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  • Make sure you can send online payments with your credit card.
  • Make sure you can send international payments with your credit card.
  • Make sure you have sufficient credit to send payments.
  • Make sure you know the charge fee for cross-border transactions.

purchases in Malaysia. Also, you can

accumulate your credit card reward

  • KEEPING YOU SAFER With our Buyer Protection, you don't

    need to pay for item with issues such

    as missing or unexpected,and we will

    help you resolve issues.

  • SHOPPING MADE EASIER You can add a debit/credit

    card to your PayPal account,or simply

    top-up your PayPal balance with your

    preferred bank to make payments

    and withdraw money.

  • Meaning more account security

    making buyers and sellers have greater

    confidence to do business with you

  • If you’re using someone else’s credit card or if your shipping information and credit card information don’t match, your payments may be declined due to the risks of unauthorized payments. If your payment is declined, we suggest that you sign up for a PayPal account and link your credit card. Also, please confirm your credit card to let PayPal know that you’re the card owner.

    How to avoid Paypal’s foreign currency fees by changing your billing currency – earn more points or save money

    Paypal credit airlines

    This tip isn’t strictly about earning more points, but does relate to managing the payments from your points-earning credit cards more effectively. I’ve run it before, but the process has changed a little and it’s also definitely worth reminding you of too.

    When buying items on eBay, you’re usually going to be using Paypal as a payment method. If buying from overseas sellers, Paypal defaults to converting the foreign currency price of the goods to AUD when using a Visa or MasterCard – but the exchange rate is pretty unappealing.

    A number of Visa / MasterCard options offer bonus points on overseas transactions, or no foreign exchange fees – and you’ll probably want to have Paypal set to the foreign currency, not AUD.

    If you have a card like those in the list below, setting your card not to be billed in AUD should trigger bonus points, or minimise the foreign exchange fees.

    Paypal make this hard to change, and it’s not an option in the checkout process – but here’s how.

    The screenshots below are from my Paypal account which is enabled for Paypal Business. The exact positioning of these links varies in personal accounts – I’ve described them, thanks to commenters, below.

    You can then skip to steps 5 and 6 below.

    Otherwise, follow the full set of steps below.

    Step by step guide to switching your billing currency preferences for credit cards in your Paypal account

    Firstly, you’ll need to use the Paypal website in a desktop browser – I don’t believe these steps can be completed on mobile. And unfortunately Paypal has a few different ways it shows profile info when logged in, it’s not the same for everyone – so while these steps are valid for me, they might be a bit different for your account.

    1. Log into your Paypal account and select ‘Profile’ next to log out

    Paypal credit airlines

    Personal accounts won’t have the ‘Business Profile’ label as pictured. There may also be a reference to “Wallet”, in which case you then need to find “Classic Site” in the bottom left. (Thanks to a commenter for this).

    2. Click ‘Payment Settings’ (personal accounts) or ‘My Money’ (business accounts) in the left hand navigation menu

    Paypal credit airlines

    3. Scroll down to ‘My pre approved payments’ and click update

    Paypal credit airlines

    4. On the next page click on ‘Set Available Funding Sources’

    Paypal credit airlines

    5. On the ‘Manage Funding Sources’ page, click ‘conversion options’ next to each card

    Paypal credit airlines

    6. For each card you can then select ‘Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice’

    Paypal credit airlines

    This will then charge your credit card in USD for a US eBay seller, for example, allowing your card issuer to convert the transaction to AUD at their preferred rate.

    This setting is not available for American Express cards because Paypal and Amex are set up to always charge in the overseas currency, and Paypal won’t convert the charge for you.

    However for MasterCard and Visa options, this is a handy way to circumvent this setting in Paypal.

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    I purchased an item on for 136,38 euros after a lot of searching for best price. Paypal was my only option for payment.

    When i redirected to paypal i noticed that the value was set in GBP and i was a little surprised, but i didn’t pay much attention cause in the past i used paypal and i was very happy with it..

    When i finished the transaction i saw that my card was charged with 142,69 euros.

    I paid about 7 euros to these thieves for unnecessary conversions.

    Seller price and my cards balance was in Euros.


    I just found out they were stealing for me too, hundreds (if not thousands) of USD per year. It was super hard to disable it, I remember in the past I was trying to disable it too but without luck. I will avoid paypal and ebay from now on and go to amazon because of those shady practices.

    Oh my God! I cannot believe this.. like one year ago I could not find this option wherever I looked at and I asked paypal itsel via e-mail that I would like to pay with my credit card in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice and did not want them to change the currency to my credit card’s currency with their unfavorable conversion rates and they replied me there is no way to do it.. today I decided to search once more if there is any change on this policy or a way to do it and saw this! I really hate paying via paypal, but unfortunately some sellers do not have any other choice.. at least I could have changed the settings.. thank you very much..

    Thank you very much. Paypal is so evil to do that.

    Sure thing is that paypal is hiding this information to gain money more from you and us. No tips and recommendations coming from their company, the new interface hides all about the exchange rate when buying something unlike a year or years ago when there is still a choice button before checkout. I hope a new company comes and destroys paypal- a stealing evil company… SMH Tsk Tsk

    Thanks so much! I was searching all over for a way to change or remove the default currency for my new 28 degrees card – especially since I have other credit cards linked to my PayPal account that I’d like to still use AUD by default. Glad I found your article – sorted it all out in a few minutes and your direct link to the PayPal settings was very helpful

    Thanks! The PayPal rate is awful and during some updates they’ve changed this for me. I’ve always used the sellers currency.

    I read this just after I had paid PayPal’s hefty exchange rate on a purchase from Europe (on top of Visa’s foreign transaction fees). Anyway, I used the link, made the change, but wasn’t sure it would work given the recent comments. However, I just had to to make another large purchase today and thought I would give it a go and it worked. PayPal was cut out of that piece of the action. Thanks heaps for this great tip. You’ve actually saved me quite a bit of money.

    Ah glad I found this. Was paying OS purchases for my upcoming trip on PayPal to ANZ Rewards AMEX card. Noticed substantial variations in exchange rates so checked and found PayPal/AMEX always converts. Then looked to charge via PayPal to Bankwest MasterCard Platinum no conversion fee and thought had sorted from link in your post but then on reading further know that PayPal has made that a furphy. My final €4000 payment will be made direct via Bankwest MasterCard. The reward points come at too high a cost to justify.

    I thought I was the only one having these problems, a few days ago I made a purchase on eBay using PayPal, I didn’t have any problems before but now they are making a currency conversions even though my account is in USD, when I checked my bank account statement the amounts didn’t match, they are stealing, they didnt know how to explain what they did with the money, my transaction was for $970 and my bank account statement says $1026.35. Does anyone know what to do? I contacted them but they don’t want to refund me that money, i showed them my transaction history with no currency convertions in the past, but they didn’t care. Do any of you know how could to sued them?

    Cause that is stealing in my book

    even that annoying manual change at each quick check-out is now unavailable

    “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.”

    miraculously if you let them rob you it works flawlessly

    Thank you – having already logged into Paypal, “The easy way” (clicking on your link then following steps 5 and 6) worked perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing this info in such a clear way!

    Thank you very much! That’s the way.

    nope does not work for me either now. The option is there and it thinks for a second but then goes back to paypal conversion :/

    I can’t get it to charge native currency no matter what I try from the above – the paypal settings are set for ‘seller’s currency’ but it doesn’t make much difference, and clicking the exchange rate doesn’t work.

    Has anyone had any luck getting it to work in the last couple weeks?

    If you use Visa/MC, currency exchange is now enforced. Irrespective of conversion option you choose on PayPal (or through Ebay) they charge your card in AUD using their rates. The frustrating part that they display foreign currency charges, but still charge your card in AUD in the backend > just check your bank statement or online banking.

    eBay checkout is trying to make this harder again.

    Even if you change the settings in your paypal account as suggested here, the checkout process still tries to default to paypal’s (awful) exchange rate.

    You need to click on the curency conversion next to the card you are trying to use, then it brings up another prompt where you can change it to bill in USD (which is desirable for those using 28 degrees card).

    So basically, if doesn’t give you the default selection you make in the paypal account settings, but will enable it if you keep digging again.

    ok since about a month i get constant currency exchange of paypal, this pissed me off as they litterly scam you with their rates! frikking paypal is ignoring this option even if you set it up right since a month orso!

    solution, everytime you make a payment, click the blue currency exchange rate at the payment screen (shows below your credit card in blue letters) this gives a small popup then click on this pop up, after this you get the option, pay with paypal exchange or pay with cc bank exchange rate.

    paypal keeps making it harder and harder to avoid their scam exchange rates!

    hope this helps

    Originally I bought an item on eBay via the web site and PayPay didn’t offer the option to use the credit card exchange rate after clicking the small popup. I then logged into eBay from instead (using the same eBay login credentials I used on and the small popup then contained a link to allow me to use the credit card exchange rate.

    Just got off a a very frustrating phone call with Paypal. The rep insisted that this functionality is no longer available, even though we were looking at the page that has the option to set conversion options. “Tough luck” is the response I got, I’m always going to billed in my local currency.

    How can they legally do this? They provide the option yet don’t honour it – they are screwing with my money and it is extremely frustrating. Waiting on a call back from a supervisor but don’t expect to get anywhere less aggravating there.

    It’s useless, you can forget (for now) that you can pay in your bank currency!

    I have the same issue, I have tried COUNTLESS times to change the paypal currency to banks currency and it does not work. Literally their making us pay their outrageous currency fees.

    On ebay I have to manually change the currency EVERYTIME I pay for an item, and it works, but only on a desktop, forget mobile or app, no chance there.

    Think about paying 10 items / day… you need to change it everytime!

    I tried today to make a paypal from desktop, for something on paypal website. Went until the last step, changed the currency to my bank -> paypal refreshed the page and guess what, currency remained the same :)))

    Tried about 5 times and gave up, paid in their currency, worked like a charm, wow ! :))

    Now that’s what I call a ripoff and nobody can do shit about it.

    I know that hidden setting, it worked if you always changed it prior payment few weeks back.





    This is a PayPal scam, I would say it fraud. They aren’t notifying the buyers of the fee (4-5%) just adding it on top of the purchase price. No matter what you do there’s no way (online) to avoid PayPal converting it and charging you the fee. Currently only way to avoid is to call them for each purchase so they can turn it off each time.

    I have 2 VISA cards from different issuers,and maybe in last 2 week ,this option does not work at my cards…

    “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.”

    This option still exist,but I think,does not work anymore.When I change to other option

    “Use PayPal’s conversion process to complete my transaction using my card’s currency. ”

    with disasterous Pay Pal exchange rates,I can pay the invoices,but already converted in my local currency (Croatian kuna’s). For example middle rate of EURO is 7.50 kn,and Pay Pal exchange rate is 7,84 kn.

    Does anybody else have the same problem ? It is happening,after Ebay and Pay Pal splitting…

    Why that other option for charging credit cards in USD,Euros,GBP…is still there,but not works any more? In if you try to contact Pay Pal…there is no direct e-mail adress,only millions of FAQ which could not help to anyone.

    Is there a still chanches to charge my credit cards at exchage rate of issuer,or we all have to pay this disaterous exchange rates of Pay Pal and theirs fees..

    Looks like even though the option is still on the PayPal site, neither eBay or PayPal allow you to be billed in the overseas currency anymore. It is now ALWAYS converted to your local currency.

    I rang PayPal about this before I hit submit and they changed the currency on my credit card on the fly to the local currency to force it to bill in the local currency (and then changed it back).

    They are misleading people now, esp. on eBay as you get given an approx. price when viewing the item but the actual amount charged is 5% higher.

    Didn’t work for me though.

    Still shows my local currency :/

    Thank you so much for this advise Keith. I could not find how to change the setting anywhere in Paypal but your link worked. I use a Visa Travel Money Card preloaded with USD and GBP but Paypal still wanted to convert to AUD. Works a treat now and I can preload when the exchange rates are good. Thanks, Sue

    20/10/2016 – PERSONAL ACCOUNT

    The paypal chekout page no longer has the option to change the conversion options. By default you use PayPal’s conversion. They make huge money with this.

    They don’t want us to know how to change to “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.”

    I talked to them (via email) and they didn’t give me any solution, so that I would continue to pay with Paypal’s conversion.

    SOLUTION, after searching, searching and searching:

    Login to Paypal account (you are in the page “SUMMARY”

    2.Right side of the page there are two icons:

    one bell (stands for “Notifications”)

    one gear (stands for “settings”)

    click on the gear “settings”

    Then there is (from left to right):

    Account / Security / Payments / Notifications

    Left side there is “Manage pre-approved payments”

    In the next page “My preapproved payments” there is a rectangle, a text box.

    In the right side of the box there is on blue and underlined the option:”Set Available Funding Sources”

    Next page: Manage Funding Sources

    In front of the credit/debit cards you will find blue text underlined that says “Conversion Options”

    -CLICK ON IT!and we are almost there. Jesus thanks

    At last but not the least we are on “Conversion Options”

    you just have to CLICK on “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.”

    You choose the The MasterCard and Visa currency conversion process.



    Thanks for the hilarious but helpful explanation! Thanks, from Australia

    brilliant – thanks – I would never have found this on my own.

    for anyone in the UK: look at the Revolute mastercard that does currency exchange at the goolge spot rate !!

    Thanks for this, just what I needed to use Paypal optimally with a 0% foreign transaction fee credit card (Canada).

    Thanks for the article. I’ve followed that and will see if it works. I picked up on this earlier and using iPad was able to change what I was buying back to Euros. I kept a record of the AUD PayPal wanted to charge me and what ended up on my Bankwest Platinum MasterCard. Sizable difference! It was around 4% so even if someone has a credit card that charges international currency fees, you may be better off in the foreign amount. When I got my Bankwest statement I found they caught me another time with USD unaware. Felt like complaining as I think it’s a sneaky practice. But not sure it’s worth complaining over a 4% and a few hundred points.

    Thanks for this article Keith – PayPal told me there was no way to do it when I called and emailed them in the past – I was sure there was a way.

    Thanks Keith and all other contributors.

    Don’t know why PayPal has to make it so difficult (other than to make obscene profit on FX rate by ripping off unsuspecting PayPal users?)

    However, I DID cancel PayPal payment and made direct credit card payment last time when I couldn’t figure out the currency conversion change option.

    OK only works for Visa and MC…must have missed this. Will try again

    this is great, followed these steps but not getting the “Conversion Options” not sure why (I have a personal account, not sure this is the problem…)

    “Logging into my (personal) PayPal account.

    Clicking the cog button (Profile) to the left of the Logout button.

    On the Profile page, scrolling down to Payment Settings and clicking Pre-approved payments.

    On the My Pre-Approved Payments page, clicking Set Available Funding Sources.

    Lastly, the Manage Funding Sources page allowed me to click Conversion Options to change the setting you mentioned.”

    This is definitely for Visa/MasterCard (not Amex)? Not sure why otherwise :/

    I use my ANZ Amex to pay for goods from Chinese sellers every month in USD via Paypal, the conversion rate is cheaper than the bank and I get stacks of FF points as well.

    Thanks a lot mate, saved me heaps!!

    It is now virtually impossible to find it, but this direct link still works:

    Thanks, updated and republished the piece with this!

    Thanks heaps The steps/screen grabs are now outdated, but the principles are the same. It bugs me that PayPal have this setting buried where they do.

    Thanks a million!

    I was on the phone with two Paypal reps and one Ebay rep and no one could figure it out. Back in the day, the review page would take you to Paypal where you could select those currency options on the fly. With the new system and separation of Ebay and Paypal, that no longer occurs. The review page stays in Ebay so there was no longer the option to select it on the fly. My older cards where I had already previously selected a preference were unchanged, but I was unable to change it for my new credit card for a few months. This solved that for me!

    FYI For anyone who is having issues following these directions, it’s because Paypal currently has a sort of hybrid new and old site. I found it be following these steps: Click wallet at the top; scroll down to the very bottom and click Classic Site at the bottom left; The site will change and from there you will be able to follow along from Step 2.