Visit the "Grant additional access" section of the Personalize menu to grant access to up to 10 people to allow them to see your activity online without having to surrender your own password.

If you have misplaced your card or you think it is being used fraudulently, visit the "Lost/Stolen" section of the Personalize menu to deactivate your account.

Visit the "Request Money" section of the Personalize menu and let us send an email on your behalf to request additional funds on your card from a relative or friend.

Visit the "Low Balance Warning" section of the Personalize menu to configure an automatic reminder email to be sent once your balance drops below a set amount. You can even send a copy to a friend or relative.


Welcome to the GOCard Online account management web site! Manage your GOCard here by selecting the options on the left or right of your screen.

If you have a temporary card you will not be able to see your account history until you receive your new permanent card.