serve to serve account transfer

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Serve to serve account transfer

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Waive American Express' Serve $1 monthly fee just by transferring $1 from Pay Pal to Serve monthly

Serve to serve account transfer

Serve to serve account transfer

Serve to serve account transfer

Serve to serve account transfer

I got this e-mail from Serve this morning (with the subject heading "Direct deposit processed"):

Edit: But you might be right. Hopefully this'll get a few informed members comments.

You don't click on SEND MONEY, but instead you are withdrawing $1 to your bank account (which in this case is your American Express Serve account) and yes, you need a routing number and account number to set that up on Pay Pal but that information is readily available from American Express Serve's website or by calling Serve customer service. Let me know if you have further questions.