my social security card was stolen what do i do

If you lost your social security number or if has been stolen to file taxes in your name you need to take these immediate steps to protect your identity. , Lynnette .

U.S. Immigration Law : How to Replace a Social Security Card

If a social security card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced by calling the social security administration or filling out an online application. Submit an application .

Lost SS Card - Lost Social Security Card Replacement

Lost SS Card, Obtain your replacement Social Security card anytime you have a Lost SS Card you should immediately visit .

Steps you should take if your social security number’s stolen

If your social security number is stolen, do you know what to do? 22News explains the steps to take if you suspect someone stole your identity..

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Can a human being exist in 2017 without a drivers license, social security card, or bank account and yet be a valuable part of society? I'm out to prove that you .

What Do You Do When You Lose Your Social Security Card?

Lost your social security card? Here's what to do next. Replace social security card immihelp. There is no charge for a social security card 25 jul 2016 it's safe, .

How Long Does It Take To Get A Replacement Social Security Card If You Go To The Office?

Rockville how to replace a social security card in louisiana. Going to the driver's license office right after getting your name changed with was that i'd lost my .

The Social Security card and number explained. Discuss this video: Sponsor: Special Thanks: .

What Do You Do If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen?

Social security identity theft what to do about it asecurelife. What to do if your social security card is lost or stolenoffice of the inspector general, ssa. What to do .

How Long Does It Take To Get My Social Security Card?

How to replace (and store how long will it take get a social security card? Faq. Many people choose to file for replacement social security cards online..

What Do You Do If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen

First, contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies equifax, transunion, or experian to place a fraud alert on your file if wallet purse containing social .

Who Do You Call When You Lose Your Social Security Card

Googleusercontent search. If you discover your social security number has been stolen, there are several steps you'll need to take right away. So you've lost .

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What To Do If Your Social Security Number Is Stolen

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How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Social Security Card

My social security card was stolen what do i do

My social security card was stolen what do i do

A Social Security number (SSN) is very important to an individual. If you are assigned an SSN, that means you are allowed to work in the United States of America. That's all. Some 3rd party agencies like banks, colleges, credit card companies, and other businesses like to use it was a form of identifier. The reason being is no one else has your unique SSN. That is not what the SSN is for. It is solely for a person to be allowed to be employed. In some circumstances, there can be an SSN assigned to an individual that doesn't allow them to work and it clearly states that on the card. The reason Social Security Administration allows it is because the individual needs an SSN to be able to receive federal or state government assistance.

Do not go to any other website other than to find or download social security forms. is run by the US federal government. If the website does not end with a .GOV than you are probably going to a phishing website and potentially be a victim of ID theft. does not charge for any services or forms. If the website is asking for a price on a form or service you received from them, you are in a fraudulent website. Do not pay for anything!

Assuming you were already assigned an SSN card, replacing a card is very simple. If you lost your SSN card or had it stolen, all you have to do is go to your nearest Social Security Administration (SSA) office. You can find the nearest office by going to and type in your zip code in the text box included in this link.

You do not have to fill out an application. They will just take walk-ins but will need a State ID or Driver's license if you are over 18 years of age. If you do want to bring an application, grab the application for

My social security card was stolen what do i do

My social security card was stolen what do i do

If you are over 18, the only IDs SSA will only accept are the following unexpired documents: State ID, State driver's license, or US Passport. If you are not a US citizen, you will need to also bring your Employment Authorization card or Resident card, depending on your current status with the Department of Homeland Security. If you were a resident alien allowed to work in the country and then you became a US citizen, you will also need to bring your Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship. Also, it would not hurt if you brought in your Birth Certificate. The birth certificate isn't necessary but sometimes SSA may have incorrect biographical data on you (maybe they misspelled your name, the date or place of birth is incorrect, or your parents on record is wrong). If that is true, then they can use the birth certificate to correct the misinformation, but it is not something that is vital to replacing your card.

If you are wanting to replace your SSN card because you want to change your name due to marriage, divorce, or you went to the courthouse and officially changed your name, you must bring the name change document along with your valid ID whether it is your new or old name. The name change document must either be the original or certified copy (it usually has a certified seal or a certified stamp). If it's not either or if it is a photocopy, SSA will not change your name.

To recap, if over 18, just walk in to your nearest SSA office, with or without an application, with either unexpired driver's license, state ID, or US passport.

All documents must be the original and certified copy. SSA will not accept photocopies or notarized copies. If you do not have original or certified copies or acceptable ID, you will be turned away.

If you lost or had your child's SSN card stolen the same requirements are needed but there are just slight differences. If the child is between 12 to 18 years of age, they can actually request the cards themselves as long as they have valid ID as mentioned in the Over 18 section of this article. If they don't have a driver's license, state ID or US passport, then there are other ID documents that are acceptable and it applies to all ages between 1 to 18:

  • Child's driver's license, State ID, or US Passport
  • A private medical insurance card that shows the child's name and date of birth (do not bring a Medicaid card or state assistance medical insurance card, SSA will not accept it)
  • A doctor's letter that states the child's name and date of birth and signed and dated by the doctor
  • A vaccination record printed from the health department that shows the child's name and date of birth, signed and dated by the issuer of the record
  • A school record printed from the school of current enrollment that shows the child's name and date of birth, signed and dated by the school official
  • An original baptismal or religious record that shows the child's name and date of birth and the name of the religious organization
  • A current school year ASB / School ID card

If the child is under 12, then the parent or legal guardian must request the SSN replacement card with the aforementioned ID document of the child and the parent or guardian's driver's license, State ID, or US passport. If you are a legal guardian, you must bring proof, which is normally a certified copy of court documents, that shows you have custody of the child.

If the child is a US citizen but has not been updated in SSA's system, their must be proof provided such as, Certificate of Birth Abroad, Certificate of Citizenship, or US Passport. If the child is not a US citizen, SSA will need the Employment Authorization card or Resident Card.

Social Security Administration will not assign you a new number if you were already assigned a legitimate SSN that belongs to you. It is is possible to get a new SSN but extremely difficult. There are two extreme scenarios where you can get a new SSN:

  1. You are a victim of severe domestic abuse and you fear for your life because the abuser knows all your information and can track you down. If this happens, you can request for a new number but you must provide sufficient, detailed proof such as court documents that cite domestic abuse, medical papers that state cause of abuse, police reports, and adult protection services from the State social services.
  2. You are a victim of severe identity theft and it has cause you reprehensible harm to your credit or livelihood. If this happens, you must provide excessive proof that the ID theft has cause unbearable harm to your credit as in you cannot obtain a job or government permit and license or lost of investments. You must provide proof of harm such as credit reports, bank statements, police reports,and letters from government agencies.

Even if you are approved to receive a new number, the old number that was assigned to you will be linked to your new number. Receiving a new number will not make your problems go away in an instant. It is just a way to get a new start in your life.

ID theft is the number crime committed in the world. You must stay vigilant on preventing ID theft. Here are a few tips to prevent ID theft

  • File a police report at any instant of ID theft
  • Call the credit bureaus to request for a free credit report on yourself to see if you have any outstanding loans, bank accounts, or credit cards that do not belong to you. if you see something strange on your report, ask for a block or delete the record from your report
  • Inform banks and credit card companies about being a possible target of ID theft
  • Inform utility companies, schools, and other services you may have associated your SSN to