Go to www.paypal.com/prepaid for PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Activation and Money Reloading

Prepaid cards can be used to easily make payments. If you are looking for one, the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard is worthy of your trust as it is secure and cost-effective with no late fees and overdraft charges. Furthermore, the card boasts several reloading ways which ensure the availability of your money any time, anywhere.

PayPal Prepaid MasterCard Activation and Money Reloading Guide

PayPal Prepaid MasterCard is your personal convenient and cost-effective payment tool as it is no late fees and overdraft charges. You can receive a text or email alert whenever a payment is made. If you are a rewards-aholic, the cash back rewards must attract your eyeballs. Even better, you can reload your money by moving it from your PayPal account in real-time or in other easy ways.

Consequently, activate and fund your PayPal Prepaid MasterCard card to start utilizing it and familiarize yourself with several helpful reloading methods to better take advantage of the right-hand man.

How to activate your card and register to create an online account

  1. Enter www.paypal.com/prepaid (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page) and press the button marked “Get Your Card” provided that you haven’t had a card.
  2. Go back to the homepage and click “Activate Your Card Account here” in the navigation bar.
  3. Input your 16-digit card number, 3-digit CVC2 number on the back of your card and other details to activate your card and open an account.
  4. Fill in your email address and password to log in and access all the functionality and features.

With the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard used, you are accessible to several ways to reload fund, which always empowers you to settle issues when you are in urgent need of money.

Direct Deposit. Direct deposit is a simple and no-cost way for you to reload all or part of your payroll and government payment to your prepaid card account. Before adopting the method, you need to enroll in the PayPal Direct Deposit Service. There are three ways for you. Firstly, provide your employer with the Bancorp Bank’s ABA routing number and card account number which is not your 16-digit card number. Secondly, link your PayPal prepaid card with PayPal account and log in to the Account Center to receive government payments. Or you can resort to the Benefits Express service. Thirdly, have the Bancorp Bank’s ABA routing number and card account number on your tax return to receive tax funds.

Bank Transfer. You may transfer money from your PayPal account to your prepaid card at no charge immediately if you have linked your PayPal with your card.

Reload Centers. There are numerous PayPal reload centers scattered across the whole nation. You may easily and quickly find the nearest location to reload your card at www.paypal.com/prepaid.

Reload Pack. When you don’t have your card handy or would like to load money to others’ cards, reload pack is the priority. Visit the prepaid mall to select a card and tell the cashier how much you want to add. After the associate has your pack activated, your money will be on the pack and ready to be sent to any PayPal Prepaid MasterCard card. Remove the security scratch-off on the back of the pack to get the Reload Number. Input the number and your card number to make it at www.paypal-prepaid.com/account/packetLoad.m. Or, you can call 1-866-753-6440.

How to link your PayPal prepaid card with your PayPal account

  1. Enter your PayPal account on condition that you have activated your card, loaded a few dollars to it and checked if your names on the account and card are the same.
  2. Choose the “Update Card” option from your Profile menu and press the “Add a Card” button to proceed.
  3. Fill in your personal and card details and then hit “Add Card” to finish the process.

Last but not least, PayPal Prepaid MasterCard can be safely used as the Mastercard Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized purchases and your funds are FDIC-insured besides the real-time alerts.