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and automatic payment commentaries analysis.

After the statistics accumulation: loans issued in internal Karma tokens. A huge step to barter direct interchange economy.

and the loan itself is easy-to-use for borrowers: semi-automated scoring, one escrow account for bulk repayments for all investors, payment auto-split to multiple investors via smart-contract.

Goods and services manufacturers can easily involve their loyal customers as an investors in the growth of their business. If someone loves the goods they can crowdfund the manufacturer.

(potato-tokens), for air tickets or tours presales.

Profitable for manufacturers: make money today, make turnover faster, promote his own goods and services, payments with his own goods and services.

0.5M USD, 30% interest rate.

1.5M USD loans provided.

over 5M USD provided,

Demand exceeds loans supply several times.

loan volume 30M USD,

17—30 August 2017

5000 KRMP to be issued for sale.

Subscription form is in the end of this page. In case of overbooking before August 17, we will send the address to the most interested investors before presale.

20k USD: blockchain-architect, teamlead.

40k: team from 3 devs and 2 QA for 3 months.

15k: project management.

40k: prepayment for promotion partner for ITO international marketing campaign:

60k: content translation, publications, transfers, conferences, partners involvement.

25k for consulting and organisation registration.

150k: fund for investing in first p2p-loans inside the platform.

100k: mutual aid insurance fund.

50k: risk-management, endowment-fund for project development, bounties.

Cryptocurrency as a collateral and as a loan

(including bitUSD for fiat-conversion).

Interest rate, collateral rate and need for return to date — as agreed by parties.

Legal issues resolving, non-profit organisation registration.

PR and marketing for the ITO.

50 000KRM issued for sale.

Pre-ITO backers exhanging their KRMP tokens to KRM in proportion 1 old to 5 new.

After the ITO, 50% of net profit will be allocated for tokens buyback.

25% founders (1 year vesting).

50% product development,

20% conservative endowment fund,

15% marketing and PR,

5% bounties for active community members,

5% founders, 1-year vesting,

discount on transaction fees,

Dark pool is a place where all new investments proposals and loan inquiries are put on 7-day period, before they became public. Using dark pool token holders could pick the best gems and use them in their own interests. If several token holders want to pick one inquiry — it goes to the holder with bigger number of tokens.

If token holder transaction volume is high enough, the discount will recover the token price in a months.

On key decisions making: project strategy, code upgrades, tariffs etc.

The fundamental token supply factor is the growth of the money volume in the ecosystem. The more queries are in the privilege access pool, the more people who will want to own tokens.

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London-based company Goodeast Consulting Ltd.

(company number: 10596223) take the responsibility on targeted use

of collected funds during the period from preITO to ITO.

The multi-signature wallet will be opened for money spending only with 3 out of 4 signatures, two of them held by the lawyers from Netherlands and UK.

All reporting on the funds usage will be automatically stored

in Ethereum blockchain. Karma team will provide additional detailed weekly reports on preITO funds usage.

Developed own scoring strategy with stable and positive results More than 10 years of experience in portfolio management in financial industry: Troika Dialog, Sberbank, Ancor Invest. International CFA-certified financial analyst.

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The team of Graphene evangelists and developers,

creators of the Bitshares RuDex exchange.

Developing blockchain-based apps.

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Open Ledger is a decentralized conglomerate aiming to make ICOs mainstream. The OpenLedger ecosystem includes advertising, trading, blockchain talent, and ICO marketing subsidiaries dedicated to one goal: Crowdfunding the future of startup businesses.

Max speed: up to 100 000 transactions per second (ETH — 30, BTC — 7).

Min cost: 0.02 USD (ETH — $1.5, BTC — $5).

Here are the nearest conferences we'll attend:

Goodeast Consulting Ltd.

company number: 10596223

Suite 1, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom, W1T 1DG

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Karma - a test runner that fits all our needs.

Introductory Screencast The spectacular quick start to Testacular.

JS Everywhere 2012 Paris Watch Vojta Jína presenting Testacular at JS.everywhere.

Things should be simple. We believe in testing and so we want to make it as simple as possible.

The main goal for Karma is to bring a productive testing environment to developers. The environment being one where they don't have to set up loads of configurations, but rather a place where developers can just write the code and get instant feedback from their tests. Because getting quick feedback is what makes you productive and creative.

Test your code on real browsers and real devices such as phones, tablets or on a headless PhantomJS instance.

Control the whole workflow from the command line or your IDE - just save a file and Karma will run all the tests.

Describe your tests with Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit, or write a simple adapter for any framework you like.

Developed for and maintained by the open source community at GitHub.

Easy debugging directly from your IDE via WebStorm or Google Chrome.