Lyft driver drives 100 mph to help passengers catch a rare Pokemon

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I heard a story from a Pokemon Go player who went to Chicago for Pokemon Go Fest. A group of 3 hardcore players ordered a Lyft to get to a rare Pokemon 20 minutes away. It was 18 minutes by car from their location, and the Lyft driver was 6 minutes away. As soon as he ordered it, he called the driver to ask if he could hurry up because if he didn't get there in 3 minutes he would cancel the ride.

The driver sped like crazy to get to them. Then they asked the driver to run red lights with no…

The answer from people read on this link:

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They connects partner drivers and people who need transportation.Application downloading to your smartphone, register with your information, order transportation where you need to go through the GPS map and app will find the nearest available driver. In most of the five minutes your drivers will arrive by car and take you to your location, . Your credit card is connected to the app, when you order a ride, your ride will be charged, very simple.

Uber currently operates in 100 countries and in a lot of cities, over 500. You can be in a foreign country and to book a ride. Prices are cheaper than the standard taxi services and you will not have problems with cash in foreign currency because you pay by credit card.

How much does it cost to drive from point A to B, check the official website

As I said, the prices are cheaper than a taxi service.

At a time when the number of users exceeds the number of partners driver, the price may rise, it is called “surge pricing”. So users at any time of the day or night can order a vehicle. In case of increase in prices will be promptly notified. Then you can order a regular taxi ride, my recommendation.

What class of vehicles can be ordered?

How do I download the app?

What is the quality of service?

Here is a great idea where users after their journey to the destination rate service of the driver who had served them. In this way the quality remains at a high level, those who will not satisfy the required services, will no longer work.

Can I cancel the ordered service?

If for some reason you want to do, you can. On your account may be charged a fee for a canceled driving, it depends on how much time has passed when the driver has accepted your request and when you you canceled. And drivers can cancel the request for a ride.

Cancellation fees may vary depending on your city and the chosen option for the vehicle. Many cities if you cancel service offering you the option not charged for 5 minutes but in other cities can charge cancellation fees after 2 minutes after the driver starts to your starting location.

In Paris, on a snowy evening in 2008 Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp could not get a taxi. So they thought of ingenious idea to call transport via mobile phone. Today the company is worth over 50 billion dollars. They spread in many countries, cities and small places which is new for Uber, outside the city service. You can order the service of air planes, food, ship, shipping, and helicopter. Who knows what else will invent!

Yes, everything you can find on their website. You do not even need to have your own car. Sign up, make money, have flexible working hours and many other benefits. Only in the USA they employ 250,000 workers. You can drive when and how you want, as if you are your own boss. But in many countries there are restrictions and laws that must be respected by Uber if want to operate there.

This article is for general information, maybe something has changed, so check elsewhere.

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Lyft driver help

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