my rewards wells fargo

Membership in Wells Fargo’s rewardsprogram costs around $25 per year. For this, you get 1 point for four dollars on debit card transactions (you have to pay via credit) and 1 point per dollar

for using a credit card. These accounts only recently became capable of being tied together.

Once you have 1,250 points, you can cash out for a $10 gift card to any of a hundred places, none of them nice except Barnes and Noble and, as of recently, This creates a rewards program with less than 1% return for credit card (the exception? When they do promotions and you can get $10 for 1,000 points).

      • is no incentive to save up for more points, so I have only gotten three $10 gift cards to B&N so far. I will be getting one $25 one in the near future and will then cancel my membership, because paying $25 per year is useless for what I get out of it (1% return is ridiculously low for a fee).

        Currently, I have an card through Chase that gives 3% on Amazon, 2%

        on some things, and 1% on everything else, exchangeable for a lot more options and also free to use (no annual membership fee).

        The only way to make Wells Fargo’s rewards program worth having is to spend over $200 per month with a credit card or over $850 with a debit card. This is just to break even.

        I will not be staying enrolled in the rewards program after next week, when I get my $25 gift card.