payment history letter template

The date the payment was due in addition to the word 'Reminder' stamped on the bill with the amount clearly highlighted

The address where their payment needs to be sent should be clearly indicated

A modified invoice that provides the amount due along with the customer's account number, late fees, or interest accrued

Include a pre-addressed stamped envelope

Use a professional business letterhead since it will make your demand letter appear more formal and official overall. Clearly state the reasons why you're sending them the letter.

In a clear and chronological manner, outline the facts behind your reminder letter.

State how you intend to pursue legal action in a court of law if your request isn't met. Also, include a distinct timeline you expect your demand to be met.

Create copies of your letter and any responses that you receive.

Never use derogatory or threatening language since this will only make the situation worse.

It may be best to use a mailing option whereby the customer will need to sign for it. In doing so, you'll know that your customer actually received your letter. ​​

​Request Letter to Client for Payment Sample