how much does experian cost

How much does experian cost

How much does experian cost

  • How much does experian cost

Students at BYU enjoy affordable prices that allow them access to a high quality education at a great price. In 2013, US News & World Report ranked BYU in the top 20 for ‘Great Schools, Great Prices.’

For BYU students, the cost of room and board is a large part of total expenses. As such, it is important to make the decision that’s right for you.

BYU’s housing departments can help students find the right housing option:

For a total breakdown of costs, visit the Cost of Attendance page located at the financial aid website.

Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment

Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment

Undergrad based on Helaman Halls shared room and

Dining Dollars Blue meal plan. Cost varies depending

on student's choice of on- or off-campus housing

Cost varies depending on requirements for

Cost varies depending on personal spending choices

Cost varies depending on method of

Amounts for tuition and books & supplies will be reduced for less than full-time enrollment which can affect your loan eligibility. Please reference the following link for less than full-time enrollment, and for full details regarding the costs of attendance:

*Personal expenses include the cost of BYU health insurance premiums for a single student. BYU health insurance is required if you are not covered by another annual policy. Students are billed each semester and term for the entire academic year including future periods of non-attendance.