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American Express Login Online — Credit Card Sign In

January 7, 2014 | By: TMB

American Express login page brings you to the online credit card account management page after a quick and easy sign in process. American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the world and they certainly make the American Express login process easy and professional. I’ll you walk through some tips on American Express online banking along with the credit card login page.

By visiting the American Express login page online you will see a page similar to the one below. Where it says Cards — Check and Bill Pay, you can select various accounts that you want to login to and manage. You will need to enter in your User ID as well as your American Express password. Choose «Remember Me» if you are on a personal computer and want your User ID saved.

Sign american express card

American Express online makes it super easy access to all of your accounts, pay your bills, dispute a charge on your American Express credit card, etc. Follow the link above and you will reach the American Express online login page. After you login you will be able to manage everything on your account.

If you want the American Express credit card login, visit the American Express page and make sure you select on the drop down menu that you want to login to the credit card account. From there, its the same as before where you need to enter your User ID and password and you will be able to access all of your American Express features.

You can visit the site above to get to the American Express sign in page. All you need is your username and password that you used to register for American Express. From there, you can access all of your American Express features.

You can also download the American Express app to sign in to your account and manage your account. That will give you the ability to check your available balance, pay your bills, dispute a charge, etc. If there is something you cannot do on the American Express app, simply sign in to the online page.

As a word of advice, logging in to your American Express online account should be a simple and smooth process. The best way to keep it this way and to keep it safe and secure is to make sure you create a strong username password and when signing in. That means don’t use the same password and information you use for all your other websites. Try and think of something new and unique for this one because it is, however, your financial information. The reason is that you don’t want a potential hacker to get a hold of your login information and have the chance to access your account without your knowledge. That would be very bad. So, be smart and be safe when logging in to your American Express online account!

What do you think, do you like the American Express login page format? Do you have trouble with American Express online and accessing the credit card sign in page? Leave some tips below.

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Yielding to critics, American Express boosts its sign-up bonus for the Platinum Card

Published: Apr 1, 2017 10:17 a.m. ET

Experts say the card will appeal to younger, affluent, urban customers

Sign american express card

Apparently American Express AXP, +0.15% has listened to its critics.

The credit card issuer has boosted the sign-up bonus for its Platinum card to 60,000 points from 40,000 points. The boost is significant: It amounts to an equivalent of an additional $380 in cardholder benefits, according to The Points Guy, a rewards and loyalty site that calculates the value of loyalty points. To get that bonus, card users must spend $5,000 in the first three months after their account is approved, up from the $3,000 they had to spend to get the original bonus of 40,000 points. (That original bonus offer is no longer available.)

The announcement comes after many reviewers and card experts said American Express’s original announcement at the beginning of March about amped-up rewards didn’t go far enough to compete with other travel cards on the market, notably Citi’s Prestige card and Chase’s Sapphire Reserve.

When American Express announced its new rewards program for the Platinum card earlier this month, it also increased the card’s increasing its annual fee by 22% to $550 from $450, the first time the fee has increased since 2007. The company had faced pressure from Citi’s C, +0.96% Prestige card and Chase’s JPM, +0.35% Sapphire Reserve. “American Express is paying attention to the competition,” Zach Honig, the editor-in-chief of the rewards and loyalty site The Points Guy, said at the time.

Experts said the increased annual fee may scare off some customers. Starting March 30, Platinum card holders will get new perks including five times points on eligible hotels they book through and directly through the airlines, plus $200 in annual ride credits for the ride service Uber. There is a drawback: Cardholders must redeem Uber credits in increments of $15 per month, and charge $35 in December.

There is a drawback to the $200 annual Uber ride credits. Cardholders must redeem the Uber credits in increments of $15 per month, except in December when they can charge $35.

Offering free Uber rides is a bold, populist play for millennials, who were the biggest fans of Chase’s Sapphire Reserve, said Matt Schulz, a senior industry analyst for the credit cards website But it’s not “optimal timing,” he added. Uber has been involved in various controversies, including a video that showed chief executive Travis Kalanick in a shouting match with a driver. (Kalanick later apologized for the fracas, which was captured on a dash cam.)

As credit card offers have gotten increasingly complicated, consumers should do some careful calculations, said Sean McQuay, a credit card expert at the personal finance website NerdWallet. In order to offset the Platinum’s $550 annual fee, they would have to take advantage of almost all the perks, including the Uber credits (which are really most useful for those who live in cities) and the existing $200 annual reimbursements for certain airlines.

The Platinum travel perks may not suit everyone

There are also limitations on the travel perks, Honig pointed out. On the Platinum card, cardholders must pre-select one airline to use their $200 fee credit for incremental fees liked checked baggage on a selected airline each year, which Honig called “limited.” Citi’s Prestige card offers a $250 annual air travel credit, but it includes airfare. And Chase’s Sapphire Reserve card gives cardholders a $300 annual travel credit with broad options, including ride-sharing services, hotels and airlines.

Plus, Platinum cardholders do get five times the rewards they book on eligible hotels on, but that doesn’t apply to locations on its “Fine Hotels and Resorts” booking system. Chase Sapphire Reserve offers only three times points on travel and dining worldwide and one point per dollar for other purchases; Citi’s Prestige offers three times points on air travel and hotels, two times for dining and entertainment and one point per dollar on other purchases.

But they offer a range of broadly similar perks, too. AmEx Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige all offer a credit for consumers who purchase TSA Precheck or Global Entry status for airports; Precheck costs $85 and Global Entry costs $100. All three also offer additional perks; for example, the Platinum card offers access to a large number of airport lounges globally, and Citi Prestige offers a complimentary free fourth night of a hotel stay at eligible hotels, for any trip.

How To Get the Best AmEx Sign-Up Bonuses (2017.4 update: You might get pre-qualified offers, including Platinum 100k, even you have Amex card. )

Sign american express card

Apr, 24, 2017 update: Today Doctor of Credit posted an article mentioning that people might be able to get Amex platinum 100k offer via incognito mode. DoC’s method comes from reddit user m_b_b_2017, in his post in /r/churning. Sign american express card

We followed this method and many of our readers did the same test. However, most of them were not lucky enough to see any offer popping up, but one did manage to see his 100k platinum targeted offer! Sign american express card

After discussion and re-tries, we believe this is because Amex now may provide pre-qualified offers for those people who currently are holding Amex cards:

  • Open incognito window.
  • Go to American Express website.
  • Find Cards → Charge & Credit Card offers.
  • Scroll down and find the pre-qualied offer form, put in your personal information and submit.
  • If you are lucky enough, you can see targeted offer(s), which may include 100k MR for Platinum card !
  • If you are asked to log in, close all tabs and try again. Might take some time to see those offers.

As for me, after a few attempts, I was able to see BCE/BCP $250 offer, as well as Everyday card 25k MR offer, but no lucky to get Platinum 100k. One of our authors tried several times and finally got targeted for 100k on Platinum card. He is even holding two platinum cards now, one coming from PRG upgrade and the other is Platinum Mercedez-Benz version.

So for the current data points we have, we believe Amex is broadening limitation on personal card targeted offers.

American Express (AmEx), with its great service and benefits, as well as the incredible 3x Credit Limit Increase (CLI), is a very popular credit/charge card issuer in the United States. It is recommended to keep at least one AmEx credit card or charge card. However, AmEx has changed it policy in 2014 so that one can only get the sign-up bonus for the same credit card/charge card once per lifetime . At the same time, AmEx typically doesn’t match sign-up offers so that when you apply with an offer, you can’t get a higher one later. Thus, it is better to apply for AmEx cards when you get attracting offers since it is once per lifetime. Note that we mainly talk about personal credit/charge cards here. AmEx has different policies for business cards, which we will mention at the end of this article.

Note that, although some cards look like they are in the same series, but their sign-up bonuses can be obtained separately. For example, the sign-up bonuses of ED/EDP and BCE/BCP do not affect each other! For even more similar cards: regular Platinum, Ameriprise Platinum and Mersedez-Benz Platinum, you can get sign-up bonuses from each one, too!

I want to say more here, by my own experiment, if for example you upgraded your ED to EDP and then downgraded it, and you haven’t got the sign-up bonus for EDP, then you are still qualified to the EDP sign-up bonus. I think it should be the same for other cards that can be upgraded or downgraded.

As we can see, getting a good offer is very important when applying for an AmEx card for the first time. For instance, the common offer of the Platinum Card is 60K MR points, while the top offer is 100K MR points. Also, the common offer of the Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) Card is 25K MR points, while the top offer is 50K MR points.

How to find best Amex sign-up bonuses depends on two conditions as follows:

  • One who has no Amex cards can obtain a top offer through searching a pre-qualified one;
  • One who has already Amex cards can obtain better sign-up bonuses through an incognito mode.

I. One without Amex cards: To Search an Pre-qualified Offer

First, AmEx is very generous to people who have never had any AmEx cards before, and it’s much easier for them to get top target offers. So how to get top target offers for your first AmEx card? The key is to be pre-qualified. In general, there are three ways to be pre-qualified:

  1. AmEx mail offer
  2. Pre-Qualified Offer on AmEx website
  3. CardMatch website

Many people should have received or at least see AmEx mail offers. Those offers are typically great, like the Platinum Card 100k MR offer. We recommend you to apply if you receive them. It is worth mentioning that when you apply online for your mail offer, you should choose “respond to a mail offer” with the RSVP code in the mail. That code is only valid to the targeted person, so you can’t use mail offers for other people.

Don’t be upset if you don’t receive the mail offer since not every pre-qualified person will receive mail offer. Before applying your first AmEx card, don’t forget to check your pre-quailifed offers on AmEx website: See if We Have Any Pre-Qualified Offers for You. The page should look like below. Please use private mode or remove cookies or change browsers if you don’t see this page.

Sign american express card

You just need to enter your personal information to check offers. There won’t be any Hard Pulls for it, and it won’t harm your credit score, either. So please check information you need as bold as you can. One of my friend checked a top offer of 100k points Platinum card in this way the day before I wrote this post.

But what if there is no offers for you on the AmEx website? You can try Card Match to check for pre-qualified offers. It will find you pre-qualified offers not only for AmEx, but also for other banks. Thus, you can see not only Amex offers, but also other bank’s offers, such as Chase, BoA, Capital One. Amex offers are the main point we have discussed in this post and we will not talk other offers in detail. What’s more, AmEx is typically the only one that gives you pre-qualified offers better than public offers in other banks.

But what if all of these methods don’t work for me? Well in most cases that means:

  1. You already have or had an AmEx credit card. Then please try the second method we mentioned, which is also very useful now;
  2. Your credit history is not long enough. In this case, you should build your credit history. In general, many people have pre-qualified offers when they have about six months of credit history. Of course you can try to find pre-qualified offers even if your credit history is shorter than that since it doesn’t hurt anything.
  3. Your credit score is not high enough. You may want to check your credit report and score for free, or check the FICO score provided by Discover card first, and then try to improve your credit score. You can check scores several months later.

If you have short credit history and low credit scores, you can obtain top offers of Amex credit cards directly through the following method. But I still advise you to wait for your pre-qualified offer first. The reasons are as follows:

  • You can only search the best sign-up bonus of Platinum card through the pre-qualified offer. As the high cost of annual fees of Platinum cards, including 100k points and $450, you should consider it seriously.
  • Personally speaking, the fact that you can check your pre-qualified offer seems to be a positive condition for your own personal credit scores. You’d better not hurry to apply for credit cards. It is much better for you to apply for a credit card after you have a clearing understanding of your own credit and financial conditions. And it’s wrong for you to directly apply for a credit card as you see good offers.

II. One with Amex Credit Cards: to Check in an Incognito Mode

If you can not check your pre-qualified offers or a suitable offer among pre-qualified offers, you can obtain top offers of some certain cards for now through the following method. Previously, only some co-branded credit cards, such as Hilton, Delta and Starwood, offer higher public offers every year, and you can not obtain better sign-up bonuses through other ways.

Now things change. Even if you have already had an Amex credit card, you can still obtain top offers of many credit cards. The reason is that Amex now likes to provide semi-public offers which can be obtained through an incognito mode of your browser or other methods. So which cards can provide such kind of semi-public offers at present?

The following ways can be used for obtain such semi-public offers:

  1. To empty cookies in the browsers, or open links above in an incognito mode;
  2. Hurry up to apply for the offer as you see it! You should be noted that the same offer is also marked on the page which requires you to fill in your personal information, otherwise you may be played by Amex;
  3. If there is no suitable offer, you can close and reopen the link above in an incognito mode until your wanted offer occurs;
  4. If you cannot wait for your suitable offers, you can try the three following methods:
    1. to use your roommate’s computer;
    2. to change your place, such as your university or a coffee shop;
    3. to use your VPN. See VPN method.

If you still cannot obtain your suitable offer, the last method for you is to ask one who has managed to obtain such a semi-offer to help you. Certainly you must trust him because this process involves much personal information. But we advise you to adopt the last method as carefully as you can.

Many of you have paid attention to Amex Platinum card with 100k offer, which was provided temporarily in the end of August and disappeared after a short period. We have no idea about sign-up bonuses of cards listed above about their valid periods. And we also don’t know whether they will disappear or not, and when they will become valid again. You could pay attention to credit card blogs or forums because we will update information here almost immediately after top offers come out.

In the end, let’s talk a little bit about business cards of Amex. People used to be able to get sign-up bonuses of Amex business card more than once, but this has been put to an end since the same once per lifetime rule now also applies to business cards. However, if you manage to get a targeted mail or link without such words, we believe you should be able to sign up and catch the bonus again. Just make sure you carefully check every word in terms of condition before applying. For most cases, like personal cards, it is wise to wait for a higher public offer or targeted offer.

Offer comparisons on Amex cards involve three options: standard offer, best offer and offer that can be checked in incognito model or not.

AMEX launches new American Express Explorer credit card

Sign american express card

100,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points + $400 Travel Credit - AMEX Explorer Ad

EXCLUSIVE | The new American Express Explorer credit card takes on the Black-tier cards of the Big Four Banks in offering up to 1.5 airline frequent flyer points per dollar spent across your choice of eight airlines including Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines.

There’s a $395 annual fee to pay but which is instantly offset by a $400 travel credit every year to spend on things like flights and hotels.

Also thrown in: travel insurance, refund and purchase protection, smartphone screen insurance when you buy your phone using the card or use it to pay your monthly contract, and two yearly visits to the American Express Lounge at Sydney Airport.

Topping that, 50,000 Membership Rewards Gateway points for new AMEX cardholders who apply, are approved and spend at least $1,500 on the card within the first three months.

Note that Membership Rewards ‘Gateway9rsquo; differs from the ‘Ascent9rsquo; and ‘Ascent Premium’ programs found on cards like the AMEX Platinum Edge and the Platinum Card, in that the credit card points you earn are converted into airline frequent flyer points at a 4:3 rate, rather than 1:1.

For instance, that 50,000 MR Gateway bonus is equal to 37,500 frequent flyer points with Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways, or $375 in Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars.

Similarly, you’ll earn two MR Gateway points per dollar spent on most purchases – equivalent to 1.5 airline frequent flyer points – although on government charges (including at Australia Post and the ATO), earn drops to 0.5 MR Gateway points per $1, equal to 0.375 frequent flyer points.

Points transfers to Qantas Frequent Flyer aren't possible on this card, nor are transfers to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, as offered on some other AMEX products.

To qualify, you’ll need to earn at least $65,000 a year before tax, achieve a minimum credit limit of $3,000 and agree to have your statements delivered electronically rather than via mail. Applications can be made via the American Express website.