Victoria's Secret Credit Card: What to Know Before You Apply

Do most of your mall visits include a must-have stop Victoria's Secret? Do you have enough VS totes stored away that you could pack your lunch in one every day for a month? If so, the luxury lingerie retailer's Angel credit card might be worth a look.

You’ll get a thrill out of the company calling you one of its Angels ( if that creeps you out, well, then, you’re not exactly the type of person this card is designed for) and you’ll get points every time you buy your intimates.

CreditDonkey looked closely at the Victoria’s Secret Angel to help you decide whether adding yet another card to your wallet makes sense for you.

What you need to know: Retailer cards usually come with high interest rates, and this one is no exception. It’s really meant for the most loyal Victoria’s Secret fans. The cards have 3 versions, or tiers, and everyone starts out with the regular Angel Card. Spend more on the card, accumulate more points, and you’ll be upgraded to the next tiers – Angel VIP and then Angel Forever. The higher the tier, the higher the benefits.

  • Rewards: You earn 1 reward point for every dollar you spend in the store (and 2 points per dollar spent on bra purchases). When you reach 250 points, you’re sent a gift card – $10 for the lower two reward tiers and $15 for the highest. You’re automatically bumped to the second reward tier when you accumulate 500 points and to the third when you accumulate 1,000. The gift cards are equal to a 4% and 6% rewards rate, respectively. Given that most rewards cards have reward and/or cash back rates in the neighborhood of 1-2%, those are very respectable reward rates.

  • Perks: In addition to rewards points, all cardholders are sent a $10 gift card on their birthday and an anniversary gift, and they also get early access to the retail chain’s semi-annual sale. Cardholders in the upper two reward tiers enjoy additional perks like triple points during select sales events, free beauty gifts, and an annual thank you gift.

    • Risk of losing points: You must make at least one purchase on the card within a 12-month time span or the card will become inactive and you’ll lose any accumulated points. For infrequent Victoria’s Secret shoppers, this is a major drawback. You may want to look for a credit card with no expiration on rewards.

  • Limited use: The Angel Card can only be used in Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores. While you may also use the card at Bath & Body Works stores, you will not earn Angel Reward points on those purchases. This limits its usefulness, especially when compared to other rewards cards that allow you to earn points on all purchases regardless of where they’re made. If VS is one of your favorite retailers and you go at least twice a year – and are especially keen to get a head’s up about sales and the occasional free-shipping break, then the limitation doesn’t matter.

  • High interest: The card has a high variable interest rate of 24.99%. That means any rewards will quickly be negated by interest fees if you carry a balance. Consider a credit card with low interest rate instead.
  • The Victoria’s Secret Angel Card is best for diehard Victoria’s Secret customers who don’t plan to carry a balance and who have an array of other credit cards in addition to the Angel Card. The card’s rewards program is very generous; take advantage by planning your Victoria’s Secret shopping sprees around the special sales. And make at least one purchase a year with the card or risk losing all your accumulated points. If you go only once a year as it is – or even less frequently – then you may want to leave the extra space in your wallet for another card.

    Don’t feel quite like an Angel? You can still use a credit card at Victoria’s Secret and get rewards for your purchases of all things pink and intimate. Consider these alternative to the Angel Card, depending on which consumer label fits you best:

    • You always pay off your bill each month: For responsible spenders who want some payback for their shopping sprees, look for a cash back rewards credit card.

  • You tend to carry a balance: When you’re the type of shopper who can’t pass up a good sale but also isn’t always able to pay off all that you owe on your credit cards, you should look for a card that offers low interest rates above all else.

  • You are in college: Consider a student credit card. These cards don’t have the same level of perks as the more “grown-up” ones, but some student credit cards will give you cash back for your purchases, and all of them will help you build up credit for when you’re ready for a more generous card or, perhaps, a card to your favorite retailer.

  • Here’s How Much The Victoria’s Secret Angels Make Per Year

    Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

    Last night we witnessed the beauties of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show slay on the runway, but did you think once about how much the models get paid for their strutting skills? Not just anyone can get up on the runway wearing skimpy lingerie.

    While exact numbers of each model’s payout from the annual fashion show are unclear, but reports do say the amounts are lower than previous years. Still, estimates around $100,000 are nothing to shrug off.

    Victorias Secret Models Without Makeup As Just As Pretty

    However, these Angels aren’t only collecting paychecks from Victoria’s Secret. These highly sought-after models are the faces of major brands, resulting in a major paycheck.

    So how much did each of the VS models earn in the past year? We scoured Forbes for some numbers on Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and other runway walkers from the 2016 event, and let’s just say they can afford plenty of 5 for $27 PINK panties deals.

    Victoria's Secret Careers: Online Hiring & Employment Information

    Victoria's secret is a high-quality fashion brand that seeks to ensure that all of the employee staff is happy and satisfied. Having over 1,100 stores across the globe and sales over 6 billion dollars in 2012, the fashion retailer happens to be the largest fashion wear company in the United States. It pride ourselves of having a rich history as pay our sincerest homage to its founders, Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye, who established Victoria’s Secret in 1977. The company boasts its culture of fighting against traditional perspectives which once looked down upon those men who shopped for lingerie. With Victoria’s Secret, Ray Raymond managed to influence this and change such restrictive perspectives. Our brands have been advertised by some of most renowned models in the world such as Stephanie Syemour, Karen Mulder, Yasmeen Ghauri etc. As one can see, the bold and ambitious disposition of Victoria’s Secret, they welcome those who have a fresh perspective and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. They love to work with those who share our views of changing the world for the better so that everyone can live in peace and harmony.

    ​How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Victoria’s Secret:

    Minimum age to work at Victoria’s Secret is 18 years old.

    Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 9:00pm

    Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

    Hours vary by location.

    Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary, Hourly

    Victoria's Secret is brand that upholds the standards of the fashion industry and is at the forefront of the market. Having such a wide recognition and such a stupendous growth since its foundation, Victoria’s Secret welcomes everyone to apply for a place. They can assure you that they will have a job for that suits your personality and background. The company appreciates diversity and they are ever more excited to meet new people. Victoria's Secrets offers jobs for those who have newly entered the workforce and for those who have had experience working in the industry. Some of the job openings are listed below.

    Retail Sales Associate, Bra Specialist, Category Manager, Cashier, Business Director, Cash Wrap Lead, Product Development Administrator, Sales Specialist, Seasonal Sales and Support Generalist, Assistant Store Manager – merchandising, Assistant Store Manager – Selling, Store Manager, Sales and Support Generalist, President – Fashion, Assistant Manager, Business Director – Optics, Senior Sales Specialist, Bra Fitting Specialist, Customer Service Assistant, Sales Associate, Management Opportunities, Operations and Staffing Supervisor, Business Manager, Head of Business Development, Head of Strategy, Visual Merchandising Specialist, Selling Manager, Cash and Operations Manager.