how to close my chase bank account online

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Chase QuickPay money sent to the wrong account [closed]

If money is sent by Chase QuickPay to the wrong account, how I can I get it back? The money was sent to the wrong telephone number; it went to someone I don't know. Chase refuses to help. They suggested I call the wrong number and ask the person to give the money back. I have called the number and left voice messages. However, no one has returned my calls; they have not returned the money.

Thanks in advance for our help.

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I hate to say it but it sounds like Chase sent the money to the right account, but you entered the wrong number. I'm not terribly well versed in Chase's terms of service but I'd say you're probably on your own. With that said, the person who received the money has done nothing for it and legally should return it. Obviously it's difficult to trace a phone number to a name and/or address but if you were able to match the person I'd imagine a stern letter on a legal letter head would be enough to have the person return the money.

How to close my chase bank account onlineChase Closed My Account Without Notification

Sometime in January, I received convenience checks from Chase Bank for my credit card. As I had not received a statement from Chase as of today, February 11, 2008, I called Chase customer service to inquire about my account.

How to close my chase bank account onlineReply

How to close my chase bank account online

How to close my chase bank account online

How to close my chase bank account online

How to close my chase bank account online

Our chase checking account was restricted without any notice as well.

We had this account for 13 years (started when it was Washington

Mutual bank). I was an loyal customer in every way, direct deposit

two pay checks, home mortgage with chase, credit cards, ATM cards and

the whole deal. All of the sudden they decided to close my account.

When asked why, both by phone and going to their branch, I was told

they can not tell me why. I will spread the news on face book sites

and all my friends and family that Chase sucks big time.

How to close my chase bank account onlineReply

How to close my chase bank account online

How to close my chase bank account online

How to close my chase bank account online

On November 29, 2010, I got an email from Chase Bank saying I was in

the negative $999,999.00, not only on my own account, but my mother's

account where I am only power of attorney and also my daughter's

account. This was nearly a hold of a total of 3 million dollars!

Thinking it was a mistake or clerical error, I tried to find out what

was going on and was told to call a number given to me. I called, more

than once, only to be told that Chase could close anyone's account

when they wanted for any reason or even no reason. But they didn't

close my account, only put a "restriction" on it and the others. I had

no prior notice to it and had written checks to pay my bills with over

$1000 in the account when I did. They refused to pay the checks I had

written and the money was in the bank to cover them. They were sent

back when they tried to clear after the 29th, with "refer to maker" on

them which ultimately either they were turned over to the prosecuter

(even after I had talked to someone about the situation at the

business), were attached fees and sent to me of the notice of the

"bad" check I wrote and the additional fees, or they tried to return

them to the bank for payment again and sometimes twice more due to

their collection of "bad" checks. I received a letter saying that they

would "close" all the accounts, even my mother's because it was linked

to my social security number since I was her POA, 10 business days

from the letter. Instead, they have continued with their restriction,

allowing my automatic deposits to be consumed and held, even though

they said they would reject them as well and I couldn't stop them in

time from depositing, so I have had no money for over two weeks now,

as my social security is my major income as well as my mother's both

being deposited on the 3rd of the month. I have pleaded, cried, and

yelled trying to get our money unfrozen. All my deposits cleared and

now are sitting on hold in the bank. I have utilites I can't pay as

well as my mortgage. My credit card payments are late so my credit

rating I worked so hard for is shot. I have no gas to go anywhere

including work, no food to eat, no food to feed my animals, and also

no phone as they shut off my phone when the check I paid them returned

to the phone company, even though the money was sitting in the bank to

pay it when it was written and still is. I can't even get minutes for

my cell phone. My mother is elderly and I have to keep in contact with

her. I have no money for Christmas. What do these people think I did

that was so wrong to close my accounts? Did they have a right to do

this to my mother's money also when I'm not even on her account, only

her POA? They say they won't close it until there is NO activity and

people keep sending the check unpaid back through trying to get their

money so the 10 day period was also a lie. WARNING: Get your money out

of Chase Bank if you value your money and your credit rating. I am

still in tears over this matter and sitting here with no money to use