"Bummer, the billing address you entered doesn't match. "

You are receiving this error message because the billing address that you have typed into the website does not match the billing address on file with your bank or credit card company.

When you authorize a payment through our website, it sends the dollar amount and your billing address to our merchant processor, Stripe, for processing. Stripe sends that information to your bank, requesting an Address Verification System (AVS) check (e.g, Does Queue have the right billing address?). This is a fraud prevention measure. Presumably, a thief who steals your credit card will not know your billing address and will have a more difficult time using it.

Your bank performs the AVS check and either moves the money or tells Stripe that the AVS check failed, that the address from Queue did not match the address on file with the bank. This AVS check is done by your bank, not by Stripe and not by Queue.

If you have trouble getting your card to "go through," confirm that the address on file with us matches the address to which your billing statement is mailed. Some banks or credit card companies want the address to match where the physical cards were mailed, and not the address to which the statements are mailed.

Post office box addresses can cause problems, too. Due to an incompatibility between Stripe and some banks or credit card companies, addresses like "PO Box 123" may not match, even when you enter them correctly into our system. If you are sure that your bank or credit card company has a PO box address on file and your card is still being declined, try updating your address within Queue so that the number comes first (e.g., try "123 PO Box" instead of "PO Box 123").

We do understand how frustrating AVS mismatch problems can be and wish that there was something more that we could do to help. The test is performed by your bank, not our software. We cannot override it, even if you call in and give us your credit card number on the phone.

If you cannot get your card to "go through," try a different card or a different payment method. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you understand that, to deter theft, we cannot accept a credit card or debit card if the AVS check fails.

Error Message: "There was a problem processing your card"

Should you get the error message:

There was a problem processing your card: Review your Payment Information

This means one of the following

  • Card number has been entered incorrectly
  • The wrong credit card type has been selected
  • The expiration date is in the past or does not match the details on the credit card
  • The billing address entered does not exactly match the details with your bank
  • The first name and last name do not match with the cardholders name
  • The CVV code is not correct
  • The card has expired or the incorrect expiry date has been entered
  • You bank had not authorized the payment

Credit card The credit card verification value (CVV) entered by the customer did not match the credit card. This post is outdated

Got an order today with this warning:

Credit card The credit card verification value (CVV) entered by the customer did not match the credit card.

I was able to capture the payment. But this got me wondering how come the customer was able to pay? What's the point of asking for a CVV if the transaction will go through without it being accurate.

Normally a transaction will still process even in the AVS (address verification service) or CVV don't match. They are just flagged as a non match. So you can investigate a possible fraudulent purchase. This is very common.

Aside from the risk of a fraudulent charge. There is also an additionally card penalty in most cases. When the AVS or CVV don't match. Visa will increase the interchange charge they impose. This often causes extra charges from your merchant service provider as the base cost has been increased.

Thank you for your reply and information.. I wish I could make the CVV information mandatory. Please let me know if you know if that is possible. Thx

Which gateway/merchant provider do you currently use?

Understandable, but yes is it normally a gateway/merchant provider. With most gateways you can edit the conditions to "Enable CVV Code non match = decline" True/False. This is a very simple edit with most gateways however some merchant service providers have branded gateways with may not support this feature.

@Alex: AVS and CVV are indeed key indicators in determining whether the credit card used to place the order is stolen or not, so by allowing only orders with full AVS match you will be able to reduce the number of fraud orders you receive.

However, if you'd like to keep the number of fraud payments low while not rejecting legitimate orders which happened to have an AVS / CVV mismatch, you may want to take into account several other factors, such as mismatches between the billing and shipping addresses, geographical mismatches between the buyer's address and the IP location and explore whether the buyer has any presence on Google or on social networks.

Can't pay for Origin Access with prepaid MasterCard.

Your credit card information does not match

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‎03-16-2016 02:32 PM

So I recently seen the Origin Access thing and I'm impressed. Even though I have most of EA's AAA games (Like Battlefield, etc). I'm still interested to subscribe to the OA thing to enjoy some of the other games.

Re: Can't pay for Origin Access with prepaid MasterCard.

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‎03-16-2016 02:45 PM

Learn about acceptable payment methods, and how to enter your payment information, orders, and view your order history.

When you reach the billing information page in the purchase process, you will see your available payment methods. Depending on the item(s) you want to purchase, you may not see certain payment methods, and you may see additional options, such as mobile payments. Payment methods will vary based on both location and currency. If you make a purchase in a different currency, your usual payment method may not be available.

Depending on which country you live in, you can pay for your purchase with payment methods such as:

  • Visa/Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • PaySafeCard
  • Ukash
  • JCB
  • Direct Debit
  • EA Cash Card
  • EA Wallet Balance

Note: You will be bound by the terms and conditions fo the payment method you choose, which may include the application of currency conversion rates to quoted prices, and/or additional processing fees (available from your card provider). Certain payment methods are non-refundable.

You will see a charge on your credit card the day after placing your purchase. It will appear as Electronic Arts - Origin on your statement.

You may see a small transaction appear on your account's online statement within a day or two of any pre-order purchase or update to your stored payment method. These are temporary transactions we use to verify the payment information. The transactions automatically reverse within seven business days.

Applicable sales taxes will be added to the price you see when placing your order.

  • If you do not want to place an order with a credit card, you can choose to pay with Paypal. You may also see other options based on your region, local currency, and the items you select for purchase.
  • Enter your card number as a continuous string of numbers, with no dashes or spaces.
  • For credit card verification, enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If your billing address does not match, your card provider may decline the purchase.
  • Save a new payment method with Add Payment, and edit your existing payment methods with the Modify button or remove them by clickingDelete.
    • You can view this section in Payment & Shippingon origin.com, on ea.com after clicking your username and My Account, or under Account and Privacy in the client's Origin menu.
  • Set your primary payment method by clicking Set as Primary. You will see this payment method as the default payment method at checkout.

Visit the Order History section of your My Account page, or see your Origin purchases and order information from within the client itself:

Note: If you have pre-ordered games on the Origin Store website, you will not see them in your Origin client order history prior to release. Please check your order history online to view these purchases.

You can order from the Origin Store on the web or the Origin client.

Order a game through origin.com

  1. Go to origin.com.
  2. Browse or search for your game, and click on the game tile to view more details.
  3. Click on Add to Cart or Pre-order Now.

Order a game through the Origin client

  1. Click on Store (next to My Games).
  2. Browse or search for your game, and click on the game tile to view more details.
  3. Click on Add to Cart or Pre-order Now.

Your shopping cart will contain the game you chose. You can continue to browse for games and add them to the cart, or click Checkout.

If you have a promotional code, go to the Shopping Cart screen, click Promo Code to enter your code, then click Apply.

Your credit card information does not match

Your credit card information does not match

If you have an EA Account, sign in with your EA Account login details. If you don’t, register or sign up to create an EA Account, fill out the New Customer Information and Payment Information, then click Continue.

Once you return to your order and complete your purchase, you will receive a confirmation number and an email with your invoice.

Remember to check your spam or junk folders if you can’t find your confirmation email. You can also view your Order History to see final purchases or to find your product code.

If you found an error and need to update your order, contact us and have your order number ready so we can help you as quickly as possible.

If this was helpful and solved your issue, please press 'Accept as Solution' button to mark this topic solved. Then click the 'XP' button to award me XP.

Re: Can't pay for Origin Access with prepaid MasterCard.

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‎03-17-2016 04:20 PM

Dude. just what the hell is that? I know about all of that. As I said I did pay via my Credit Card before on Origin. I don't know why it's not working with Origin Access

Re: Can't pay for Origin Access with prepaid MasterCard.

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‎03-17-2016 04:24 PM

Having trouble completing a purchase or adding a new card to your EA Account? There are a few common causes for online purchasing errors and a number of simple steps we can recommend.

Check that your details are entered completely and accurately:

1. Make sure you have accurately completed all required fields on the form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk Your credit card information does not match. If any required field is blank, the form cannot be processed.

Many required fields look for the information to be a certain length or in a particular format. Check over your entries to ensure there are no invalid characters or incomplete answers. An accidental keystroke might add a letter or punctuation mark where a number should be, for instance.

2. Enter your card information again

Delete the contents of the Credit Card Number field, and then re-enter the number. Before proceeding, read back over it to make sure it matches the card.

Don't forget to double-check your expiration date as well.

3. Make sure the CVV / CSC is correct

The Card Verification Value (CVV) or Card Security Code (CSC) is an important security measure for online transactions. The code's length and location will vary based on your credit card carrier. Click the ? beside CSC in the payment details screen for help finding your code.

If the code has worn away and is no longer legible, you may not be entering the correct value for that field. It may be necessary to request a replacement card.

4. Check your billing information

Your billing name and address must match exactly with the information on file at your credit card company (or other financial institution). Make sure to keep your information up-to-date with your bank or credit card company.

Other possible causes for a failed or stuck transaction:

1. We may be processing your order

We process orders within 24 hours of purchase though in some cases we may take up to 72 hours to complete processing. Once we finalize your payment we’ll send you an email to let you know. Until that time, EA Advisors can not provide additional information on your order status.

2. There may be limitations placed by your financial institution

  • Some credit cards will not allow international transactions.
  • Certain financial institutions place limits on the number of online transactions that may be processed within a certain time frame, while others may not allow online transactions at all.
  • Some accounts have daily or monthly transaction limits.

Prepaid cards may not allow for online purchases and cannot be used to sign up for ongoing subscription services. Also, prepaid cards must be registered prior to use. Make sure your card is fully activated, has sufficient funds, and is eligible for online use.

  • Note: Some prepaid cards add transaction fees to each purchase. Be sure your card balance is sufficient to cover the amount of your purchase plus the automatic transaction fee the card will assess.

4. The issue may be based on recent account activity

Your bank or credit card company may have blocked further online purchases for a time if:

  • You have made a number of transactions in a short time frame.
  • Your recent transactions triggered a fraud warning for any reason.
    • For instance, while you are travelling, your card activity may be flagged as suspicious due to the change in location.
  • Your account has insufficient funds.

5. There may be a network error

It is possible that there is simply a temporary interruption in connectivity between your computer, our servers, and/or your financial institution. If all your details have been entered correctly, and you have no reason to suspect your account is blocked, there may just be technical difficulties at the moment.

You can use PayPal or any of our alternate payment methods, if you are unable to complete the purchase with your credit or debit card.

Otherwise, we recommend contacting your bank or credit card company for more information. You may be asked to verify your recent transactions, if there has been any concern of fraudulent activity.

One last thing: Are you using an anonymous proxy server?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are almost certainly not. However, if the person who configured your system is pretty tech-savvy, you might check with them to make sure. Again, if they don't know the answer, then you probably don't need to worry about this. It's not a standard setup. EATerms of Service state that we may restrict accounts using these services.