How to remove the green dot that sometimes shows on your iPhone photos

How to close green dot account

Have you ever shot a photo of a beautiful sunset and later realized there was a green dot in the middle of it, ruining it all?

This is an all-too-common problem for iPhone users that you’ve probably experienced before. Despite what some may believe, the apparition of a green spot in your photos isn’t an indication of something wrong with your phone.

In this post, I will explain what the green dot is, how you can prevent it from appearing to begin with, and how to remove that green dot from your existing photos.

As alluded to above, you might sometimes see a green dot on some of your iPhone photos. Other similar problems can come under the form of flare or haze, and they all stem from the same issue.

In most cases, the green spot, haze, or flare will happen when taking a photo with a strong source of light in the background. For example, if you’re taking a photo of the sunrise, sunset, or just about anything with the sun or a bright light somewhere in your field of view, or even outside the field of view, you will likely end up with that dreaded green spot, some lens flare, or haze.

The problem is due to the light coming in at a specific angle and reflecting off the surface inside the camera, or the lens cover. Regardless of the iPhone model you may be using (iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, etc…), this is a problem every iPhone user is subject to.

This is not a defect of your iPhone either. It’s just physics playing tricks on you, and to be fair, virtually any camera, big or small, can be subject to the same issue, although this can be more easily alleviated on standalone DSLRs with a UV filter or a rotating polarizer.

How to prevent that green dot from appearing in your photos

Once you are aware of that green dot and the cause of it, it becomes much easier to actually try to prevent it from happening to begin with. There are a couple of things you can do to either attenuate or prevent the spot from showing.

My preferred method is to actually move the iPhone a bit so that the green dot be placed directly into the source of light, which will make it go away. For example, if I’m taking a photo of a sunset, I will adjust the phone so that the green dot is placed right in the middle of the sun. Doing so will make it disappear without changing the angle of the photo too much.

Another workaround requires that you shield the lens of the iPhone with your lens. I find this method to be hit or miss at times, but know that this is an option.

How to remove the green spot from from your iPhone photos?

If you have a few pictures in your Camera Roll that have been affected by these issue, you can fairly easily remove the green dot from these photos.

There are many applications in the App Store that allow to do this, but there is one in particular that I find to be the best, and it happens to be free too. It’s called Snapseed, and while it is offers many tools to edit photos, it has one specific feature called Healing. This is what will allow you to remove the green dot in a non-destructive manner.

2) Launch the app and load up the photo you want to retouch.

3) Tap the Edit button (the one that looks like a pencil) in the bottom right corner, then select the Healing tool.

How to close green dot account

4) Zoom in as much as you can on the green spot by pinching on the screen with your fingers.

5) When you’re close enough to the green spot, use your finger to draw over it. As you take your finger off the screen, you will see Snapseed work its magic and remove the spot and making it look like it never was there in the first place.

How to close green dot account

6) Tap the checkmark in the bottom right corner of the screen to save your edit, then save your photo to your Camera Roll.

How to close green dot account

Unfortunately, the green spot in iPhone photos is probably something we’ll have to deal with for years to come as it really is a physics problem. But once you are aware of it, it becomes much easier to make simple adjustments to the way you shoot photos to avoid that issue. And worst case scenario, you can always touch up your pictures to remove the green dot.

how to close green dot account

Bank debit card load is an online service that allows you to add money to your reloadable Green Dot card using a bank debit card.

Does the bank debit card load service work with any bank debit card?

To use the bank debit card load service, your bank debit card must have been issued by a licensed U.S. bank and be accepted on the Visa or MasterCard network. Please check your bank debit card for one of the following logos:

How to close green dot account

If you are unsure if your bank debit card qualifies, you can contact your bank for more information.

How much does it cost to load my Green Dot card using this service?

An online bank debit card load costs $2.95, regardless of the amount of the load. The load fee is added to the amount you load to your Green Dot card and automatically charged to your bank debit card. Example: If you want to load $20.00, the total charge to your bank debit card would be $22.95.

How soon will the money be available on my Green Dot card?

After you have completed the registration process for your bank debit card, you can immediately load your Green Dot card. However, it may take up to one hour to process a load request.

There is a $200 limit per transaction with the bank debit card load service. The Green Dot card load limit is $2,500 per day. The maximum Green Dot card balance is $2,500. If you reach any of these limits, the load will be declined, and the load amount and load fee will not be deducted from your bank debit card.

You must register your bank debit card before you can use it to load your Green Dot card. You can begin registering your bank debit card from the Main Menu page.

In order to register your bank debit card, you must:

  1. Provide your bank debit card details, including card number, expiration date, and security code.
  2. Verify ownership/access to the bank debit card by confirming the amount of a small, one-time test transaction (less than $1.00) that will be deducted from your bank account. The transaction will show up on your online transaction history as "Vesta*GreenDot." The test transaction amount will be added to your Green Dot card once registration is complete.
  3. Return to the bank debit card load website and enter the amount of the test transaction that was deducted from your bank account.
  4. After confirming the amount, your bank debit card will be registered and you can begin loading your Green Dot card right away.
  5. You only have to register a bank debit card once, as long as you choose "Remember my Bank Debit Card Information for every load" during the online registration process.

How long does it take for the registration of my bank debit card to occur?

Although the test transaction is sent immediately, it may take additional time for your bank to update your account transactions online (sometimes, up to 24 hours). After you complete the registration steps, the bank debit card is registered and immediately available to load your Green Dot card.

After you successfully confirm the test transaction, the amount will be automatically credited to your Green Dot card. If the test transaction is not successfully confirmed within 10 days, the registration will be cancelled, and the transaction will be refunded back to your bank debit card.

Do I have to load when I complete the registration process for my bank debit card?

Yes, you will need to select a load amount during the registration process. This load request will be processed once you have successfully confirmed the small, one-time test transaction.

You can have a total of 3 registered bank debit cards to one Green Dot card.

If you wish to add a new bank debit card, select 'Register a new Bank Debit Card' from the main menu.

If you would like to remove a registered bank debit card, select the 'Load Card' option from the main menu and click on the 'Delete' link next to the registered bank debit card. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the bank debit card.

Note: If you delete a bank debit card and wish to add it again in the future, you will be required to complete the registration process again for that bank debit card.

How do I update the information associated with my registered bank debit card?

If you would like to edit information for a registered bank debit card, select the 'Load Card' option from the main menu and click on the 'Edit' link next to the registered bank debit card. You will be able to update the address, expiration date, and email address for that bank debit card.

Can I load my Green Dot card using my credit card or another Green Dot card?

No, credit cards or prepaid cards cannot be used to add money to a Green Dot card.

Your account security and your privacy are very important to us. We work to provide you a secure experience by using industry leading security technology and adhering to the payment card industry's standards for protecting payment card information.

To ensure that your account information remains secure, never write down your Green Dot card number or share your password with anyone.

Please keep your Confirmation Number as a reference to a specific transaction. You will also receive a confirmation email after each transaction.

If I make an error with my load request amount, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change load amounts once they are submitted. We encourage you to carefully check your load request each time and verify all information before clicking 'Submit.'

Can I request a refund of a load back to my bank debit card?

Once you add funds to your Green Dot card from your bank debit card, you cannot transfer funds back to your debit card from your Green Dot card.

Who do I contact if I cannot get my bank debit card registered?

If you received confirmation that the registration process was started but do not see the test transaction on your bank debit card online transactions after 24 hours, please call 888-278-3206. Make sure you have your bank debit card number and your confirmation number available when you call.

If you have any questions regarding the bank debit card load service, contact us at 888-278-3206.

How Green Dot used WPg plugins to build their Knowledge Sharing Platform

How to close green dot accountGreen Dot Public Schools is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 to help transform public education in historically underserved communities in the USA.

The U.S. Department of Education considers Green Dot to be a national leader in school turnarounds, and they are the only charter school operator to lead the successful turnaround of a 3,000-plus student high school.

They have been using our Google Apps plugins for WordPress for a few months now, and reported to be very happy with them! We caught up with Rena Banka, IT Project Manager at Green Dot, for a short interview to find out how they are using our plugins to integrate Google Apps and WordPress.

We are using the Google Drive Embedder on our Knowledge Sharing Platform. As a charter management organization with 3 regions, 26 schools, and over 1,000 employees we are constantly sharing information that changes from year to year. Previously our technology team would receive documents from content owners and upload them directly onto our knowledge sharing site. With the Google Drive Embedder, we are able to remove this time-consuming step and put the responsibility of the content upload on the content owner.

Now, each of our curriculum coaches has access to a Google Drive Folder which they can manage on a day-to-day basis without having to contact our technology department to make a change every time. Not only are we able to shift this responsibility, but we are able to maintain the look and feel of our site on the front end without having to worry about the content owner editing pages.

What were your concerns when you first decided to integrate Drive into WordPress somehow?

We were unsure of how protected our content would be using the Google Drive Embedder. Once we figured out there was another plugin that works alongside the Drive plugin (called Google Apps Login), we were able to make sure our Knowledge Sharing Platform was locked down to only our users who could easily authenticate in via their Green Dot Google email address.

What is the most exciting feature of the plugin in your opinion…?

We love the fact that the plugin is real time. It is so exciting to see how quickly the page is updated on its own when new content is loaded, updated, or removed!