenney free shipping code?

    answered on: 9.12.16

    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    We have all experienced shipping-fees shock. It&#8217;s that feeling after your online cart is full and you click the checkout button only to have your jaw hit the floor when you see how much the shipping will cost. The turning point for me was when I purchased a KitchenAid stand mixer.

    It was on sale for $250 and I had a 10% off coupon, so it showed as $225 in my cart. Then I clicked order and my heart sank. The shipping cost was $29.24. Why would I pay nearly $30 to ship a $225 item? That makes the 10% off coupon I used worthless!

    That is exactly why free shipping can be a lifesaver, especially at JCPenney, where you can order anything from perfume to a new refrigerator. After doing the research, we have found the top four ways to get your JCPenney free shipping coupon.

    1. Check Our Site for a JCPenney Free Shipping Code

    When searching for a JCPenney free shipping coupon, try us first. We take pride in the amount of work we put into getting consumers the best possible deals, and that work is evident on our JCPenney page. We have a team of editors combing through the offers our proprietary search engine finds all over the web to bring you the most up-to-date deals.

    Below are the current JCPenney free shipping offers:

    Free Shipping on $99+ order.

    Storewide coupons and promo codes are updated every hour, so be sure to check our list first for a JCPenney shipping coupon or other storewide deal.

    One surefire way to get an item shipped for free is to have JCPenney send it directly to a store near you. If you order online, they will ship anything over $25 to a local store at no charge, all you have to do is go to the location, show them your ID and the credit card you used to make the purchase, then drive home with your item. JCPenney also has all of their shipping information listed online in an easy-to-read chart.

    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    This can be a great option for free shipping if there is a JCPenney close by, and especially if, like me, you were planning on taking a trip to the mall soon anyway!

    On JCPenney&#8217;s website, you normally won&#8217;t have to look far to find out what their current deals are. The best deals are often embedded in banners on the front page, making them hard to miss. They do have a dedicated JCPenney coupons page, though, that makes it easier to look through the individual offers.

    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    Free shipping for items over $99 is one of the most common shipping deals, but this would be another good place to check for any free shipping coupons they may have. The retailer often gives special discounts to JCPenney credit card holders, sometimes even sending out a true free shipping code — no minimum purchase required.

    If you have exhausted your search on our page and, there are always other sites that may have exclusive deals. Try these sites if you are still looking for the right code:

    Whether you&#8217;re looking to buy a new shirt or a 26-pound stand-up mixer, when you get free shipping from JCPenney you can hit that order button without being shocked.

    Don&#8217;t hang onto that coupon for too long, though. Free shipping means happier shopping, so get online and go after those deals now, knowing that you won’t have a surprise waiting at checkout.

    How much money does a YouTuber make? How do YouTubers make money? A Full-Time YouTubers perspective by Wengie

    How much do you get paid at jcpenney

    When people think of successful YouTuber&#8217;s especially YouTubers like Pew Die Pie they think wow!! They must earn millions of dollars!! And many people I meet assume that you are making so much money online doing very little but making videos. So how do YouTubers make money and how do YouTubers get paid? Do YouTubers make money or is it all a big lie?

    I know so many people that want to quit their jobs to become a full time YouTuber because it seems easy and they would make more money than their current job. It&#8217;s one of those careers where people suddenly think of Fame and Fortune when the reality is incredibly different! I can possibly say the same thing about full-time bloggers but that&#8217;s a totally different topic all together and not one I can comment completely on.

    In this blog post I&#8217;ll be talking about how much a full-time YouTuber makes and how do they make money and how do they get paid? If you have other questions regarding YouTube life, please leave it in the comments box and I will type up an in depth blog post for you soon

    To answer this question with a frustratingly common answer I would have to say.

    The reason why I and many YouTubers will give you this answer is because it depends on a lot of factors. I&#8217;m going to list all the factors that affect one of the most common source of income for YouTube and that is Advertising income.

    If you would like to watch my personal story before eyou get into the nitty gritty I recently made a video explaining how much money I got paid and my financial circumstances after being a full time YouTuber for 2 years:

    The following factors will affect how much ad revenue you get:

    Your niche and topic and how much revenue advertisers make

    YouTube income will vary dramatically depending on what advertisers will pay more money to advertise in certain categories. Usually the more revenue an advertiser can make from the purchase of their product the more they are willing to pay for ad space.

    How much content exists and the quality of your content

    • Things like ad block is really big these days which means your viewers may not even be watching your ads which means you don&#8217;t earn income.
    • In addition views on mobile devices don&#8217;t get monetised well and until YouTube find a way to display ads gracefully, most likely you won&#8217;t be getting much income from the views you get from mobile devices.
    • Also people may skip your ads and sometimes people may not even get served ads because YouTube values user engagement and would prefer them to not abandon your video before watching.

    So since I&#8217;ve talked about advertising revenue mainly I will move on to other sources of income which may mean the actually income of a YouTuber can vary dramatically even if you figured out how to work out their $ for every 1,000 views, the amount of regular views and how often their views get monetised.

    I hope this blog post helps those of you that are looking to make YouTube your career one day and remember to share this blog post it if you know someone that&#8217;s every wondered this too!!If you have any other questions on this topic to comment below!

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    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Why the Most Expensive Super Bowl Ticket Costs $25,400

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015As Super Bowl 50 approaches, fans of the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos &#8212; and football fans in general &#8212; are scrambling to find reasonably priced seats at Levi&#8217;s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. At last check, the average list price of a ticket to the February 7 event was a whopping $5,659.60. Some individual seats are being sold for several times more than this. One &#8212; section 138, row 22 &#8212; is available for an unbelievable $25,400.

    This year&#8217;s average Super Bowl ticket is 17.10% higher than it was at this time last year &#8212; which could mean prices will go even higher from here. By the time the 2015 Super Bowl was underway, secondary market tickets averaged $9,722.86 per game, by far the most expensive on record. Even if prices do not increase any further, they will have already more than doubled the final price of the 2014 event in New Jersey &#8212; Super Bowl XLVIII averaged “just” $2,567.00. Secondary market ticket resource TiqIQ provided 24/7 Wall St. with the average ticket price for the previous six Super Bowls as well as the current prices for the upcoming game to be held in San Francisco.

    Ticket prices for the biggest game in North American professional sports can fluctuate wildly. Fans sitting in the 400s section are currently paying an average of $3,289 per seat, while those in the 100s level are spending close to $900 more on average. Of course, there are sections that run closer to $10,000, and individual seats that exceed $25,000 &#8212; a brand new Honda Civic and a seat in the uppe as the $25,400 seat, which approximately at the 50 yard line &#8212; on sale for $25,400. Box suites are available for more than $350,000.

    TiqIQ CEO Jesse Lawrence explained how certain factors can cause tickets for the big game to vary so much from year to year, and also why Super Bowl 50 may become the most expensive to date. The first is the average high disposable income of residents in the San Francisco metropolitan area. A typical San Francisco household has an annual income of $83,222 &#8212; the fifth highest of any U.S. metro area.

    The second factor that tends to affect Super Bowl ticket prices, and is likely driving up the cost of this year&#8217;s game, is the distance from the competing teams’ home cities and the location of the event. Lawrence explained that fanbases of some teams, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, are very willing to travel. He added that while Broncos fans were not quite in that tier, the distance from Denver to San Francisco is close enough to be manageable for a large segment of the Broncos fanbase &#8212; likely much more so than the last time Denver played in the Super Bowl &#8212; in New Jersey in 2013.

    “The third factor, I think,” Lawrence concluded, “is the historic signifier that is Super Bowl 50, the fact that it is the 50th. There&#8217;s people, I think, that aren’t even fans of either team that are going just because of that.”

    This is how much each of the last six Super Bowls cost on average in the secondary market, as well as the current prices for the upcoming game as of the time of writing. Also included was the minimum an individual would need to pay to attend each game. All price data was supplied by secondary market ticket resource TiqIQ.

    Super Bowl 2017: What Time Is Kick-Off, How To Watch Live Or Stream, How Much Do The Tickets And Commercials Cost?

    A post shared by Julio Galindo Photography (@juliog_photo) on Jan 26, 2017 at 3:18pm PST

    We&#8217;re a day away from Super Bowl LI where the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston. Did you get your tickets yet? It&#8217;s not too late, there are plenty of seats still available, but it will cost you. Secondary market company TicketIQ states that the average list price per ticket to Super Bowl LI is currently $4,900. The cheapest ticket available is $2,280 and tickets to sit in section 106 at the 50-yard line are running at $25,000 EACH. So it sounds like you&#8217;re not going to be in the building for Super Bowl LI, so let&#8217;s see when and how you can watch it from the comfort of your home.

    When: Sunday, Feb. 5, 6:30 p.m. ET

    Where: NRG Stadium in Houston

    Announcers: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews

    Streaming: Fox Sports GO. Viewers can use iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon tablets or through connected devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Xbox One.

    Online Replay: NFL Game Pass will have Super Bowl LI available at 12:01 a.m. on Monday

    The National Anthem: Luke Bryan

    Halftime Show: Lady Gaga

    What about those of you who just want to watch Super Bowl commercials? There are a surprisingly large amount of people who just watch the big game to see commercials despite being hit over the head with ads at every second of their lives and despite the SB commercials being available before Super Bowl Sunday (As seen here). Prosper Insights and Analytics reports that 17.7% of adults say that advertisements are the most important part of the event.

    Those commercials to a vast audience of an expected 116.5 million people will cost companies a pretty penny. Super Bowl LI ads are said to cost between $5 million and $5.5 million for a 30-second ad in this year&#8217;s game.

    So get your favorite snacks and your most cherished adult beverage and prepare to enjoy the Super Bowl or the commercials or the halftime show or just the company of friends.

    How Much Money Will It Cost NFL Fans to Attend Super Bowl 51?

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Most football fans will never get to attend a Super Bowl | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Making a trip to the Super Bowl sits at the top of the bucket list for most NFL fans. It is far and away the biggest football game (and sporting event) of the year, and it decides the champion of the undisputed most popular professional sports league in America &#8212; the National Football League. It has also turned into a spectacle that is seemingly made for prime time television and the most famous people in the world are regularly spotted among the game’s massive crowds. With the being the case, it’s no wonder that attending the Super Bowl is something that is highly appealing to casual and diehard NFL fans alike.

    Given the magnitude of the Super Bowl, it should really come as no surprise that attending the game comes with a hefty price tag. And the unfortunate reality of the situation is that making a trip to the big game is something that is financially unrealistic for most people.

    Despite the financial ramifications, there are people out there who will do whatever it takes to see a Super Bowl with their own eyes. This got us wondering: What exactly would it cost to attend a Super Bowl?

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Super Bowl 51 will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas | Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    Super Bowl 51 will be played on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The game will feature a matchup between the New England Patriots, who won the AFC Championship, and the Atlanta Falcons, who took home the NFC title.

    With the help of TicketIQ and Travelocity, we were able to put together a breakdown of exactly what it would cost a person traveling from Boston, Mass. (home of the Patriots) or Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Falcons) to travel round trip to Houston to attend Super Bowl 51 in person. And what we came up with is jaw dropping.

    We priced out a three-night, four-day trip from February 3-6, and for our calculations we factored in round trip airfare (non-stop), hotel accommodations, transportation, gameday parking, game tickets, and daily per diem costs.

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Airfare to Super Bowl 51 isn&#8217;t cheap | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Patriots fans traveling from Boston Logan International Airport to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston are going to have to pay a pretty penny. As of the time we published this article, the cheapest available non-stop, round trip ticket on Travelocity was priced at $1,386.40.

    Falcons fans traveling from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston won’t feel the same financial burden as their Patriots counterparts traveling from Boston. At the time of publishing, the cheapest non-stop, round trip ticket on Travelocity was priced at $739.40.

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Hotels won&#8217;t be cheap near NRG Stadium | William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

    If you want a quick lesson on supply and demand, just browse hotel pricing and availability in the immediate vicinity of NRG Stadium. Of the hotels that still had availability at the time of publishing, the cheapest rate available on Travelocity was $290 per night ($870 total) for a two-star hotel.

    If you are like us and staying in a two-star hotel doesn’t cut it for you, the cheapest available three-star hotel was priced at $1,200 per night ($3,600 total). All four and five-star hotels were sold out.

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Rental cars are actually reasonable for Super Bowl week | John Moore/Getty Images

    This is one area where fans wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg. At the time of publishing, Travelocity had the following car options available:

    • Economy (Mitsubishi Mirage or similar): $29 per day ($106 total with fees)
    • Compact (Nissan Versa or similar): $31 per day ($113 total with fees)
    • Midsize (Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Leaf, or similar): $34 per day ($123 total with fees)

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    To Uber or not to Uber? | Martin Ollman/Getty Images

    For some people, renting a car is simply not an option. Luckily for them, Uber has a strong presence in Houston.

    According to, a one-way Uber ride from the NRG Stadium area to George Bush Intercontinental Airport would cost anywhere from $33-$183 (depending on the vehicle type you choose) without surge pricing. Needless to say, those who wish to use Uber in Houston on Super Bowl Sunday will be forced to deal with surge pricing.

    In total, our best guess is that fans would need to plan on spending at least $200 in Uber rides over the course of their four-day stay in Houston.

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Super Bowl tickets aren&#8217;t cheap | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    This is the area where fans get hit the hardest. As of January 26, 2017, the average sales price of a single ticket on TicketIQ has been $4,652.

    Here is a quick rundown of ticket prices in various areas of the stadium at the time of publication:

    • 600 level: $2,547
    • 500 level: $2,696
    • 300 level: $3,172
    • Club level: $5,410
    • 100 level (end zone): $3,236
    • 100 level (corner): $3,284
    • 100 level (center): $6,017

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Parking won&#8217;t be cheap for Super Bowl 51 | Mario Tama/Getty Images

    This is another area where demand clearly exceeds supply. According to Ralph Garcia of TicketIQ, the cheapest parking option within one mile of NRG Stadium is currently $53.

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Attending a Super Bowl comes with several hidden costs | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    This includes food, drinks, souvenirs, and the like. Conservatively, our guess is that the average fan would spend at the very least $50 per day (a total of $200 for the trip) on food and drinks and another $200 on incidentals (gas for their rental car, a program at the game, etc.).

    How much do super bowl tickets cost 2015

    Attending a Super Bowl isn&#8217;t financially possible for most NFL fans | Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    • For a Patriots fan traveling from Boston: $7,467.40
    • For a Falcons fan traveling from Atlanta: $6,820.40

    The above figures represent the total cost for one fan of each team based off of the average sales price per ticket to date and the cheapest available options for flight, hotel, and rental car. As you can see, the NFL has done an excellent job of pricing the average fan out of attending Super Bowl 51.

    Super expensive: Cheapest Super Bowl ticket costs over $8,000

    Watching the Seahawks and Patriots play on Sunday will not be cheap. (USATSI)

    If you want to go to the Super Bowl this year, hopefully you have $8,000 tucked away somewhere because that's what the cheapest ticket into Sunday's game is going to cost you -- and you can thank ticket brokers for that.

    The Super Bowl's usually a lucrative time for brokers, but that doesn't look like it will be the case this year.

    Broker's make their money by putting Super Bowl tickets on sale right after the AFC and NFC title games, when prices are generally at their highest.

    Fans will buy the tickets, then the brokers will use that money to buy the actual tickets at a later point when the tickets are selling for a lower price.

    For example, if a fan buys a ticket on StubHub for $3,500 the day after the AFC and NFC title games, the broker doesn't usually have the ticket in hand yet. The broker's hope is that the ticket will drop in price and then they'll buy it for cheaper, something known as "shorting" the market.

    In this case, if a broker ended up buying a ticket for $2,700, they just made $800 because they already sold the ticket on StubHub for $3,500.

    In the chart below, you can see how this works. Two years ago, the average price for a Super Bowl ticket peaked 13 days for the Super Bowl. Last February, the peak came on the same day the Seahawks and Broncos won their NFC and AFC title games, 14 days before the Super Bowl.

    For 2015, the numbers in bold are where the market should have gone, so tickets should have been going for about an average of $1,822 on Thursday (Three days before the game). Instead, ticket prices have shot up astronomically.

    "Everyone in the business had seen that shorting had been the right move," an anonymous broker told "For the last five years it had been that way."

    Now it's not that way though.

    The cheapest ticket on StubHub on Thursday was going for $8,070, but that was only if you wanted to sit in the upper corner by yourself.

    For a pair of tickets, you know if you want to sit with someone, Thursday's cheapest price was $8,500 each ($17,000 total) and that was found on the NFL's official ticket exchange.

    Of course, some people bought their tickets before the market went crazy. According to StubHub, the cheapest Super Bowl ticket sold on its site went for $937, but that was sold on Jan. 20.

    If paying for Super Bowl tickets isn't your thing, you can always follow Jay Feely on Twitter, he's giving tickets away. I'm guessing he doesn't know how much their worth.

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    How much do mortgage points cost

    Explaining Mortgage Discount Points In Plain English

    How much do mortgage points cost

    Discount points are a one-time, upfront mortgage closing cost which give a mortgage borrower access to "discounted" mortgage rates as compared to the market. The IRS considers discount points to be prepaid mortgage interest, so discount points can be tax-deductible. In general, one discount point paid at closing will lower your mortgage rate by 25 basis points (0.25%).

    When your mortgage lender quotes you current mortgage rates, the rate is typically quoted in two parts.

    The first part is the mortgage rate, and the second part is the number of discount points required to get that rate.

    You'll notice that, in general, the higher the number of discount points you're charged, the lower your mortgage rate quote will be.

    Discount points are fees specifically used to buy-down your rate. This makes them different from "origination points", which are fees that a bank charges to "do your loan".

    On a settlement statement, discount points are sometimes labeled "Discount Fee" or "Mortgage Rate Buydown". Each discount point cost one percent of your loan size.

    Assuming a loan size of $200,000, then, here are a few examples of how to calculate discount points for a mortgage loan.

    • 1 discount point on a $200,000 loans costs $2,000
    • 0.5 discount points on a $200,000 loan costs $1,000
    • 0.25 discount points on a $200,000 loan costs $500

    Discount points can be tax-deductible, depending on which deductions you can claim on your federal income taxes.

    Discount points paid on a home purchase mortgage loan can be 100% deductible in the year in which they're paid. Discount points on a home refinance mortgage loan cannot.

    The tax deduction for points paid on a refinance loan is spread over the life of the loan. A homeowner paying points on a 30-year mortgage loan can claim 1/30 of the points paid as a deduction annually.

    If you choose to pay discount points in conjunction with your mortgage, you'll want to communicate with your tax preparer in order to maximize federal income tax deductions.

    In 2015, according to Freddie Mac, the typical fixed-rate mortgage loan carried an accompanying 0.6 discount points. The typical adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) carried an accompanying 0.5 discount points.

    When discount points are paid, the bank collects a one-time fee at closing in exchange a lower mortgage rate to be honored for the life of the loan.

    The banks consider this payment to be "prepaid mortgage interest". Meanwhile, mortgage interest is tax-deductible for eligible tax-filers so, for many mortgage borrowers, theres a tax advantage to paying discount points.

    However, you don't pay discount points to get the tax break -- you pay them to get the mortgage rate break; and, how much of a mortgage rate break you get will vary by bank.

    This is one of the reasons why it's important to shop for your best mortgage rate. Different banks will offer different sets of discounts in exchange for paying points.

    As a rule of thumb, paying one discount point lowers a quoted mortgage rate by 25 basis points (0.25%). However, paying two discount points, however, will not always lower your rate by 50 basis points (0.50%), as you would expect.

    Nor will paying three discount points necessarily lower your rate by 75 basis points (0.75%)

    As an example of how discount points may work on a $100,000 mortgage :

    • 3.50% with 0 discount points. Monthly payment of $449.
    • 3.25% with 1 discount point. Monthly payment of $435. Fee of $1,000.
    • 3.00% with 2 discount points. Monthly payment of $422. Fee of $2,000.

    You'll note that when you pay discount points come, it costs at a cost, but it also generates real monthly savings.

    In the above example, the mortgage applicant saves $14 per month for every $1,000 spent at closing. This creates a "breakeven point" of 71 months.

    Every mortgage loan will have its own breakeven point on paying points. If you plan to stay in your home beyond the breakeven and -- this is a key point! -- don't think you'll refinance before the breakeven hits, paying points may be a good idea.

    Otherwise, points can be waste.

    Banks know this and will sometimes use a mortgage shopping tool known as "APR" to make a loan with discount points look more attractive than it really is.

    APR, which stands for Annual Percentage Rate, is a government calculation which is meant to show the long-term cost of holding a mortgage; and paying points lowers long-term costs in the form of a lower mortgage rate.

    But APR also assumes you'll hold your loan for 30 years. Very often, you will not, which nullifies the APR math.

    This is why it's important to remember that your APR is not your mortgage rate. Your mortgage rate is your mortgage rate.

    Shopping for a mortgage using the "Lowest APR" method rarely a good plan. It uses discount points against you.

    Another helpful aspect of discount points is that lenders will often offer them "in reverse".

    Instead of paying discount points in order to get access to lower mortgage rates, you can receive points from your lender and use those monies to pay for closing costs and fees associated with your home loan.

    The technical term for reverse points is "rebate".

    Mortgage applicants can typically receive up to 5 points in rebate. However, the higher your rebate, the higher your mortgage rate.

    Here is an example of how rebate points may work on a $100,000 mortgage :

    • 3.50% with 0 discount points. Monthly payment of $449.
    • 3.75% with 1 discount point. Monthly payment of $463. Credit of $1,000.
    • 4.00% with 2 discount points. Monthly payment of $477. Credit of $2,000.

    Homeowners can use rebates to pay for some, or all, of their loan closing costs. When you use rebate to pay for all of your closing costs, it's known as a "zero-closing cost mortgage loan".

    Zero-closing cost mortgages reduce the amount of cash required at your closing.

    Buyers who are using low-or no-downpayment mortgages may find this option appealing -- especially if they're worried about having money in savings for emergencies or other life events.

    When you do a zero-closing cost refinance, you can stay as liquid as possible with all of your cash in the bank.

    Rebates can be good for refinances, too.

    Using rebates, a loan's complete closing costs can be "waived", which allows the homeowner to refinance without increasing its loan size.

    When mortgage rates are falling, zero-closing cost mortgages are an excellent way to lower your rate without paying fees over and over again. You can refinance three times in a year or more and never pay fees to the bank.

    Zero-closing cost loans minimize interest rate risk against falling rates. If you're refinancing or buying a home, be sure to get a zero-closing cost rate quote.

    Paying discount points (or receiving them) is a financial decision which varies by borrower and loan.

    Get today's live mortgage rates now. Your social security number is not required to get started, and all quotes come with access to your live mortgage credit scores.

    The information contained on The Mortgage Reports website is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement for products offered by Full Beaker. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not reflect the policy or position of Full Beaker, its officers, parent, or affiliates.

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    How much do kohls pay

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    Shopping online is convenient since you can stack up to FOUR discount codes for online orders when purchasing from a computer. If placing an order from a mobile device, you&#8217;ll only be able to combine 2 coupon codes per order. Keep in mind that you can only use ONE sitewide percent-off code (20% off entire purchase) and one free shipping code per order, but can use up to four Kohl&#8217;s rewards codes (i.e. Kohl&#8217;s Cash) or dollar off/percent off/department specific codes per order.

    How much do kohls pay

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    How much do kohls pay

    Have a Kohl&#8217;s Card and are nervous about late fees? Did you know that you can immediately make a payment on your Kohl&#8217;s card after using it in-store? Just make a payment at the register using cash, check, money order, or a Kohl&#8217;s Cares card or head to the kiosks located around the store. Cash or check payments will post to your account the same day, if paid at a register.

    How much do kohls pay

    Did you buy a non-clearance item at Kohl&#8217;s only to find out it went on sale a few days later? Price adjustments are available for two weeks after the purchase date if the item(s) purchased were further reduced from the original priced you paid. Just be sure to hang on to your receipt and head to the customer service desk to receive the difference. The price adjustment is also available on a Kohl&#8217; purchase whenever you call customer service at (855) 564-5705.

    Plus, as mentioned in their online policy, there are no time restrictions for returns! You can get cash back for up to 12 months after purchase and after that you will receive in-store merchandise credit. No receipt is needed for Kohl&#8217;s Charge purchases. If you use any credit card to make your purchases, your shopping history will be stored in their computer for a full year.

    How much do kohls pay

    Wondering if an item will drop further in price this season? Look for a square in the upper-right corner of an LCD price tag. If you see a square, this indicates that the item has reached the lowest price of the season and won’t drop further unless it goes on clearance.

    Also, look for other codes which indicate when an item will be marked down. In the upper right-hand corner of the pricing code, there are letters such as &#8220;GV&#8221; that indicates a limited-time price drop, &#8220;S&#8221; which means it&#8217;s a 1-2 week sale, or &#8220;NM&#8221; which means the item will be marked down again that night or the following morning.

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    How much do kohls pay

    Not finding what you are looking for in-store? Orders placed from any Kohl&#8217;s kiosk automatically receive FREE standard shipping to your home. The in-store kiosks allow you to search inventory and locate the size and color you need on Kohl&#8217; and are still eligible for discount codes.

    How much do kohls pay

    Find a lower advertised price? Kohl&#8217;s honors in-store only competitor prices from any national retailer that has a brick-and-mortar store (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) on select brands only &#8211; just bring a current copy of the competitor&#8217;s ad with you (make sure the ad includes a description of the item). Also you will be able to redeem Kohl&#8217;s Cash when price matching.

    How much do kohls pay

    Pair all the tips above with a discounted Kohl&#8217;s gift card for even more savings! Here’s what you need to do:

    &#8212;> Enter mobile number so they can text you a code for verification purposes

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    Enter the code HIP2SAVE50 to get $5 off

    how much do kohls pay

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    Pre-Injury Pay . has created the Kohl's Texas Associate Accident Program . But with arbitration, hearings can often be scheduled

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    How much do collections agencies pay for debts

    Help! What to Do When Customers Won't Pay Their Bills

    In point-of-sale businesses like restaurants, retail shops and online stores, customers pay for their purchases up front. The only way you won&#39;t get your money is if something goes wrong with your credit card processor. But if your business operates on an invoicing system, you&#39;ll generally need to give customers up to 30, 60 or even 90 days to send in their payments — and, perhaps unsurprisingly, some of them won&#39;t do it.

    There are numerous reasons for a late payment or nonpayment: Perhaps the bill got lost in a pile of other papers (or, for email, in the customer&#39;s inbox), or the customer had an unexpected expense and couldn&#39;t afford to pay you by the due date. But regardless of the circumstances, an unpaid invoice can really hurt your business, and eventually you&#39;ll need to take action if you want to receive your money.

    It might be tempting to call in a collection agency the moment the due date passes, but doing so right away might make the customer feel threatened and upset. You want to deal with the problem head-on, said Greg Waldorf, CEO of invoicing app Invoice2go, but being straightforward doesn&#39;t have to mean being aggressive. If a client or customer hasn&#39;t paid a bill on time, here are the steps you should take, in this order, to ensure that you not only get your payment, but also maintain a good relationship with the customer.

    Reach out to the customer. A friendly reminder that a customer&#39;s bill is past due is the first step in collecting your payment. Most of the time, a late payment was an honest mistake, and receiving that first follow-up will make a client pay as soon as possible. Waldorf noted that the subject of money isn&#39;t always easy to address, so you may want to ease into the topic.

    "Use an opportunity to check in on a customer&#39;s satisfaction for your services, and then discuss any approaching or past-due invoices," Waldorf said.

    Resend the invoice. In some cases, clients will try to delay payment by saying they lost the bill, or that they need to reconcile their records to find the correct payment amount, said Hunter Hoffmann, head of U.S. communications for small business insurer Hiscox. If this is the case, Hoffmann advised sending an updated invoice right away — even if you know the customer has the original — to take away this excuse.

    Give an ultimatum. When a nonpaying client ignores your emails and calls about his or her invoice, demand payment a little more firmly. Service businesses working with the client on an ongoing basis are in the best position to give an ultimatum, Hoffmann said.

    "Set a specific deadline when service will be cut off to light a fire under them," Hoffmann told Business News Daily. "It&#39;s amazing how quickly they can figure out how to pay when they realize how hard it will be to replace your service in a couple days."

    Waldorf advised requesting a time line for payment and continuing to follow up until the customer pays. If necessary, resend your original contract, indicating that you will escalate the situation if invoices remain past due.

    Hire a collection agency. If repeated attempts to contact the customer and collect your payment have failed, it&#39;s time to call in backup. A debt-collection agency is a company that specializes in recovering payments that are typically more than 90 days past due. The company will take the task of following up with the customer off of your hands, using tried-and-true tactics to get the individual to pay. This Business News Daily article contains more information on when and how to hire a collection agency.

    File a lawsuit. For most small businesses, the time and money associated with suing a nonpaying client are not worth it. However, if that client owes you a large sum of money and refuses to pay you or a collection agency based on the terms of your contract or invoice, a lawsuit may be necessary. For example, Business Insider reported that public relations firm Agency 2.0 recently filed a suit against its former customer, an electronic bike maker that raised more than $5 million on Indiegogo with the firm&#39;s help, for not paying or acknowledging the agreed-upon 10 percent cut of its raised funds. If you do decide to pursue legal action, consult with an attorney to determine how to proceed.

    If you&#39;re strapped for cash and don&#39;t know when a customer will send his or her payment, a factoring service may be able help you get the money you need while you&#39;re waiting. With a factoring service, you sell your accounts receivable to a company for a certain percentage of the accounts&#39; value (usually 70 to 90 percent), and that company will advance you most of that money within a few days. Then, it will collect your customers&#39; payments and send the rest of the cash to you, minus the service fee.

    It&#39;s important to keep in mind that factoring services are not collection agencies, and they will run a credit check on your customers before agreeing to purchase their invoices. If you use a factor for multiple customers&#39; invoices, the service fees will add up, and you may end up losing money in the long run. To learn more about using a factoring service and how it differs from a collection agency, visit Business News Daily&#39;s guide.

    You can never guarantee that every single customer will pay a bill on time, but there are things you can do to keep late or missed payments to a minimum in the future.

    Discuss all costs and payment terms up front. Putting everything on the table right away not only sets payment expectations for your client, but also builds the trust necessary for a strong, positive customer relationship, Waldorf said. Before diving into a project, make sure that your client is fully aware of projected costs, and ensure that you take time to answer any questions up front.

    "Having this clarity from the beginning will help strengthen customers&#39; trust and commitment to paying the full amount," Waldorf said. "If anything changes along the way, alert your customers in real time so there aren&#39;t any surprises."

    If a customer has a history of late payments, you may want to consider asking for a down payment, or allowing them to pay in installments, Waldorf said.

    Send invoices right away. With so many tasks on your plate as a small business owner, it can be easy to lose track of a customer invoice. You may even to forget to send one in the first place, and going after a client for payment on a bill you never sent will only hurt your reputation. Waldorf advised sending your invoice as soon as a job is completed — and staying on top of it until it&#39;s closed out — to avoid falling behind.

    Be persistent with late customers. If a customer won&#39;t answer electronic correspondences about his or her bill, Hoffmann said to call the individual — and keep calling every day until the customer pays.

    "Don&#39;t be aggressive, just don&#39;t stop asking," Hoffmann said. "Emphasize that you want to settle up the accounts so you can both focus on more important things. It will become much easier for them to pay you than to keep dodging your calls and making excuses."

    Nicole received her Bachelor&#39;s degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. She currently serves as the managing editor. Reach her by email, or follow her on Twitter.

    How Long Can a Collection Agency Try to Collect a Debt?

    Credit card and other debts carry a statute of limitations

    When payments on a bill stop, creditors will assign the debt to a collection agency. The agency either buys the debt outright or works on a commission, taking a percentage of any amount it collects. The length of time a collection agency can try to collect a debt depends on a number of factors, including where the debtor lives.

    A collection agency can handle a wide variety of debts, including credit cards, medical bills, utility bills and unsecured loans. A secured loan that has some kind of collateral backing, however, usually won't make its way to a collection agency because the creditor has the right to seize that property to meet the debt. This includes mortgages, car loans and certain business loans.

    Debts are legally enforceable contracts until they reach a statute of limitations. This means that once the debt reaches a certain age, the creditor -- whether the original creditor or a collector -- can't sue you for it. Each state writes its own laws on the statute of limitations for debt. Many break this down into different debt categories, including written contracts, oral contracts, promissory notes, and open-ended contracts. The last category includes credit card accounts.

    If he's going to sue you, a creditor must file a claim in your state of residence. The laws of the state in which you reside -- not where the creditor does business -- set the statute of limitations. In Arizona, for example, written contracts are enforceable for six years, while promissory notes are good for five years and open-ended accounts for three. For open-ended accounts, the statute of limitations begins to run on the day the most recent debt was due.

    Although time runs out on a debt, legally, a collection agency can still pursue payment. A collector can write or phone you to arrange payment, and is only limited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which sets the rules for collection agencies. This law bars undue harassment or threats, as well as misrepresentations by collectors on how much time they have to file a civil claim against you.

    Founder/president of the innovative reference publisher The Archive LLC, Tom Streissguth has been a self-employed business owner, independent bookseller and freelance author in the school/library market. Holding a bachelor&#39;s degree from Yale, Streissguth has published more than 100 works of history, biography, current affairs and geography for young readers.

    What Happens if my Debt is Sold to a Collection Agency?

    When taking out a loan or line of credit, you make a promise to a lender to pay back the entire amount loaned, plus interest. Usually having a predetermined date for payments, you are supposed to pay back a certain amount each week or month, depending on your terms of agreement. Lenders should also notify you on when and how they will contact you if your payments are late, whether it’s by telephone or email. If you do stop making payments, lenders or credit card companies will try to collect from you directly. Beginning with an overdue notice on your bank statement, the lender will later escalate to phone calls, emails, and other forms of contact. How many times and how often the lender or credit card company will attempt to contact you is highly dependent on the lender and how they go about dealing with delinquent accounts.

    Learn all about the debt collection process in Canada, here .

    After you’ve received several late payment notifications and you have not responded or made a payment, it may be time for your creditors to take a serious and more intense approach. Once an invoice is 90 days past due or more, lenders and credit card companies will not hesitate to add more pressure. At this point, if all notices were made properly, in a timely manner, and you’ve ignored all calls and warnings, there are two final ways for creditors to proceed.

    Legal action implies taking you, the borrower, to court and suing you for not paying. With an advance notice and enough time to prepare, you will receive a formal notification in the mail or in person, including the court date and all other details of your hearing. It is important not to miss this court date, as your debt collectors pray you do. This is because if you miss the proceedings, the collection agency gets a default judgment and can start collecting on the unpaid debt. Court action can lead to money being directly taken from your paycheck (this is called wage garnishment, click here to learn more) or having your assets seized. So, do not ignore your debts, because they will not disappear. Keep in mind that the legal option is a very lengthy process, involving hours of paperwork, wait times and notices, so it&#8217;s not ideal for creditors. However, if you refuse to pay after months of notifications, they will pursue legal action.

    In order to minimize their losses, your creditor will try to collect as much as possible from you. Sending outstanding debt accounts to a business that focuses and specializes in the collection of unpaid accounts may be the best way to do so.

    When your debt is sold to a collection agency, the responsibility of collecting your debt is transferred from the lender to a large debt collection company. A collection agency is a business that concentrates on collecting debts owed by individuals or businesses. When lenders or credit card companies are unable to gather money you owe to them, they often hire agents from these collection agencies to pursue those whose payments are past due or their accounts are in default. These agents are much more aggressive and persistent than lenders or credit card companies, thus it is important to know your rights . With more phone calls, notices, the collection agency will be determined to collect your bad debt.

    Collection companies can either directly buy an account that&#8217;s in default or they can be hired by a credit company to collect a debt. Either way, these companies that collect outstanding accounts for lenders make money, it’s not a free service. When a creditor needs to hire a debt collection agency to handle delinquent accounts, they will typically agree to a set fee. Debt collection agencies can also buy delinquent debt cheaply and then try to collect an amount, from the debtor, that is larger than what they paid for it. The more they retrieve, the more they earn.

    Do you have “old” debt? Check out this article and learn about how re-aged debt could affect you.

    If a collection agent is closely following you, try to pay the full amount you owe in order to avoid further communication. If you are unable to pay the full amount, get in contact with the agent and try to explain your situation. Ask if you can make a new agreement with the agency and get it in writing for proof. In addition, never send cash, as you want a receipt for every transaction with the agency.

    Banks and lending institutions anticipate that a portion of their loans will not be collectible. But, before they write off your account, they would like to recover as much as possible. To do so, they either pursue legal action or use collection agencies. Using collection agencies is a last resort, but can help creditors gather as much money from you as possible. Additionally, it is important to know your rights when it comes to collection agencies. If your creditor has sold your debt to a collection agency, you have the right to know and should be notified in writing. It is very unusual for a delinquent credit account to be sold to more than one collection agency. However, it’s not impossible. Your account can begin with one collection agency and then be transferred to another. Thus, before making a payment, it’s important to always ask whom you are speaking with and if they have proof that they are authorized to collect from you.

    Know Your Rights – 12 Common Debt Collection Law Questions Answered

    What happens when you are sued by a debt collector? How do you respond to a debt collection letter? How long can a debt be collected for?

    While it may feel like the end of the world to you, being sued by a debt collector is a routine occurrence in courts across the country. Most debt collection law firms file hundreds of lawsuits a day and 99% of defendants will not answer.

    There is a world of questions around debt collection laws and how best to protect yourself from being hounded by multiple collection agencies for the same debt or “zombie debts,” that may show up in court years after the debtor defaulted.

    Even when debts are legitimate, the additional costs that result from a lawsuit can make it much harder for the borrower to resolve the debt.

    With so many questions on the topic sent to us daily, we thought we would summarize the top 12 that come up most often…

    The best way to start is to hire a debt collection attorney. This will give you the best opportunity to beat the debt collectors in court and they will know the exact processes to go through to give you the best chances of succeeding.

    Fundamentally, when it comes to court, the collection company will need to actively prove the case, this means the collector will need to provide proof of the following:

    • That you signed the application
    • The entity suing you has the right to collect on the debt
    • The balance claimed as being due is calculated properly
    • The loan has not been rendered unenforceable due to the expiration of the statute of limitations

    If the creditor is a company that’s bought the debt, that debt buyer must have proof in the form of the note or billing statements to back up their claims.

    How much do collections agencies pay for debts2. How do I pay off debt in collections?

    A debt in collections will damage your credit score and leave you open to harassing nuisance phone calls from debt collectors. Paying it off can get debt collectors off your back and put you on the path to rebuilding your credit score and reclaiming your finances, thus becoming more stable.

    Before you make a payment on a debt, first determine whether it’s past the statute of limitations so you can handle it properly.

    If it’s not, there are three main options available to pay off a debt in collections:

    • Create a payment plan
    • Pay it off in one lump sum
    • Negotiate a settlement

    Creating a payment plan lets you set a payment schedule and amount that works for your budget, this may be negotiated with the debt collector to be a manageable amount within your current financial situation. It can also lead to the debt being marked “paid in full” on your credit reports, which can offset some of the damage done by delinquent debt.

    If you come into money through inheritance or a tax refund, or if you can work to earn the money quickly, paying off the debt with a single payment can resolve your debt collection woes efficiently. Although, when paying off debt in full, make sure you keep this proof of payment to safeguard against incidents where the payment isn’t recorded correctly or the debt gets resold to another collector.

    Negotiating a settlement for a single payment of less than you originally owed may also make the debt easier to pay off. Negotiating a settlement takes time, persuasion and caution. Explain to the creditor why you can’t make full payment. The larger the debt &#8211; and the longer it’s been in collections &#8211; the more likely the creditor is to accept a settlement.

    The length of time a debt can be collected is determined by the statute of limitations (SOL) of debt collection which varies (greatly) by state.

    Typically, the statute of limitations starts when you miss your first payment with the original creditor. It does not start when the account was placed for collection. If a debt collector tried to sue you after this time period has expired, you can raise the SOL as a defense against the lawsuit.

    If your debt is outside the statute of limitations in your state, the credit report dispute process is relatively simple. Simply write a letter to the credit bureau saying you are disputing the information because it is outdated.

    Send your letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested so you’ll have proof of the date the letter was sent and a signature from the person who received it. If the credit bureau doesn’t respond within thirty (30) days, they’re in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The certified mail receipt will help if you decide to involve the Federal Trade Commission or file a lawsuit against the credit agency.

    As long as the dates on your credit report show that the old account should have already been removed, your dispute should go smoothly.

    How much do collections agencies pay for debts

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that provides limitations on what debt collectors can do when collecting certain types of debt. The FDCPA covers how debt collection is reported in credit reports; as previously mentioned there are state laws that provide various other protections. The FDCPA prohibits debt collection companies from using abusive, unfair or deceptive practices to collect debts from you.

    The FDCPA covers the collection of:

    • Mortgages
    • Credit cards
    • Medical debts
    • Other debts mainly for personal, family, or household purposes.

    The FDCPA does not cover business debts. It also does not generally cover collection by the original creditor to whom you first became indebted. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors include collection agencies, debt buyers, and lawyers who regularly collect debts as part of their business.

    For the full text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can read it here.

    Your FDCPA dispute rights are a powerful. Within thirty (30) days of receiving the written notice of debt, send a written dispute to the debt collection agency. Once you dispute the debt, the debt collector must stop all debt collection activities until it sends you verification of the debt. If the debt collector can’t provide you with that proof, should never bother you again.

    As with all dispute letters, you should keep a copy of the letter for your records. Also, it is a good idea to send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested, so you have proof that the debt collector received it.

    You can dispute the debt over the telephone, but the debt collector will be allowed to continue debt collection activities and will not have to verify the debt. If you want to assert your right to verify the debt, you must send a letter.

    How much do collections agencies pay for debts6. How do debt collection agencies find you?

    Just because a collection agency calls or writes to you, they don’t necessarily know where you live, especially if you’ve moved since you transacted business with the original creditor. All the bill collector knows is that it mailed a letter or left a phone message that wasn’t returned.

    Here are the four main ways a collection agency uses to find people:

    1. Information on your credit application. The original creditor provides the collection agency with the information on your credit application. If you’ve moved, someone listed on the application (employer, bank, credit references, or nearest living relative) may know where you are.
    2. Relatives, friends, employers, and neighbors. Collection agents often call relatives, friends, employers, or neighbors, posing as a friend or relative. However, federal law limits these types of calls.
    3. Phone books, phone directories, printed or online, are good sources of names, addresses, and phone numbers. If a collection agency has your phone number, it may be able to find your address using a reverse directory. A reverse directory lists telephone numbers in numeric order, rather than by name.
    4. Post office. The agency may check the post office for a forwarding address. Also, major credit bureaus with their own collection agencies receive change-of-address information each month from the U.S. Postal Service.

    Before negotiating a settlement with a debt collector, learn about the debt and plan for making a realistic proposal.

    To get ready to negotiate a settlement or repayment agreement with a debt collector, consider this three-step approach:

    1. Learn about the debt
    2. Plan for making a realistic repayment or settlement proposal
    3. Negotiate a realistic agreement with the debt collector

    Memorialize your agreement! Sometimes, debt collectors and consumers don’t remember their conversations the same way. If you agree to a repayment or settlement plan, record the plan and the debt collector’s promises. Those promises may include stopping collection efforts and ending or forgiving the debt once you have completed these payments. Get it in writing before you make a payment.

    How much do collections agencies pay for debts8. What happens when your debt goes to collections?

    If you ignore the creditor’s letters and phone calls, you are unable to work out an agreement to repay or settle the debt, or you set up a repayment schedule but fail to make the payments, your bill will most likely be turned over to a collection agency or sold to a debt buyer, and your delinquency reported to a credit bureau. This will probably take place within three to six months after you default.

    By taking some time to understand how collection agencies operate, you’ll know how to respond when they contact you so that you can negotiate a payment plan or get the agency off your back.

    Your original creditor will have sold your debt to a collection agency for a much smaller amount of the debt, but they make their money by recovering the debt for more than they paid for it.

    Buying debts has become a huge business for collection agencies. Especially if your debt is old, you are likely to find yourself dealing with someone who has bought a bundle of debts for pennies on the dollar. Because the collector may not have any of the original credit documents and only a computer printout of the debt, the information it has may very well be incorrect. It may even have bought the debt from a previous debt collector, not the original creditor, which increases the likelihood that the collector doesn’t have accurate information about the debt.

    Collection agents get paid for results—i.e. collecting money from consumers. There is no extra fee for favorable reviews or consumer satisfaction because the consumer is not the client. Some earn high salaries. Other companies pay their collectors meager wages, plus commissions, which means you may be called by a stressed-out, rude collector who doesn’t much care what the law allows.

    A collection results from a debt not being paid on time. Usually, the debt is significantly delinquent &#8211; more than 180 days late. When a debt goes into collections, the original lender of credit often assigns or sells the debt to a debt collector, such as a collection agency.

    The debt collector &#8211; the person or company that collects debts owed &#8211; then tries to collect the debt from the borrower.

    The easiest way to find out if you have a debt in collections is to pull a copy of your annual free credit report. Most collection agencies report to at least one of the three major credit bureaus &#8211; Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

    The collection agency might only report to one of the credit bureaus, so you want to cover all your bases by checking all three credit reports. Any account that is in collections will be marked with a “collection” status.

    Once you’ve found who your debt is with, you’ll need to contact the credit agency. Your credit report might contain the name and contact information of the agency trying to collect the debt. Check the reports from all three credit reporting agencies in case there is conflicting or missing information on any of your credit reports.

    How much do collections agencies pay for debts10. How to respond to a summons for debt collection?

    Once the initial shock and panic of being sued by a debt buyer wears off you’ve probably thought to yourself, “now what in the world do I do!?”.

    Doing nothing may result in a final judgment, wage garnishment, and other financial problems. If a debt buyer has sued you, your first step is to hire an attorney to put together a timely response to the complaint.

    At this stage you likely have two documents, the Complaint, and Summons:

    Summons: The Summons is the document that should have been served on you by the process server when they originally dropped off the lawsuit. This document is important because it will tell you exactly how many days you have to submit your response to the court. Once you get the Summons make sure you write down on your calendar when the deadline is to respond. You don’t want to miss this deadline!

    Complaint: The Complaint is what most people consider the “lawsuit”. A good way to look at the Complaint is as a list of allegations the plaintiff (the person/company suing you) has against the defendant (you). At this point nothing has been proven, it is just a list of allegations.

    11. How much do collection agencies pay for bad debt?

    To give you some background on how debt collectors operate; bad debt companies pay or receive literally pennies on the dollar for the debts they are trying to collect. The amount that companies pay for bad debt depends on the type of account and its age.

    Some typical considerations for a debt collector’s purchase of a debt are:

    • Debts that have recently been charged off: 6 to 7 cents on the dollar.
    • Accounts that are slightly older and on which a collection agency or two has already taken a whack: 1.5 cents to 2 cents on the dollar.
    • Many years-old, out-of-statute debts: A penny or less.

    12. Who enforces the fair debt collection practices act?

    Consumer litigation attorneys along with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you.

    To contact a debt collection attorney to assist you with a potential FDCPA case or other consumer claim contact Zerbersky Payne to discuss your options.

    Additionally, some states such as Florida, have their own debt collection laws and regulations. These state laws are enforced by consumer protection attorneys as well as the State regulating body for that particular state.

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