how to file 1099-b

Example 2: Wrong Tax ID was entered, use Type 2

Example 3: You sent a 1099 to his company, but should have been to him individually, or vice-versa. use Type 2

Example 4: Sent a 1099 but should have not done so: use Type 1

  • Login to your account. Create a new file in one of the TWO ways explained above.
  • From the Main Menu select the new file by clicking on the GREEN UNDERLINED name.
  • Click ADD A PAYEE. CHECK THE CORRECTIONS checkbox at the top of the red form.
  • Enter all information EXACTLY as on the previously submitted form, except:

To correct a MONEY amount: change the money to the correct amount.

To correct an address: change the address.

To correct payee name: change the payee name.

A return was filed when one should not have been filed: put ZERO in the money amount.

page 6 titled Corrected Returns on Paper Forms. Although automatically e-files your forms, the procedures described in Section H use the same IRS rules described above.

16. What are the state filing requirements? and what is the Combined Federal/State Filing program?

  • For each state, there are different filing requirements for 1099s and W-2s. To check the filing requirements in your state please click here for STATES HELP. This shows a list of all 50 state's web sites.
  • The Combined Federal/State Filing program is an IRS program for 1099 forms only. Under the CFSF program the IRS will forward copies of your 1099 forms that we e-File for you to the various states who participate in this program. For more information, please click here. Not all states accept 1099s.

17. Add more forms to a company already checked out?

Deleting a file will remove it permanently. It can not be un-deleted. The data will be lost forever. You will be charged again to print and/or e-File the file. Do not even consider this unless you are absolutely certain.


The problem is "LARGE TEXT" set in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To fix, click on the VIEW Menu, then click TEXT SIZE, then Choose MEDIUM.

Having "LARGE TEXT" will also cause the Forms to Print poorly and unacceptably. On the 2nd and following pages, the last form will be partly on the next page. This is unacceptable. To fix, choose MEDIUM size test as shown above.

  • Filer/Company is the Employer in the case of W-2 forms, and the Payor in the case of 1099 Forms. The Filer/Company is also sometimes called the Client. Filer is the company or person who paid the money and is responsible for filing to the IRS or SSA and responsible for IRS and SSA compliance activities.
  • The Payee is the person, estate, trust or other entity who received the money. The payee is also sometimes called the recipient or employee.
  • e-Filing or electronic filing, means sending Copy a of Form 1099 or W-2 to the IRS in a formless way using electronic transfer. Transmittal Forms 1096 or W-3 are never needed when e-Filing.

72. Prices and Checkout Procedure for

Prices for 1099-Misc or W-2 forms are: Original (Normal): $3.49 per form, Previous Years: $3.99 per form, Corrections: $4.49 per form

  • No software to purchase or learn to use.
  • Try before you buy, entering forms is FREE.
  • If you like our service, it's just $3.49 per form.
  • You can print forms INSTANTLY on your printer (like an airline boarding pass).
  • You mail them immediately, to meet a deadline or just to know it's done.
  • Or, we will print and mail all forms to the payees, if you choose that option.
  • We always e-File for you to the IRS or SSA when you check out.
  • No FORMS to purchase.
  • No SPECIAL envelopes required. Use standard No. 10 double or single window.
  • View and/or Print a sample laser form by clicking HERE.
  • We always e-file your forms to the IRS or SSA, but not until you

decide to make the purchase and check out.

  • We always provide a confirmation of the e-Filing, so you know it was done.
  • We will print and mail payee copy, if you select that option.
  • Save keystrokes, key in the Filer/Company information, just once.


    How to file 1099-b

    Click “Start Filing” and you will be taken to our secure filing center. It is free to create an account and enter or upload payer and recipient information. You will not be charged a penny until you officially submit your tax forms.

    How to file 1099-b

    Simply upload your information from an Excel or CSV file or import from QuickBooks, for a quick setup. Payers, recipients, and filing information can also be directly entered through easy-to-use online data entry forms.

    How to file 1099-b

    You decide which forms to submit, when. Add all your forms to the cart and check out once, or submit them in batches (by company, client or form type, for example).

    How to file 1099-b

    We do everything else! We e-file your tax forms with the IRS/SSA and print and mail recipient copies. All your information is saved securely and available to access at any time.

    eFiling Plus was established upon recognizing the continuous need for easier, more efficient and cost-effective methods to issue year-end W2 and 1099 forms. Throughout the course of issuing paper tax forms our developers noted first-hand the mindset of many frustrated businesses at tax time, including the pressures of cost, time constraints, and overall minutia…

    With the goal of saving on the labor cost of printing, mailing and manually submitting tax forms to IRS, below are the common sectors that use eFiling Plus. We encourage everyone to switch to efiling their tax forms online through our secured website to get rid of the hassle and save more on cost!

    Activity based on a set of 25 employee forms & envelopes to file

    For security purposes, you will need to create a new account on our eFiling servers to use our print, mail and e-file services. Charges on your credit card statement will read from *eFiling Plus.

    Our IRS Approved Services Print, Mail and E-File Your W-2 & 1099 Forms!

    How to file 1099-b

    • We E-file your tax forms directly to the IRS (1099 forms) and/or SSA (Form W-2). In the middle of the busy tax-filing season, we are filing every day on an as needed basis.
    • We offer an e-delivery service to recipients. If you choose to provide your recipients’ e-mail addresses (optional during import) and we will give them the option to access their tax forms immediately online via an emailed secure link. Their tax form information is available instantly after you check out and eliminates any waiting for tax forms to arrive in the mail!
    • Unless they choose online access only, we print and mail your tax forms to the appropriate recipients. Your W2 & 1099 tax forms are sealed on high-security paper and delivered via United States Postal Service first-class mail.
    • We alert you by means of email at each step of the way including:
      • Your check out and your transaction is completed (receipt)
      • Your recipient copies of tax forms are postmarked and mailed
      • The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or SSA (Social Security Administration) obtains your tax form filings
    • If you provide recipient email addresses, eFiling Plus alerts recipients when their forms are accepted by the IRS or SSA.
    • After filing, your tax form data is securely stored on our servers for easy access including print ready PDF versions any time for up to four years..