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Can You Transfer Money From Your Credit Card To Your Checking Account

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Send Cash With American Express Send Money American

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Consumers Like Novelty Reliability Variety And Other Subjective Qualities But What Really Keeps Them Coming Back To American Express Is Convenience

Fastest and Easiest Ways to Send/Receive Money Online Using Money Transfer Apps

Today, there are more ways you can send and receive money than ever before and money transfer apps are the quickest and easiest way of them. No one like to carry cash if one can share, send and receive money using their phone. There are many apps to make the direct mobile payments, all the major banks have them that let you pay directly from your phone.

However, global acceptance of mobile money is still not that widespread, but there’re some apps that make it easy to share and spend money digitally and used by the tech savvy people around the world for sharing, sending, receiving, buying food and goods on the go and these apps let their user live cash free.

Well if you want your phone to be your digital wallet then check out these trending apps which let you forget cash wallet and deal digitally.

Send money with american express online

PayPal is an international payment gateway to pay and get paid, and trusted by over 100 million+ people around the world in 26 currencies. You can send money to your friends and family or buy stuff at merchants with a single swipe.

PayPal provides two mobile money solutions, PayPal App and PayPal Here. PayPal App provides insights of accounts, tracking balance, pay from your phone, shop and send money to friends or family while PayPal Here lets you run your business on the go, scan checks, track cash sales, send invoices, and swipe cards by plug in their card reader at 2.7% fee and it accepts both credit as well as debit cards.

If you want an individual account for sending, receiving and shopping or business account for easy payment processing then PayPal is best choice because of it’s world wide acceptance.

Send money with american express online

Venmo is all about sharing money between friends, family and colleagues and cash from bank out overnight. Sending money using Venmo is completely free if you use bank account or debit card while receiving money is always free. If you use credit card transfers then 3% fee is charged for sending the money.

Venmo let you share money instantly just like a SMS by choosing friend via phone, email or Facebook, it’s as easy as you share on social network and then user can cash out money from bank. Venmo also displays the feed of money you send and receive and whom you send and when you send it. Currently Venmo is available only in U.S.

Send money with american express online

If you haven’t sign up with Google Wallet yet then all you have to do is just sign in with your Gmail account at Google Wallet and start sharing money on the go. Google Wallet is one of the Google’s services associated with your email account on Gmail.

Google Wallet let you easily send and receive money to friends or family with an email address no matter where you are. Gmail is rolling out Attach money feature in Gmail web interface while you can still access Attach Money in mobile app where you can send money as an email attachments. Sending money from attached bank account or Google Wallet balance is free while there’s a fee of 2.9% per transaction using debit or credit card though receiving money is completely free and recipient can instantly spend money through Google Wallet card for shopping or transfer to bank account or withdraw from ATM.

Tap and pay feature let you easily make purchases by tapping to contactless payment system at stores while this feature is available on selected mobile devices.

Send money with american express online

Square is most useful for retail businesses for checkout or payment processing. Their plastic card reader let you easily swipe and process payments on all mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad and also available on web interface. It’s a POS solution to small individual merchants looking for the point of sales system for their business.

Well app is completely free and comes with a free plastic card reader which you will receive after you successfully download, install and setup the app. Swipe card reader has to be attached to phone or tablet’s headphone jack to process payments.

There’s no setup cost on Square app but there’s 2.75% per swipe processing fee means you’ll get $97.25 for $100 you swipe through Square plastic card and it accepts all major credit Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. For more information visit official site.

These apps let you live cash free to some extent in this digital age but we may not be ready to give up cash completely. Let us know what you think about cash free living by leaving a comment below.