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I have a MasterCard issued through Juniper Bank and called them first, and they were happy to reduce my interest rate by several percentage points, because I have an outstanding record with them. I hung up a very happy customer, and they were happy that I would continue to .

Not all companies will do this, in fact the one that I called next that I have had very good dealings with in the past, refused to work with me on reducing the rate at all.

Each time I have had dealings with Juniper Bank, they have always been

most cordial and were able to help me with whatever I needed. I would recommend that anyone looking for a credit card institution with a good track record for customer service, definitely look up Juniper Bank. I’m sure you can find them online.

Juniper Credit Cards Login, Bill Payment, Customer Service

Juniper credit cardsJuniper Credit Cards are now known as Barclaycard Credit Card. Juniper Bank has been bought by Barclays Bank PLC in 2004.

Although Barclays has become one of the largest credit card issuers and is excellent in many ways, but it is flawed and unfriendly in dealing with billing disputes and fraud. You need to be careful.

Now, if you need to manage your account, pay your bills, or to get customer service help, here is all the information we provide.

1. Pay Bill Online at Https://

Navigate to the bank’s official website, fill in your user name and password, and then pay the bill.

Juniper credit cards

2. Send Your Payment To Barclays Bank Payment Address

If you are used to managing and paying various family bills by mail, send the check to the following address

Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337

3. Pay Bill By Calling Barclays Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

The payment phone number is 1-866-928-8598. And you can also get assistance to solve other problems about this card.

Tip: Learn how to pay this card bill online