How Much Does it Cost to Build a Taxi App Like Uber?

How much does uber insurance cost

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Uber, being released March 2009 has changed the way people think of a Taxi and Transportation services worldwide. Despite the fact it’s on the market for 7 years — market there is still pretty competitive. Things that matter are the quality of the services (such as price, cars quantity, on time delivery) and the usability of the application itself. Also, you should not forget that we are basically talking about 2 apps instead of 1, as there is one app for a driver and the other one that is used by passengers. To keep things under control you would also need a web based admin dashboard.

I will provide you with the information about Uber’s features, the way it works, time estimates and some interesting facts. In the end of the article, you will receive clear infographics with all the numbers needed to get a full pricing picture.

How much does uber insurance cost

  • Passenger sends a booking request through the taxi app, which is being directed to the nearest driver
  • Driver can accept or deny the offer, in case he rejects the deal — user’s request will be automatically sent to the next nearest driver available
  • Once a driver accepts the offer — connection between both of them appears. Taxi app shows the driver’s info to the passenger (that includes driver’s account info, his location on the map and the estimated arrival time)
  • Payment might be done either automatically through the card entered on the passenger's account or with the old-school cash payment

How much does uber insurance cost

Every user should be able to register in the app. Some Uber-like apps require your phone number from the very start, some of those allow you to register via Facebook or any other social networks, and some require your email address, etc… The good manner would be to implement all the features listed above.

Efforts in hours: iOS 40-46, Android 36-42, Backend 16-20.

Once your app lets you in — it’s time to use it. What is the main use of the mobile taxi app for passengers? Correct — summon a cab to the location needed and make a trip to the desired place. This includes: from → to location selector, booking request, waiting and confirmation.

Efforts in hours: iOS 78-84, Android 72-78, Backend 24-36.

There is nothing free in the world we live in, everything has its cost (for sure you can argue with me and feel free to do that in the comments to the article). If you want to use some taxi service as a passenger — you will probably need to pay some money for a trip. In the modern world where payments are not limited to the cash exchange taxi app will need to know how to manipulate with all the payments done. Integration with the payments systems will be required on the backend part of the app.

Efforts in hours: Backend 32-40.

The сashless approach is becoming pretty popular nowadays. That’s an easier and faster way to pay. Uber allows you to put in your card (or a list of cards) just once to charge it later automatically without any extra moves. For sure there is always an option to pay with cash.

Efforts in hours: iOS 36-52, Android 34-40, Backend 24-30.

Should the passenger pay? But how much? Fare Calculator answers the question, allowing to calculate the actual trip cost before the ride itself happens.

Efforts in hours: iOS 16-20, Android 14-18, Backend 18-24.

An option to track the coming cab on the map via GPS services is pretty useful and comfortable, and it’s actually the way to plan your time efficiently.

Efforts in hours: iOS 46-50, Android 40-46, Backend 24-32.

Receiving push notifications from the application, while it’s opened or it’s running in the background is essential, as no one wants to miss his car or any other important information. We shouldn’t forget about SMS notifications. Uber taxi booking app works with Twilio telecommunication service provider. You may always choose from any other global providers such as Sinch, Plivo, Nexmo or take a look at your local one.

Efforts in hours: iOS 22-28, Android 22-28, Backend 16-24.

Sweet memoirs, an option to reuse your common trip locations in a few clicks or just the way to recall the places you’ve visited yesterday (after a solid hangover). Sounds user-friendly.

Efforts in hours: iOS 40-46, Android 36-42, Backend 20-28.

Review and rating option plays a huge role in the transportation segment. It gives an extra motivation for the drivers to perform well while allowing passengers to make some choices and predictions to increase their satisfaction of the trip and the service overall.

Efforts in hours: iOS 38-44, Android 38-44, Backend 16-24.

People (due to various reasons) might have a need to change some of the user data. That may be a phone number, an email, a card number or any other profile details.

Efforts in hours: iOS 34-40, Android 30-36, Backend 16-22.

How much does uber insurance cost

Would it be a driver or a passenger, the app needs to recognize a user to load all the user related data at launch. This data is essential for payments, rating, history, and other features.

Efforts in hours: iOS 40-46, Android 36-42, Backend 12-18.

Is taxi driver ready to pick up someone? Is he busy with a cute girl sitting in his car? Driver should be able to notify the app (and obviously passengers) about his availability.

Efforts in hours: iOS 24-30, Android 22-28, Backend 10-16.

Once the driver is ready to pick up some passengers he should be able to confirm passenger’s request for a ride or decline it.

Efforts in hours: iOS 40-46, Android 38-44, Backend 24-32.

The driver needs to check the amount of the job done, his earnings, places he visited and all the related stuff.

Efforts in hours: iOS 38-44, Android 30-36, Backend 16-20.

Notifications in the driver apps work as a reminder that notifies a driver about the available ride requests, his activity status, visibility on the map etc.

Efforts in hours: iOS 22-28, Android 22-28, Backend 14-18.

Admin dashboard is a web-based tool that allows administrators to manage drivers' and passengers' accounts and activities, generate various reports, change and adjust promotions, etc… The amount of settings and tools available in the admin dashboard depends on your needs and time needed for development process can vary. Average developer`s time needed for building an Admin Dashboard with the basic features varies from 60 to 80 hours.

The idea of UI/UX is to make a journey through the application easy and enjoyable, to build experience users would love and make them coming back again and again. Some lovely custom design for taxi app will add 160 - 200 hours to your project.

While building an application you shouldn’t forget about the supporting processes such as quality assurance, project management, and DevOps. Book some additional (in percents from the overall development) time for those: 15% for quality assurance, 10% for project management and 5% more for DevOps.

Now we have the information about the time needed to build features that allow a taxi app to exist. But what about the actual cost? To calculate the total cost we would need some information about the app development companies` rates. According to statista the average rates for mobile app development in the USA, UK, Europe and India are the following:

Here, at Django Stars, we had experience in creating a taxi app called Taxofon. The Taxofon project is a complete web and mobile-based solution for building and running a taxi service company from scratch. It covers all the features needed for passengers, drivers, and managers using Android and web application. Feel free to check what we’ve done here — TAXOFON.

how much does uber insurance cost

We describe the Uber fare estimation process. This lecture is part of a series to help Seniors use Uber to get around. You can find the rest of the lectures in this .

A night in Minneapolis got awfully expensive for one woman after her Uber ride ended up costing her $411. And she only had to travel 10.8 miles. Mollie Hughes .

"I thought this was a mistake. There is no way they could charge me $90 for a 2-mile ride.".

How Much Will My Uber Ride Cost Before Requesting A Driver?

Ok so I was looking at this graph put on Uber's website today and thought it looked too good to be true. How amazing that Uber drivers make more than any .

How to become an Uber driver and what you could earn

How much does uber insurance cost

How much does uber insurance cost

Taxi app Uber has won a huge following thanks to its very simple concept of allowing people to turn their cars into taxis and compete for fares. But if you fancy joining the ranks of Uber drivers, there are a few important things you need to know.

Uber is a mobile phone app which allows you to book a driver to take you somewhere. For example, you might choose to use Uber if you need a lift across town to a meeting or to get home after a night at the pub, but you don't want to use a traditional taxi.

Part of the reason it has become so popular is that it generally works out much cheaper than going with a black cab or private car firm. It's also incredibly convenient.

It's now available in a host of cities in the UK, including London, Leeds, Leicester, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Sheffield and Newcastle.

If you want to become an Uber driver a set of wheels is essential obviously, but if you’ve got an old banger, forget it.

Cars must be under five years old. Details of suitable models can be found on Uber’s website, but you’re usually looking at a saloon or MPV vehicle to comfortably seat between four and eight people or a Mercedes ‘E-class9rsquo; or equivalent for four passengers.

You’ll also need a Private Hire Vehicle licence (PHV). You can apply for this through your local council.

Costs may vary according to where you live.

Stephen Rowland from Newcastle joined Uber in November. He was looking for work with flexible working hours after leaving his job as a college lecturer when his mother become ill.

He had to shell out for his private hire licence, which included a Disclosure and Barring Service check (previously a Criminal Records Bureau check), and interview, and had to pay £95 for a medical. He said the whole process took six weeks.

When you apply for your licence, your council needs to be convinced that your car is roadworthy. H e explained: “The initial test cost £240 with repeat ‘MOT9rsquo;-style tests every six months which cost £80 a time.”

Deborah Tucker from London paid a one-off fee of £450 for her private hire licence after going through a company that promised to ‘fast track’ her application, but the process ended up taking months. She says now that it’s a job she could have done herself, and for less money.

Cover for ‘business use’ can be costly compared with your typical ‘social, domestic and commuting’ insurance cover.

Stephen was paying £180 a year for car insurance for his Mercedes ‘E class’ but even after shopping around it jumped to a whopping £2,700 a year . H owever this does include public liability , which is essential if you’re carrying fare paying passengers.

And even if you’ve got years of driving experience this won’t necessarily bring the price down. “You can’t transfer your ‘no claims’ bonus across for business use, so it was a case of starting again”, Stephen Rowland says.

Deborah was quoted £5,000 to cover her BMW Series 3, but eventually found cover for £1,800. Nonetheless this was a steep price hike compared with her usual £180 yearly car insurance costs.

Applying to drive for Uber is as simple as filling in a form on the website or via Facebook. Both Stephen and Deborah were quickly given a two hour training course before being let out on the roads.

“It was more about practical things like if someone’s fallen asleep, or you’ve got to move a passenger”, explained Deborah Tucker. Within minutes of finishing the course, both claim to have had customers waiting.

Uber claims that on average drivers make around £15 an hour, and that’s after it takes its 20% ‘service fee’ (though new drivers have to pay 25%).

For Stephen, driving for Uber provides him with a full time wage. He said: “I take home around £700 for a 35 hour working week; sometimes I’ll do more but I never go over 45 hours and I don’t always work weekends”.

While there have been complaints from drivers on chat forums about the time spent waiting for fares, Stephen claims he’s never waited more than ten minutes.

Deborah Tucker joined Uber as she wanted flexible work after leaving the fire service.

She said: “I like the fact there’s no minimum hours; you only have to make one trip a month to keep on the books and I do anything from an hour a week up to 60 hours, which brought in £1,100 after Uber’s cut”.

Petrol costs also need to be factored in; Tucker says she spends around 20% of her earnings on petrol.

Uber dishes out wages, minus its cut, on a weekly basis. The money goes directly into your bank account along with an invoice detailing all the trips.

You can also opt to pay a £5 weekly charge for a company phone with built in sat nav. There's nothing to stop you using your own phone and downloading the GPS app, but this isn’t always straightforward.

“I did this initially, but found the app kept dropping out, and I was liable for data charges so I switched to the £5 deal”, says Stephen. This includes the phone, data costs and any repairs.

All Uber’s ‘partners9rsquo; (as it prefers to call them, rather than drivers) are self-employed, so it’s down to you to set aside money for your annual tax bill, pay it on time and fill in the relevant paperwork.

If you’ve never worked for yourself before, this can cause a financial headache.

“It did seem daunting at first and I considered using an accountant, but that would have cost money so I eventually managed to do it myself”, says Stephen, who recommends keeping a separate bank account for Uber earnings.

“I do this and then pay myself a weekly 'wage’ so I’ve always got some left for my tax bill.”