Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in New York NY

There are 62 Counties in New York. It became the 11th state on July 26, 1788. The state motto is "Excelsior".

Currently, New York does not offer tax lien certificates, it is a tax deed state. However New York City sells tax lien certificates as does Nassau County. The interest rate is 10% every 6 months and 20% per annum with a two year right of redemption.

Summary: Twenty-one months after lien date, or as soon thereafter as is practicable, the enforcing officer shall execute a petition of foreclosure pertaining to those properties which remain subject to delinquent tax liens (Sec. 1120, Sec. 1123). In the event of a failure to redeem or answer by any person having the right to redeem or answer, such person shall forever be barred and foreclosed of all right, title, and interest and equity of redemption in and to the parcel in which the person has an interest and a judgment in foreclosure may be taken by default as provided by subdivision three of section eleven hundred thirty-six of this title. (Sec. 1123, Sec. 1131, Sec. 1136). Whenever any tax district shall become vested with the title to real property by virtue of a foreclosure proceeding brought pursuant to the provisions of this article, such tax district is hereby authorized to sell and convey the real property so acquired, either with or without advertising for bids, notwithstanding the provisions of any general, special or local law. (Sec. 1166).

Law: New York Real Property Tax Law, Chapter 50-a, Article 11, "Uniform Delinquent Tax Enforcement Act."

Tax Sale List: Use New York Tax Sale Lists to search for New York tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most New York tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: Local treasurer or the enforcing officer of each tax district (Sec. 1102, Sec. 1122)

Interest Rate: Tax Lien Certificate 10% - 20%

Auction Type: Tax Deed and Tax Lien Certificates. Whenever any tax district shall become vested with the title to real property by virtue of a foreclosure proceeding brought pursuant to the provisions of this article, such tax district is hereby authorized to sell and convey the real property so acquired, either with or without advertising for bids, (Sec. 1166). These types of sales require approval and confirmation by the district's governing body, except when the property is sold at public auction to the highest bidder.

Bidding Procedure: Not specified.

Costs: Not specified.

Redemption Period: The redemption period shall expire two years after lien date (Sec. 1110). A tax district may adopt a local law without referendum increasing the redemption period for residential or farm property, or both, to three or four years after lien date (Sec. 1111). As early as 6 months in New York City.

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: The Local Taxing district (Sec. 1131, Sec. 1136).

new york tax liens

New york tax liens

A Directory of Tax Lien Certificate Sales Information

New york tax liens

Tax Lien Certificates - Tax Deed Sales New York NY

New York is an average state for tax lien certificate sales but New York does have excellent tax deed sales. Here is a summary of information for tax sales in New York:

14% for counties that have sales, but in New York City liens are not sold to the general public

About one year but redemption period is complicated

New York tax lien auctions

Most county tax lien sales are in April or August

New York tax deed sales

New York also conducts tax deed sales

All tax lien auctions are by competitive bid but some sales are not open to the general public.

State Specific Information

New York is an average state for tax lien certificates and a good state for tax deed sales but rules vary and some municipalities have their own sales

Real Estate Investors, Agents & Business Owners Association

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  • Scenario 1: You get a fixed rate of return as high as 36% annually when the owner pays off the taxes - that’s good, but it’s even better when they don’t, and that’s scenario #2.

  • Scenario 2: You get title to property at a substantial discount (up to 90% off market prices) if the taxpayer does not pay.

  • Superior Returns: The rate of return on a tax lien can be much higher than other investments such as stocks or bonds. Check out the annual rates of return in these states:

  • Low Risk: Tax liens are far safer than other forms of investment and are guaranteed by the local government and, of course, the real estate itself.

  • Potential for Windfall Profits: Although the majority of tax liens are redeemed before a property is foreclosed, if the lien is not paid off with interest and fees, you can own the property by just paying off the taxes due. This windfall can net you a property at up to 90% below market!

  • How tax lien certificates & tax deeds are sold

  • How to gather information about properties coming up at tax sales

  • How to conduct due diligence

  • Advanced strategies to make money before, during and after the tax sale

  • How to use online resources and participate in online tax sales

    new york tax liens

    New york tax liens

    Search the most up to date list of tax lien certificates and tax deed investments in the state of New York. Click an area on the map above and see all the latest New York tax liens. Get well-informed on your investment by receiving detailed information which includes address, tax year delinquent, tax amount owed, as well as a report on the community and schools in the area. Start searching now!