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1.1. Initial contact

We think, before you make the initial contact with us, you should know our sales strategy. As a manufacturer, it just doesn't make sense to retail our binoculars and telescopes to the foreign consumers piece by piece online. So, basically, our customers are the established international binoculars and telescopes dealers and wholesalers. On the other hand, we realize, however, thanks to the rise of internet, a lot of small dealers, small specialist optical instrument stores, or even the individuals with innovative ideas and enterprising spirit, now are able to acquire as much info as "the big guys" in this business to import the binoculars and telescopes directly from us or start a import business from a scratch with us at much better prices. Having known the trend, we've adopted a very flexible policy on order quantity. Now, our sales revenue is 50/50 split from the established dealers and "emerging9quot; ones who usually make full use of internet for their distribution.

To sum up, our customers are:

1) those who buy bulk quantity of binoculars and telescopes from us;

2) those who have a good idea - you don't have to be big, but you should be serious in starting or developing your binoculars and telescopes business in a long term with us, and we'd like to back you up and grow with you.

To protect our dealers' interest, we've removed all the pricing from the site. But, some very curious end-users often fake dealers to ask for our prices for dealers and wholesalers to find how much they're "overcharged9quot;. So, when you make the initial contact with us, it's always better if you could give us a presentation or your idea about your business now or in the near future. PLEASE let us know you're our targeted customers or you're trying to be our customers. Click to see a good example.

If you decide to work with us, then you may make inquiries over the binoculars and telescopes models listed on our online catalogue. We don't use a printed catalogue anymore because we add or withdraw the models from our catalogue frequently, and a printed catalogue just can't keep up with the changes.

And before you inquire about the binoculars and telescopes that interest you, there are several international trade price terms you may want to learn first:

FOB: free on board and means that the exporter delivers the goods at the specified location. Example, FOB Kunming Airport (the exporter delivers the goods at Kunming airport).

C&F (CFR, CNF): Cost and Freight, with no insurance. The exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to the specified location. Example, C&F Los Angeles (the exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to Los Angeles).

CIF: Insurance, and Freight are all paid by the exporter to the specified location. Example, CIF Los Angeles (the exporter pays the ocean shipping/air freight costs to Los Angeles).

Please be specific on:

1) The estimated quantity you're going to order. If you're not sure about the order quantity, you may ask for a quotation breakdown for 50, 100, 200, etc pieces. of a specific model. If you're interested in a wide range of models and find difficult to decide the volume order temporarily, we'll send you a price list, in price breakdown for each model, based on FOB Kunming Airport for all the binoculars and telescopes models we offer.

Please also note the points as follow:

1) A quotation is usually made up of products cost, freight and insurance (in the case of CIF or C&F). But, some of you might feel uneasy about the export customs clearance and pallet & fumigation cost. The export customs clearance fee is charged by Chinese Customs, and the rate is USD 30$ / shipment, no matter the value of the commodity. As for the pallet, it's the best protection for the binoculars from being out of collimation due to the rough handling during the transportation. The pallet is made of wood, so it has to be fumigated to be exported to the countries like U.S. , European Community and Australia, New Zealand. Charged by CCIB (Chinese Commodity Inspection Bureau), the fumigation treating rate is USD 90$ / shipment, no matter how many of pallets there are to be fumigated.

1.3. Customized branding

Usually, if your order on each model reaches 100 pieces, you can have your one-color text-only private label silkscreened on the binoculars at no extra cost; if your order quantity on a certain model reaches 500 pieces, you can have your two-color text+logo private label put on the binoculars at no extra cost. For some small-size models like 8x21 monocular, 300 pieces are required; for the binoculars with the objective lens larger than 56mm, 50 units are required.

If you've no specific request on the label, the binoculars supplied to you will be without any brand name silk-screened on them.