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READYdebit. READYdebit prepaid cards pay you up to 2 days before payday with Direct Deposit. Get cash back with purchase rewards. Sign up now!.

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Learn more about the READY debit Card Prepaid Visa cards are fairly new—you may have only recently heard about them. Enjoy the convenience of plastic. With your READYdebit Visa Prepaid Card you can .

Frequently Asked Questions Is this a credit card? No, it's not a credit card. The READY debit Visa Prepaid Card is a great way for you to manage your spending. Unlike a credit card, you load money on.

Load money - cash or direct deposit - to your READydebit prepaid debit card. Use Reload @ the Register (formerly MoneyPak) & Visa ReadyLink.

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Reloadable Visa Prepaid Debit Card by READYdebit - Easy Direct Deposit or Load with GreenDot MoneyPak or Visa ReadyLink. Online Bill Pay.

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A debit card is a plastic card that provides the cardholder electronic access to his or her bank account at a financial institution. Some cards have a stored value with which a payment is made, while most relay a message to the cardholder's bank to withdraw funds from a designated account in favor of the payee's designated bank account. read more