Have a Handful of Orphan Miles? Here is an Easy Way to Redeem Them with Points.com

Update: A good catch by one of the commenters. Most of these programs have minimums of 1,000 + miles/points. I only actually exchanged my Frontier miles and didn’t try the others yet. Seems dumb it shows you what you could exchange say 58 miles for if it won’t let you actually do it due to program minimums. This option becomes less useful now but will still work for orphan balances above a program’s minimum. My fault for not testing completely – Sorry about that.

I was going through all my accounts on AwardWallet (highly recommended to track all your points/miles balances) and I noticed a handful of “orphan miles” sitting in accounts that I mostly likely wouldn’t use again. Orphan miles are balances of less than a few thousand points/miles with no intent to ever use that program again. Additionally, these points/miles may be expiring soon and you have no possible way to extend them or use them. Sure you might be able to redeem some miles for magazines or other items but let’s say your balance is too small to even do that. I want to maximize the value of every last mile and embedded within this post from View From the Wing today, I remembered from that post there is a way to exchange these orphan miles/points for miles I actually care about using Points.com.

You need to create an account at Points.com and register the programs you want to transfer the miles/points out of. While you can register a ton of programs at Points.com, you can only exchange points from the following programs with no fee: Aeroplan, American Airlines, Amtrak, Asia Miles, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, Icelandair, JetBlue, US Airways, Virgin America, IHG, La Quinta, Melia Rewards, Trident Hotels, and a few non airline/hotel loyalty programs.

My “orphan” accounts (along with my wife’s) include:

  • 600 points at La Quinta (must have gotten these for signing up for their loyalty program as I’ve never stayed at a La Quinta)
  • 58 & 31 Hawaiian Airline Miles respectively (just redeemed the bulk of our Hawaiian miles for our April 2015 trip to the Big Island & Maui)
  • 2,608 Frontier Miles (wife flew them a while back and the miles will soon expire. No desire to ever fly them again/use their miles for flights)
  • 500 Choice Hotel Points (unfortunately not a partner on Points.com)
  • 250 Wyndham Points (unfortunately not a partner on Points.com)

To exchange the points, you must first add the loyalty program to your Points.com account which is pretty straightforward as you give your membership number and name on the account or in some cases the username/password of the account. From there, you can click trade, exchange & buy on top of the page and fill in the information of the points you want to get rid of. You’ll see a list of possible options, choose your favorite and points.com will process the transaction in about a week.

Here are some examples using my orphan accounts.

Easy enough to input the miles you want to get rid of

My exchange options for my unwanted Frontier miles (my snapshot doesn’t show all possible exchange options)

My La Quinta Options

And even options for my 58 Hawaiian Miles

This goes to show you why I register for every free point/mile opportunity and track every account in AwardWallet even if I know I wouldn’t ever use that program. Is this a big deal and way to stockpile a ton of miles by exchanging “bad miles” for “good miles”? Nope, as I don’t think converting 58 Hawaiian Miles into 7 American Airlines miles is significant 99.9% of the time. However, imagine you were just 5 miles short of an award flight you want with AA miles – then these 7 miles aren’t so meaningless after all. Additionally, this is also a way to extend the expiration date of the miles in programs like American Airlines and US Airways.

Some people would argue this is a waste of time and that might very well be true. But if Chasing the Points cares about clearing off 2 cents off a gift card, then maybe I should care about redeeming 600 useless points/miles for something that might be helpful down the road.

[Fundamentals] EarlyReturns, Frontier’s Frequent Flyer Program

As I mentioned in my beginner post, it is very important to sign up for every award program. You never know when you’ll need access to the program, and it’s free to join, so why not? You can keep all of your points in line with AwardWallet, making it hassle-free to sign up for all of these accounts!

Today, I want to detail “EarlyReturns,” Frontier Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program. Frontier Air is a budget carrier that began service in 1994, currently serving 74 destinations in the USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. It’s major hub is Denver International Airport, and a “focus city” of Trenton, New Jersey.

This program is great to join if you live in the Mid-West, since it flies to incredibly small cities like Clovis, NM and Dickinson, ND. It’s also handy between big cities, with service to most of the major cities on the West Coast, Mid-West, and a few on the East Coast (though New England is non-existent). Click here for a routemap.

I’ll coach you step-by-step to get you up to speed with Frontier Airlines and its EarlyReturns Frequent Flyer Program.

Read my article here on how to do that.

[Step 3] Rules of the Game- Elite Status

Frontier’s EarlyReturns program has three levels- Base, Ascent, and Summit (like a mountain, because they’re based in Denver. Get it?).

You are at the “Base” level when you sign up. With this level, you earn one mile per every mile flown, opportunities to earn miles with partners, and can redeem miles for trips.

At the “Ascent” level, you’ll receive the above, plus free DirectTV on all flights, priority check-in, boarding, and security lane access, reserved seating, access to their “Stretch” and “Select” seating, a customer service toll-free number, exclusive offers, 25% bonus on miles flown, a “Last Seat Available” award ticket option, two free checked bags, and free same-day standby.

At the “Summit” level, you’ll receive the above, plus 50% bonus on miles flown, free booze and premium non-alcoholic beverages, change fees waved, and same-day changes of flights for free. You’ll also have Summit-only guaranteed seating.

To reach the “Ascent” level of EarlyReturns, travelers must fly 15,000 Frontier flight miles in one calendar year, or 20 flight segments.

To reach the “Summit” level of EarlyReturns, travelers must fly 25,000 Frontier flight miles or 30 frontier flight segments.

[Step 5] Earning Miles- Flying

Much like Southwest’s fare structure, Frontier operates on a tiered ticketing structure with 4 options. “Basic” earns members 50% of actual miles flown (with elite members earning 100%) or a minimum of 250 miles per segment.

Economy tickets earn flyers 100% of miles flown, or 500 miles per segment.

Classic tickets earn flyers 125% of miles flown, or 625 miles per segment.

Classic Plus tickets earn flyers 150% of miles flown, or 750 miles per segment.

[Step 6] Earning Miles- Partners

The fastest way to earn miles is with The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard® (**UPDATE 2/21/13: Link is NO LONGER VALID). With this offer, you’ll earn 25,00 miles (enough for a free flight in the US) on your first purchase, plus 10,000 miles after spending $750 in 90 days. You’ll earn double miles on Frontier purchases and one mile per dollar on everything else. Plus, companion award tickets are 5,000 less points per redemption. It’s all for a $59 annual fee.

In addition to credit cards, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM lets flyers earn 10 EasyReturns miles for every $1 spent.

You can transfer through your Diners Club account (2:1 ratio, minimum transfer 2,000 Diners Club points), as well as Points.com, though I wouldn’t recommend these routes since the redemption values are crummy.

You can earn between 1,500 and 10,000 miles on a cruise booked through Frontier Cruises.

If you rent a car, all the major car rental companies let you earn Frontier miles.

Also, Frontier has hotel partners (Carlson, Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham) that lets you earn EarlyReturns miles for sleeping.

You can also buy miles.

For flights in the USA, including Alaska, flights are 20,000 plus $5 in taxes and fees. That’s 5,000 less points than standard carriers in the USA!

For flights to/from Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica flights are 30,000 EarlyReturns miles, plus $71, $46, $103 and $87 in fees and taxes, respectively. That’s still 5,000 miles less than other award programs.

A “Choice” reward option is available for 40,000 EarlyReturns miles in the USA, and 50,000 everywhere else. That gives you the benefits of the Classic Fare option on the day of travel.

In addition, they have a “Last Seat Available” option, which is for 45,000 miles in the USA and 55,000 miles everywhere else.

So there you go, y’all! It makes sense to join this program if you’re in a smaller market serviced by Frontier, since award tickets come faster at a 20% reduction, though without transfer partners or much international travel options, you are definitely North America-limited.

RewardsCreditCards.org ∙ The Best Points & Mileage Credit Cards

Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard | Bonus Miles Based On Credit?

There are two versions of the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard: one with an annual fee, and one without an annual fee. Guess which one offers a lot better features and benefits. So, let’s begin by saying that there’s no personal bias towards this or any card as far as I am concerned. We’re here now to examine this rewards credit card, and to see how it stacks up, in terms of overall usefulness and value, to you, the potential cardmember.

Version I of the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard – $69 Annual Fee

With the $69 annual fee version of the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard, you’ll be privy to the following features and benefits:

  • As many as 50,000 bonus miles for entering contract;
  • Earn 40,000 miles after charging at least $500 in the first 3 months;
  • Earn 1 mile per $1 of balance transfers within the first 3 months of card ownership, maximum of 10,000 allowed;
  • Earn 1 mile per one dollar spent on general purchases;
  • Earn 2 miles for every dollar spent on Frontier purchases;
  • 0% APR on general purchases and balance transfers for the first year;
  • Ability to redeem companion tickets for a maximum of 5000 miles;

Version II of the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard: No Annual Fee

  • Up to 20,000 bonus points when you are approved for the card;
  • Receive 10,000 bonus miles after your first balance transfer or purchase;
  • For the first 3 months, you will earn 1 bonus mile for every dollar of balance you transfer;
  • You get 1 mile for every dollar you spend on Frontier products and services;
  • You get 1 mile for every dollar you spend on all other purchases;
  • 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first year;

The “Miles” you earn by using the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard are accumulated in your EarlyReturns® account. You may begin to redeem your smiles for travel services when you have accumulated a minimum of 20,000 miles. When you do exchange your miles in for free travel, it’s not altogether free. You still have to pay all applicable taxes. Didn’t think the government was going to miss out on a chance to take a little more from you, did you?

APRs and Transaction Fees for the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

After the initial 12 months of card ownership at the 0% level for purchases and balance transfers, your APR will be set, according to your credit history and score, at either 15.99%, or 24.99%. And of course these rates will vary with the Prime Rate. The APR for cash advances is set at 25.24%, a bit lower than most other cards I research, but not by much. The penalty APR is set at 27.24% while most other cards charge 29.99%, the maximum allowed by laws. Any more would be classified as illegal usury. Barclay’s says you will always have at least 23 days grace in which to make your minimum payment due, each billing cycle, and avoid paying any interest charges at all. There is also a minimum of $2 charged if you are required to pay any interest at all.

Transaction Fees for the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

  • The aforementioned annual fees: either $69 or $0;
  • Balance transfers cost the most between 4% and $10, the same as almost every other credit card;
  • Cash advances will cost either $10 or 5%, a little higher than most other cards, by 1% n(most charge 4% or $10);
  • Foreign transactions cost the same as with most other credit cards at 3%;
  • And like the majority of other credit cards out there, if you make a payment late, or have a payment returned, you shall incur a $35 sock to the pocket;

What Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard cardholders have to say about it:

Well, when I researched the customer satisfaction rates for the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard , it was split pretty much down the middle. I should say that there was not a slew of info to compare. I found few real cardholder reviews, and they were about half real positive, and half real negative. They ranged from claiming that the customer service was excellent – to saying that the bonus miles are based on credit, not simply granted when you are approved.

It’s always difficult to catch these credit card companies in the act, but there always seems to be a lot if customer complaints, almost with all of them. Let me tell you why: credit card issuers make loads of cash. They don’t even have to try. Every card out there is raking in loads and loads of transaction fees. They won’t give you a credit card if you have anything less than almost-perfect credit; making it seem like a true honor in our society to have one, or more.

They act like they are doing you a favor to issue one of their cards with your name on it. Then they proceed to abuse you with loads of transaction fees and unreasonable interest charges. They continue getting richer. If you cancel your card, that’s OK because so many others will not. In essence, you are expendable to them – and THAT’S why customer service for these cards is often so lacking in quality. If you would like to read more about this credit card, then surf on over to Barclay’s website here.

Overall, surprisingly, the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard seems to be one of the better ones out there. Even though the APRs are high, there really no more so than with many other cards. The important thing to remember about that is to make those monthly minimums (at least) and never have to pay interest. All credit cards are designed, issued and maintained for profit generation. They give bonus “rewards” and claim to be doing their members favors. Maybe they are. As it goes, the Barclays Frontier Airlines World MasterCard seems like a solid choice of credit cards to shortlist.

Need Frontier Airline Promo Codes? Learn How to Find Them

Frontier Airlines offers higher-rated promo codes than many other airlines. These include promo codes that you may use in addition to the current low price that’s common with all Frontier air flights.

• Browse online to find Frontier promo codes. • Cross-reference using multiple methods to get the highest-saving promotion at the lowest price. • Sign up for coupons and offers in advance. • Look to social media accounts for Frontier Airline Promo Code tips • Promo codes change often, so it's important to check for new sales regularly.

Below, you will find four of the best ways to explore Frontier flights via promo codes. While smart travelers often find other methods to help secure a cheap flight, these top four resources offer the most commonly successful methods.

The first place to look for promo codes is typically through an online search engine. Don’t be surprised if you find multiple sources offering similar promo codes, or even the same one, with differing discount percentages.

Not all rates are the same after taxes, though the initial discounts may be listed as the same or similar.

Redeem frontier miles

While some sites will require you to pay or to sign up for membership to reveal a coupon code, others will offer this service for free. Sites vary in quality; some will offer a large number of expired codes or person-specific codes that may not work, while others will have reliable information. Evaluate and compare websites before committing to any purchases.

You may then wish to consider using other online methods of search like apps, coupon books, friends or family employed by Frontier Airlines, and even word of mouth. Numerous large coupon companies make regular alerts and notifications based on your saved preferences, and finding the right promotional code is simpler than ever.

Retail Me Not and Coupon Ever After Guide are two of the best in the business for finding a specific promo code for all savings via Frontier Airlines.

Redeem frontier miles

If you can't find a discount or promo through one of the top online companies, you may not find it at all unless you speak to the airline representatives and ask for a promo code. Some Frontier employees are quite generous and will offer one when asked, but it all depends on whom you ask and when.

Some promo codes may be given for specific reasons, such as rewarding a long-time customer, an apology for bad service, or a way to make a flight less expensive during a tragic time like a funeral.

Other times, a customer service agent may have a few codes to share at their discretion. The key to getting an employee code is to be honest and polite when you speak with an agent. Sometimes you can let an employee know that you will use their airline, instead of that of a competitor, if they beat another price.

Redeem frontier miles

It also helps to offer detailed feedback on recent flights. Find legitimate factors in which you were not fully satisfied regarding the last flight, and remember to note all relevant details during each future flight so as to have helpful information to present when posting your formal suggestions or feedback pointers. Note the flight attendants' names, your seat assignment and anything else you may find relevant.

If you sign up for multiple code referral services, your odds of getting access to the highest savings increases dramatically. Slow periods, in which few to no codes are listed or sent, are common. For this reason, you must sign up through multiple sources to keep the savings flowing.

The multiple benefits of possessing frequent flyer miles are no secret. Redeem miles for any flight or in-flight purchase through Frontier Airlines. What many do not know is that promo codes and offers are likewise sent to repeat customers. Not only will redeeming your earned miles reduce the price of the final ticket, but the miles and promo code may be used collectively.

Redeem frontier miles

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