Newegg's Inventory of 1060s (6GB) and 1070s is declining fast

So i've been asked to start up a part list for a few friends who were looking to build a PC for the past few days and I've notied that the 1060s and the 1070s are going out of stock FAST. It's kinda scary. It isnt that detrimental to the builds as they are to be setup with 1080s and 1080tis but HOLY F*CK they are really disappearing fast.

Just wait till this bubble pops, the flood of used GPUs onto the market is going to be a thing to behold.

it wont pop we are hearing that since the invention of the btc and its still going strong

the problem is ebay and amazon wont flag those cards as mining cards and the propability of someone getting an nvidia or amd card with an abused memory module is very likely thus contributing to what amd is experiencing for years now the negative mind share from those kind of cards

nice crystal ball you have there

if you're so good with it, why are you not rich?

Wow this is depressing to watch. Refreshing the page every few minutes and so.. then POOF another 1070 OOS.

The fastest card in stock in Russian stores is 1050, not even Ti and it's been like this for 2 weeks already.

Not just disappearing, but increasing in price. Last night a friend of mine paid $280 for an EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6GB from Newegg, the same card I got for $240 about 2 months ago.