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Tenant Screening Services offers credit and criminal background checks for landlords will help take the stress out of your apartment search

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    Online Tenant Screening | Background Check | Check Credit

    Online Tenant Screening from - Landlords check tenants credit reports and do tenant criminal background checks online

    online tenant screening, tenant background checks, criminal background, Landlord Tenant Credit Checks criminal background check

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    You will know our names extended

    Xenoblade Chronicles: You Will Know Our Names Synthesia

    The Xenoblade Chronicles, "You Will Know Our Names," theme played on Synthesia. Click here for sheet music/MIDI download!

    SOOOOOOO I came across this arrangement yesterday. for PIANO. Crazy overdriven guitar rock theme .

    Watch out! This isn't your average run-of-the-mill piano arrangement. This is the Unique Monster battle theme from Xenoblade Chronicles. It's a bit bigger and .

    SHEET MUSIC: Update: I actually found sheets for this song on .

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names (PIANO TUTORIAL) You can find the sheet and the original midi file in:

    Download Tabs here:

    Finally, after many months of procrastination and obsessing over Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, I was able to get around to recording this song! This is 'You Will .

    Esta canción también aparece en Super Smash Bross. Wii U y 3DS. This song too appears in Super Smash Bross. Wii U & 3DS.

    Like, Favorite, Comment, and SUBSCRIBE! d^_^b .♪.♫..♩. ♬ -------------------- Piano sheets, learning software's, and video lessons visit: .

    Mid can be downloaded here:

    Funnest song EVER to play on guitar, love this. All tabbed by ear!

    Special thanks to Jompa. I made a good arrangement, and he turned it into a great one. This would not be anywhere near as good as it is without him.

    GaMetal enters the realm of Xenoblade and takes on 'You Will Know Our Names'! So when SSB4 released, a lot of us (myself included) discovered that the .

    Click here for PART 2 and start your FREE TRIAL today: SmartGamePiano - Play .

    Long time since I did one of these. Expect a few to come out in the following month or so.

    How to play Piano Cover OST Xenoblade Chronicles Music - Main Theme MIDI Instrumental Hello, friend! You're on the YouTube channel MIDIes Mus. Here is .

    mp3: Facebook: Hey all, although a few days late, this concludes my month of weekly covers.

    Like Nintendo on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: .

    I'm really kazooing it.

    ▻ITunes: ▻Amazon: ▻Spotify: .

    Xenoblade Chronicles Refugee Camp Theme Piano Tutorial Synthesia

    Want to request a song for me to do a tutorial for? Go to my website here and you can put the song and info in the forum then ill .

    Oh GOD Did you guys Hear This? "You Will Know our Names" Smash Bros 3DS Music Review

    It isn't and understatement when I say THIS IS THE BEST SONG I've heard for any Smash Bros game EVER! This is the one right here!

    Sylvalum (Piano) - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Synthesia Tutorial

    This video is a piano tutorial (Synthesia) of the track "PianoX3" from the Xenoblade Chronicles X OST. Check my videoscore on the channel too ! VideoScore .

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names with Lyrics | Fiddledo

    This was a lot of fun to make; and it took about three months to complete. The song itself went through a lot of changes and I made several different versions of it.

    (it's not me playing) ゼノブレイド 『名を冠する者たち』を演奏にしてみた方はこちら sm18894685.

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names in Trove

    A music cover of "You Will Know Our Names" from Xenoblade Chronicles made in Trove (Minecraft-esque MMORPG), using the note blocks system. Here's my .

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names Mashup

    8-Bit: Bulby - Guitar: Beau Zachowski - Kazoo: Tsuko G.

    [Music] Xenoblade Chronicles ► You Will Know Our Names ║Extended║

    Game: Xenoblade Chronicles Platform(s): Wii, Nintendo 3DS Music: You Will Know Our Names Album: Xenoblade Original Soundtrack .

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names (Piano Cover)

    Xenoblade Chronicles - "You Will Know Our Names" 【Guitar Cover】|| jparecki95 & SirBlambleofGam

    I'M REALLY FEELING IT Support me on Patreon! ▻ Subscribe to SirBlambleofGam here: .

    Piano - Xenoblade Chronicles : They Will Know Our Names

    Sorry about the background noise XD.

    [Guitar Hero Anime] Xenoblade - "You Will Know Our Names / Those Who Bear Their Name" - ACE+

    This is the (star) power of the Monado! It needed to be charted. IT NEEDED TO BE CHARTED. Sorry for the missed notes during the verses. My guitar's having a .

    Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names (X1/X2-Style)

    Done at wristrocketshot's request. I think I'm going to take a break from the X2 mixes for a while and go back to X1 for a time, now that I've ripped the X1 samples .

    You Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles (Cover) - Famitracker (8-Bit)

    This cover took forever, and it's probably my best work yet. We hit 4000 views recently. My sincerest thanks to all my subscribers and viewers, you guys mean so .

    Psynoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Styles (feat. Death Grips)

    "This is bad." - Shulk MP3:

    Megaraptor - You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles Metal)

    More Video Game Metal My version of this very rocking .

    You Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles Cover

    Hey everyone! It's another anniversary - I uploaded the Pokemedley FOUR YEARS AGO. Gah, is this what getting old feels like? Anyway! I recruited one of the .

    Xenoblade Chronicles: You Will Know Our Names Cover

    So Xenoblade Chronicles has an incredible soundtrack. You know, on top of being an awesome game. Hope you like this arrangement of You Will Know Our .

    Composed by ACE+.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X - Theme X - Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

    INFO: -Game: Xenoblade Chronicles X -Music: Theme X -Original Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano -Software used for arranging: FL Studio 11 -Software used for .

    [Mabinogi Music]Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names

    Greetings from the Ruairi Server! Original: Thanks to MixMasterYoshi for making a MIDI and piano score: .

    Alexandra Daddario Instagram: News: Twitter:

    The Latest on charges filed against teenager in death of Uber driver. (all times local): 8 p.m. Horrifying and saddening is how the sister of an Uber driver is describing his death, allegedly at...

    We were sent the below clip with no information. Sheӳ hot AF but we have absolutely no clue who she is. If you guys can figure it out then plug us in. Check it...

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    You will be missed cards

    you will be missed cards

    You will be missed cards

    You will be missed cards

    You will be missed cards

    If you’re Steam Level 5 and above, you’ll get a North Pole Noir Sale trading card once you view all the items in your daily Steam Discovery Queue. You can continue and go through your Discovery Queue two more times each day to get a maximum of three card drops each day. (If you reach Steam Level 5 before the end of the sale, you’ll be granted the cards you earned by exploring your Steam Discovery Queue during the sale).

    You gain levels by crafting badges. You can buy missing cards on the market or you can trade for the cards you are missing. There is also a community badge which you can get by just doing things on steam.

    The stuff - cards, badges, the works are all virtual, no-one can see them if they don't click on your profile, and TBH I can't REALLY see the point of them.

    You gain levels by crafting badges. You can buy missing cards on the market or you can trade for the cards you are missing. There is also a community badge which you can get by just doing things on steam.

    I've been doing the badge for the community abassador stuff, but I can't find anyone with the cards I am missing and I don't want to pay for Steam funds just to trade or buy cards I need right now. I would rather buy games that are on sale.

    You gain levels by crafting badges. You can buy missing cards on the market or you can trade for the cards you are missing. There is also a community badge which you can get by just doing things on steam.

    I've been doing the badge for the community abassador stuff, but I can't find anyone with the badges I am missing and I don't want to pay for Steam funds just to trade or buy cards I need right now. I would rather buy games that are on sale.

    If you complete the last 4 items for the community badge you will be level 5. You have until 1.4.16 and doing your que now will grant you with the cards once you hit 5

    " (If you reach Steam Level 5 before the end of the sale, you’ll be granted the cards you earned by exploring your Steam Discovery Queue during the sale)."

    I've been doing the badge for the community abassador stuff, but I can't find anyone with the badges I am missing and I don't want to pay for Steam funds just to trade or buy cards I need right now. I would rather buy games that are on sale.

    If you complete the last 4 items for the community badge you will be level 5. You have until 1.4.16 and doing your que now will grant you with the cards once you hit 5

    " (If you reach Steam Level 5 before the end of the sale, you’ll be granted the cards you earned by exploring your Steam Discovery Queue during the sale)."

    I'll look into it. I'll see if I can figure out how to do a few of them. I don't know if my phone will download the steam app without flopping like a fish but I'll try. ;P

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    You will be missed card

    you will be missed card

    No, not the credit card, ATi’s master cards. Quoting internal ATi memos and roadmaps, the guys at AT have found that the next generation 80nm RV570 and RV560 GPUs will have CrossFire capability built-in. The cards will very likely require a bridging connector, an implementation very similar to nVidia’s SLi.

    These memos also reveal to us that due to the on-chip Crossfire will allow the possibility of multi-GPU dice and packaging. Several manufacturers attempted multiple GPUs on a single card over the last couple years with very minimal success.

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    With the Diversity Visa (also known as Green Card) you will enjoy all the advantages and benefits of a U.S. permanent

    resident, including health and education benefits, and employment opportunities along with guidance in your new country,

    orientation sessions and programs to integrate into mainstream American society. Once received you can use it at any time

    you want to move in the United States or just travel. U.S. Government helps you with the accommodation and offers you

    Health Insurance (Freedom HSA Direct Individual Health insurance for 1 year), Dwelling (Apartment in any city you prefer, 1 bedroom for 3 months ), a

    guaranteed job (in the field that you are are currently qualified so you can start working even from the first week you arrive in the United States and

    get paid as U.S citizen. ) and education (for U.S. Students or Higher Education through Education USA. It includes transfer to a U.S college or

    University so you can continue your educational study.

    Is the Diversity Visa FREE?

    No. There is a big confusion. Only the participation in the Diversity Visa Lottery was free but the winners must pay the visa processing fees.

    Although the Diversity Visa participation was free, the law and regulations require to every diversity visa winner to pay a visa processing fee of US

    51,250.00. The Diversity Visa (Green Card) is guaranteed upon receiving the payment. The per person fee for each Diversity Visa is US 51,250.00,

    payable in U.S. dollars or equivalent of your local currency.

    This US 51,250.00 fee is the only fee a winner needs to pay throughout the entire relocation process. Accompanying family members (wife/husband,

    fiancee, brothers, sisters, children, cousins) may be included in the program and their visas will be provided at the same time with yours so you can

    travel/move together in the same time. However the fees must be paid per person and each member(e.g wife, brother, parents, children, cousin) must

    pay US $1,250.00. There is no discount for children.

    Please note that you are allowed to take with you as many family members you want. If your marital status has changed (you have a domestic partner

    or you got married) from the time you applied for the Green Card you can apply for your new family members. Also, you can transfer the green card to

    another member of your family. However for each person you must pay an additional amount of US $1,250.00.

    For example if you decide to move in the United States with your wife and a kid the total fee is US 51,250.00 (yourfee) + US 51,250.00 (your wife's

    fee) + US 51,250.00 (your kid's fee) = US $3,750.00.

    PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of State uses the fee payment primarily to process your visa related documents and verify your identity. Also you

    will get plane tickets for your travel. You can use the tickets at any time you want to move in the United States or just travel.

      Step 1: You need to email at [email protected] your passport and the passport or National ID of your accompanying family members (

      only if this is the case ); if you do not have a passport you can use your National ID or Birth Certificate; please include your last name, your case

      number, your contact phone number and the full name of all the accompanying family members; Example: (Identity ID or Passport for each member

      of your family, the full name for each member of your family, your case number and your contact phone number)"; Formats File Acceptable: JPG,


      IMPORTANT: You must send your documents with 24 hours before paying the processing fees; please do not send your documents earlier because

      this may result in system delays for processing your application.

      Step 2: You need to pay the processing fees; within 48 hours after you have emailed the documents, you will receive a confirmation via email with the

      details that you need for paying the processing fees; the fees can be paid using bank transfer and will be processed by the U.S. Special Consular

      SelVices Unit from Spain, the U.S. Special Consular SelVices Unit decided this based on the diplomatic relations with your country; Please note that

      we can send you the payment instructions only after we have received and verified your documents.

      Step 3: After you have paid the processing fees, within 72 hours, you will receive a confirmation via email with the exact date and time of the final

      intelView; upon successful intelView you will receive your documents and travel information to move in the United States; please note that you can

      choose the country where the intelView will take place; the processing fees are fully refundable, if you will not pass the intelView we will refund you

      the processing fees.

      Step 4: After the final intelView we will provide you the travel documents within 7 working days; you can move or travel to United States at any time,

      Example: you can move or travel to United States after 5 days, 5 months or 5 years, the date you chose to move or travel to United States is your

      IMPORTANT: Once you have received the winning notification, you have 7 working days for paying the processing fees. You are strongly encouraged

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      Please note that the status of your confirmation number will be updated within 24 hours after you have paid the processing fees. You have been

      selected winner of the Diversity Visa lottery so the visa is guaranteed upon receiving the payment fees on time.

        Do not submit your documents for processing the application if you are not able to pay the fees within 7 working days; if the processing fees are not

        paid in maximum 7 working days, you will be negative flagged in our database and this may cause in the future when you submit again your

        application; also, do not submit the documents if you don't agree with the integration process described in this letter because we cannot change our

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        Последний раз в сети: 4 дн. назад

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        You'll be randomly assigned a team once you select the "Get Started" button from the Summer Adventure webpage. The notification will let you know which team you're on. You'll also get an icon on your Steam profile letting others know which team you're on.

        Crafting a Summer Adventure trading card deck will give you the rare chance of finding a team token. Team tokens allow you to switch teams when used. There's also a rare chance to find a token which allows you to steal points from another team, and another to significantly boost your points.

        For every $10 USD you spend on the Steam Summer sale you'll receive a Summer Adventure trading card. Please note this excludes pre-purchases and in-game purchases.

        Every eight hours a brand new community choice vote will appear on the front page of the Steam store. This allows community members to vote on the game they would like to see go on sale next. For every three votes you make in the community choice vote you'll receive a Summer Adventure trading card.

        Steam has a number games that have trading card decks associated with them. During the Steam summer sale crafting any badge for any game will give you a Summer Adventure trading card.

        If you're missing cards from your deck you can trade for them through Steam. Any items you receive from crafting a deck is also tradeable. If you're unfamiliar with how to trade on Steam you can read my Beginner's Guide to Trading or you can visit the Official Steam Trading FAQ.

        Cards and rewards can be sold and purchased on the Steam Community Market. If you're unfamiliar with how to use the Steam Community Market you can read my guide or you can visit the official Steam Market FAQ.

        Once you've collected every card in the deck the Craft Badge button will light up near the top of the page. Crafting the badge will consume the cards you collected.

        Once the crafting is complete it will display the results of your craft. The items you've earned will be placed into your inventory.

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        You oh me money

        you oh me money

        You oh me money

        possessor of twenty million dollars. He was a tall, spare man, with a

        fringe of reddish-brown hair encircling a bald spot. His blue eyes,

        fixed just now in a steady gaze upon a row of ponderous law books

        across the room, were friendly and benevolent in direct contradiction

        to the bulldog, never-let-go fighting qualities of the square jaw

        below the firm, rather thin lips.

        garb, hair, and mustache, sat idly watching him, yet with eyes that

        looked so intently that they seemed to listen.

        silence when the millionaire spoke.

        scrutinizing glance usually reserved for the witness on the other

        side. Then quietly came the answer.

        but one suit of clothes at a time, nor eat but one dinner--which, by

        the way, just now consists of somebody's health biscuit and hot water.

        Twenty millions don't really what you might call melt away at that

        hand. "I thought better of you than that. This poor rich man's 'one-

        suit, one-dinner, one-bed-at-a-time' hard-luck story doesn't suit your

        style. Better cut it out!"

        was nettled. You didn't get me at all. I asked you what was to become

        of my money after I'd done spending it myself--the little that is

        like mother used to make? Why, man alive, you're barely over fifty,

        yet. Cheer up! It's only a little matter of indigestion. There are a

        lot of good days and good dinners coming to you, yet."

        earnest. No, I don't think I'm going to die--yet awhile. But I ran

        across young Bixby last night--got him home, in fact. Delivered him to

        his white-faced little wife. Talk about your maudlin idiots!"

        thinking--of mine, when I get through with them."

        made your will, I believe."

        thing like that, isn't it? And when we're so mighty particular where

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        You need to be logged in to log out

        you need to be logged in to log out

        I installed various window managers (Awesome, dwm, etc.) from which I am not able to log out back to the login screen (gnome-session) in order to switch to another window manager. I need to reboot to do that, which is a waste of time (and can lead to data corruption).

        ..neither did this:

        Is there a quick way to log out back into Gnome's session manager from a non-Gnome desktop manager using a terminal emulator? I know that CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE can be configured to restart X, but I'm looking for the easiest way to log out.

        Updated: Login/Logout Method for Basic Authentication

        The situation: a kiosk application where people in the community would log in to a web page, request some materials, then log out again. The users are all in our Active Directory login system. How can you construct it so that a user can log out, and the next log in, without forcing them to close and re-open the browser?

        Not so simple, but doable. Here’s the method I used with Linux, PHP and JavaScript. Bear in mind, the process is that a user logs in, does some work, and then clicks a link to log out. This will go to a new page we’ll create called “logout.php”.

        First you have to set up your .htaccess file to properly lock users out until they log in with their Active Directory or LDAP credentials. Here’s what my file looks like, sanitized for my protection:

        AuthName "Media Manager"

        Fill in a couple of blanks here. You will absolutely need the cooperation of whoever manages your ldap server to get the “yourusername” and “yourpassword” entries. These will be credentials that allow your application to talk to the ldap server. Other values in the AuthLDAPURL string may vary too. This is probably the single hardest part — untangling the cryptic parameters you need to pass to get the information you need.

        But once you have it, save it into the subdirectory your web application lives in as .htaccess.

        Would you be surprised to learn that you have to do this differently in Internet Explorer than you do in Firefox? Me neither. But in this case, the IE version is simpler. You can do it with a simple JavaScript command. First, you need to have jQuery installed.

        Once you have it, create a file called “logout.php” and put it in the same directory as your .htaccess file. start out the file with the usual opening <php?, and add this code:

        // Check username and password:

        if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) &9amp; isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']))<

        // Does the user want to login or logout?

        // reset is a special login for logout

        We’re setting up some basic variables, setting initial statuses to false, and then pulling out the username and password from the credentials the user has already entered when they originally logged in to use your application.

        If the username and password are both “reset,” bogus entries that I’ll explain below, the user is attempting to log out with an ajax request. If that’s the case, then we generate one set of HTML. It can be as simple as:

        // The user clicked on "Logout"

        print 'You are now logged out.';

        The first time a user hits the logout.php page, he’ll already be logged in, and his credentials are sitting in the cache. The value of $LoginSuccessful will have been set to “true” in the initial block of PHP code, and so you’ll need to give them something else.

        The real credentials passed in — which by definition they are, since your user had to log in to get here in the first place — means they’ve clicked your link to “logout.php” for the first time and you need to show them the entire page.

        Call in the jQuery libraries:

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        Then, drop this into your <head9gt; section. Note that this has been updated:

        <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

        //not an IE browser

        With the latest versions of Firefox, the call to ClearAuthenticatonCache didn’t throw an error, so the catch block was never called. By reversing the order, it now works in IE9 and Firefox 15.

        The jQuery ajax call I mentioned above is made in the “catch” block to the same page you’re on, passing in the bogus username/password combination of “reset” and “reset”, then sending a 401 status code — “Not Authorized.” This is what has the effect of clearing out the Firefox authentication cache by replacing the values that work — the user’s original login and password — with values that won’t — “reset” and “reset”.

        It’s triggered by a single line in the HTML of the page:

        The last thing that’s needed is a way to catch other kinds of requests, such as the user entering the wrong combination three times, or giving up.

        header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Top-secret area"');

        header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');

        print "Sorry, login failed!\n";

        print '<a href="http://' . $CurrentUrl . '">Try again</a9gt;';

        Either way, the user should be logged out, and a new (correct) login and password will have to be passed in for the application to work again. Here’s the complete code of the page.

        // Check username and password:

        if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) &9amp; isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW']))<

        // Does the user want to login or logout?

        <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

        <title9gt;Example | Logged Out</title9gt;

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        // The user clicked on "Logout"

        print 'You are now logged out.';

        else if ($LoginSuccessful)<

        <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

        <title9gt;Example | Log Out</title9gt;

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        <script src="" type="text/javascript">9lt;/script9gt;

        <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

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        You haven’t

        The 7 Best Mobility Exercises You Haven&#8217;t Tried Yet

        You haven't

        Years ago, having “flexibility” meant you did a few toe touches pre- and post-workout to loosen up. Now, in search of better flexibility, you’re likely to stumble across dozens of different yoga classes, tons of new tools like bands and foam rollers, and a confusing assortment of stretches and guidelines that all seem a bit conflicting.

        And then there’s MobilityWOD (Mobility Workout of the Day) — a series of daily videos designed to help you move better. Started by Dr. Kelly Starrett, physical therapist and coach in San Francisco, California, the goal of MobilityWOD is to give people the tools necessary to perform basic maintenance on their body. Have a bum knee? Learn the basics to help take care of it (maybe work on the inner thigh or try the calf , for starters).

        Mobility sounds great, but how exactly does it differ from the stretches we’ve been doing for ages? Stretching normally focuses solely on the muscle itself. Mobility is a more all-encompassing practice that addresses multiple elements that influence performance. According to Starrett, this includes the sliding surfaces (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia), and the the joint and motor control necessary to perform a movement correctly.

        Starrett and his team have published over a thousand videos to help you kickstart your mobility practice. We spoke with Starrett and certified personal trainer and international speaker, Dean Somerset,В to help you get the most out of your movement.

        1. Make mobility personal.

        While our joints might function similarly on the surface, our bones, ligaments and tendons are all slightly different. This means a mobility exercise that works well for your lifting partner might not be suited for you. Somerset clarifies, &#8220;You have to pick the right exercise for the person, and not the other way around.&#8221; Starrett often uses the phrase, “own your practice” to reference the sense of empowerment each athlete should feel over their own mobility work. You’re in charge of deciding what specific area of the body you need to work on most. You’re also responsible for how far you push yourself into the movement.

        2. Take deep breaths.

        Breathing can have a huge effect on how much you benefit from a particular movement. Slow, controlled breathing increases the parasympathetic response, helping to relax your body and reduce tension. “It should almost be like a releasing of air, not like you&#8217;re pushing the air out,” stresses Somerset.

        Starrett challenges athletes to hold positions beyond the typical 30 seconds. “One of the biggest errors that we&#8217;ve seen is that people don&#8217;t mobilize long enough to actually make change,” he explains. Holding a position for two minutes or longer gives the tissues a chance to adapt and you a chance to get comfortable.

        Pain is a telltale indicator that a specific area needs some work. “If I say put the ball on the back of your shoulder to address the soft tissue there, and you find anything that&#8217;s painful, you stop,” says Starrett. “That&#8217;s the place you have to work.”

        That doesn’t mean all pain is good pain, though. Somerset adds that too much pain actually works against you. “The body&#8217;s natural instinct is to guard itself and protect itself. It&#8217;s going to push back and get tighter.” So, how much pain is too much? Stay away from anything that hurts excessively. If you’re feeling a burning nerve pain, for example, that’s probably too far says Starrett.

        5. Work mobility into your routine.

        While mobility exercises can be extremely beneficial, Starrett doesn’t want you to work on these exercises all day, every day. He stresses that athletes need to get out and practice. Think of mobility as a piece to your training puzzle. Get in the gym to see how you’re moving and what needs some work. Then, work on those specific elements with targeted mobility work. Rest and repeat.

        Mobility work shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Regardless of how inflexible you might think you are, you won’t need to spend hours a day to reap the benefits. According to Starrett, you just need to start somewhere. Here are some of our favorite MobilityWODs that each take less than 15 minutes. Try doing one a day to build a habit. Then, branch out and explore the vast video archives focusing on areas where you feel particularly tight.

        You’ve probably squatted in the gym during a workout. Maybe you’ve even done a few reps prior to hitting the weight room floor as a warm-up. Starrett challenges athletes in this MobilityWOD to hold the bottom position of a squat for 10 minutes. Starrett explains that in countries where people assume this deep squat position more regularly, there tends to be a lower occurrence of hip disease and low back or disc disease.

        Be mindful of: Your feet. They should be pointed straight forward, not out to the side. Similarly, force your knees out rather than letting them cave in.

        2. Correct Your Calves

        Foot problems, knee problems, hip problems…they all can have one common ancestor: the calf complex. In this exercise duo, Starrett combines a banded calf stretch with self-myofascial release. The former helps to improve the range of motion at the joint. The latter takes care of any knots in the sliding surfaces of the muscle.

        Be mindful of: Your knee. By bending your knee during the initial stretch, you can target more of the soleus, or the lower part of your calf. Straightening the knee targets your gastrocnemius (the upper part). You’ll want to spend time working on both!

        3. Lengthen the Front of Your Hip

        You’ve probably heard the research indicating sitting isn’t great for our health. There’s another area where it’s wreaking havoc — your posture. When we sit all the time, the front of our hips tighten up, which can cause movement restrictions. In this video, Starrett uses a trio of exercises to open up the hip flexors and quads.

        Be mindful of: Your back. The second exercise in the video places your foot up against a wall to attack your quad using both the hip and the knee joint. Many individuals aren’t even flexible enough to get in the proper position for that exercise, says Somerset. With your foot up against the wall, make sure you’re core is tight and your lower back isn’t hyperextended. If you’re having trouble getting into position, try moving your knee away from the wall (this will reduce the stretch on your quad).

        4. Cure Hamstring Stiffness

        Starrett approaches hamstring stiffness using two methods you probably haven’t seen before. One focuses on a closed chain stretch, where your feet are planted on the floor while you move your torso and hips around that fixed point. The other is an open chain, which involves moving your foot around while you’re lying down. It’s the perfect combo to take care of hamstring stiffness.

        Be mindful of: Your speed. During the second half of the video, Starrett has his client lying down lowering his leg against tension and slowly controlling it on the way up. Don’t let your leg fly back up into a stretch.

        5. Fix Your Squat

        Nearly every joint in your body is flexing, extending and twisting during a squat. Starrett explains that one of the most common mistakes he sees is at the foot. The foot will roll inward causing what he calls a “navicular bone drop.” This tends to pull the knees inward and increase risk for ligament tears. To correct this issue, Starrett starts at the hip joint ensuring that athletes have enough mobility to protect the knees.

        Be mindful of: Your hip. This exercise requires constant vigilance to notice where you’re tight so you can reposition yourself. Starrett continually uses the term “exploration” when describing the movement, so don’t check out once you think you’ve found the sweet spot.

        6. Lengthen Out Overhead

        When we’re sitting, we’re normally hunched forward in a rounded position. This limits our ability to get our arms over head whether that’s reaching up into a cabinet or pressing a weight. Using a band to aid the stretch, Starrett attacks the shoulder joint from five different directions to increase mobility.

        Be mindful of: Where you’re tight. It’s time for some informed freestyling. While Starrett takes you through five distinct movements, focus on where you feel especially restricted and make sure you adjust the exercise to address those areas.

        7. Correct Desk Posture

        Rounded posture also causes issues with the thoracic spine, or the segment between your neck and core. When this area of the spine is hunched forward, it becomes harder to breathe effectively. In this video, Starrett places a Rad Roller (lacrosse balls taped together can work as well) right below his shoulder blades and uses a series of overhead reaches to open up the thoracic area.

        Be mindful of: Your core. Somerset explains that if your core isn’t tight, you could be in for trouble. &#8220;If you’re not bracing the core properly to get the thoracic spine to move, you end up creating movement somewhere else along the chain.” That “somwhere else” could mean your lower back, which misses the goal of the movement.

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        How do you make a new account that will work with Facebook ads after your last one was disabled?

        1. If you ever made another Facebook account in the past, use that one. Facebook likes older accounts a lot and gives them a LOT more leeway when it comes to screwing up. If you do not have another account, you can ask your family or friends if they have an account you can use. You might be surprised to find they have an extra one or don’t need one themselves. You also can buy an account from a third party which is risky but might work if you have no friends, family, and you have already failed to create another account successfully.
        2. If you need to create a new account or have an account you can use, plan to make sure the billing information for that new account matches what you are going to use. At a bare minimum, the billing zip code you give Facebook in the future should match that on your credit card. Ideally, your name and birthday should match as well. If you are using someone else’s account, you can get them an extra credit card on the account you want to use with Facebook ads. This should be a new credit account completely from any you attempted to use in the past.
        3. After you have access to the account, you should use it WITHOUT MAKING ADS for a minimum of one week the way a normal user would. If you really want to be on the safe side, I recommend at least one month. I have used every account prior to making ads with it for at least six months. This means logging on from the same location, posting content, adding at least 30 friends, looking at other people’s pages, and liking a few Facebook pages. Facebook knows exactly how most people go about trying to create or use another account for ads. You need to look like a normal user to their algorithms if you want to create a new account.
        4. Once you have established a normal pattern of use for your account, then you can attempt to make a Facebook ad. You should be sure to use a credit card for billing that is different than what you used last time and make sure to promote a very safe thing for your first ad. A page about dogs or a friend’s page that is already successfully running ads is a good idea. Facebook will tolerate you trying to promote some things after you establish a pattern of successful advertising without disabling your account. Start safe and ease your way back into having a successful ads account.
        5. With your account now working, be careful about what you make ads for. Never do anything on the list I shared above and you should be in good shape!

        If you did not do anything on the first list of questions and your Facebook ads account was disabled, see if you might have ran into problems with anything on this list.

        • Did you change your funding source?
        • Does your billing zip code on your credit card match what you gave Facebook?
        • Is your credit card still valid and showing available credit?
        • Does your name on your credit card match your Facebook account name?
        • Did you use PayPal to pay for your Facebook ads?
        • Do you have any chargebacks on your credit card or PayPal account that are against Facebook? PayPal sometimes will automatically do this.
        • Did you create your ads on Facebook from a location where you do not normally use Facebook?
        • Were you using a proxy server or remote work station?
        • Did you try to advertise a URL that was 404 or loaded really slow?
        • How many times did you try to change your ad once you submitted it originally?

        If you think your Facebook ads account got disabled as a result of any of these issues, you have a chance at making a successful appeal.

        How do you make an appeal to get your disabled Facebook ads account back?

        1. Start with a mindset that you are thankful they can help you, you are sorry you made whatever mistake you did, and you have faith they will fix it. I know this is REALLY hard because I had had several online advertising accounts suspended when I got started and they all felt like a punch in the stomach. I was mad days. I made the mistake of appealing when I was still pissed. I believe strongly the people receiving your response are human beings and will respond in kind to the tone you use with them. If you think of saying to them what you would want someone to say to you if you were in their position, you will have a good shot at getting your appeal successfully approved.
        2. When you are past the natural anger, frustration, and disappointment that comes with your Facebook ads account disabled, use the link they send you and read everything twice before taking any action.
        3. Give honest answers to every question and try every solution prior to submitting your appeal. For example, if they ask about adding another funding source and you did, say yes. If you have not tried to do this, try it before proceeding with your appeal.
        4. When you have tried every solution they ask if you have tried prior to making the appeal, continue by explaining carefully every single thing you did and where there might be a problem. If you were traveling, let them know you accessed Facebook from a place you do not normally. To make this the best, you should submit this appeal from where you normally use Facebook. Make sure they know you are the only person that has access to the account.
        5. Make sure every empty space they give you is filled with your best explanation of what happened, your thankfulness for their help in getting your account reactivated, and your faith that you will make a good ads customer for them.
        6. Wait forever for their response. People consistently report across Facebook community help in this that responses took a week or longer.

        You cannot sell until your account is older

        What if you cannot get access to your disabled Facebook ads account again or you cannot ever run Facebook ads because your account has been banned?

        • These are a few alternatives to Facebook ads that you might get better results with and see a lot less frustration using.
        1. Google AdWords for video which is how you show ads on YouTube. I am the most excited about showing ads on YouTube and for the last year have dedicated the majority of my online advertising budget to Google AdWords for video. If you make videos people will watch, you can easily rank your YouTube videos well by making ads for them like I have. More than 90% of my paid ad budget goes to YouTube ads because they have given me by far the best return on any advertising I have ever done online. Would you like to learn how to make your own YouTube ads now? See how in my Google AdWords and YouTube HD video courses for free at! Learn why I think YouTube is the absolute best resource for building a business online in my new YouTube book on Audible.
        2. Google AdWords. Google’s search and display advertising system is powerful and will drive you more insane than Facebook ads. Still, getting approved is much easier and if you get your first five accounts suspended, making six new ones is no problem! You are welcome to make all the same mistakes I did learning Google AdWords or you can skip straight to getting results by learning from my mistakes instead in my Google AdWords HD video courses available free at
        3. Build completely for organic traffic. After spending over $200,000 on paid ads for my business, I have learned the GREAT importance of building a business that relies on people finding me AT THE RIGHT TIME through organic search, sharing, and browsing. YouTube is BY FAR the best way to do this and you might enjoy learning exactly how to build a YouTube based business the way I am in my new YouTube book on Audible. Seeing is believing. Take a look at my YouTube channel.

        Thank you for reading this post! I hope it was helpful!

        • If you want to get the newest helpful articles I write, scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up via email!
        • If you are at the point where you just got your Facebook ads account disabled, now is the best time to ask for help growing your online business. When I got my Google AdWords account suspended, I was most in need of help with my business and I wish I would have used that opportunity to get help. Instead, I spent two more years struggling to figure things out on my own. If you want to fast forward your progress, hire me to help!

        I did not plan on writing about this today. Over the last year, I have received a lot of messages about people having their Facebook ads account disabled. I generally referred them to a warrior forum thread. Today, I received this message.

        Hi Jerry. I think it is awesome from all different ways you seem to be able to help people all over You Tube and other forms of social media.I would be in debt to you greatly if you could advise me on what to do in this situation. Months ago I decided to start promoting ads using Facebook paid advertising and was seeing really good results. Within a couple of weeks like many others, my ads account was shut down for &#8220;unusual activity.&#8221; I then had an idea to learn more about it, and invested in a course on how to promote using Facebook ads correctly. I opened a new Facebook ads account in my spouses name (she never had an account before and doesn&#8217;t use Facebook), and bought a new debit card only to be used for promoting Facebook ads. Within 3 days, that account was flagged, and again for &#8220;unusual activity&#8221; (also used a different computer for that account). I am determined to promote at least 2-3 small businesses on Facebook, but am wondering what would I need to do if I opened another account from scratch and another new card? (I also sent the ads management team all the info they requested such as my driver&#8217;s license the first time this happened). Any help would be tremendous! Thank you much!

        While I was writing my reply, I linked to the warrior forum thread I had been sending people to. I then started offering some additional tips and remembered that I had been sending a lot of other people to that warrior forum thread. I thought that the fact I was writing tips out for this in addition to the thread was a good indication that perhaps a more in depth article would be helpful. I started writing this one now and hope it has proven helpful for you!

        If you want to see an example of someone that got their account back, here&#8217;s an email I received in May 2014!

        I want to thank you for doing all you do for us Facebook Newbies. I wanted to tell you that I DID get Facebook to reverse their standing and HOW I got my Facebook ads back up and running after 3 days. I submitted 5 “appeals”. Each time I would go to the Ads Manager and it would have the message, I would fill in the form and I would explain the situation in more and more detail. Finally I sent this:

        It was my FIRST time, how can you determine that? I own multiple small companies, I used my (BANK) account for &#8220;Fabulous Company&#8221; because I also have that one as a BUSINESS on FB (it is listed on my page with Velocity Company) and I was going to do ads on that one the same day. I live in Kirkland Washington, my office is in Kenmore, a mere 2 miles from where I live, my business accounts use THAT address, because THAT is where my business resides, I was at home doing these ads because I needed privacy from distractions (I am 61, disabled and this stuff is not easy for me). If the issue is THAT, that is fully explained here. Is it that my IP address shows Kirkland/Bothell and my address for my account is in Kenmore? There should be a better way to handle an issue like this. As a business man, I am appalled at how FB is handling this. I only want to use FB as another tool to grow my business and in this economy, all tools are necessary. If I cannot find a way to increase my business, I will be forced to downsize and that will affect a few families as I will not be able to pay them. I am asking you to reconsider your decision. Jim Knox 503-383-1534”

        Only as a ‘team’ we are stronger than our adversaries and adversities.

        Highest and warmest regards,

        Within the hour, my ads started running. That was at 12:48 P. M. on Friday, May 2. As of this writing I have spent $32.65 and have 1,082 LIKES!

        When it hits 5,000 LIKES I will go to the marketing stage.

        If anyone contacts you with a similar problem, you have my explicit permission to use the above in its entirety, name and phone number included.

        I really appreciate this feedback from Jim Knox about how he got his advertising account back! I have searched and not found much evidence that people have been successful in getting their accounts back. Jim&#8217;s success story is one I hope can motivate you if your Facebook ads account is disabled to give it a try! I appreciate the time you took the read this post and hope you will not have to see the message below any longer!

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        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Can Amazon shut down your selling account on a whim?

        One of the unfortunate risks associated with depending on any of the &#8220;big boy&#8221; websites like google, youtube, eBay, paypal, and yes our much beloved Amazon is the fact that they hold all the cards.

        Seemingly on a whim they&#8217;ve been known to press the delete button and flush away a sellers account in a moment. Usually a severe rule infraction has occurred, but not always. Usually justice is done in the end (accounts restored), but not always. In spite of the seeming injustice of it all, we are forced to conclude that it&#8217;s just part of the game right?

        Sure, playing by the rules doesn&#8217;t hurt, but the rules are always shifting about and Amazon (and all the other big boys) are fickle partners at best. It&#8217;s a cat and mouse game that many old school eBay sellers from the early 2000&#8217;s can easily related to. I know of exactly zero big time eBay sellers from the early 2000&#8217;s who slept soundly each night with the secure thought in mind &#8220;eBay has my back &#8211; it&#8217;s all good.&#8221;

        Our solutions to these issues:

        1. The best solution to such risks is to establish multiple streams of income. That&#8217;s why our community is built on the &#8220;C.E.S.&#8221; model (each letter in CES is a different biz model I&#8217;ve built, and my team and I teach those models to others.) The three models work great together and compliment each other while operating independent of each other. My $5 &#8220;Silent Sales Machine&#8221; book has details (sold on Amazon)

        2. We have content coming out soon that will show you how to have multiple Amazon selling accounts and ELIMINATE the risk of being &#8220;shut down.&#8221; I can&#8217;t say more about it just yet, but it&#8217;s 100% legit. A note about this never before revealed training: No Amazon trickery or policy violations are occurring with this strategy. You&#8217;ll have a &#8220;why didn&#8217;t I think of that&#8221; reaction initially, and then the success story of our case study students will blow your mind.

        While you may not get the feeling that Amazon, eBay, Google or Youtube have &#8220;got your back&#8221;, our community, my team, and I sure do. We aren&#8217;t a herd to be toyed with &#8211; we are tight nit community of creative entrepreneurs who simply roll on when circumstances shift.

        Stay tuned for the release of these great training courses and much more of what we have in store for our community &#8211; we are here for YOU.

        Comment on this blog post using the above links, or join the conversation on Facebook

        UPDATE ONE DAY LATER: In a crazy twist of irony, the same day I published this article my own youtube account was suspended! Get the detail &#8211; click here to see how we are managing the youtube suspension.

        Diana Ratliff says

        Look forward to the &#8220;multiple Amazon accounts&#8221; insight &#8211; will help a lot of people! And you&#8217;re right, there is increased fear of &#8220;putting all your eggs in one basket&#8221; when it comes to online income, especially if your livelihood depends on it.

        It&#8217;s unwise though to build these multiple streams without guidance and research. I&#8217;m writing an article right now on why I cannot promote a lady&#8217;s website &#8211; it should never have been built in the first place. There is no unique niche, no audience for these brand-name products (no reason to buy them from her). She is missing out big-time by not staying in touch with previous customers, also.

        Your communities are an incredible source of support, advice and solid info, and I appreciate what you have created, there! Nothing else like it online that I know of.

        Where will these details be posted when available .

        as soon as possible to member of our community, and in my free newsletter.

        One of my side streams of income is helping suspended and banned Amazon sellers get reinstated and I&#8217;ve been blown away by how many sellers have been kicked off the platform &#8211; many of them because they were ignorant, not evil. I can&#8217;t wait to see your approach for multiple accounts and to share it with my readers.

        We can&#8217;t wait to share it with you! Thanks for the support!

        how do you do that? i was banned in 2006 or 7 after selling since 2002 or 3, because of one late shipment (my own fault, trying to balance work & amazon, but a stern warning would&#8217;ve woke me up). I&#8217;ve never been able to get reinstated. only tried once or twice. got a link to your service info? i just joined the PAC, so I don&#8217;t know if you can IM me or not. username: rdonahue

        I had my account suspended in November but still have full access to my account, how do I contact you for help in reinstating. Thanks

        Grant Healy says

        I too will look forward to what you have to say about multiple Amazon accounts. I have thought several times in the past that additional accounts could be useful, for a number of different reasons. Thanks for continuously keeping your eyes above the horizon and looking for new opportunities for all of us to do things better.

        Howard Harkness says

        I think that another important consideration for an FBA business is an exit strategy. There will eventually come a time when you will shut down your business, whether you just get tired of it, you retire, you change your chosen path, or you just can&#8217;t run it any more for some reason.

        Great info as always!

        Tom Freeman says

        I remember contacting Amazon support not so long ago to ask for help re-activating a product in my Amazon account that looked to have been disabled. The Amazon associate then proceeded to upload a feed file in an attempt to restore the product. Whilst doing so the associate accidentally checked the &#8216;over write existing listings&#8217; box and inadvertently deleted all the product data in my account. The next day I checked my Amazon account to find that the one product was listed with all other data deleted &#8211; shucks!

        It took a lot of time to restore my account and all the product data, (listings, keywords, images, category positioning, etc) with no help from Amazon except for an apologetic message that read along the lines of &#8211; &#8220;were sorry for this associates actions &#8211; it wasn&#8217;t supposed to happen&#8221;.

        That was Amazon&#8217;s response and Amazon wasn&#8217;t able to restore my account product data. In return I lost weeks of sales and needed to commit a month of work rebuilding my account data. Luckily I was able to restore my account data and sales volume although the moral of this experience..

        ..I learned not to ask for help from Amazon.

        I should have known better after previous similar experiences with eBay and Google over the years, i.e. don&#8217;t reach out for help from these giant corporations &#8211; they have one goal and that&#8217;s to make as much money as possible.

        They won&#8217;t give a hoot if your business goes down the pan in a matter of seconds. Help can only come from the users building businesses on the platform, like Jim&#8217;s My Silent Team forum.

        Tim Simmons says

        My Son was shut down right before Christmas last year. In Amazon&#8217;s defense -they did give him several policy violation warnings and he did not take my advice to delete his listing and pull the product. (Chinese Lego knockoffs with &#8220;Lego compatible&#8221; in the title and description of details). His appeal was denied because Lego&#8217;s legal team was involved. We later got Lego to withdraw their complaint (they were very cooperative) but only after he had spent over a thousand $ in removal fees & deleted all his listings. He was reinstated in January 2015 but missed about $30K Christmas profit.

        Sasha Tania says

        I have been banned about a year ago and use eBay strictly until recently my account was suspended. So now I was searching if there was a way to get back on Amazon. Came up with some results and found sites like Aspkin forums and Auction Essistance who can help get you back on. I am just a little skeptical since Amazon&#8217;s policies forbid you from registering another account.

        Try to get reinstated. Be politely persistent. Use the resources from the article above.

        Don't Wait Until December to Sell Your Investment Losers

        The key, though, is not to let your usual tax procrastination stop you from considering your best tax-loss harvesting strategy right now.

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        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Sign up for Finance Report by AOL and get everything from business news to personal finance tips delivered directly to your inbox daily!

        Emails may offer personalized content or ads. Learn more. You may unsubscribe any time.

        If your account is sold to a collection agency how to do you find out when it was sold and how old the account is?

        Would you like to merge this question into it?

        Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        When the collection agency contacts you, they have to give you the opportunity to request information concerning the debt. You will have thirty days to send a written request to dispute the debt. And to ask for confirmation of the original creditor, the amount owed, when the account was remanded to the agency, etc.

        Can a repoed account be sold three times to different collection agencies with the last one demanding an amount exceeding the original loan?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        How do you find the payoff amount for an old collection account?

        When an old account is sold to another collection agency does the account become new again?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        If a collection account was sold to another collection agency is it correct that they should both show up on your credit report as late payments?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        How do you find out who you owe if the collection agencies keep selling the account?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        If your credit card account was charged off and sold to a collection agency should the credit card company report it as being paid satisfactory or a collection charge off?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Can collection agencies sell your account to another collection agency?

        How do you find out if an account has been turned over to a collection agency and what amount is owed?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Can you use a debt consolidation company if the credit card companies have already sold your accounts to collection agencies?

        Can a sold credit card account be collected on if the account is reported as charged off with a zero balance?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        How do you find out who the original creditor is after your account has been sold to a collection agency and 30 days have passed since they first contacted you?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Should you continue to pay on an account if you have been paying monthly on an account for two years with a collection agency who sold the account to another CA who in turn sold the account again?

        Can a collection agency continue to report a collection account to the credit bureau after the account is sold to another collection agency?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Can my account be sold to another collection agency?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        If account is sold to collections should original creditor remove that account?

        Can An Account that has been sent or sold to A collections agency still be considered an open account?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        How can you find out how much a collection agency was paid for your account?

        What account are affected when services are sold on account?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        You had a credit card account which they charged off and sold to a collection agency ca Now you have that charge off which carries a balance and a CA collecting on the same debt What could you do?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        Can a collection agency find out if you have a checking account if you dont tell them?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        I want to pay my old debt off from 2 years agi but have no idea how to find the debt collection agency that my debt was sold to.How can I?

        You cannot sell that until your account is older

        How long can a collection agency have an account for?

        Do you have to pay the original balance on account that has been sold to collection agency?

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        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        you can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        1. You are unmarried or considered unmarried on the last day of the year.

        2. You paid more than half the cost of keeping up your home for the year.

        3. A Qualifying Person lived with you in the home for more than half the year.

        1. Cannot take the credit for child and dependent care expenses, the Earned Income Credit, or the education credits.

        2. Cannot exclude any interest income from qualified U. S. savings bonds that you used to pay higher education expenses.

        3. Must include up to 85% of your social security income if your spouse lived with you at any time during the year.

        4. Cannot roll over amounts from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA if your spouse lived with you at any time during the year.

        5. Will be subject to reduced deductions and credits for capital losses, the child tax credit, retirement savings contribution credit.

        1. You do not file a joint return

        2. You paid more than half the cost of keeping up a home

        3. Your spouse did not live in your home at any time during the last six months of the year.

        4. Your home was the main home for your child, stepchild, or eligible foster child for more than half the year.

        5. You can claim an exemption for the child.

        you can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        Single - You were unmarried or legally separated from your spouse under a divorce or separate maintenance decree on December 31st.

        Married Filing Jointly - You were married on December 31st and both you and your spouse agree to file a joint return. On a joint tax return, both spouses are reporting all their income, deductions and credits on one tax return.

        Married Filing Separately - You were married or legally separated on December 31st and you and your spouse wish to file separate tax returns. When filing separately:

        • Each spouse is responsible for claiming their own income, exemptions, credits, and deductions.
        • Each spouse must file using the same method of deductions. For example, if your spouse files a Schedule A for itemizing their deductions, you too will have to file using the Schedule A, even if your standard deduction would be more beneficial to you.
        • Filing separately disqualifies you from various credits and deductions such as education credits, student loan interest deductions, child care credit and earned income credit.

        Head of Household - You were unmarried or "considered unmarried" on December 31st as well as having to have paid for more than half the cost of keeping up a home for the year. In addition, if unmarried, you must having a qualifying person living with you in the home for more than half the year whom you can claim as an exemption. Married filers who are "considered unmarried" need to claim their child as a dependent to qualify for the status.

        Qualifying Widow(er) - If you have a dependent and your spouse has died, you may be eligible to file as a qualifying widow(er) for 2 years following the year your spouse died. In order to use this filing status, all of the following must be true.

        • The year in which your spouse died, you were eligible to file as Married Filing Jointly.
        • Your spouse died in 2014 or 2015 and you have not remarried before the end of 2015.
        • You have a child or stepchild (except for a foster child) whom you can claim as an exemption and lived with you all year.
        • You paid more than half the cost of keeping up your home for the year.

        you can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.We apologize for the inconvenience .

        . but your activity and behavior on this site made us think that you are a bot.

        Note : A number of things could be going on here

        2. Due to previously detected malicious behavior which originated from the network you're using, please request unblock to site.

        However if you are frequently getting CAPTCHA or if you feel that you have reached this page in error, please contact us copying below ID in the email.

        Solve the CAPTCHA to request unblock to website.

        you can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’. You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        Please paste the youtube video url in the field below:

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        It worked! I was going crazy trying to figure this out!

        Thank you. At last, it is clear.

        Thank you. I spent a month trying to figure this one out.

        I've been looking for a correct answer for a long time!

        Thank you very much. That was simple and it worked!

        You can claim eic if you have the filing status ‘married filed separately’.

        This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident.

        It is spam / self promotion.

        It is offensive or harmful.

        It does not contain enough information.

        It contains or requests illegal information.

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        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        The Business of Display Part 8: Credit Card Affiliate Offers

        If you want to look at America&#8217;s addictions, look at some of the biggest spenders on Display.

        We&#8217;re addicted to celebrity gossip. We&#8217;re addicted to sports and political news. We&#8217;re addicted to weight loss and beauty.

        And most of all:

        We received pre-approved credit card offers the day we turned 18. There are stories of dead dogs receiving credit cards and toddlers receiving cards with limits higher than those of their parents.

        Soon we discovered that these seemingly magic cards could be one of our greatest financial tools&#8230;

        &#8230;or the shovel that helps us dig our own financial grave.

        The credit card industry is huge. According to the Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Card Report, American consumers approached one trillion in credit card debt in mid-2016. The average American has between 2 and 3 credit cards. Many have 4+ credit cards.

        Plus, all of the reward programs, points, benefits, and free travel incentivize us to keep swiping wherever we go.

        The credit card companies know this. They are in constant competition to one-up each other and offer consumers the &#8220;best&#8221; credit card, and Display advertising is one of the many channels they use to get their message out.

        It&#8217;s not just the banks and credit card companies that use Display advertising, however. Affiliate marketers capitalize on society&#8217;s obsession with credit. These affiliates aren&#8217;t a bunch of teenagers getting started. These are savvy, massive companies who are skilled at acquiring millions of dollars in commission through online advertising.

        Today we&#8217;re going to show you exactly how these affiliates make huge commission off of advertising credit cards and other financial products through Display.

        The nuts and bolts of the credit card affiliate business model are simple.

        #1: First, an advertiser sends traffic to either an &#8220;affiliate review&#8221; page or a page that reviews a specific credit card:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        #2: All links are tagged with an affiliate code.

        However, affiliates do not place the cards in random order. Some cards offer larger commissions. Affiliates give these cards &#8220;star treatment&#8221; by featuring them higher up on the page. This is completely legal as long as they disclose it.

        #3: The prospect clicks through to the affiliate link and signs up for the credit card. The credit card company pays the affiliate if the prospect is approved.

        How much is the commission?

        The commission depends on the card. Most of the &#8220;good&#8221; cards will offer commission of between $100-$150+ per approved customer. The high commission is one of the reasons why credit cards are a great way for affiliates to make money on Display.

        However, this isn&#8217;t an easy affiliate model to get up and running.

        The finance industry is ripe with scammers and shysters. Some of the most popular cards will require advertisers to jump through hoops before approving them as an affiliate.

        In addition, your landing pages, ads, and copy must be compliant with the FTC and each specific ad network&#8217;s terms and conditions. This is harder than it sounds, since the FTC and most networks are stricter when it comes to financial products.

        You&#8217;ll even see that all of the advertisers in today&#8217;s case study have an &#8220;Advertiser Disclosure&#8221; link at the very top of each page:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        However, the legal side goes beyond the scope of this post. You&#8217;ll have to do your own research on this. It will take a bit of grunt work, but it is quite doable if you&#8217;re serious about making this business model work.

        Okay, enough of the boring stuff.

        Let&#8217;s see how these companies are spending on Display. has spent an estimated $2,535,936 over the past 6 months. The majority of their ad spend has been allocated to the Google Display Network and Yahoo! Gemini.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features: spends the most on standard banner ads, particularly on balance transfer cards and 0% APR cards:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:;s main publishers are and

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Again, very general sites seem to be working well for credit card affiliate offers. uses affiliate review style pages targeted towards different types of credit cards.

        For example, here is their cash back card landing page:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        And here is their balance transfer card landing page:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Both pages are very similar. The only difference is the cards shown on each page.

        However, is not using any advertorial style pages. This is probably because they are not testing out Native ad networks.

        Compare Cards has spent an estimated $1,158,912 over the past 6 months. Compare Cards allocates almost all of their entire display budget across four different Native ad networks.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Since the main ad network they&#8217;re spending with is Yahoo! Gemini, most of Compare Cards&#8217; ad spending is allocated to and other sites that serve ads from Yahoo! Gemini, including and

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        What&#8217;s interesting is that all of the credit card advertisers so far seem to succeed with very general pages. With some tiny exceptions, there are very few advertisers that are running ads on sites that are directly related to finance or credit cards. These &#8220;general&#8221; sites likely work because almost everyone in the USA has a credit card these days, and many people have problems with credit card debt.

        This makes targeting easier since the majority of people will probably find these ads relevant to their specific life situation. Therefore, these general, mass-market sites work.

        Another way to get an even better look at how your competitors are targeting their specific demographics is to look at the UTM parameters in the URL. Advertisers will often give a general description of their targeting bucket in the URL parameters.

        For example, Compare Cards&#8217; destination URL for one of their Yahoo! Gemini ads contains the parameter: &#8220;utm_campaign=broad_female_18-24.&#8221; Therefore, if you&#8217;re running traffic to some sort of credit card or finance offer, then you know you can probably start testing out offers to females who are between the ages of 18 and 24.

        This won&#8217;t always be the case, but it&#8217;s good to check the destination parameters that advertisers put in their ad creatives.

        Compare Cards packs all of the bells and whistles that come with each credit card into their ad copy. They also run a few &#8220;targeted&#8221; ads towards seniors. The only real difference is that they put &#8220;Seniors&#8221; in the headline.

        Ideally, the landing page should include a senior citizen inclusive copy (and perhaps pictures), but the quick and dirty way to personalize an ad is to just bluntly say who the ad is for.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Compare Cards runs affiliate review style landing pages for each type of card they advertise.

        They have a general page that shows the current best credit card offers (September is the example on this page):

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        They are also sending a lot of traffic to a page that shows consumers all of the zero-interest credit card offers (Chase Slate tends to be the one that most of the advertisers in this post prefer. Compare Cards is no exception):

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        NerdWallet spends much less on Display than the other companies featured in this post. They have spent an estimated $272,448 over the past six months. Most of their ad spend has been allocated to native ad networks like Taboola.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        While NerdWallet is spending significantly less than the other advertisers featured in this post, you&#8217;ll notice that they follow more or less the same strategy. All of their ad spending is spread out over very general publishers. You&#8217;ll also notice that they recently started buying inventory on through one of the growing Native networks, Dianomi .

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        NerdWallet uses a mix of ad creatives that contain photos of credit cards or ad creatives with photos of women holding credit cards. Their most seen ad creatives all focus on no interest/balance transfer credit cards.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        NerdWallet is one of the few advertisers that does not rely on the affiliate review style page. NerdWallet uses advertorial style blog posts that contain a list of the different types of credit cards and offers.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        You&#8217;ll also notice that NerdWallet runs a lot of ads and landing pages related to paying off debt. What is the product that they are promoting?

        You guessed it: balance transfer credit cards.

        Here is the main page that they are using. This page contains affiliate links to various credit cards.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        However, they are also sending traffic to a page that is dedicated to the Chase Slate card (a popular balance transfer card):

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        All of this competitive data is interesting, but it&#8217;s nothing unless you know how to break it down and put it to use. Let&#8217;s pretend we want to start own credit card affiliate site and advertise on standard and Native display networks.

        The first place we want to start with is the ad network. Credit card affiliates tend to mainly use Native ad networks and the Google Display Network. I would start first on Native (Taboola and Outbrain), and then test out some creatives on Google Display. You might find it easier to get your creatives and landing pages approved on Native.

        As far as publishers go, most of the advertisers choose contextually targeted articles and sites. This means that you&#8217;ll want your ads to show on pages related to personal finance and debt. You can also test pages and sections on larger publishers and online magazines like Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Yahoo! Finance.

        Most of the ad creatives you&#8217;ll see advertisers using are very similar. All of the large credit card affiliates use these two styles of Native ads:

        Someone (usually an attractive woman) holding a credit card:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Or stock photos of physical credit cards:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        These are the two styles of ads that I would start with.

        As far as copy goes, I&#8217;d use copy that is similar to the copy from the ads above. You&#8217;d want to test a couple of different angles, including lists and specific cards for a specific purpose (balance transfer, rewards, travel points, etc.).

        There are three main landing page styles that credit card affiliates are using:

        #1: Affiliate Review List

        Most of the advertisers above allocate the majority of their ad spend to these affiliate lists of credit cards:

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        This is probably where you want to start.

        The next types of pages you&#8217;ll want to test are different styles of advertorials.

        This is a mix of a blog post, advertorial, and affiliate review page. The only advertiser we&#8217;ve seen using these pages heavily is NerdWallet. The rest of the advertisers seem to send most of their traffic to an affiliate review page.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Admittedly, this is one of the harder business models to get working on pretty much any medium, advertising or otherwise. However, once you get the strategy dialed in, you can create an extremely lucrative business model that eventually expands to other financial markets like mortgage refinancing.

        The question remains: is the juice worth the squeeze?

        Only by giving it a shot and looking at all of the numbers can you figure out if this is the right business model for yourself.

        you can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        For years I&#8217;ve funnelled as much spending as I could onto one or more rewards credit cards to earn cash back and travel rewards. The strategy has paid off handsomely as I was able to earn over $2,000 in credit card rewards this year. This page is dedicated to finding and updating the best credit card offers in Canada so that you can save and earn more money too!

        The main navigation compares credit cards based on your preferences; from personal to business credit cards, and categorizes the type of credit card recommendations depending on whether you&#8217;re looking for rewards cards, low interest cards, or balance transfer cards. Finally, you can sort the recommendations to show cards that come with an annual fee or none.

        The &#8220;Boomer & Echo recommends&#8221; section shows you credit card offers that are currently featuring welcome bonuses, early spend bonuses, cash back incentives, and/or no annual fee for the first year. Check out some of the best credit card offers in Canada, including cash back credit cards that pay 4 and 5 percent back on grocery and gas spending! My personal favourite is the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card.

        Finally, we feature five of the best rewards credit cards in the country at any given moment, along with more details on their features and benefits, as well as the top five low interest rate credit cards for those who carry a balance and are looking to reduce their interest paid.

        Which Credit Card is Best for Earning KrisFlyer Miles?

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        We take a look at different air miles credit cards in Singapore to find out which one earns you the most KrisFlyer miles at the lowest cost.

        This article was first published on 27 September 2016. Credit card terms and conditions are valid as of 9 May 2017.

        There are two ways to get KrisFlyer miles fast. The first is to buy them through KrisFlyer at a rate of USD 40 for 1,000 KrisFlyer miles &#8211; but only if you have 50% of the miles required to redeem your ticket. This comes down to a cost of about S$0.054 per mile.

        Then there are air miles credit cards, which are handy tools for earning KrisFlyer miles passively. Every dollar you spend in Singapore or overseas earns you about one mile when you use your card. You earn even more when you make online bookings with the card’s travel partners.

        But which credit card lets you earn the most KrisFlyer miles? Because each card comes with their own terms, conditions, and offers, it’s hard to tell looking at the base miles alone.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        To find out, let’s compare credit cards based on some assumptions:

        • Let’s say you spent around S$18,000 a year in Singapore (

        S$1,500 a month)

      • During this year, you went on two trips abroad, where you paid S$3,000 on travel bookings ($900 on flights and S$2,100 on hotels) using the card’s airline and hotel partners
      • You also spent S$5,000 overseas on both trips.
      • If you had used one credit card for all these purchases, which card would have given you the most KrisFlyer miles at the lowest cost?

        Here what we found:

        American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card

        1.4 miles elsewhere in the world

        Accelerated Miles From S$900 Flight Bookings and S$2,100 Hotel Bookings

        1,800 KrisFlyer Miles from S$900 flight booking via SIA + 2,310 KrisFlyer Miles on hotel bookings (no extra miles)

        2,700 Citi Miles from S$900 flight bookings at Expedia (3 Citi Miles* = S$1) + 16,800 Citi Miles from hotel bookings at Agoda (8 Citi Miles^ = S$1)

        2,520 Travel$ from flight bookings at Qantas or Jetstar + 2,940 from hotel bookings (no extra miles)

        5,000 KrisFlyer Miles during first charge + 3,000 KrisFlyer Miles for spending S$700 in the first 6 months

        10,000 Travel$ upon payment of your first year annual fee + 2,000 Travel$ when you spend S$500 in the first month

        Receive additional 10,000 bonus miles when you pay the annual fee. (Alternatively, spend more than S$25,000 per annum to receive annual fee waiver.)

        1 Citi Mile = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

        1 Travel$ = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

        1 DBS Mile = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

        This table is a simple calculation. Credit card terms and conditions are valid as of 18 January 2017, and subject to change without notice. Please read and understand each card’s Terms and Conditions.

        * Valid until 28 Feb 2018 ^Valid till 31 May 2017

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        From our assumptions, we see that the Citi PremierMiles Visa Card earns the most KrisFlyer miles in a year (66,100 miles). However, this is primarily due to the accelerated earn rate of 8 miles per S$1 spent on This promotion is valid until 31 May only, which makes it highly unlikely for anyone to make full use of the promotion.

        On the other hand, for the DBS Altitude Visa card, you can earn 6 miles per S$1 spent at Expedia, from now till 31 Mach 2018. This gives a much better chance for our assumed scenario to be borne out.

        Double miles until 31 July 2017: Additionally, if you spend more than S$2,500 in a month, all the miles you earned that month will be doubled. This will dramatically earn your air miles earn rate, furthering cementing this credit card as our top pick for earning KrisFlyer miles.

        A generous welcome offer of 10,000 miles, combined with bonus miles from online travel bookings and a decent earn rate of 2 miles per S$1 spent overseas, makes the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card a cost-efficient tool for earning KrisFlyer Miles.

        The catch is that you need to spend S$1,000 per month for the first 2 months to claim the 10,000 welcome miles (In our scenario, you&#8217;re spending S$1,500 per month). This comes down to a cost-per-mile of S$0.20, which is higher than buying them through KrisFlyer.

        Another good thing is DBS has changed their miles redemption fees to match the widely held standard of S$25 per redemption, meaning you won&#8217;t need to worry about paying more than users of other air miles cards.

        Other perks of the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card include free access to Priority Pass airport lounges twice a year and complimentary travel insurance when you charge your full travel fare to the card.

        It’s a solid travel card all in all, and anyone who wants to do some serious globetrotting should consider keeping one in their wallet.

        There’s More to an Air Miles Card Than Just the Miles

        It’s a good first step to check how efficient a card is at earning miles, but it’s also worth seeing what other benefits they have. A card with lower base miles may have more to offer in terms of service and local discounts.

        For instance, American Express has a reputation for having impeccable customer service. While they may not offer the most miles per dollar, being an American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer cardmember gives you access to their 24/7 hotline, which you can reach during a travel emergency . This becomes very useful in case you lose your card or &#8211; God forbid &#8211; your passport. This card also has an Airbnb credit card promotion that saves you S$50 on your first booking.

        You can best compare credit card offers by looking at these two features:

        Make Sure You Aren’t Overpaying in Fees and Sign-Up Bonuses

        Because everyone has different spending needs, you need to comb through the fine print to see if the fees and conditions for welcome offers are right for you. Otherwise, you could be spending beyond your budget.

        A good example is the UOB PRVI Miles Card’s 10,000-mile signup bonus. It’s a generous offer &#8211; but only if you are a top spender who charges at least S$1,800 on the card within your first month.

        Also, note that to you are charged a foreign transaction fee of around 2.5% every time you use your card abroad. It might not seem like much, but it adds up to a lot. In our hypothetical example above, you would have paid around S$125 in foreign transaction fees for spending S$5,000 overseas. Perhaps this is why card issuers offer more miles on foreign spending.

        It goes without saying that you should only use your card as a mode of payment (i.e. as a way to earn miles). Tempting as it might be, you must never use your card as a way to travel when you can&#8217;t afford it.

        When you charge more than you can pay for, you lose out on interest rates, which can be as high as 25% p.a. And if you think you can just earn those miles without paying your dues, think again. Card issuers don’t give out air miles or rewards on accounts with an outstanding balance.

        So if you have the discipline to pay your bill in full and control your spending, a credit card can be your two-way ticket to seeing the world for less.

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        In Cheat engine Choose from process flashlayer_19_sa to start cheating in game.

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        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        After Hackers Steal Credit Cards, Here&#8217;s What Happens

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use Claire Benoist for Reader&#8217;s Digest Last year&#8217;s large-scale hacks at Target and Neiman Marcus are a reminder that our credit cards are increasingly vulnerable. In these cases, hackers found a way to install malware on point-of-sale devices and then sat back as the credit and debit card numbers streamed in.

        But who are those hackers, and what happens to the numbers? Here’s a breakdown of what comes next, in four easy steps.

        They Build a Criminal Network

        The basic idea is that people use stolen credit cards to buy stuff. But if the same person stole the card numbers and bought the stuff, he would easily be caught. Instead, baddies create rings: There are the people who buy and sell card numbers in online markets, sometimes called carding forums or card malls. There are the people who actually make fake cards. There are recruiters who find people to make purchases with the fake cards. And then there are the folks who actually go to stores with the counterfeit cards and try to make purchases. That’s a lot of people!

        The logistics must be worked out carefully. To print the cards, the counterfeiters need equipment, which costs about $100. The people who buy and sell card numbers must figure out how the numbers are constructed: High-quality numbers that don’t yet look suspicious to financial institutions fetch a better price ($135 each, compared with $20 for a block of lousy numbers). The recruiters have to have contacts in the right places (a lot of cyber fraud originates in Eastern Europe, for example). Finally, the buyers need to feel confident looking a cashier in the eye. They must be trained in what can go wrong and how to react.

        Once everyone is in place, it’s time to shop. Criminals often use their stolen card numbers to buy items that can easily be flipped on websites like eBay. Luxury items, popular smartphones, and other goods with high resale value are appealing. The bosses running these operations want to get as much money out of the items as possible so they can pay for the equipment and “employees” involved in the operation and then pocket the rest.

        The FBI and other law-enforcement groups in the United States and abroad often work undercover, posing as potential card-number buyers in forums or as people offering to use numbers to buy goods.

        Sometimes low-level buyers get caught if they use a fake card in a store. For example, fake cards often carry the stolen number on their magnetic strip but have a dummy number on the card itself. To try to detect these fakes, a cashier may enter the last four digits of the number on the card and flag the purchase if they don’t match the last four digits being charged. Typically, cops don’t identify the kingpin—just these criminals farther down the totem pole.

        It doesn’t seem like credit card hacks are going to stop anytime soon, so if you get that fateful call from your bank, you’ll know that your card is going down this rabbit hole—and you’ll need a whole new number.

        you believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Nowadays it's a usual practice among people to borrow the money from banks in order to cover one's needs. I'm speaking about all kinds of loans, mortgages, payments breaking down. I believe that this tendency is not all roses and in some cases it should be made more difficult for citizens to take an advantage of this option, though not in all of the cases.

        The second reason for supporting my negative view of "easy loans" is the fact that we are not living in a fairy tale. Let's assume that someone took a loan without giving a second thought to it, if he is able to repay this sum. And one day the tale finished due to some reasons. This person could be recognized as broken, or even set in a jail. Something like this happened with little mermaid. She made a deal, but hadn't thought before if she complies with it. Everyone should think more than twice, if they really need money so quickly and in such an amount, that they apply to the bank. And, of course, some steps should be taken to ensure that they are able to return the loan.

        Nevertheless, there are some emergency cases in which it is reasonable to borrow money from the bank. The first case is illness. In this situation every day counts. As a result the "easy loan" saves lives. Another cause to take a loan is full confidence that the borrowed money will paid off in spades. And sometimes it works.

        All in all, there are two sides of each coin. There are some pluses and minuses in support of making more difficult for individuals to borrow money, and of course there are some advantages and disadvantages of making this process easier. In each individual case the person decides himself. Some cases are more important, some are less ones. I believe that taking loans should be a more difficult process, but in some cases the bank should be in client's shoes, and give the money as soon as it is ever possible.

        How to Choose the Best Smartphone Credit Card Reader for Your Business

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        If you can pay for a 95Вў pack of gum with your credit card, then you should be able to use your card for that antique mahogany desk at the craft fair! The new smartphone card readers, aside from looking super cool, are also highly functional. Being able to accept credit cards anywhere at any time, regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar store, or are a local artist, can dramatically increase your sales and streamline your invoice process as well.

        While there are probably around a hundred card processing apps available for different smartphones (iPhones win out here), only a small number of companies have joined an app to a specific card swiping device. See how they all compare before you decide which one is best for your business.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal usePerhaps the smallest card reader on the market, Square is also one of the most easily recognizable devices. About the size of a book of matches, Square plugs directly into the audio jack and can be used on most iPhones or Android phones. Both the device and app are free, and no contract or merchant account is required, so money goes straight into your bank account.

        It looks sleek, is easy to use, and allows you to make refunds easily. Square’s pricing plan is equally as simple. For every card swipe, Square takes 2.75%. However, non-swipe transactions incur a fee of 3.5% plus 15¢.

        There are tons of other non-swipe card processing apps for the iPhone. Some of these are: Pocket Terminal (can handle multiple business accounts), iPay POS (compatible with dozens of the most popular payment gateways), ProcessAway (recurring billing), SWIPE (cheap app with lots of features), and many more.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal useIntuit GoPayment is similar to Square but with two distinct differences. While Square only works with Apple and Android products, Intuit GoPayment is also compatible with BlackBerry devices (Note: only the app, not the card swiper). This service also gives larger businesses the option of signing up for a $13 monthly plan with reduced transaction fees of 1.7% (swiped) and 2.7% (non-swiped). The app and card reader are free, and money is deposited right into your bank account.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal useMade by VeriFone, one of the leading developers of electronic payment systems, PAYware Mobile is one of the few card processing apps that will soon have international capabilities covering Canada and the UK. PAYware Mobile, like many other apps, can integrate itself to your already existing merchant account, and allows you to track your transactions geographically. The upgraded series, PAYware Mobile Enterprise, delivers multiple card processing devices that have a PIN pad and a bar code scanner. Now you can have multiple POSs and inventory management stations that can all be managed remotely.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal useROAMpay is especially unique because it is most likely the only service that offers an app-card swiper combination for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. The app itself is compatible with a surprisingly wide range of mobile phones, including many flip phones. Pricing varies depending on your business, and you need to be a ROAMpay member to get exact figures.

        WARNING: Before you go showing off your fancy new card swiper, there is (at least) one more thing to think about. Imagine you were buying a diamond ring, and the seller behind the counter pulled out his Iron Man-personalized iPhone to process your $3,500 purchase. How would you feel about that? Would you feel a bit nervous? Would you prefer the traditional cash register method?

        Making card transactions easier (and chicer) isn’t an excuse to ignore customers’ joys and hesitations. Consumer fears about security are very real, especially when it comes to personal information and privacy. While making card transactions easier and more efficient is good business for everybody, consumers (and sellers) still need to know that their data is safe as well.

        Should a company provide corporate credit cards to employees or let them use personal credit cards?

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        If there is a need for people to have credit cards, I would prefer and recommend them to have company cards with all the controls and policies connected to it. Separating (as much as possible) personal and work finances is just good business practice.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Company: Corrigo Incorporated

        Occasionally there is an employee who cannot get a card due to personal reasons and you may need to sponsor a card for that person if you expect that person to travel. But watch it carefully and put strict limits on it.

        The company is liable for company credit cards and if they are misused you may be on the hook for the charges. I've had better luck with employees using their own cards and then managing the expenses via the travel policy.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        A corporate card program has costs and risks, but can be a powerful tool for spending control, especially in the T&E space (think of what can be purchased, and from where). Also, access to that data can be a great asset in trying to improve your bargaining power with travel vendors (knowing $s spent on hotels, car rentals, etc.), and can aid your efforts to push compliance / reliance on approved vendors. Finally, linking the card data directly into your T&E reimbursement system can provide a great deal of efficiency gains.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Company: Early Growth Financial Services

        Personal whenever possible. Submitting receipts same as for any other expense. Every company I have ever been with who gave our company cards there was at least one case of theft or fraudulent use. Many more incidences of very questionable use of the card, and borderline expense calls. Most misuse coming from those whose personal credit is also the worst. The "convenience" factor is more than out weighed by loss of control. Have you ever tried to get back money from a former employee who misused a card? Legal sink hole and likely write off.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        It's got pros and cons. One benefit not mentioned above is the corporation picks up the " points " from the employee business spend that would have been on their personal cards. This can be substantial. Some companies share the points with the employees; others don't. You would have to decide.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Company: Kantar Finance Services (Shared Service ..

        1. We have a corporate program with American Express where any employee who incurs travel expenses in excess of $5K annually is required to obtain an AMEX card on the company account. Employee's cannot earn points on their Corporate AMEX card - we have a relationship with AMEX where the company earns an annual rebate.

        2. The employee is still responsible for submitting an expense report and paying their own AMEX statement/bill each month.

        3. Airfare is covered by a blanket AMEX card through our travel partner, BCD travel.

        4. We have a manager over the AMEX program that monitors past due balances or statements that are not being paid. This information is also verified through HR prior to an employee's last day with the company to make sure we are not on the hook for any substantial expenses sitting on their statements.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        There is a split among CFOs on this but I would say the majority I have spoken to do not like company credit cards where the bill is paid directly by the company because it creates more work for the Finance department. Often we have seen these types of cards precede the CFO into the company and the cardholders (often the CEO and other executives) are "grandfathered" so they are allowed to keep them but new employees do not get them.

        The primary problem is that employees have no "skin in the game" to really watch what they spend and then to provide the necessary data in expense reports (i.e. receipts and other info to code into the GL). And reconciling the monthly statement often forces Finance to track down that info. We have had good success helping customers automate this to provide much better efficiency and control for Finance.

        Also, it should be noted that expenses from corporate credit cards are still subject to the IRS receipt requirements - the credit card statement is not adequate for audit purposes.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP

        A corporate card is a privilege. For heavy travelers it is a convenience, and makes record keeping easy. We have an account where the employee is personally liable for the timely payment of the card. They must submit their T&E reports in a timely fashion to the company for approval and payment.

        The company should never assume the credit liability, either solely or jointly. That is an issue, i.e. a problem waiting to happen. If an employee that needs a card does not pass the credit requirements of Amex or the banks, they should not pass your requirements.

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        I disagree with Regis (and some posters?) on this one. Credit cards are no longer a "privilege" (may not even be a "convenience"). It is a necessity for some people in the company and for some transactions. Yes, that includes even executives. Commerce has gone a long way since the olden days of my dad's "Diner's Club". More importantly, the speed of transactions nowadays necessitate having credit cards.

        I will post these questions, what are the alternatives? Issue out cash? Wait for purchasing department for needed things? Wait for checks to be issued? How about those frequent travelers that needs re-bookings and transfers and meals (out in an airport somewhere)? etc.

        I still am in the position that if a company expects employees not to use company resources for personal use, the company should also reciprocate by not expecting the employee to use his credit resources (line) for company use. The company should be able to provide the resources to the employee to do his job efficiently/effectively. Separating (as much as possible) personal and work finances is just good business practice. Even if the employee volunteers his credit (card) , I would still prefer that he hold a company card. It just takes off potential problems (like ownership of bonus points) down the road. Potential company liability? An employee can expose the company to other greater liabilities than a few thousand dollars in credit limit. But that is another discussion altogether.

        Of course this does not mean just issuing out the credit cards. Controls and policies needs to be in place. Credit limits, T&E reports submissions, etc.

        BTW. If there are "credit" concerns, there are other financial products available in the market. Prepaid cards for example. The employee can just call someone in the company and have them transfer the needed amount to his "company prepaid card" to keep the balance at a minimum acceptable exposure.

        The Best Credit Cards: The Ultimate Mega Guide to Every Card for Every Person (2017 Edition)

        You believe most people use their company credit cards for personal use

        Our team at have worked tirelessly during the first half of the year 2017 to test as many different credit cards as we can get our hands on. Months of work, teams of testers, and hundreds of staff hours have gone into our credit card reviews. We now have a comprehensive list of the best credit cards available today, and we have reviewed every single one.

        Read on, and you will find a short tabulated lists of the best credit cards available today, along with page links to our in-depth reviews of each credit card. We also explain how to choose a credit card, how credit card fees work, how to avoid credit card fees, and we detail which credit card offers are worth trying. We explain everything you need to know about your FICO credit score, and even offer an in-depth tip-by-tip guide on what to do if you have bad credit.

        The Best Credit Cards For Balance Transfer Offers In 2017

        Credit cards that offer an introductory 0% APR balance transfer may be used to help you get out of credit card debt. They give you a few months free from interest, so that you may start chipping away at your current credit card debt. We reviewed a vast number of credit cards with a 0% APR on balance transfer introductory offer. We picked the best credit cards that had a great introductory offer, that had a fair balance transfer APR, and that offered a high standard of service.

        Our list doesn’t just focus on the 0% introductory offer alone, our full review of these 0% balance transfer cards also concentrates on the APR you get when the offer is over. We also consider factors such as the service standard that the credit card company gives you. Here are the very best cards we could find, and a link to the full review if you would like to know more.

        Follow This Link To See Our Full Review Of The Best Credit Cards For Balance Transfer Offers In 2017. Follow that link, and not only will you find a full review on each of the cards in the table, but you will also find a very long list of credit cards available in 2017 that have a great 0% APR for balance transfer offers.

        Just how low your low-interest credit card is going to be depends on your credit rating and the credit card company that issues your credit card. We have picked the best low interest credit cards for people who have a great, okay and bad credit score.

        There are quite a few store credit cards that are really top notch, which is why our Store Credit Cards article features a wider-than-usual range of the best credit cards. Here is a list of the best store cards of the year 2017.

        Citi Shell MasterCard

        Shell Card Drive-For-Five

        Valero Store Card

        Sunoco Credit Card

        Phillips 66 Card

        As part of our research, we went out of our way to find the best credit cards for businesses. Researching these credit cards was a little more difficult because we do not have ten to twenty different businesses that we may use to sign up for credit cards with. It is not like applying for personal credit cards where anybody in the office can apply, these business credit cards only accept applications from businesses and self-employed persons. Nevertheless, we managed to review the most popular business credit cards and wrote a full review on the best business credit cards. Here are the top business credit cards we reviewed.

        The Best Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit In 2017

        If you have bad credit, you should probably stay away from credit cards until you are 100% confident in your money management skills. Nevertheless, there is a large demand for credit cards that will accept people with a poor FICO score. Below is a list of the best credit cards for people with a poor credit rating, and after that is a link to a full review of each of those cards.

        Secured credit cards are the sort of thing you may have to rely on if your credit rating is so terrible that you cannot get a regular credit card. Below is a short list of some of the best secured credit cards we reviewed. If you are interested in them, then we have a full review of the best secured credit cards that you can reach by clicking this link, or by clicking the link that appears after the table just below.

        We created an article full of the credit cards that we especially admire. Each of them has their own selling point or features that make them the best credit cards of the year 2017. The table below shows what we like about them. Follow this link here to our full review of our favorite credit cards of 2017, or follow the link after the table.

        In this section of our epic article on the best credit cards, you will find out how to choose the best credit cards. We start with the pros and cons of different information sources. After all, you should never believe what you read on the Internet. This article explains where to look for honest information about credit cards. As you read on, this article also gives you a list of the best places to find out about credit cards, and gives you the pros and cons of each information source. This article then moves on to the biggest selling points a credit card may have and why those selling points apply to you.

        They Are Not As Great As You Think They Are

        Some people use comparison websites and that is all they use, but they are making a rather silly mistake. Comparison websites only offer a small fraction of the options you have at your disposal. It is highly recommended that you try two or three more research methods (such as the ones listed below), and that you try at least five to ten different comparison websites before making your choice.

        [+] They offer a short selection of credit cards very quickly

        [+] You can tailor your results to match some of your needs

        [+] It can show you some popular credit card companies

        [+] Comparison websites are easy to find on Google

        [+] Get an overview of some popular deals that are on offer

        [-] You are severely limited in the way you are able to tailor your results

        [-] The card company paying the website the most money will appear first

        [-] It is easy to manipulate comparison websites to artificially appear at the top

        [-] Comparison websites encourage credit card companies to hide fees

        [-] Many credit card companies are absent from comparison websites

        [-] Comparison websites only deal in basic statistics

        [-] You cannot see the many selling points of each credit card

        [-] It often shows you credit cards that you are not eligible for

        [-] Fair comparisons are not things you can quickly cover via a comparison website

        [-] Comparison websites that ask you to sign up are just after your email address

        [-] It is very hard to trust comparison websites because webmasters are paid very well by credit card companies

        Handy, But Very Untrustworthy

        Credit checking websites are websites that allow you to run a soft check on your credit first. They then offer you a series of credit cards that you may be able to apply for and may be eligible for. They are handy websites that may save you a fair amount of research, but they cannot be trusted. Some web masters are paid per application, which means it is in the web masters interest to make you appear more eligible for certain credit cards over others. Plus, the credit cards that tend to appear as your options are often the ones that pay the best affiliate fees to the web masters, which means other (possibly better) credit cards are absent from the list.

        [+] You may be able to see some credit cards that you are eligible

        [+] Get an idea of the different types of cards you can apply for

        [+] See what deals a small selection of credit card companies are offering

        [+] It may save you running single soft credit checks with each credit card company website

        [+] These websites are not trustworthy, but are far more reliable than comparison websites

        [+] Credit card companies have a harder time manipulating credit checking company results

        [+] Offer and card comparisons are brief and easy to understand

        [-] You may be tricked into applying for credit cards that you are not eligible for

        [-] The web masters are paid to promote certain cards over others

        [-] Information about one credit card over another may be misleading

        [-] Some use your credit check to try to sell you other products

        [-] Some mean try to charge you for their services

        [-] You are limited in how you customize your results

        [-] Many credit card companies are absent from your credit card results

        [-] They only show you basic statistics

        [-] You cannot see the many selling points of each credit card

        [-] They do not really show you a fair comparison of each card

        [-] Webmasters are not as well paid by credit card companies as comparison site owners, but bribing is still common

        Only As Trustworthy As The Writer Or Website

        To conduct suitably deep research, you need to look at comparison websites, credit checking websites, review articles and credit card company websites. Doing that will give you a fuller idea of what is on offer and what your options are. Review articles are only as trustworthy as their writers or the website brand itself. Some review websites, like ours, are independently funded, so we don’t really care if you pick one credit card or another. There are some review websites that are paid massive amounts by credit card companies to promote their brands, which means they cannot be impartial.

        Some credit card review websites are written by people who know very little about credit cards and are just rewriting what they see on the Internet. Other review websites, such as ours, are staffed with people who actually try the credit cards, who have suitable qualifications, who have financial industry experience, and who work in teams to review and test different financial products and credit cards. We dedicate a lot of resources into getting it right. We wouldn’t sell our online reputation or integrity for a cheap affiliate fee from a credit card company.

        I am not saying we are perfect. We are only human. There have been times when we have been a little harsh on some banks and credit card companies because their senior executives were rude to us. Plus, my boss has walked past my office three times and he has no idea that while writing this article I have a split-screen on my monitor with my girlfriend on Skype trying on her new outfits. The point is that some web masters protect their online reputation with the ferocity of a nursing tiger protecting her kittens, and some web masters will sell their opinion for three cents per click. Your job is to find reviewers you can trust.

        [+] You often get a very in-depth look at what credit cards offer

        [+] Find out what people have experienced after trying the credit cards

        [+] Learn things that other websites simply cannot tell you

        [+] Some online reviews are the result of direct experience with the credit cards

        [+] Review articles will tell you the perks and selling points that other websites won’t

        [+] Some review websites are just as willing to tell you as many bad points as they are good points

        [+] Some review websites will give you advice on how to best exploit your new credit card

        [-] Some credit card articles are written by fools and terrible writers

        [-] There are some review websites that are paid to promote one credit card over another

        [-] It is difficult to know which review is honest and which is the result of bribing

        [-] Review articles will often compare credit cards unfairly to try and promote one over another

        [-] Some credit card reviewing websites are littered with annoying adverts

        [-] Spam websites tend to write about credit cards because it is a lucrative industry

        Skewered, Doctored, Unreliable, But Interesting

        User reviews are where people go online to voice their opinion about credit cards. The sad part is that most people only go online to voice their opinion if something goes wrong. Plus, it is very common for credit card companies to hire massive teams of marketers to go online and post positive comments and reviews about them. They also pay reputation managers to remove negative comments from various websites. User reviews are often the most interesting research avenues, but sadly, they are the most unreliable and skewered.

        Here are a few tips to help you make the most of them. Firstly, only consider something to be true if multiple people are saying the same thing. Secondly, compare what users are saying from one website to the next to see if there are discrepancies and signs of doctoring/selective comment editing. Thirdly, if overwhelmingly negative comments appear on numerous websites about a credit card, then you should probably avoid that credit card to be on the safe side. Fourthly, remember that user reviews quickly go out of date; what was a problem last week may now have been fixed.

        [+] If many people say the same thing, then it may be true

        [+] A massive amount of negative comments may suggest a genuine problem

        [+] Some of the stories you read can be rather interesting

        [+] You get to read how some people have dug themselves into a big mess through their own idiocy

        [+] They appear on various websites, so you can compare them all

        [-] You cannot believe the testimonials that appear on the credit card websites themselves

        [-] Some websites remove comments that contradict the selling points their website has listed

        [-] Webmasters may doctor come comments if they risk the loss of affiliate clicks or sales

        [-] Some users cause their own problems and then blame the credit card companies

        [-] Users tend to exaggerate to try and demonstrate how they feel in a dramatic manner

        [-] There is very little incentive to add positive user reviews

        [-] Many credit card companies have marketing teams that go online and write numerous positive reviews

        [-] Some users confuse one financial product with another and end up reviewing the wrong thing

        Can You Rely On App And Google Search Engines?

        Google and apps may help you conduct your research on different credit cards. Just remember that the credit card companies with the biggest marketing budgets and biggest technical teams are going to appear first on the search engine results.

        [+] Google and other search engines have less reason to promote one credit card over another

        [+] You may find massive amounts of information about a credit card

        [+] Finding positive and negative reviews is very easy

        [+] Your research material is broader and there is much more research material available

        [+] Self directed research might help you avoid credit card bias

        [+] It may be harder for the credit card companies to sell to you before you make your decision

        [-] Bigger brands tend to appear more prominently on these types of search engines

        [-] You have to do in-depth research yourself with very little direction

        [-] The research process can take a very long time

        [-] You are solely responsibility for the quality of your own research

        [-] There is nothing easy or convenient about the process

        The Pros And Cons Of Taking Advice From Friends And Colleagues

        Do Your Friends Know Best?

        Your friends and colleagues do not have any sort of financial incentive to mislead you. There is a very strong chance that your friends and colleagues will offer an unbiased opinion when comparing cards. For example, Jonny has no reason to promote his favorite credit card while disparaging the Jenny’s credit card.

        The biggest downside is that some people become very attached to their own decisions and opinions. For example, we all know people who have picked ugly or poor quality cars, but they stick with that car and even tout its benefits because they are attached to their own decisions. It is possible that one of your friends and colleagues may tout the benefits of a poor quality credit card just because he or she chose that credit card.

        The Pros Of Taking Advice From Friends And Colleagues

        [+] There is not a competitive edge or bias to contaminate your research

        [+] Many people are happy to promote or complain about their own credit card

        [+] Some of your friends or colleagues may have plenty of credit card experience

        [+] Your friends or colleagues may be able to tell you about credit card deals that are not widely known online

        The Cons Of Taking Advice From Friends And Colleagues

        [-] Some of your friends or colleagues may know very little about credit cards

        [-] Your friends or colleagues may overly promote a credit card just because they picked it

        [-] Some of your friends or colleagues may not wish to talk about their credit cards

        [-] Some people just like to talk, and some of your research time may be a complete waste

        The Pros And Cons Of Credit Card Website Searching

        What Do The Credit Card Websites Say?

        When you have started to narrow down your choices to your top ten or top five, it becomes time to visit the credit card websites. You may decide to visit them far earlier in your research, but it is really up to you and how you intend to get the best credit cards for you and your family. Visiting the website to check what they offer is necessary, but the process has its pros and cons.

        [+] You can see a condensed packet of information that shows what the credit card offers

        [+] You may be able to check your eligibility for the card

        [+] There are often widgets and tools that help you make your decision about the card

        [+] The final stage of your research and your application has to happen on their website

        [+] You may find out information that reviewers and other websites do not show or offer

        [+] You should be able to read their small print

        [+] The best credit cards will give you access to all their fees

        [-] Some of the positive things they offer may be hidden to the point where you overlook them

        [-] Some of the negative things about their card may be hidden or poorly represented

        [-] You are being sold to at every moment on their website

        [-] They will only paint a good picture of themselves

        [-] Some credit card websites create misleading selling points

        [-] There are poor quality websites that hide or misrepresent fees

        [-] Some credit card websites play on your emotions and/or your base instincts

        A List Of Credit Card Selling Points And Why You Should Care

        The Reasons Why You Should Choose One Credit Card Over Another

        One of the biggest selling points of having a credit card is actually having a company lend you some money or offer you some credit. The second biggest selling point of a credit card alone is the fact it will accept and approve your application. If you were faced with a choice of five credit cards, and one of them guaranteed you would be approved, then you would lean heavily towards picking the one that you know will approve your application.

        Credit card companies have to compete with each other for different segments of the consumer market. Some credit card companies are aiming to lend money to the very affluent who have excellent credit ratings, some are looking to sell to frequent travelers, others are looking to sell to businesses, and so forth.

        In order to sell to different segments in the consumer market, a credit card company must pick one or more selling point to push on its target consumer. Below is a list of the biggest selling points of getting a credit card. These are the selling points that credit card companies will pick and choose in order to sell their lending services. Most credit card companies will pick one or more of the selling points listed below.

        • Great service standards
        • Purchase and fraud protection
        • Extra insurance perks
        • High availability
        • Balance transfers
        • Rewards and perks
        • Cashback rewards
        • Travel credit cards
        • Overseas use
        • Purchase credit cards
        • Low fees and low transaction fees
        • Secured credit cards
        • Low long-term APRs for your credit rating
        • Low introductory APRs
        • 0% ARP for purchases
        • 0% ARP for balance transfers
        • 0% ARP for cash advances
        • Bad FICO score credit cards
        • Credit cards for building your credit rating
        • Excellent FICO score credit cards

        Why You Should Make Your Choice Based On Each Selling Point

        What Each Selling Point Means To You

        You can decide for yourself what each selling point means to you. For example, a common use for a secured credit card is to help people build their credit rating, but you may decide that a secured credit card is for you because you wish to give it to your irresponsible daughter and have her learn that she is going to lose her deposit if she mismanages her secured credit card. Below is a list of reasons why each selling point may be suitable for you.

        If you are a veteran credit card holder, if you are not a victim of everlasting credit card debt, then great service standards may matter more to you than they do to other people. The lack of a fuss and headache required to deal with this company may make it more appealing to people who have fought with and been let down by credit card companies in the past.

        Many private credit cards come with purchase and fraud protection. It is highly recommended that you double-check what purchase and fraud protection your card has. It means reading their small print and double-checking with their customer service department, but the protection you get with credit cards can be immensely powerful. The fraud and purchase protection they offer is perfect for anybody and everybody, and it is highly recommended that you double-check the type and extent of protection you receive from your card.

        The “extra insurance” selling point is valuable to some people, but it depends on you and your circumstance. For example, if your card offers life and injury insurance whenever you buy and use aircraft tickets, then such insurance is pointless if you never travel by air.

        Can you actually get the card? Is the card available in your state? Are there in-network ATMs near you where you may transact without having to pay extra fees? Are there branches near you? Is there much point in getting excited about a card if there is no chance you can ever have it?

        There are plenty of reasons to want balance transfers, but the most common is to lower your current APR. Let’s say you have been making lots of cash withdrawals from your current credit card and they are now charging you 45% APR on your debt. A new credit card may offer balance transfer debt for just 22% APR. In that case, you are better off transferring your debt from your old card to your new credit card via a balance transfer.

        This is another selling point that really depends on you and your circumstances. For example, you may be a big Wal-Mart shopper, and one credit card may offer frequent discount deals in Wal-Mart, in which case you should consider the credit card. The most common perks include air miles, cash back, and retail discounts or exclusive offers.

        Cash back rewards are actually rather pointless. After all, you would receive better value if your credit card lowered its APR by 3% instead of giving you cash back. Nevertheless, some people are able to exploit cash-back schemes. For example, one credit card may offer 5x more cash-back points if you spend money in gas stations. Somebody who frequently has to use gas stations may be able to exploit a cash-back reward, especially if that person offers to fill the tanks of his/her friends where his/her friends give him/her cash for the fuel that is purchased.

        There are quite a few of these, and they do offer a genuine benefit to people who travel quite a bit. The key to success is finding the right credit card and the perfect offer to suit your personal circumstances and needs. For example, there is little point in picking a card with a great air miles offer if you rarely spend enough money on your credit card to generate sufficient air miles for a cheap flight.

        If you are planning to travel overseas, then an overseas credit card can save you a lot of money. If you travel overseas frequently, then it may be worth getting a travel credit card for your travels, and a different credit card for your everyday borrowing needs. That way, you may pick a travel card that is unwaveringly focused on overseas benefits, while picking a domestic-focused card that offers rewards for staying within your own country.

        Many credit cards focus on purchase perks. Some card companies go even further and focus most of their offers and perks around rewarding people for making purchases. For example, you may be able to find credit cards that are partnered up with a series of merchants. If you are a frequent shopper with those merchants, then such a credit card may offer fantastic benefits. Some credit cards encourage purchases by offering low APR interest for purchases in the long time (not just as an introductory offer).

        Ideally, everybody should seek out a credit card with low overall fees and low/no transaction fees. However, a fee free card is not often possible. For example, some poor FICO score credit cards and credit building credit cards will charge people fees to lessen their lending risk. Some credit cards that offer big-money perks may charge higher fees to offset their potential losses when people take full advantage of their big-money perks.

        If you have a terrible credit rating and you cannot get a regular credit card, then a secured credit card may be the best way for you to enjoy the perks of a credit card. For example, a secured card may be used when registering with a hotel and it may be used to hire a car. A secured credit card may also be used to rebuild your credit rating so that you may get a real credit card in six to twelve months.

        The competitive nature of the credit card industry means that many people find themselves jumping from one credit card to another on a frequent basis. If you wish to find a credit card and stick with it, then searching out a credit card that has genuinely low APR rates may the way to go. It may not have many perks, and its service may not include the best technology, but the credit card’s low interest rates may mean you can stick with your card for many months and years.

        There are many reasons why you may wish to seek out low APR interest rates when you go looking for a credit card. It may be your default-searching stance if you are getting a credit card, but you are not yet sure how you plan to use it. You may replace it one day with a travel-focused, or purchase-focused, or credit building card.

        The perk of shopping for a few months without having to pay interest on the purchases is one perk, but it is not a very good one. The best reason for seeking out an introductory offer of 0% APR for purchases is to buy a big-ticket item. For example, if you want a washing machine, but you don’t want to try the store’s 29% APR finance deal, you can buy it with a 0% APR for purchases credit card instead. You may then pay off your purchase on a monthly basis and aim to pay off the debt by the time the 0% APR for purchases introductory offer.

        The best reason for signing up for a credit card that has an introductory offer of 0% APR for balance transfers is to take a chunk out of your current credit card debt. You may have maxed out your current credit card, and the interest payments may be eating a hole in your efforts to pay off your card. Transfer the balance with a card that has a 0% APR for balance transfers introductory offer. While the introductory offer is in place, you do not have to pay interest, so you may take a big bite out of your current credit card debt and get as much paid off as possible.

        If you need cash money and you need it fast, then look for a credit card that has an introductory offer of 0% APR for cash advances. In an ideal world, you should probably get a loan if you need cash. However, you may not be able to get a loan, or your current loan may not offer all the money you need. In which case, you need a credit card that doesn’t punish you for cash advances (at least, it doesn’t punish you during the first few months).

        There are some people who have terrible credit ratings and they cannot get a regular credit card. If that is the case, they may have to get a credit card from a company that approves applications from people with a poor FICO score. Some of these cards help people rebuild their credit, and others simply offer a credit card service to people who have a shaky financial past.

        These are similar to the bad FICO score credit cards mentioned above. They are credit cards that you may get if you have a bad credit rating. Yet, not only do they accept your application, they also help you build your credit rating. They may offer tools to help you manage your money, they may report to all three credit-reporting bureaus, and they may have things such as education centers where they teach you how to manage your money and build your FICO score.

        If you have a great FICO score, then you may pick from the most selective credit card companies. You may find credit cards that have a wide range of varied perks. Typically, if you have a great FICO score, then you will probably be able to get a credit card that has great APR interest rates and that has a slew of different perks and rewards.

        Even the best credit cards have fees. There is a whole slew of fees you may have to pay. Some credit card companies add fees to prop up their lending profits, others add them to offset lending risks, some add fees to enable them to lower their lending APR, and others add fees to callously wring as much money out of their customers as they can. As you read the small print for your new credit card, see if any of the fees listed below turn up.

        The Money You Pay For Borrowing Money

        When you read the credit card’s advertised APR (annual percentage rate), you are actually seeing how much they charge for finance. They lend you X amount if you agree to pay X + % back to them. You can avoid APR interest if you repay your balance before the end of the grace period.

        For example, if there are 25 days before your bill is generated, then there may be a 20-day grace period. That means that if you repay whatever you spent between now and the next 20 days, then no interest will be added to your account in 25 days. Check your credit card’s small print to find out how long their grace period goes for and when it ends each month.

        An APR For Purchases

        When you buy things, you create debt on your card. You will have to pay interest (APR) on the debt you accrue. The interest rate you pay for purchases may differ from the interest you pay on cash advances.

        For example, you withdrew $300 and spent $200 in stores. The APR for purchases may be 20%, so you have to pay 20% APR on your $200 debt. The APR for withdrawals may be 25%, so you have to pay 25% APR on your $300 debt.

        Fees For Anything Considered To Be A Cash Advance

        When you withdraw money, or spend it on things such as gambling, it is considered to be a cash advance. In other words, it puts cash in your hands. Many credit card companies will charge you a fee every time you take out a cash withdrawal. We have a section a little later that lists all the transactions that may be considered a cash advance.

        A cash advance fee is a percentage fee or a standard fee that you pay for cash advances. For example, yesterday you withdrew $300 and they charged you a standard $10 cash advance fee for your withdrawal. Today, you withdraw $500, and they charged you $10 again as a cash advance fee.

        An APR For Cash Withdrawals

        Credit card companies will typically charge you a higher APR for the debt you accrue because of cash advances. Cash advances typically make your credit card debt more expensive.

        For example, if you max out your $1000 credit limit card with purchases with a 22% APR, then your monthly interest will cost $18.40. If you max out your $1000 credit limit card with cash advances with a 29% APR, then your monthly interest will cost $24.20. In both instances you have maxed out your $1000 credit limit card, but the cash advances example will cost more to repay because your monthly interest is higher.

        The APR Rate For Money You Transferred

        Transferring your balance from one card to another is the act of transferring debt from one card to another. When you transfer your debt, you then accrue debt on your new card. You have to pay APR interest for that debt, and that is what your balance transfer APR is all about. Some cards offer 0% APR for balance transfers for a short while.

        A Fee For Transacting A Balance Transfer

        Even if a new credit card says it has 0% on balance transfers, they may still want a balance transfer fee. This means they will charge either a standard fee or a percentage fee for the act of transferring your debt from your old credit card to your new credit card.

        Interest Paid On The Fees On Your Card

        Being charged a special APR for purchases and cash advances seems reasonable, and you can understand why cards charge a balance transfer fee. Also, many credit cards charge you a special APR rate for the fees you have paid on your card.

        For example, your card may charge 22% APR for purchases, 29% APR for cash advances and 20% APR for balance transfers, and 30% APR for fees. That means, if you paid something such as a $50 fee to set up your card, then you are paying 30% APR on that fee until your balance is cleared (paid off).

        A Higher APR For Going Outside Of Your Agreement

        There are two types of penalty APR, but one of them is better known as the “Over the limit APR,” which is discussed later. When you see the words “Penalty APR” on your credit card’s small print, then they probably mean a default APR. In other words, if you break your credit agreement by missing a payment or going over your limit, then the credit card may charge a penalty APR on all your debt.

        For example, the penalty APR may be 60%. You may currently be paying 26% APR on your credit card balance, but one month you miss a payment. The penalty APR then comes into effect. You are now paying 60% APR on your debt, not 26%, and you are paying that 60% APR for the rest of the time you have debt on your credit card.

        Unplanned Overdraft Fees

        Over The Limit fees are one of the nastier fees because some credit card companies are unscrupulous in their application of unplanned overdraft fees. Some will charge a single fee for overdrawing, and many charge for every occasion you overdraw. They may also charge interest on your overdrawing, and you may instigate a penalty APR on all your debt.

        For example, the over the limit/unplanned overdraft fee is $25. Today you spend on your maxed credit card. You spend $2, $5 and $3 with three different purchases, and each time you dug deeper into your unplanned overdraft. The credit card company charges you $75 (3 x $25) because you overdrew by a total of $10. Sensible credit card companies add the charge during your next bill, but callous companies add the charges right away, so by the end of the day you will be $85 overdrawn.

        Unplanned Overdraft Interest

        If you overdrew last month, then your next bill may also feature extra interest. Your credit card company may have added extra interest for your unplanned overdraft (unplanned going over the limit).

        For example, if you went over by $10 for two days, then they may charge you interest on that $10 x 2 days.

        Your Starting Interest Rates

        Many credit card companies offer you a special APR rate. For example, some companies say they will give you 0% interest on purchases for the first 12 months. That means you will have to make a minimum payment every month on your debt, but you will not be charged interest on your debt for the first 12 months.

        Fees For Using Your Card Abroad

        Credit card companies justify their foreign transaction fee because they say they have to convert your currency from your home currency to the currency of the country you are visiting.

        Some credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee for simply leaving your shores, even in the country you are visiting uses your currency.

        Some credit card companies will not charge you an extra fee for using your card abroad. Such cards may not charge foreign transaction fees, but they may offer very poor currency conversion rates. Make sure you are not stung with a poor conversion rate.

        Yearly Fee For Having Your Card

        Do not confuse this fee with your monthly or your maintenance fee. Some credit cards will charge you a yearly fee for using or not using your card. They may charge an annual fee for simply having the credit card. You may have debt on your card, or it may be clear of debt, nevertheless, the card company will charge you a fee every month.

        A Recurring Fee For Having Your Car

        These fees are added every month. They are added to your credit card bill every month. Each month, you may be asked to pay off a portion of your debt, to pay off a month’s worth of interest, and then pay a fee for using the card that month. The monthly or maintenance fee may be charged even if you do not use your card and it doesn’t have debt on it. Other card companies will only charge you a maintenance fee if there is debt (a balance) on your card.

        Fees For Using Your Card

        A transaction fee is what credit card companies charge for many types of transaction. It is an umbrella term that covers many types of fee for using your card. Card companies may call many card uses or functions a transaction, and may subsequently add a fee for it. Nefarious card companies may mask a hidden fee by calling it a transaction fee.

        For example, you may be charged a transaction fee if you check your balance with an ATM. You may be charged a transaction fee if you pay your bill over the phone. These may be considered transaction fees, and some companies may add fees for them.

        A Fee For Changing Your Credit Limit

        This sort of fee happens far more often than it should. A card company may automatically increase your credit limit and then charge you a fee for doing it. Some credit cards charge a fee just for increasing your credit limit, but some card companies charge for your credit limit going both up and dow.

        For example, if you were to call your credit card company and ask them to lower your limit, they may ask for a $50 fee for changing your credit limit. If you ask them to increase your limit, they will check your credit rating, and if they say yes they will ask for a fee for increasing your limit.

        A Fee For Your Credit Card Application

        When you first apply for your card, there are sometimes application fees. They actually charge you a fee for a successful credit card application. It doesn’t happen too often these days. Modern application/processing fees happen under two conditions these days. The first is if you sign up via a third-party company and they charge the processing/application fee. The second is if you have a very bad FICO score (credit score) and the credit card company takes advantage of you by asking for a fee to set up your card.

        A Fee For Paying Over The Phone Or In Branch

        Expedited payments are payments you make on the day your bill is due (or just before). If you were to pay online by AHF, or via a check through the post, the payment may appear too late on your account. A late payment may damage your credit rating and/or add fees to your account. Making an expedited payment means making a payment on the day or just before. Typically, you can expedite your payments by paying in branch or paying over the phone. Due to this fact, some credit card companies charge you a fee for paying over the phone or paying in branch.

        If you make a payment and it is reversed, then the credit card company will charge you a fee. Almost every credit card I have reviewed has some sort of returned payment fee and most of them want between $25 and $60 for it.

        Store Charges For Credit Card Use

        These charges are becoming more and more common and it sucks. A merchant may charge you extra for using your credit card in their store. Your credit card company isn’t the one to charge you in this case, it depends on the merchant.

        Smaller businesses are more likely to charge a fee for using your credit card, but more and more larger companies are doing it and it is becoming increasingly annoying. These are companies that make billions and they are charging customers 40 cents because they want to use their credit card rather than their debit card.

        Costs For Contacting The Customer Service Department

        These are not fees you will see added to your credit card bill. Customer service fees are what credit card companies charge for you contacting their customer service department. They may take the form of phone charges, or charges for contacting them online.

        Fee Receiving Statements Through The Mail

        Most credit card companies and banks will charge you a fee for receiving your credit card statement through the post. You are better off checking your statement online and having free email alerts that tell you whenever a new statement is generated.

        $0 Fraud Liability Cost

        If you lose your card or it is stolen, you should inform your credit card company right away. If you do, then their $0 fraud liability function means you are not charged for whatever debt your stolen/lost card accrues. Most personal credit cards have credit card fraud/$0 fraud liability automatically. Many business credit cards ask for extra fees for fraud liability.

        An Amount Charged To Use Your Rewards

        Even though reward redemption fees are rare, they are not rare enough! Some companies will actually charge you a fee for using your reward points. Others have fees attached to the reward you are claiming.

        It seems to happen more with credit cards that offer airline miles as rewards. When you spend your miles, they also charge a fee for making your booking.

        Charges For Lack Of Use

        Hidden in the small print, you may find an inactivity fee. An inactivity fee is a fee that is added to your card if you do not use it for a certain number of months. Good credit card companies do not charge this fee at all. Moderate credit card companies will count debt repayments as activity. Horrible credit card companies will add inactivity fees if you do not make a purchase within a certain number of months, even if you are frequently making debt repayments.

        Better Known As PPI Charges

        If you agree to payment protection insurance, then your card will be charged a fee every month. If you happen to miss a payment , then the PPI insurance will pay it for you. It helps you avoid late fees and damage to your credit rating. If you have maxed out your card, then it may also help you avoid over-the-limit fees too.

        Extra Fees For Missing Minimum Payments

        These are a favorite amongst credit card companies. You are supposed to pay your credit card bill by a certain due date. Miss your payment, and a late fee will be added. It may be added right away, but is usually added onto your next credit card bill.

        Fees To Replace Your Card If It Is Lost Or Stolen

        If you lose or damage your card, or if it is stolen, you will probably need to replace it. Good credit card companies will replace your card for free. Money-grubbing credit card companies will charge you a fee to replace your card.

        To Add A New Card Holder To Your Account

        You may be able to add a new card holder to your credit card account. This means the new holder gets his or her own card with his or her own name on it. You are the one that pays the bill on whatever is spent on the card. The bill for your credit card and the new users credit card is all part of the credit card bill you receive every month. When you add a new user and order a new card, your credit card company may charge you a fee.

        Charges To Use An ATM In Their Network

        Some credit card companies will not charge you if you use certain ATMs. The trouble is that most ATMs are used for withdrawing money, and that always costs a fee. The only other reason to use an ATM with your credit card is to check your balance, and there is only a marginal chance that you will be charged a fee for that.

        Charges To Use An ATM Outside Of Their Network

        There are some credit card companies that will charge you for using certain ATM machines. It is never very likely, but still possible. An out-of-network ATM is an ATM that your credit card company doesn’t have an active deal with. Using these ATMs may cost you money if you wish to check your balance and so forth.

        11 Common Credit Card Fees and How You Can Avoid Them

        Now that you know what fees and types of interest you may be paying, let’s take a look at some of the most common credit card fees and how you may avoid them. Even the best credit cards have fees, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay all their fees.

        Pay your bill on time, set up auto pay/direct debit, and maybe consider PPI. You may like to make a point of always paying your bill five days early. Also, if it is the first time you have ever paid late with your credit card company, give them a call and ask if they will remove the late fee as a show of goodwill.

        Go over your credit limit and you are going to have to pay. If there is an overdraft protection option (its possible but unlikely), then opt out of it. Opting out of overdraft protection will mean the credit card will no longer overdraw. Overdraft protection is not what is sounds like. Overdraft protection actually gives your bank/credit card company permission to overdraw your account. Consider linking another card that is used if your current credit card doesn’t have enough credit on it.

        Take the time to find a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees because there are plenty of travel credit cards that do not charge this fee. Also, consider converting your cash and storing it on a prepaid debit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. Consider another option besides credit cards if your credit card company charges foreign transaction fees.

        You can use your credit card and get into debt all you like. If you repay the debt during the grace period, then you will not have to pay interest on it. The grace period is usually 20 to 25 days after your last payment. In other words, pay off your balance in full about 5 days before your next statement/bill is generated, and you probably won’t have to pay interest on the money you spent.

        Do all that you can to pay your bill in advance. Consider setting up an auto-pay instruction or direct debit instruction to take the minimum payment out of your account on the same day you are usually paid. At least make an effort to pay off the minimum in advance, and that way you will never have to make emergency payments at the last minute.

        Pay online or pay well in advance. Proper account care and correct money management is probably the only way to avoid this fee. If your payments are not getting through and/or are being returned, it is time for a serious re-evaluation of your finances and your money management skills.

        A big selling point for some credit cards is their 0% balance transfer offer. Yet, transferring your debt from one card to the other is not free. In most cases, you may not have to pay balance transfer interest for a few months, but you will have to pay a balance transfer fee. There are three ways to avoid it. Call the credit card and ask that they refund your balance transfer fee. You may search for a card that offers a 0% balance transfer and has a no-balance-transfer-fee offer in tandem with it. The third option is to not transfer your balance and find another way of paying down your debt.

        The first thing you should do is pick a credit card that doesn’t have an annual or monthly fee. There are two types of card that usually charge these fees. The first are cards for people with terrible FICO scores to the point where they have to sign up for credit cards with terrible terms and nasty fees. The second type are credit cards that have so many perks that the credit card company feels it can charge fees. Go out of your way to find credit cards that do not charge monthly or annual fees. If your credit card company does charge these fees, then make sure the benefits/perks/rewards you get from your credit card will far outweigh the annual/monthly cost of having your credit card.

        More and more merchants are charging extra fees for people using their credit cards. Forget trying to avoid the fee and simply avoid the companies/merchants that charge these fees. Sure, it may affect a few smaller businesses, but life is hard and most of the time anyway, so small businesses will have to get over it.

        Besides, there are plenty of small and struggling businesses that do not whack customers with extra fees for using credit cards. Don’t try to avoid the fee itself, just avoid the merchants that charge you extra for using your credit or debit card.

        Firstly, if you have stopped using your credit card, then cancel it because you probably have read the small print. If you haven’t read the small print, then there may well be an inactivity fee that is about to kick in within just a few months. Secondly, if you only intend to use your credit card in emergencies, then search out a credit card that has no form of inactivity fee. Read the small print all the way through, and then ask their customer service department just to be sure. In addition, try to get an email response, so you have proof of what they told you before you applied for the credit card.

        Don’t withdraw money, and do not spend credit card money on things that are considered to be cash advances. Some people do not know what these “things” are and are sometimes caught out. That is why the section below explains what credit cards consider to be cash advances.

        When people think of a cash advance, they think of drawing money out of an ATM from their credit card, but that is not the only way you can get a cash advance. Most credit cards charge a different/higher APR for cash advances, so it pays to know what one is. Even the best credit cards will consider the items listed below to be cash advances.

        • Drawing money from your credit card using an ATM
        • Drawing money from your credit card using a bank/branch
        • Asking for cash back at a store when paying with your credit card
        • Transfers of cash from your credit card to your bank account or debit card
        • Funding a prepaid card with your credit card
        • Funding an online wallet with your credit card
        • Buying traveler’s checks
        • Buying most types of gift cards are seen as cash advances
        • Putting money into your store card where there is an option to draw it out
        • Buying a store card or store-value gift card
        • Any transaction where you gamble
        • Paying utility bills over the counter at banks, post offices or other financial institutions

        The last one on that list may seem like a bit of a surprise, so it is best to check with your credit card company before you pay your utility bills over the counter. Pay your utility bills online or over the phone, and it seems to come up as a purchase. Pay them over the counter, and some credit card companies will consider that to be a cash advance and they will charge you the cash advance APR (which is usually higher than their purchase APR).

        The Types Of Offers That The Best Credit Cards Offer

        One of the great things about the best credit cards is that they have a number of special offers. We at have read epic amounts of small print while reviewing credit cards and we have come across some pleasant surprises. Some credit cards offer protection and perks that they hardly even mention on their websites. You may expect the small print to hold hidden fees and nasty terms, and sometimes it does, but the best credit cards are so good that their small print is almost pleasant reading. At least, it is for the financial nerds we have working here.

        The list below features some of the most commonly seen credit card offers and perks. It is not a comprehensive list. We have seen some weird and varied credit card offers and perks in our time, from exclusive access to airline lounges, to exclusive meetings with applications managers at overseas tax haven banks. We couldn’t possibly cover all the offers and perks we have ever seen, so we have explained some of the most common.

        A Period Of Time Where You Do Not Pay Interest On Purchases

        If you buy something within a certain period of time on your credit card, then you do not have to pay interest on that debt until the introductory offer is over.

        Do not confuse this with the grace period. The grace period happens every month, where you may spend money on your card and then repay it quickly so you don’t have to pay interest on it.

        If you get into debt on your credit card because you have bought stuff, then you still have to pay a minimum payment every month, but you are not charged interest on your debt until the introductory offer is over.

        Without the 0% APR offer, you spend $100 on your card. At the end of the month, they want a $20 minimum payment, and they charge you 22% APR. In total, they want $20 + $1.84 = $21.84.

        With a 0% APR offer, you spend $100 on your card. At the end of the month, they want a $20 minimum payment, and they charge you 0% APR. In total, they want $20 + $0 = $20.00.

        As you can see, you pay less per month if there is a 0% APR on purchases offer. Just as a refresher, here is how the APR is worked out. Don’t forget that APR is yearly, so it is worked out like this. With an APR of 22% on purchases, you work out 22% of 100, which is $22. That $22 is divided by 12 months, which comes to $1.84.

        You Don’t Pay Interest On The Money You Withdraw For A While

        Typically, if you get a cash advance from your credit card, then you are charged a slightly higher APR. Some credit cards encourage people to take cash advances by offering a 0% APR on cash advances.

        The catch is that if you do not pay off your debt before the introductory offer ends, then you may end up paying a higher APR rate on your debt. It is a possible catch/downside when you take advantage of a 0% APR on cash advances offer. The best credit cards will not charge a higher APR on cash advances, but your best course of action is still to pay off your debt (pay off your balance) before the 0% APR introductory period ends.

        Read your credit card’s small print to find out what they consider to be a cash advance. A previous section in this article covered all the possible definitions of a cash advance. It is any situation where your credit card balance may turn into cash in your hand, such as if you draw it out from an ATM, or if you gamble with it, or buy a gift card, and things of that nature.

        Without the 0% APR cash advance offer, you draw $100 from your card using an ATM. At the end of the month, they want a $20 minimum payment, and they charge you 29% APR for your cash advance debt. In total, they want $20 + $2.42 = $22.42.

        With the 0% APR cash advance offer, you draw $100 from your card using an ATM. At the end of the month, they want a $20 minimum payment, and they charge you 0% APR. In total, they want $20 + $0 = $20.00.

        Be sure to pay off all your credit card debt before your introductory offer ends, or you will be paying a minimum payment plus interest on your balance.

        Pay Nothing On Your Transferred Debt For A Few Months

        Balance transfers are popular because they offer people a break from paying interest on their debt. You may have debt on your current credit card for which you are paying a high APR. With a 0% balance transfer offer, you may transfer your debt from your old card to your new card and stop paying interest on it for a while.

        Do not be confused by the terminology. When they say, “Balance transfer,” they mean debt transfer. The money you owe on your old card will be transferred over to a new card. You may have mismanaged your old card and you may be paying a very high APR rate. Your new card may allow you a few months of 0% APR, and when the offer is over, the new APR on your new credit card may be less than the APR you were paying.

        It doesn’t matter how you managed your old card. Some of your debt may have been from cash advances and some may have been from purchases, but it doesn’t matter when you transfer your debt to your new card. The only APR rate you have to worry about is your new card’s balance transfer APR.

        For example, you have spent $2500 on your current credit card, and you sign up for a new credit card with a 0% APR balance transfer offer. You transfer that $2500 debt from your old card to your new card.

        Your new card now has $2500 debt, and your old credit card is paid off. For a few months, you will have to pay a minimum amount on your new credit card, but you will not be charged interest, which means you are no longer sitting still in debt&#8211;you are paying it off bit by bit.

        On your old card, you may have been paying a $90 minimum payment where $40 was interest. With your new card that has a 0% APR on balance transfers for six months, you only have to pay $50 per month for six months because you do not have to pay the $40 interest for six months.

        You Don’t Pay A Fee For The Transfer Transaction

        Many people who have never created a balance transfer are surprised by the balance transfer fee. It is a fee you pay for creating a balance transfer, and it has nothing to do with any 0% APR deal. They may offer a 0% APR, but they still want you to pay a fee for transferring your balance. In many cases, your fee is taken out of your new credit card.

        You get a new credit card that has a $2000 credit limit. Your old credit card only has a $1000 credit limit and you have maxed it out. You decide to transfer your balance (your debt) from your old card to your new card.

        You log into your new credit card’s website and into your new credit card’s account. You start your balance transfer and $1000 is taken from your new credit card to pay off your old credit card. However, your new credit card also adds on a fee of $60, which they call their “Balance transfer” fee. Your new credit card now has a balance of $1060 ($1000 + $60) with just $940 of credit left on it.

        If your new credit card has a “No Balance Transfer Fees” offer, then you avoid the $60 fee from our example. After your transfer in our example, you would have a balance of $1000 on your new credit card with $1000 credit to spend.

        You Don’t Pay Extra For Using Your Credit Card Abroad

        Some credit card companies will charge you a fee to make purchases and withdraw cash abroad. If your new credit card says there are no foreign transaction fees, then it probably means you can make purchases abroad without incurring extra fees. If your credit card has a foreign transaction fee, then every time you make a purchase abroad, you will have an extra fee added to your bill at the end of the month.

        Many credit card companies say they charge a foreign transaction fee because they have to go to the trouble of converting your currency. Please do your research before you rely on your credit card to do your currency converting. You may be better off using a company such as Transferwise or CurrencyFair to convert your money.

        Some credit card companies will give you a terrible conversion rate. They may claim you are saving money because they do not charge foreign transaction fees, but you may be getting far less currency for each dollar you convert. Also, be sure to find out if their “No Foreign Transaction Fees” is a permanent perk or a temporary offer. Usually it is a permanent perk, but you would be surprised at some of the money-grubbing tricks that some credit card companies pull.

        You go to the United Kingdom. During your visit, you see Big Ben, the river Thames, and you move north to see the Castles and countryside in Yorkshire. You visit the scary moors in Scotland, and go mountain climbing in Wales.

        Your credit card charges a foreign transaction fee. Every time you buy a steamy cup of tea or fish & chips, you have to pay a fee. In this case, you have to pay $0.45 per transaction. During your visit, you make 89 purchases, and at the end of the month, you have extra fees of $40.00.

        To put that in context, let’s calculate your total bill in this article. Usually, you maintain a balance of around $1000 of debt on your card. Your credit card bill is usually $60. That is a $40 mandatory repayment and $20 APR interest that brings your monthly minimum payment a total of $60. After your visit to the British Empire, you come home and your bill is $100. That is your usual $40 mandatory repayment, $20 your usual APR amount, and $40 for foreign transaction fees.

        Obviously, if your card doesn’t charge for foreign transaction, then your purchases will not have generated $40 of fees. You would return home and your credit card minimum payment would remain at $60.

        A Great Perk If You Can Find It

        There are actually credit cards out there that offer free life insurance, free health insurance, free car insurance and much more. The hardest part is finding these credit cards because they tend to hide this sort of thing in the smaller print or in the less commonly used parts of their website.

        Commonly offered insurance includes payment protection for your purchases, $0 fraud liability on your credit card, travel insurance, life insurance, injury insurance, rental insurance, theft insurance and health insurance.

        Some credit cards offer things such as extended warranty, first crack at concert tickets, guaranteed returns, free cell phone replacement insurance, and even trip cancellation insurance. There are plenty of other insurance perks/offers and reward offers/perks, so keep your eyes open when you are picking your next credit card.

        Example Explaining Free Insurance With Your Credit Card

        You take a visit to France to try eating cheese with each meal and getting drunk on wine at 9am in the morning while sat outside. You hire a rental car, and you pay with your credit card. It turns out that if your rental car is stolen, or if its content are stolen, then your credit card will pay the expenses. You need car insurance to legally drive on a French road, but the rental company takes care of that. Your credit card protects you in this case from having to pay if the car is stolen or if items are removed from the car.

        Another example is that you are a full-blooded and proud American woman and you buy airline tickets with your credit card. During your flight from America to Palestine, a Muslim sees that your face is not covered and he punches you repeatedly in the face and breaks your nose while the air martial is busy taking a nap. It turns out that your credit card covers injury, and because it happened while on your flight, your credit card will pay all your medical and reconstructive surgery costs. Some will cover you all the way from the US airport to the other airport, which means you are even covered if somebody runs over your foot with their case in the airport.

        Confusing Offers That Are Not What They Seem

        If your credit card company offers “Overdraft Protection,” then turn it down or opt out of it. Overdraft Protection doesn’t stop you from overdrawing; it actually allows your card to overdraw. If you can opt out of Overdraft Protection, then a transaction will be unable to push you over your credit limit.

        Most credit cards have automatic overdraft protection and you are unable to opt out of it. This means that you may keep spending even if you do not have credit on your credit card, which means you will go over your credit limit and overdraw.

        If you keep going over your limit or start missing credit card payments, then look for a credit card that has a suitable method to help you stop. Some have permanent offers or perks that allow you to protect your credit rating by never allowing you to overdraw or go over the arranged credit limit.

        Example Explaining How To Stop Over Limits And Overdrawing

        If you keep overdrawing or going over your limit, then sign up for payment protection insurance (PPI) where your payment is made automatically if you miss it. On the other hand, you may sign up for a credit card scheme where you cannot overdraw.

        For example, a HSBC credit card has the option of a Bank Account Pay Monthly Account, where your minimum payment is drawn from your bank account every month. In return, the credit card company will never allow you to overdraw. They charge a fee every month, your minimum payment is auto-paid out of your checking/current account, and your HSBC credit card will not allow informal (unarranged) overdrafts/over-limits.

        Some Bad FICO Score Cards Have Associated Perks

        Within this article is already a full description of what types of credit cards are out there for people with bad credit ratings (a low FICO score). They are credit cards that allow people with poor credit scores to have a credit card if they don’t mind paying higher fees and higher APR rates.

        There are also secured cards that allow people with bad credit to rebuild their credit rating by essentially lending money to themselves. For example, they pay $200 to a credit card company, and the credit card company gives that person a credit card with a limit of $200.

        There are also hybrid secured cards where you may just $50 as a secured deposit, but the credit card company gives you a credit limit of $200. Cards of this nature are not great cards, but they do allow people to prove they can handle credit so that they may rebuild their credit rating.

        Some of these credit cards and secured cards also have associated offers and perks. They may allow you to lend more, they may offer discounts, and they may even allow you to lower your APR.

        Example Explaining Poor Credit Rating Cards With Associated Perks

        One card may ask that you pay a deposit of $300, and they give you a $300 credit limit. They also say that if you pay your bill correctly and if you manage your account properly for a full six months, then on the sixth month you may increase your credit limit to $500 without having to pay a further deposit.

        Some credit cards that are designed for people with a poor credit rating may still reject you. However, as an incentive not to give up, they may say that if you are rejected for a regular credit card, then they will automatically accept your application for a secured credit card so that you may make a start rebuilding your credit rating.

        Some credit cards for people with poor FICO scores may offer tiered rewards. If your credit rating improves up to a certain level, then they may lower your APR. If it improves up to another level, then they may offer you one of their better and more regular credit cards that they usually demand a higher credit score for.

        For example, Burt’s credit card company may offer you a poor-credit-rating credit card called the Copper card. It is the card they offer to people with a credit score of 500. Burt’s credit card company also has a silver credit card where you need a credit rating of 630+, but because you have been a good Copper card customer for a year, they let you apply for the Silver card when your credit rating is only 590.

        No Overdraft Fees, Late Fees Or Associated Penalties

        Go Over Your Credit Limit Without Suffering

        The credit card industry is so competitive that there are companies that are willing to allow you to go over your credit limit without charging you extra fees and without charging you penalty interest rates. The same is true with making late payments. There are some credit card companies that will allow you to pay late and they won’t charge you a fee or set a penalty APR.

        In some cases, the worst they will do is charge you interest for the amount you go over the limit and then demand that you return your account back to within its credit limit within a certain number of days.

        Do credit cards that offer this deal have a catch? Sure they do. Sometimes the catch is something as simple as the credit card company charging you a bit of extra interest and refusing to increase your credit limit in the future. Some of the nastier catches include not charging you a fee for going over your credit limit, but where you now have to pay a monthly fee to keep your credit card open, or where your APR is now set to the highest rate.

        A Highly Prized Perk That Usually Comes At A Price

        Typically, a high credit limit requires a high FICO score that is at least over 700. A high credit score may allow you to apply for a credit card that allows you to have a credit limit in the thousands.

        In many cases, even if you have a good-to-excellent credit rating, they still ask that you start with a smaller credit limit, such as $2500, and then work your way up to $5000+ over time by gradually having your credit limit increased.

        Another way to get a very high credit rating is to take a credit card offer where you have to pay a fee every month or every year for the privilege of having a high credit limit.

        Most Private Credit Cards Have These Protections

        Read the small print on your new credit card and you may be surprised by how much protection it offers. It often offers far more than what business credit cards offer. It is similar to the $0 fraud liability insurance where you are covered from paying excessive amounts if your card is used by another person without your permission (and you can prove it was fraudulently used). Many credit cards in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Europe will offer a powerful amount of protection for users.

        You probably have purchase protection, which means you get your money back if you are ripped off online, over the phone, or by an offline merchant. You may also be protected if the goods you receive are broken and/or break down far quicker than they should have.

        If your purchase is not delivered, or the selling/merchant company goes bust before you get your full product or service, or if a merchant doesn’t provide the full service you paid for, then you may be able to get your money back from your credit card if you paid with your credit card.

        If the supplier/merchant has caused you problems and won’t fix it, then your credit card company may fix it for you. Sometimes your protection doesn’t kick in if you spend less than $100 or more than $30,000 and sometimes it kicks in for as little as $1 where you may claim your money back from your credit card.

        These sorts of protections are often present on Visa, Amex and MasterCard credit cards.

        Pay With Your Credit Card And Get A Discount

        Getting a discount because of your credit card is becoming more and more common. Discounts for using a credit card is a phenomenon that is becoming more popular as bigger companies/merchants start issuing their own credit cards. At the moment, you are probably more likely to see airline or travel companies offering discounts. For example, there are credit cards that are issued by hotel groups. If you pay for your hotel stay and your travel with your credit card, then the members of the hotel group will offer you a special booking and overnight rate.

        It is not just specialized credit cards that offer discounts; there are quite a few big-named credit card brands that occasionally run promotions in tandem with other businesses where the credit card user receives a discount for shopping in a certain place with his or her credit card.

        Spend Money And Get Points

        Rewards and reward points are very common and most people understand how they work. The problem is that many credit card companies make earning and receiving your rewards very difficult. Some credit card companies will even charge you a fee for redeeming your points.

        A common rewards system is air miles. You get an air mile point for spending a dollar. Spend enough dollars on your card, build up enough miles, and you get to take free air travel rides.

        There are other rewards, such as getting money back, getting discounts, and earning perks that you would otherwise have to pay for. Try to avoid the credit card companies that make acquiring points too difficult, such as credit card companies that switch which categories/purchases earn you points on a quarterly basis.

        Spend Money And Get Some Money Back

        The most common version of this scheme is where you spend $1 on a purchase and you get 1 point. Each point equals on cent. Earn points over time and then redeem them as credit on your next credit card bill.

        To make the process more alluring and more exciting, some credit card companies will offer bigger rewards for different things. For example, some may offer 3 points per dollar if you use your credit card to purchase fuel. Others may send you promotions where you get extra points if you shop in a certain store during a certain period of time.

        Very few credit card companies will give you cash in return for your points. Instead, you redeem your points as rewards, such as gift cards, or you redeem them by having the cash back knocked off your next credit card bill.

        What Is A FICO Score And What Does It Mean When Getting A Card?

        Your FICO score is also known as your credit rating or credit score. It is deeply linked with your banking history. When credit card companies talk about checking your FICO score, your credit score, your credit rating or your banking history, they are talking about the same thing. If you want the best credit cards, you are probably going to need a good FICO score.

        When credit card companies talk about checking your FICO score, it means they are going to go to the credit scoring companies to find out about your banking/money management history and your current FICO score. Credit scoring companies are also known as credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus. There are credit scoring companies all around the globe, but the main three that many credit card companies listen to in the USA are:

        P.O. Box 740241. Atlanta, GA 30374-0241.

        P.O. Box 2104. Allen, TX 75013-0949.

        P.O. Box 1000. Chester, PA 19022.

        Let’s Nail The Terminology Before We Continue

        It is the same as a person’s credit rating or credit score. It is a credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). It gives a lenders a general idea about your ability to repay debt based on your current situation and your past money management/banking history.

        Your credit rating is the same as a FICO score. It means the same thing. If a company is checking your credit rating, they are checking your FICO score with one of the three credit reporting agencies.

        Your credit score is the same as your credit rating or your FICO score. It is the number you are assigned by the three credit reporting bureaus. It gives lenders an indication of your current capacity to repay a loan.

        Some consider this to be the same as your FICO score. If lenders say they are checking your banking history or your financial transaction history, they probably mean they are checking your FICO score. The way you manage your money will affect how good or bad your FICO score is.

        In the US, there are three of these credit reporting bureaus. They each have their own way of working out your FICO score. They are also known as credit bureaus, credit reporting companies, and credit scoring companies.

        Your credit report is a report issued by Equifax and/or Experian and/or TransUnion. It starts with your FICO score, and it also gives details about your current liabilities, current address, linked accounts, and much more. It gives a brief view of your current financial status. These days, there are many solutions to get a credit report for free, so there is NO reason why you should not see what your report says. For example, you can sign up with Credit Sesame for free, and they will show you your credit score (based on the TransUnion score) right away &#8212; no catch, no credit card, no fees required. FREE (note, I use both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma myself to check and monitor my own credit).

        A credit card company may say they are going to run a credit check on you. They often ask your permission to run a credit check. A credit check means they are going to ask one of the credit scoring bureaus for a credit report on you. When they ask for a credit report, it will be noted on your credit history. Too many of these notes in a short period of time will lower your FICO score, which is why credit card companies ask permission before running a credit check on you.

        A soft credit check allows credit card companies and online tools to take a brief look at your credit report information without actually generating a credit report. A soft credit check is not reported on your credit history, which means almost anybody can get a basic insight to your financial status. Most credit card companies offer you the option of running a soft credit check before you start your application because it allows you to see if will be rejected if you apply for the credit card.

        How Your FICO Score Relates To Your Banking History Or Financial Transaction History

        Lenders Can See Your Banking History And Your FICO Score

        Credit reporting bureaus give lenders the same information they give you when you ask for your credit rating. They give your FICO score, and they also show your banking and financial transaction history.

        Your credit report shows things such as your current address, your old addresses, and who your accounts are associated with. It show your current debt and it shows if you have made your most recent payments or if you have missed payments.

        A lender may look at your FICO score and be undecided about your application, so they look at your banking history or financial transaction history. Some lenders take your financial transactions and history into account, and some do not.

        Why Do The Credit Bureaus Show Different Credit Scores?

        Shouldn‘t They All Give The Same FICO Score Results?

        All three of the credit reporting bureaus have their own way of figuring out your FICO score. However, the way they do it is very similar to the point where they should all calculate your FICO score within just a few points of each other. With that being the case, why is it that one credit reporting company says one number and another credit reporting company says something very different?

        The reason is because each company collects its own information, and some have more information than the others.

        For example, you may have a credit card with company X, and company X may report to all three credit scoring bureaus. You may also have a loan with company Y, and company Y only reports to two of the credit reporting bureaus.

        If you start abusing your loan from company Y, they only report to two credit companies. That means one credit company gives you an incorrectly higher FICO than the others.

        In that example, two of the credit reporting bureaus will show a lower FICO score than one of the other credit reporting bureaus. That is why the three credit reporting bureaus sometimes show different results.

        This sort of thing is becoming rarer and rarer these days because the credit reporting companies are starting to share information more freely with each other.

        What Do The Numbers Mean?

        Below is a list of average credit rating numbers. They give you a rough idea of the your FICO score (your credit rating, your credit score) actually means. When the credit reporting bureaus issue your credit report, they give away a number, and they state the health of your FICO score. Its health runs all the way from Excellent to bad.

        750 to 850 is Excellent

        700 to 749 is Good

        650 to 699 is Fair

        550 to 649 is Poor

        280 to 549 is Bad

        Just to clarify, the list above is an average list. For example, some credit reporting companies will say that a rate of 631 is a Fair FICO score and others will say that anything below 650 is a Poor FICO score.

        In addition, what the credit reporting companies name your FICO score may be irrelevant to some credit card companies. For example, one credit card company may have a policy to accept anybody with a FICO score of 580 or more. In that case, the credit card company doesn’t care if your 580 credit rating is called good, bad, or ugly. They just care that you have the required FICO score needed for approval of their credit card.

        Take a look at the image below. You may ask yourself what you are looking at, but it is not as complicated as it looks. The graphic shows you how the various credit scoring scales are different.

        For example, the smallest scale is the Experian National Equivalency Score because it only runs from between 360 and 840. The largest scale is the FICO NextGen Credit Score because it runs from 150 all the way up to 950.

        Don’t worry about the fact there are three credit reporting bureaus and yet there are seven different scales. It won’t make much difference to your next credit card application. It just pays to know that the credit bureaus may generate different FICO scores for different reasons, such as having a different type of FICO scoring scale.

        Do You Simply Pay Equifax, Experian or TransUnion?

        All three credit reporting bureaus generate credit reports. You are entitled to at least one free credit report per year. You may apply to the credit bureau if you wish, but they usually try to sucker you in with a free trial where you have to pay when the trial ends. The credit bureau may also be obliged to give you a free credit report if a lender refuses to lend to you because of the credit report that the credit reporting company issued.

        Some people use this website, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. There are websites on the Internet that allow you to see a soft search of your credit report for free. Just Google the words, “get a free credit report in the US” and see which companies are currently the most popular for offering free credit reports. These free credit reports do not require you to sign up for a free trail or any sort of paid subscription. The genuine companies allow you to securely access soft search credit reports absolutely free.

        What Are Credit Card Companies Seeing When They Run A Credit Check?

        The image below shows you the basic information that the three credit reporting bureaus are going to add into you credit report.

        Below is another image showing the type of information that a credit report may feature. The report in the image directly below is from one of the many free services that gives you a soft credit check. That is why there is a number between one and five on the left, and why the credit score scale seems a little different to the 280 to 850 credit scales mentioned earlier.

        The images you see above and the one you see below may not be exactly what you see when you get your credit report. The formatting may be different, the way it is laid out, the way the information is given, and even the way the information is worded may be different. Nevertheless, the basic information that is given will be very similar to the sort of thing you will see on your next credit report. Take note of the green marks on the credit report that say “OK.” These are what credit card companies like to see on your credit report.

        It will not show your spouse’s credit history or credit rating, but it will show any accounts you have that are linked with your spouses. It may also show that you live with your spouse.

        The fact that your FICO score and a credit report may so easily be accessed by so many people may send a tingly chill of horror down your spine. Even soft searches seem to display an overflowing amount of information about you. But, it is not as bad as you think. Here is a list of the things your credit report doesn’t show. Repeat, this is a list of things that DO NOT appear on your credit report.

        • Many utility accounts do not appear on your credit report
        • Some cell phone and some landline accounts do not appear
        • Your employment status
        • Any criminal record
        • The current interest rates you pay with your listed accounts
        • Your gender
        • Political status or affiliation
        • Maybe your religion
        • Your spouse’s credit history
        • Race or ethnicity
        • A current medical history
        • Any rewards accounts
        • Current marital status
        • Your pay day
        • Any title loans
        • Your income

        Remember that the things listed above are things that do not appear in your credit report. That is why many of the items in the list above are asked by your credit card company when you apply for a credit card. They ask things such as your income, marital status, and payday, and so forth because they cannot get that information from your credit report when they run a credit check.

        Nontraditional credit products will probably not appear on there unless they are in default. For example, the rent for your apartment may not appear there, but it may appear on there if you are currently in default, collections and/or you are being chased for it.

        If you are trying to apply for the best credit cards, then you need to keep your credit report clear of any defaults, collections and/or missed payments.

        Accounts and public records that have aged off the report will also not appear. For example, you may have had 10 missed payments in one month over seven years ago, and it may have messed up your FICO score at the time. However, since it was over seven years ago, that episode shouldn’t appear on your credit report any longer.

        How Your Banking History Or Financial Transaction History Affects Your FICO Score

        Your Credit Report Shows The Information The Credit Bureau Used

        Your credit report includes the information that the credit reporting bureau used to generate your FICO score. All of your credit report has an effect on your FICO score, but some have a bigger effect than others.

        For example, if you pay off your credit card very quickly, then your credit utilization (the amount of debt you are using) will change. This change may lead to your FICO score going up. If you then decide to close down your credit card because you are not using it, then your credit utilization chances again and your FICO score goes down.

        Each element of your credit report will have some effect on your FICO score. For example, if you have stayed at your current address for three years or more, then your FICO score may go up. If you have missed a few credit card payments, then your FICO score may go down and you may find it more difficult when applying for the best credit cards.

        How Your Banking History Or Financial Transaction History Affects Your Credit Application

        Have You Read That Your FICO Score Doesn’t Matter That Much?

        Your FICO score is important if you want a credit card, but different credit card companies have different ways of judging their potential customers. For example, if you have a terrible FICO score, but you have successfully banked with the same bank for years and have handled your account responsibly, then there is a chance your bank will give you a loan or a credit card even if your FICO score is poor.

        Some credit card companies will take your FICO score under advisement but will pay more attention to your banking history. For example, a credit card company may not mind if you have a poor FICO score, just so long as you do not have insolvency or bankruptcy on your banking history.

        There are credit card companies that will weigh your credit rating against your banking history and make their decision that way. For example, you may have a great FICO score, but a credit card company may turn you down because they can see on your credit/transaction history that you have missed three credit card repayments this year with your other credit card.

        Credit cards may take your personal history with their company into account. Credit card companies may also take your transaction and banking history into account. That is why some people with a high FICO score still find themselves being turned down for credit cards for reasons as simple as the fact they moved house twice in the last year.

        If you want the best credit cards, then you need a good FICO score, but what is a bad FICO score? What do we call bad credit? The answer depends on who you ask. Banks, credit card companies, auto loan companies, and even estate agents have a very different idea of what bad credit is.

        If you have a poor to bad credit rating, then you probably have a FICO score of 649 or less. If you have a FICO score of 549 or lower, then you have a bad credit rating. These numbers can be wiggled a bit depending upon which company you ask. For example, quite a few people think that a FICO score of 630 is fair, and many think that a credit rating of 650+ is good.

        This section of our epic article on the best credit cards explains a little about bad credit and gives some usable advice. The information and advice in this section is suitable for anybody, no matter what your credit rating (FICO score). After all, this information will help you raise your credit rating, which means this information suits everybody.

        How Your Banking History Or Financial Transaction History Affects Your FICO Score

        Your Credit Report Shows The Information The Credit Bureau Used

        The image below goes a long way to explaining how your banking history and transaction history will affect your FICO score. What you may find surprising is how credit-reporting companies prioritize your credit utilization.

        Payment history may have more of an effect than 35%. After all, if all your other elements are top notch, but you keep missing payments, your credit rating will continue to fall and fall until you start paying on time again.

        Credit utilization is a big factor, but I suggest you do not pay it too much attention because it is not calculated in a common-sense manner. All you need to know is that if you have paid off your credit card; do not cancel it right away because it will lower your FICO score for a while.

        Credit age isn’t a factor as you get older. When you are young, you have less of a credit history, so lenders are a little more nervous about giving you credit. As you get older, and as you dabble with debt, the whole “credit age” element will not matter as much.

        Different types of credit is not as complicated as it seems. It just means that your credit rating may be affected if you only have one type of debt in your life. If you have a healthy mix, such as a mortgage, credit card, car loan, and so forth, then you may happily grow your FICO score. On the other hand, if all you have ever had is an overdraft for 20 years, then your FICO score may not grow as quickly as you may like.

        Number of enquires matters because too many will lower your FICO score. As you can see by the chart, having too many inquiries on your account will not slice your FICO score in half, but it will damage it a bit.

        It May Soon Become Harder To Get Credit

        Lenders such as Fannie Mae have started using trended data, and there is a chance that it will catch on and become a regular part of a lender’s credit underwriting system. Creditors may currently use your FICO score, the information you give them, and your credit report to approve your credit application. If you have a history with that company or bank, then they may also use your banking/transaction history to make a decision. If trended data becomes more commonly used by creditors, then that is yet another way they may

        With trended data, a lender may see your past financial data in a very different light. Trended data concentrates specifically on the last 30 months worth of financial behavior. It shows if an applicant frequently carries debt, if he or she only pays the minimum, and if he or she is getting further into debt, remaining still, or is lowering his or her debt month by month.

        The current credit scoring system rewards people for paying their bills on time, even if those people have been in debt for decades without ever paying off their debt.

        Trended data will reward people who pay off their debt, and hurt people who carry debt for long periods of time (excluding mortgages). If you make little effort to pay off your debt, then lenders using trended data is going to hurt you. You may find that lenders turn you down, even though you have a high FICO score.

        To come out a winner when lenders use trended data, you need a high FICO score, you need to pay your bills on time, and you need to steadily improve your debt utilization ratio every month by paying more than the minimum on your debts.

        Tips To Help Make You More Creditworthy

        Since we at are financial experts, and since our only aim is to help you build wealth and manage money, we are going to give away a few tips on how to help you raise your FICO score. Not only that, these tips will also help make you more creditworthy. Raising your FICO score is all good and well, but there are less obvious things you can do that won’t increase your FICO score, but will make creditors look more favorably on you.

        In other words, there are some things in this section of our article that will not directly raise your FICO score, but they will heavily increase your chances of getting credit in the near future. There are also time-tested tips for raising your FICO score the honest way.

        It goes without saying that you should maintain your accounts a well as you possibly can. Pay off your credit card as often as you can, and never pay just the minimum on your debt unless your lender punishes you for paying more than you are asked.

        FICO scores are lowered when the credit bureaus see you using more than 50% of your total available credit or more than 50% of your available credit on any one credit card.

        Do not take on too much credit too quickly. Your FICO score will improve far better if you take on debt slowly and gradually prove you can handle it without missing payments.

        A robust mix of credit is better than just having one type. Having a loan and a credit card is sufficient, but you may also benefit from an overdraft and maybe even a credit store card.

        If you use credit to gamble, such as using your credit card to gamble online, then many banks and money companies take a dim view. Some will even refuse you credit because of “unusual activity” on your account.

        Watch your credit card balances and try to eliminate your credit card balances where possible. More credit card balances is bad. It is better to have 3 credit cards and $90 on one of them than it is to have 3 cards and $30 on each.

        Repaid debt on your credit report is a good thing. Don’t try to have it removed. Getting into debt and quickly getting out of it may help your credit rating in the long run.

        Whenever you apply for credit and the creditor checks your credit, you will see a small dip in your FICO score that lasts about one year. If you are rejected, you need only wait six months before trying again, you do not have to wait a full year.

        Pay all of your bills on time. It is true that you should prioritize the companies and banks that report to credit scoring companies, but you need to pay your other bills to avoid collections, defaults or court cases.

        Avoid collections actions, even from companies that do not typically report to credit bureaus because collections/defaults/court cases will appear on your credit report.

        Keep up with your credit score for free. It helps you spot financial irregularities, which may help stop a fraudster from exploiting you. It also helps you spot things that have damaged your credit rating, so that you may rectify or challenge them.

        Paying a credit-reporting bureau to send you a credit report will not count has a hard check on your credit report. It is not the same as if a credit card company asked for a credit report. Before applying for the best credit cards, you should get a free version of your credit score and see where you may improve.

        Set up payment reminders with your own apps, with banks and lenders. Have them email and SMS text you. Use the alerts system with their apps. Write it on your whiteboard. Write yourself a budget and keep checking it.

        If you had a bad credit account in your recent past, where you had a lot of trouble, then closing the account will not make your past problems go away. They will still be noted on your credit report.

        Have at least one credit card and use it responsibly if you wish to raise your FICO score. If you wish to allow your credit score (FICO score) to climb organically, then stay away from credit cards because even the best credit cards can leave you in debt for years if you mismanage them. Credit card debt is the hardest type of debt to get out of.

        Do not use Auto-pay if there is a chance you may not have the money in your account. Pay manually over the Internet wherever possible. Auto-pay/direct debit will make you overdraw if you do not have the money in your account, and overdrawing will continue to hurt your FICO score. At least if you pay manually, then if you do not have the money on the day, it is not transferred out, which means you have a few more hours to borrow from friends before your creditor&#8217;s final date is over.

        Do your best to get out of credit card debt. Prioritize that debt over all others. Training yourself to get out of credit card debt will do you the most favors. If you want to build your credit rating, then pay off your credit card debt every month.

        Moving debt doesn’t help, but 0% balance transfers may because when you start paying your minimum, you are actually paying off the debt rather than just paying off the interest.

        Opening more credit cards to increase your credit utilization will backfire. Lenders will wonder why you have so much available credit at your disposal and why you are asking for yet more. Credit reporting bureaus may figure you are mismanaging your credit. Lenders may figure you are setting up a big con.

        A delinquency will remain on your credit report for seven years. Public record items are also likely to stay on your report for a full seven years. Unpaid tax liens and bankruptcies will stay on your credit report for ten years. Credit checks by creditors, such as credit card companies, will stay on your report for two years.

        If you have very old negative debts and you have fresh new ones, then pay off the newer debts first because they will have a bigger impact on your credit rating. Use caution when you pay collection accounts, especially if they are over 24 months old. When you make the payment, it may become active and damage your FICO score once again.

        Do not dispute any negative items on your credit report, and put in a request with the credit bureaus that they cancel any of the disputes you started in the last two years. If you have amounts in collection, try to arrange to pay the original company and not the collections company.

        Whenever you fully pay off a debt, you must get some sort of written proof. Take a screenshot showing your paid account, get an email confirmation, and ask that they also post proof to your house that you have paid off the debt in full. File this information away and keep it safe for more than ten years.

        Pay down or pay off your credit cards, and do not vary the amounts you put into your debts and your bank account. Don’t put $400 on your credit card one month, and $2300 the next month (unless you are doing that to pay off the debt in full). Consistency is a credit score’s best friend.

        If you are not paying off your credit cards each month, then enter the same amount each month, which is ideally your minimum payment times two. For example, if your minimum credit card payment each month is $50, then you should pay $100 per month into your credit card.

        Don’t forget that medical debt shows up on your credit reports. Pay it off as soon as possible. If your insurance is dragging its heels, then find out if you can pay it off with your own money and claim the fees back from your insurance company.

        Get a secured credit card if your credit it truly bad. You have to pay a lump sum, and the credit card company gives you a credit limit as high as the lump sum you deposited. Take every care to spend on it and repay it before the due date during the grace period each month so that you are not charged interest. Manage your secured card well, and it will help return your FICO score back up to a reasonable level.

        Sudden shifts in your spending and/or repayment habits may lower your credit rating. It may also make lenders a little less willing to give you credit. Missing a payment is bad, as is any type of delinquency, but even something as innocent as dropping your debt payments from $500 per month to $200 per month may set alarm bells ringing in a way that makes it harder for you to get credit in the near future.

        Taking cash advances may make a credit company less likely to lend to you. This is especially true if you are paying for gambling with your credit card. It is okay if you have signed up for a credit card that promotes cash advances, but if not, then creditors will look upon your withdrawals with suspicion.

        Bending The Rules A Little To Raise Your FICO Score

        Do you have a parent with a credit card, or a person you trust? Have them issue a new authorized user credit card from their credit card account. The new card will be in your name, but it is under that person‘s credit card account. Let that person keep the card with your name on it and have them spend on it. That person spends on it, and that person pays back the balance. It improves your FICO score because the credit card company thinks you are spending and are paying it back. Just make sure that the other person who agrees to this trick actually uses the card in your name, and actually pays off the balance every month before the due date. The other person is doing all of this as a favor to you. He or she doesn’t get anything out of this deal. He or she is doing it out of kindness.

        For example, Harold has a credit card with HSBC. He has a HSBC Visa credit card with his name on it. His daughter’s FICO score is bad, so she cannot get a credit card on her own. Harold adds his daughter Jenny as a new authorized user on his credit card account. A new HSBC Visa card is sent through the post with Jenny’s name on it. Harold keeps Jenny’s card. He uses Jenny’s HSBC Visa card every time he puts fuel in his car. He also pays off the balance on his HSBC credit card account every month, so both his and Jenny’s card is fully paid off every month. The credit card company thinks that Jenny is the one spending on the card and paying it off, so the credit card company informs the credit bureaus, and Jenny’s FICO score goes up.

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