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Billions of dollars in cash and property go unclaimed each year, and it's quite possible that a portion of that may be yours. While the chances of finding a lottery size amount of money are slim, finding several hundred dollars is common. Estimates are that as many as 1 out of every 8 people in the US have an unclaimed asset lying around somewhere. Assets get lost for any number of reasons, but it's usually a result of a move, a change of jobs, a change of name through marriage or when a relative dies.

One year after posting this page, we were startled to find that fully 50% of the states had changed their unclaimed property web site. Go figure. SeniorARK has fully updated every state on March 15, 2007

Unclaimed Property Division

Montgomery, AL 36130-2520

Phone No. (888) 844-8400

Fax No. (334) 242-9620

Department of Revenue

Unclaimed Property Section

Juneau, AK 99811-0405

Phone No. (907) 465-3726

Fax No. (907) 465-2394

Department of Revenue

Unclaimed Property Unit Site Code 604

Phoenix, AZ 85038-9026

Phone No. 602-364-0380

Fax No. 602-542-2089

Unclaimed Property Division

Auditor of State

1400 W. 3rd St., Suite 100

Little Rock, AR 72201-1811

Phone No. 1-800-252-4648

Phone No. 501-682-6000

Fax No. (501) 682-6005

State Controller Steve Westly

Division of Collections - Bureau of Unclaimed Property

3301 C Street, Suite 712

Sacramento, CA 94250-5873

Phone No. (916) 323-2827

Phone No. 1-800-992-4647

Fax No. (916) 323-2851

The Great Colorado Payback Office

1120 Lincoln Street

Denver, CO 80203

Phone No. (303) 894-2443

Phone No . (800) 825-2111

Fax No. (303) 894-2351

Office of State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

Hartford, CT 06102

Phone No. (800) 833-7318

Fax No. (860) 702-3044

Bureau of Abandoned Property

Wilmington, DE 19899

Phone No. (302) 577-8205

Fax No. (302) 577-8656


Office of Finance & Treasury

Unclaimed Property Unit

810 1st Street NE, Room 401

Washington, DC 20002

Phone No. (202) 442-8181

Fax No. (202) 442-8180

Deparment of Financial Services

Tom Gallagher, Chief Financial Officer

200 E. Gaines Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0358

Phone No. (850) 410-9253

Fax No. (850)410-9728

Phone No. FL only 1-888-258-2253

Georgia Department of Revenue

Property Tax Division

Unclaimed Property Section

4245 International Parkway, Suite A

Hapeville, GA 30354-3918

Phone No. (404) 968-0490

Fax No. (404) 968-0772

Georgia Department of Revenue

Property Tax Division

Unclaimed Property Section

4245 International Parkway, Suite A

Hapeville, GA 30354-3918

Phone No. (404) 968-0490

Fax No. (404) 968-0772

Idaho State Tax Commission

Unclaimed Property Section

Boise, ID 83722-0410

Phone No. (208) 334-7623

Phone No. (800) 972-7660 Ext. 7627

Fax No. (208) 364-7392

Office of State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

Springfield, IL 62794-9495

Phone No. (217) 785-6992

Fax No. (217) 557-5871

Attorney General's Office

Unclaimed Property Division

402 W. Washington, Ste. C-531

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone No. (317) 232-6348

Fax No. (317) 232-7979

Michael L. Fitzgerald, State Treasurer

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Lucas State Office Building

321 East 12th Street

Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone No. (515) 281-5367

Fax No. (515) 242-6962

Unclaimed Property Division

900 Jackson Suite 201

Topeka, KS 66612-1235

Phone No. (785) 296-4165

Fax No. (785) 296-7950

Treasury of Kentucky

Unclaimed Property Division

Capitol Annex, Suite 183

Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone No. (800) 465-4722

Fax No. (502) 564-4200

Unclaimed Property Division

Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Phone No. 225-219-9400

Fax No. (225) 342-0046

State Treasurer's Office

Unclaimed Property Division

39 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0039

Phone No. (207) 624-7470

Phone No. (888) 283-2808 (ME only)

Fax No. (207) 287-6842

Unclaimed Property Unit

301 W. Preston Street

Baltimore, MD 21201-2385

Phone No. (800) 782-7383

Phone No. (410) 767-1700

Fax No. (410) 333-7150

Dept of the State Treasurer

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Abandoned Property Division

1 Ashburton Place, 12th Floor

Boston, MA 02108

Phone No. (617) 367-0400

Fax No. (617) 248-3944

Department of Treasury

Unclaimed Property Division

Lansing, MI 48922

Phone No. (517) 636-5320

Fax No. (517) 636-5324

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Unclaimed Property Division

85 7th Place East, Suite 500

St. Paul, MN 55101-3165

Phone No. 651-296-2568

Phone No. 800-925-5668 (MN only)

Fax No. 651-284-4108

Unclaimed Property Division

Jackson, MS 39205-0138

Phone No. (601) 359-3600

Fax No. (601) 359-2001

State Treasurer's Office

Unclaimed Property Section

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone No. (573) 751-2411

Fax No. (573) 751-9443

Department of Revenue

ATTN: Unclaimed Property

Helena, MT 59604-5805

Phone No. (406) 444-6900

Fax No. (406) 444-0722

Unclaimed Property Division

Lincoln, NE 68509

Phone No. (402) 471-2455

Fax No. (402) 471-4390

Office of the State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

555 E Washington Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101-1070

Phone No. (702) 486-4140

Fax No. (702) 486-4177

Unclaimed Property Division

25 Capitol Street , Room 121

Concord , NH 03301

Phone No. (603) 271-2619

Fax No. (603) 271-3922

Trenton, NJ 08695-0214

Attn: Claims Section

Phone No. (609) 292-6400

Fax No. (609) 984-0593

Taxation & Revenue Department

Unclaimed Property Division

Santa Fe, NM 87504-5123

Phone No. (505) 827-0767

Fax No. (505) 827-1759

Office of Unclaimed Funds

110 State Street

Albany, NY 12236

Phone No. (518) 270-2200

Phone No. (800) 221-9311 (NY only)

Fax No. (518) 473-2177

Department of State Treasurer

Esheat & Unclaimed Property

325 North Salisbury Street

Raleigh, NC 27603-1385

Phone No. (919) 508-5176

Fax No. (919) 508-5167

State Land Department

Unclaimed Property Division

Bismarck, ND 58506-5523

Phone No. (701) 328-2800

Fax No. (701) 328-3650

Department of Commerce

Division of Unclaimed Funds

77 South High Street - 20th FL

Columbus, OH 43215-6108

Phone No. (614) 466-4433

Fax No. (614) 752-5078

Oklahoma State Treasurer's Office

Unclaimed Property Division

4545 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 106

Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3413

Phone No. (405) 521-4275

Fax No. (405) 521-2146

Email: Unclaimed

Department of State Lands

Trust Property Section

775 Summer Street NE Suite 100

Salem, OR 97301-1279

Phone No. (503) 378-3805

Fax No. (503) 378-4844

State Treasurer Rob McCord

Unclaimed Property Division

Harrisburg, PA 17105-1837

Phone No. (800) 222-2046

Fax No. (717) 787-9079

Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions

New York State Comptroller Unclaimed Funds Detail - Website of nipifool!

New york state comptroller unclaimed funds detail

New York?s Comptroller Identifies Billions in Unclaimed Money. To see if there are unclaimed funds in your name, visit the New York State Comptroller. The State holds unclaimed funds New York, with the State Comptroller responsible.

Office new york state comptroller office unclaimed funds claim form

The existence of a state Office of Unclaimed Funds.

New york state comptroller unclaimed funds

The State Comptroller has specific guidelines for reporting the New York unclaimed property so that all. How can I search to see if I am entitled to unclaimed funds. To see if there are unclaimed funds in your name, visit the New York State Comptroller?s website. New York?s Comptroller Identifies Billions in Unclaimed Money. How can I search to see if I am entitled to unclaimed funds. MNOTICES/HEARINGS S ISCELLANEOU Notice of Abandoned Property ("The Egg") ALBANY, NY Received by the State.