Income Tax Refund Status : ITR Status Via PAN and Assessment Year

Checking your income tax refund status is simplified here. Check IT refund status online and stay relaxed. Know status blog have shown the most convenient ways of tracking income tax return status. We will guide you to the income tax e filing site.

The Income tax portals like tin-nsdl and TDS traces are offering a host of online facilities. The post also contains information on offline ways to check the status of your income tax return.

Sc income tax refund status

When the paid tax exceeds the actual tax, IT department pays back the excess amount. The status tracking will inform you of the return process. A complete step by step procedure is shared for your best convenience.The income tax is applied on the salary, wages, interests, profit, and other gains. When the income is paid in excess than the actual payable, one needs to file a return. Salaried class pays income tax in the form of TDS.

The TDS is deducted from their salary and paid to the IT by the employer. If you had already applied your TDS and you didn’t know latest update of TDS refund then check this post to know the status of TDS refund.The refund of the income tax is paid once in a year. If you have applied for refund check the income tax refund status. This will help you to get an idea of any discrepancy with your return filing.

After you file for return, start checking IT refund status, not before one week. Keep your permanent account number ready. Use the link shared here and follow the step-wise procedure.

  1. Click the link for income tax refund status check:
  2. Enter your permanent account number.
  3. Select the year of assessment to know the ITR status.
  4. Click the ‘submit’ button and you will get the details.

If your refund is already dispatched, it will be shown on the screen. You will also know if there is any discrepancy.

Tax payers can also get their income tax refund status without using the internet. Use following help desk number of SBI. SBI is the authorized bank for disbursement of IT refunds. Or send an email and get a reply in 2 working days.

  1. Call 1800 425 9760 (SBI helpdesk number) for income tax return status enquiry.
  2. Send a communication by email to know your IT refund status to following email ids. [email protected]

in the case of any issue with your ITR status, get assistance on the below numbers. You will get response to your queries on these phone numbers.

Sc income tax refund status

If the status message shows “refund returned”, you can re-apply. Use the option of ‘refund re-issue request’ on the e-filing website. To avoid any delay and issue, keep all your information updated. Be careful while you are filing a return. If your bank account details or address is changed, updated it on the e-filing website. You may also change the payment mode if you wish. You can either change the account details or select the mode as the cheque. Keep your address updated in the case of cheque mode.

While checking your income tax refund status, you will receive following messages. The messages indicate the current position of your file.

  1. Not determined – This means the file is not yet processed.
  2. No efiling is done for this year.
  3. Refund paid – Already paid to you
  4. Refund unpaid – This means either your address or bank account details are incorrect
  5. ITR processed refund and sent out to the refund banker
  6. Rectification process demand determined
  7. Rectification process demand determined and sent out to the banker