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Purple is one of the latest talks in the mattress industry. the big question today in this post is whether it can help relieve back pain. Lets look at what makes a good mattress for back pain.

That said, this article will offer you some useful insight into the type of products that may help alleviate a good deal of your discomfort, so read on and we hope you will gain some valuable tips, Purple mattress included.

There have been many studies completed into what design might be considered the best mattress or best bed for back pain for those who suffer from back discomfort. Orthopedic specialists are in general agreement that the super firm, or super soft mattresses are not ideal. A mattress that sits around the ‘medium firm’ area would be the preferred choice for the majority of users. so not too firm and not too soft wins the day.

This advice is rather too vague, and the subjectivity of individual back pain sufferers would make choosing a single best mattress for back pain a bit of a charade. Dependant on your height, weight, perception etc., will make you have a completely different view on what type of mattress might work for you. A 300 pound 6ft tall male will need something quite different to a 5ft tall 120Ib female with an elf like stature. Also, how do you sleep, do you need the best mattress for side sleepers or do you sleep on your back?

There are, luckily, some common areas that are well worth mentioning, as they apply equally to every back pain sufferer, whether you are the 300 pound male or the elf.

Too firm a mattress would not allow these gaps to fill and would make the muscles work extra hard to support the body. A really firm mattress can result in a lot of pressure point pain and numbness and tingling, not a pleasant experience.

If the mattress is too soft, the body simply sinks into it. No support, the spine becomes convex and more pain ensures. The muscles are still working hard to support the body and can’t relax. A super soft mattress will not help you one little bit.

So What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain? A Purple Mattress

There is a continuing popularity for latex or memory foam mattresses for back pain sufferers. They allow the heavy person to buy a latex mattress topper on top of their firm mattress to provide that additional support, whilst the lightweight sufferer may do better buying a complete memory foam mattress. Latex foam mattresses have a natural resilient structure, making them very good at offering support. Memory foam mattresses are similar, but make sure you get best mattress for the money, but preferably not one of the real cheapies.

Memory foam mattresses are affordable and offer excellent support. They are manufactured from a visco-elastic material which was developed by NASA as a space technology. The first company to offer these to the public were Tempur-Pedic, a Danish company that still offer some of the best memory foam mattresses in the world. The support these revolutionary mattresses offer is far superior to your ordinary mattress designs. check out the Purple mattress review fro more.

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Lets find out if Purple mattress is a good mattress worth going for. It can be difficult to believe but we spend almost a third of our lives asleep. With our average age expectancy growing all the time that means we can spend between 25 and 26 years in bed. Doesnt it make sense that we want our bodies to receive the best comfort possible for all that time? Sleep is where we recharge, rid ourselves of any stressors we experience in our day-to-day activities and get set for another day. A quality mattress is important.

A foam rubber mattress will ensure you maximise the time you have in bed, and help you get the best quality sleep while youre there. The type of bedding and and mattress we use can contribute to allergies and tossing and turning at night, if you experience this then a foam mattress might be a solution for you.

For individuals who are confined to their bed for extra long periods of time memory foam is the ideal material. A foam mattress is designed to reduce pressure on the body. Many doctors suggest a foam rubber mattress to those who are prone to pressure sores.

The relief that a Purple mattress provides is beneficial for people who experience chronic upper and lower back pain. While a conventional mattress doesnt always allow your spine to be straight when laying on your back or side a rubber foam mattress offers what is known as different zones.

Zones in a Purple mattress offer varying degrees of firmness at different points on the mattress. Foam rubber is the one of the only materials that can provide different support under your back, hips, and under your head. This is the feature that really makes a rubber mattress unique. Different parts of our body require a different amount of firmness, being able to supply your body with this ensures better alignment of the spine, and more comfort at all points when sleeping.

We touched on this briefly above, but its no secret more people are coming down with allergies then ever before. Different types of bedding and pillows can cause people to have a reaction, how ever this isnt so with a foam rubber mattresses. Foam rubber is hypo-allergenic. For people who are allergic to latex a foam rubber mattress offers an excellent alternative with wonderful support. Here is among the best reviewers that rate the purple mattress top.

Unlike an older spring mattress that requires flipping ever couple of months to help your mattress last a foam rubber mattress doesnt require it. Theyre durable, and arent build around a spring system, they consist of a rubber core which doesnt become compressed thanks to its density. While a foam mattress will react to your body shape you should never begin to see body impressions from where you sleep.

Without question Purple is the next generation of mattresses, purchasing a rubber foam mattress that could last you a lifetime is a much better investment then a spring type mattress that could wear out in several years.

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