The Next Generation of Mobile Rent Payments and Property Management Software has Arrived: ResMan® Partners with Aptexx

Progressive rent payments

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Plano, Texas (PRWEB) August 08, 2013

ResMan®, a leader in cloud-based residential management software, is pleased to announce their partnership with Aptexx. Aptexx delivers the next generation of mobile payments to the multifamily industry by offering the first mSaaS (mobile Software-as-a-Service) payment platform that utilizes Responsive Web Design and HTML5 technology to empower residents to make online rental payments with credit cards, debit cards and eChecks (ACH).

In addition to mobile payments, ResMan® and Aptexx offer check scanning, cash payments by Western Union and traditional online rent payments through ResMan’s Community Member’s Portal. ResMan framework is browser agnostic, easy to use and allows ResMan’s customers to take full advantage of automating 100% of their receivables by accepting all forms for electronic payments. Rent payments seamlessly integrate with ResMan’s core accounting platform and automatically update the resident’s individual ledger.

"I have spent over 17 years on the operations side of property management and used a variety of electronic payment services during that time” said Elizabeth Francisco, Chief Operation Officer of ResMan®. “Aptexx is the first payment platform in the multifamily industry to have a ‘mobile first’ strategy. Recent statistics show that 80% of Gen Y ‘Millennials (ages 18-34) now own a smartphone. Offering mobile payments has increased participation on the assets we still manage by 6% within the first 60 days. We couldn’t have picked a better partner".

“Property management companies must adopt the latest technology to help them successfully manage their assets and increase resident satisfaction, stated William Evick, Chief Executive Officer at Aptexx. "ResMan offers a simple to use SaaS based property management system and we are pleased to have them as a partner. We look forward to reinventing the status quo.",” stated William Evick, Chief Executive Officer at Aptexx.

In addition to mobile rent payments, Aptexx provides automated messaging services. Messaging Anywhere™ is a fully integrated mobile messaging service that allows management companies to easily send text, email and voice messages to residents with a click of a button. Managers can automate messages for important notifications such as maintenance, community events, lease renewals, late notices and emergency alerts.

ResMan®, a cloud-based residential management application, provides the core solutions required for effective property management. Receivables, payables, maintenance, resident portal and financial reporting are all provided in one complete package for one price. Developed by over 50 tenured multifamily management professionals, ResMan® has evolved over the last 13 years from a desktop application to a progressive SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution specifically designed for residential property managers and owners. ResMan® gives multifamily professionals and their associates the ability to make better, faster decisions and access information from virtually anywhere, anytime.

For information, visit or call 855-ResMan 1 (855-737-6261)

Aptexx is led by a team that has decades of experience in property management, payment processing and mobile messaging. Aptexx empowers property managers by reducing resident turnover and increasing the bottom line through integrated mobile rent payments, turn-key resident messaging, mobile maintenance and real-time emergency notifications.

Here's What $800 in Rent Gets You in 11 Major Cities

Progressive rent payments

Progressive rent payments

The combination of a slow economic recovery, a vicious housing market, insatiable landlords and sparse public assistance is not just a shock to our wallets, but also a flurry of blows to our livelihoods. Especially in major U.S. cities, this trend is becoming a huge problem for young people with bite-size, post-recession paychecks.

Rent and utilities are considered "affordable9quot; if they take up no more than 30% of a household's income. Average rent payments  have grown to a whopping 47% of people's income in Los Angeles, 43.2% in Miami, 40.7% in San Francisco and 39.5% in New York City. It goes without saying that the middle class is being squeezed, but people pay less attention to the working class and young people.

More demand for rental units translates to more power for landlords, especially in cities and states without rent control. Unfortunately, the federal and state governments have largely left renters high and dry, as the only states that have legalized rent control are California, Maryland, New Jersey and New York, plus Washington, D.C. Most states have  banned rent control outright  and the rest have no laws enabling it. The issue has become a political fight and those tenants caught in the middle are at the mercy of market forces (mainly influenced by those with capital to spare, of course).

With rent prices escalating at such a clip, the housing situation for young people gets more frightening with each passing day. Below are real-life examples of what your $800 rent check (the national average is $821) can get you in each of 11 major U.S. cities, organized from worst value to best:

This beauty goes for  for $850 a month  in the Excelsior District, which is poorly served by transit and far from downtown. At the time of writing, it was the only apartment in this price range in the Excelsior/Outer Mission, Mission or Castro neighborhoods.

In San Francisco, one can barely find an available closet for $800.

This is a rare find in a generally expensive city. Unfortunately, it's also 595 square feet for $800  a month. Wynwood, where it's located, is often  described as  an "exploding, albeit still very rough and gritty" part of Miami. 

Miami's average rent as a share of income is 43.2%, so living in Miami is a massive monetary investment. A  2012 study  found Miami to be the most expensive metropolitan area in the U.S. when housing and transportation costs were combined. Much of the new construction is targeted at wealthy Latin American playboys who want a summer (or winter) condo.

There are few public housing programs available in Miami and it is unclear if that is due to Florida refusing federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) dollars, municipal indifference or lack of funding.

$799 for one bedroom in a shared four-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment — good luck finding your own one-bedroom or studio for $800 anywhere within 25 minutes of Manhattan.

Brooklyn may be a famous magnet for young people, but your $800 gets you little in the Big Apple. New York City mandates that subsidized apartments be provided through an " open lottery system " to "ensure fair and equitable distribution of housing to eligible applicants." The existence of this lottery system in the first place is an acknowledgement of New York's enormous affordable housing shortage.

Young people either have to pay up or cross their fingers in hopes of their raffle ticket getting picked.

$800 for one bedroom in a shared three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. 

Boston, like San Francisco, has seen a huge increase in housing costs over the last few years. With 35 colleges and universities within the city limits , it is no surprise that cheap housing is in high demand.

Compared to cities in the West, Boston seems less inclined to provide green, sustainable housing for low-income residents. The Boston Housing Authority only offers Section 8 assistance for families who spend more than 30% to 40% of their income towards rent in the private market, with the BHA paying the remainder.

Washington, D.C., is a tough place to find a cheap rental. No doubt the housing stock close to Capitol Hill is populated by lobbyists and already-corrupt wannabe politicians, so perhaps it's a blessing in disguise that affordable housing is rare in central D.C.

Our nation's capitol has surprisingly few affordable housing amenities.

$832 for one bedroom right next to the University of Illinois at Chicago, sharing a fully furnished four-bedroom apartment with three girls.

Chicago has a generous affordable housing program and lots of subsidized units to provide, but a long waiting list sits between the applicant and a chance at living comfortably in Chi-town. The red tape includes a criminal background check, income verification and registration for the lottery system. I doubt name-dropping "Da Bears" or "Da Bulls" in a nasally Chicago accent will increase anyone’s chances, but it's worth a shot.

$750 for one bedroom and one bathroom in a shared two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment west of downtown Oakland. It's close to the BART, Oaksterdam University and 420 friendly, of course.

Even in the third-most dangerous city in the United States, finding an affordable studio poses a challenge. San Francisco's gritty neighbor across the bay, Oakland's rental fees are spiking as the middle class flees skyrocketing housing prices in San Francisco.

A haven for activists, artists and alternative lifestyles, Oakland's unique assortment of low-income minorities and starving artists are being priced out as families, tech industry professionals and trust fund hipsters gobble up the available housing stock. The Oakland housing boom has attracted Wall Street speculators and billions in investment from China , with both entities betting on Oakland's continued gentrification.

There's nothing like living in your kitchen. But hey, at least it's your private kitchen. For  $785, including utilities, you can get a nice downtown location only two blocks from the Portland Art Museum.

Portland's formerly industrial urban core has been revitalized by famously innovative land use policies. Portland’s progressive  Home Forward  (formerly the Housing Authority of Portland) agency subsidizes the renovation of older housing stock into affordable housing for those making 30%-50% of median area wages. Home Forward offers a number of SROs (single room occupancy units with shared kitchens and common areas) downtown for $500 a month.

Apartments in Portland offer more value than the Bay Area, New York or Boston, but apartments are smaller than Salt Lake City or Denver.

$795 for a one-bedroom apartment close to transit and not too far from downtown. Like Austin and Salt Lake City, apartments tend to be bigger in Denver.

Denver's rents are rising as the pot market booms. Marijuana research and development is shifting from the West Coast to the Rockies and investors are following the money. There are many subsidized and market-rate rentals available, but it's wise to make moves on any cheap apartment before it gets snatched up. Basically, you better check Craigslist before that next dab.

$790 for a one-bedroom with 500 square feet of room. However, the options here are much better than elsewhere.

Austin's ' S.M.A.R.T. Housing Program ' incentivizes builders to set aside 10% of below market rate units per new project. Builders are given waivers worth $2,000 per unit and  expedited building permit approval reviews . For $800 per month, a qualifying applicant can get a 1br/1ba in the LEED-certified, solar, smoke-free 'M-station9apos; development, which is reserved for those making 50%-80% of Austin's median income.

Austin should get props for its motto: "Keep Austin weird." Apart from all the "weird9quot; people, Austin is home to Austin City Limits, the SXSW mega-festival and the Circuit of the Americas racetrack.

Movable walls? MOVABLE WALLS? Obviously $800 a month in Salt Lake City goes a long way with innovative apartment technology like that. More than 600 square feet and a private bathroom prove that apartments in SLC are the ones to beat in terms of value, not to mention the great location.

While the housing situation around the country can decimate our bank accounts, not all cities are equal and not all responses are either.

Affordable housing policies need more funding, not just from HUD but as part of a national shift in priorities. Let's spend money on making sure young people leave their mark on our cities, not on tax breaks and subsidies for the wealthy and big business.

70,000 sign petition to make rent payments proof you can afford a mortgage

Progressive rent payments

Monthly mortgage repayments often work out cheaper than rent – but getting one in the first place is out of reach for many.

Lenders want proof you’ll be able to pay it back – and unfortunately, showing that you have successfully paid rent for years isn’t good enough.

But more than 70,000 people have signed a petition to change that, calling on lenders to take past performance as a tenant into account.

Jamie Pogson, who set it up, said: ‘Since living on my own I have paid £70,000+ in rent on time yet still struggle to get a mortgage.

‘Unless you’re getting handouts, are wealthy or are in receipt of inheritance it’s almost impossible.

‘I want paying rent on time to be recognised as evidence that mortgage repayments can be met.’

Progressive rent payments

Lenders decide what to lend based mostly on payslips or tax returns, which show the level of income of the person applying.

They have to abide by strict rules set by the Bank of England.

But Mark Homer, from Progressive Property in Peterborough, said the current rules were too inflexible and should be looked at again.

‘I’ll be signing the petition,’ he told

Progressive rent payments

‘Lenders should take more sources into account and be more intelligent about it,’ he said.

‘They are simplistic in their approach.’

He said they could also look at tenancy agreements, bank statements showing that rent was paid on time and without difficulty, or documents from a letting agency.

The rules around mortgages are set by the Prudential Regulation Authority, or PRA, which is a branch of the government as part of the Bank of England.

They were introduced in response to the financial crash in 2008, caused in part by banks agreeing too many ‘subprime’ mortgages to people who struggled paying them back.

But the rules could have gone too far in the other direction, meaning that people who can afford a mortgage find it difficult to get one.

Progressive rent payments

‘It has to be a positive step for lenders to increase the number of sources and metrics (as long as they have proven to be robust) which they will accept when assessing the affordability of a borrower,’ Mark said.

Taking into account rent payments would be a good indicator that someone could afford payments, he said.

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for a debate in Parliament.