how to check maryland state tax refund

Maryland State Taxes Refund

Check your Maryland State Taxes Refund Status

To check your Maryland state taxes refund status online:

You will need to know the primary SS# or Social Security Number, complete mailing address, and most times, the exact amount of your anticipated refund. Click the link below to check your Maryland state taxes refund status online:

how to check maryland state tax refund

Because the Wynne tax refunds cover several years the question of it being taxable income would depend on if you were itemizing during each of those years.

Imagine this scenario:

You received a total of $942.00 back from the State of Maryland because of Wynne in 2016.

Because you itemized in year 1 and year 3 those might be counted as income. The tax software should ask you if you itemized in each of those years. If you did, and the additional deductions exceed the standard deduction by enough, the returned money for that year is taxable income in 2016.

Added info to discuss itemizing vs standard deduction.

In year 1 a taxpayer itemizes. Their total deductions are $7,000 and the standard deduction is $6,000, so they pick the better deal and claim $7,000 in deductions. If they are in the 25% tax bracket that extra $1,000 in deductions saves them $250 in federal taxes. The state tax return they file shows they over paid the state by $100, and they get a refund from the state.

In year 2 they need to address the $100 from the state, and they get a 1099-G from the state. The federal tax form asks them to determine if the money is taxable. It is because if they could have gone back in time to the year before, the $100 refund would have brought the itemized deductions down to $6,900 and the tax savings from their deductions would have only been $225. So on the year 2 tax form they have to claim $100 as income.

Now imagine a different taxpayer in a slightly different situation.

so in year 2 they look back and see if they had used the time machine:

so in year 2 the refund from year 1 isn't counted as income because in the IRS viewpoint the tax form wouldn't have changed.

How to Get Foreign Visitors Tax Refund in United State

If you are traveling around the world, you might be familiar with the visitor tax refund offered by different countries. For example European Union countries, Japan, Canada all offer it.

You can visit their website for more details:

For visitors to United States though, it is a different story. Essentially, the countries that offer tax refund collect value added tax (VAT) for the good purchased, if you are traveler, this part is refund to you when you leave the country. While in US, no VAT is collected. We do include sales tax but it is decided by individual state (yes, some states decides not to collect them at all such as Oregon, Delaware), but it is not through the federal government. So if refund is offered, it will come from each state. See the statement from the US customs.

So far, I am only aware of two states offers the sales tax refund: Texas and Louisiana. There are some restrictions too.

For Texas return, you can apply for return as long as you have foreign passport, I-94 and valid visa. But the purchase has to be done within 30 days before leaving Texas (recommended 15 days). You can apply return directly at selected Mall, outlet and airport. You can actually get instant cash refund when you apply but typically with much higher fee (like half the refund amount).

For Louisiana return, there are more restrictions. Your visit has to be less than 90 days and the resident alien and international student are not eligible for the return. You can apply at New Orleans International Airport and downtown refund center or mail within 30 days of returning home.