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Sears Credit Card Account is available for card owners only when they have allready finished the activation of the credit card. The Sears Credit Card is made during 14 days and it’s handed to the owner if it’s confirmed.

When you get your card, you must create an online account to obtain all the features this card can provide: tracking and managing your profile and statements from PC or any mobile device, making payments, viewing your account information and checking the status of your bills and payments, editing your profile and, of course, making payments and transactions. It’s also possible to configure the automatic payments, which will occur every month or week.

You can access your Sears Account using either PC or any mobile device.

Follow this steps to get to your Sears Credit Card Account:

  • Click the button above and you will forwarded to the authorization page on the Sears web-site.
  • Type your User ID and Password in the fields on that page, decide if you want your ID to be remembered by the site and click (or not) the ‘Remember My User ID’ box.
  • Click the ‘Sign On’ Button below the Sign On Form and you’re done.

Sears sign in credit card

It may happen that you lose the access to your account due to different reasons. But don’t panic cause you can easily bring back your account by reseting your password or using the reminder of your ID.

If you have difficulties such as forgeting your Password or ID just:

  • Go to the Sign In Page by clicking the button above the Sign In instruction.
  • Click the ‘Retrieve User ID’ or ‘Reset Password’ link which are located right below the Sign In Button.
  • Follow the instructions on the next page, typing there your profile data and you will get back the access to your profile.