Navy Federal Credit Union - Facing Bankruptcy, NFCU turned on me

I was an NFCU member for just over 16 years when my wife and I had to reorganize our finances and lifestyles to fit a single income family.I had left active duty, my wife was unemployed due to illness and we had taken about a 45% pay cut.

We had two credit cards and a loan account with NFCU and began to have trouble making payments. At first, we attempted to call NFCU and speak to someone who could help us through these tough times. We were immediately met with hostility and derision, with NFCU staff members asking very personal questions like what we did on a Saturday night and telling my wife to "get off her *** and get a job". When we were able to make payments - and we tried to keep up with them for over two years, NFCU would still constantly call using an automated phone system - even after payments had been made - where staff members would "lecture" about fiscal irresponsibility.

Another frequent occurrence was trying to work with one staff member on a single issue, spending upwards of two hours on the phone to resolve an issue, and then being called the next day by another staff member, completely unaware of the situation, who would state that the previous days conversation never happened with entries in their computer system. After about two years of this, my family declared bankruptcy. NFCU then got very nasty - calling at all hours up to 10PM at night, with angry phone messages about how NFCU "wouldn't take this lying down". It also took us over three months to get them to contact the correct attorney, as they were leaving harassing phone mail messages at an attorney's office which we had a consultation meeting and not contacting our actual bankruptcy attorney.

In the end, NFCU turned on my family and I. I was a naval officer, a responsible person with a job and a family.