Miss karma

Miss karma

“Thank you sweetie, my mun is studying for exams and I am sulking over Frisky so the chocolate will help greatly for us both thank you!”

Miss karma

Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of plastic bags in their house, or is that just me?

I hate when you get hit with those random feelings of panic and the nagging sense that something isnt right even though everything around you looks fine and you’re just standing there staring with your heart rate steadily increasing and your hands trembling and you’re so frustrated because you don’t know what’s wrong or what you’re so scared about and man I just really hate that

so ill be back properly on the 10th and on and off in between now and then but please don’t harrass me for drafts it is likely i will simply do those i see on my dash that i feel I can reply to quickly and leave my drafts until the 10th

This doesn’t mean i don’t love you

It means my real life commitments are more important

(plus im installing StayFocusd extension to make sure i study hard)

Miss karma

Miss karma

Miss karma

“miss me? of course you did”

When you want to RP with someone you’ve never interacted with before

Miss karma

Miss karma


I wanted to do something different than just an average promo

Begins: Today, 8th October 2013 NZ TIME - my anniversary

Ends: 29th November 2013 NZ TIME - Hayley’s birthday

I want to make this month and a bit a nice happy time for all of you with lots of fun things going on. So

Also If you want to be considered for a specific prize only then message me.

If you’ve changed your url please message me and remind me who you are and how long we’ve known each other.

This is a great time rekindle old friendship and restart old threads.

  1. MY CLAN:i will be doing a big promo for all of my closest friends that have stuck with me from the beginning like a follow forever but i don’t like the idea of people feeling left out on those so this is just for those i have gotten to know really well OOC it is nothing personal if you are not on this list. (unlimited winnners)
  2. THE ANTI-HATE ARMY:I’ll be watching over this month and looking back over past memories to reward those who are going out of their way to spread love and to fight against anon hate. There will be a list of promos and something else I’m not sure what yet. (unlimited winners)
  3. LUCKY DRAW VERSE:One grand prize winner will get to plot a 1x1 verse with me completely from scratch of whatever they wish. (one winner)
  4. THEME MAKEOVER:Three lucky winners will get theme makeovers and I might see if I can wrangle the talented Ada (sweetsongbirdbonnie) into helping me.It could even be a Christmas theme (three winners)
  5. SPECTACULAR SIDEBARS :Five lucky winners will get a sidebar made by me. (unfortunately my old ones are all taken down but If any if curious I am happy to upload them) (five winners)
  6. HAYLEY THE CHRISTMAS ELF:One lucky mun, well muse, Will get Hayley as their slave until Christmas.
  7. WEEKLY PRIZES:Every Saturday at a random point in the day. I will randomly list promo the first ten people on my dash.
  8. ANON LOVE & SPOTLIGHTS:I will send anon love to anyone I see fit throughout this period and link promoing any paras/plotlines that catch my eye (unlimited winners)
  9. NEW OTP:i’ll be scouring my dash and opening my ask up to anon gossip for a new otp to stalk. If you convert me to yours I’ll make you something: photoset, gifset, wallpaper, playlist, whatever springs to mind (two winners/one otp winner)
  10. AND FINALLY A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR MYSELF: THE ANON COMPETITION:I often get slighty crack crazy anons. And i would love to hold a competition where you continue anon through out the period of this promo checking in every now and then with creepy or clever asks or even creating a new anon character and story between them and Hayley. Please help me follow your anon by putting ( insert name here! Anon) in each ask that you send. The most feelsy, crazy, entertaining anon at the end of the month will have to reveal their secret identity so I can promo and reward (undecided) them. (one winner)

And if you made it to the end of that list you probably deserve a prize already so here’s a test Answer this in my ask:

What is your favourite thing we have done:

And I’ll publish the ask and promo you 😀


Everyone needs a transparent pokeball on your blog, you just have to.

Ted Mosby taught me never to make decisions after 2am because they’re always bad ones. I’m not deleting, I’m not doing anything rash like that but truth is im in a rut. A bad isolated (almost depressed) antisocial place that i need to get out of and cutting back on tumblr is a good place to start I think. So fair warning my blogs maybe considerably less active in coming months.

Miss karma

I also would like to hire you all as my watchdogs. There is a clock on my blog of NZ time if you think im staying up too late or have been online too long when i said i was doing schoolwork TELL ME. You’re my friends and I trust you and I need your help in this lonely time. So TELL ME OFF, ENCOURAGE ME, REMIND ME THAT i said i was going to get off and doing something and I was still online, ASK ME about that thing i mentioned that one time, or that friend of mine, or that guy i like ANYTHING to help me not delve into escapism and reengage with my life instead. It’s getting dangerous

. Miss karma

I’m trying to re prioritize my life and i need all the help i can get