Non-Chexsystems Credit Unions and Second Chance Banks

Nevada 1 credit unionThere are thousands of American who have been reported to ChexSystems or other credit reporting agencies. Then they’ll find it is really a big hassle to get a bank account. In fact, most of the banks in USA use ChexSystems for new accounts’ verification.

Fortunately, there are also some banks can offer a kind of special service called 2nd chance banking in NV. With this kind of bank accounts, you can get almost the same benefits of regular bank accounts. The difference is that you will be charged a higher fee for the special service. But it is really very worth because that the 2nd chance banking can help you rebuild your credit report in ChexSystems.

List of Banks and Credit Unions Do Not Use Chexsystems in NV

At the same time, there are several non ChexSystems banks and credit unions which do not use any services from Chexsystems. So you can try to apply for a regular account in those banks. Here is a list of Non Chexsystems Banks and Credit Unions offering second chance checking accounts in the state of Nevada. And you should know that it does not mean you’ll get approved 100%. So you are suggested to try more alternatives and make a good preparation before your applying.