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Dixie Insurance Company but changed to Infinity in 1992. This company has been successful since 1950 but

the auto insurance sector of their business formed in 2002. Licensed to serve across the United States, Infinity’

s headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama.

of non-standard policies through independent agents. Non-standard auto insurance is an option for

inexperienced drivers or those with specific needs such as those requiring Florida FR44 insurance for DUI .

Infinity also offers other types of coverage such as standard, preferred personal auto and classic collector.

Benefits include coverage of additional classic cars and agreed value coverage or best probable coverage.

Payment is made for any parts on your classic cars that are damaged or stolen. Your vehicles value won’t be

depreciated. Classic cars include specialty cars such as exotics, antiques, street rods and muscle cars.

policy, value-added and premier. Rates are usually higher for drivers with traffic violations on their record so

the low cost policy might be their affordable option. The value added policy might be for you if there’s one or

two violations on your record and you want increased limits. The premier policy is for drivers that don’t have

any violations and want broad coverage.

Information may be shared if permitted by law to specific people or organizations such as medical

professionals, government agencies or adjusters, appraisers and investigators. Infinity doesn’t use or share

personally identifiable health information about you. They respect your right to privacy and will not disclose this

information unless it’s requested by law or you gave your written consent. Your health information is only used

for underwriting your policy or claim.

measures the rating of a company by its financial strengths and capacity to meet its promise to customers.

They rate Infinity Insurance Company in the top 15th insurance stocks. Standard & Poor is another company

that rates the financial strength of companies. It gave Infinity a strong rating for financial strength.

provide an excellent work environment for their more than 1900 employees. There are also over 12,500

independent online insurance providers that strive to meet your needs and uphold Infinity’s long history of

excellent customer service. These strategic partners will assist you and provide the company's high standards

of commitment and dedication to their customers.

The management is very supportive and goes the extra mile to help their employees stay focused on the

customer. Infinity doesn’t use intimidation but promotes integrity, honesty, respect, achievement and teamwork.

Infinity offers a variety of career opportunities. These include accounting/finance, information systems,

customer service, claims and business development and marketing. Search for current opening on the search

menu of the Infinity careers website . Click on apply link on the right side of the job position.

children’s books. Hispanic families will receive a free bilingual children’s book each month when they sign up for

Read Conmigo’s Club Read. Infinity is one of the companies that realize the importance of supporting the

Spanish language and developing bi-literacy or learning how to read two languages.

which show they have the ability to pay out a claim. Their long history of success proves they’re a reliable

company that can be depended on for your insurance needs. This company has an information service online

that’s available 24 a day. Independent agents trust Infinity.

infinity insurance in florida

Infinity insurance in florida

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    Infinity insurance in florida

    A - The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and

    $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. A single combined limit of $300,000 is also acceptable.

    The liability coverage must be provided by a Florida insurance policy.

    A - No. However, the state of Florida does require FR44 policies to be non-cancellable. Because of this

    requirement, most companies demand payment in full by the policyholder.

    A - It is a requirement that all household members are disclosed on the application when there is a filing, and

    all companies comply.

    A - Your Florida FR44 is electronically filed at the time you purchase a policy and will show in the DMV

    system within 24 to 48 hrs. This is the only way a Florida FR44 insurance policy may be filed.

    A - The best way to find out is to contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and have them tell you the

    exact date your requirement ends. I recommend contacting them by email at so

    you have their response in writing. Choose the "insurance suspension" option, and submit your question

    directly to the DMV.

    A - You may still be required to maintain the FR44. The Department of Motor vehicles can advise you of your

    status. There is a difference depending on when your DUI happened, the conviction date, and changes in the

    A - Insurance companies typically look back 3 to 5 years on your driving record. For DUI related offenses

    many companies will look back 10 years or more and some will not allow multiple DUI convictions regardless

    of how long apart they may be.

    A- Just like with all policies, different companies have different prices for different risks. The best thing to do

    is to shop around with reputable companies and compare coverages. We represent several companies that

    issue FR44 policies with competitive prices.

    A - Not usually. Since companies may not cancel a policy after 60 days of issuance they generally will require

    payment in full at the start of the policy.

    A- Usually the answer is no. Of course, this can always change so it is important to ask. Infinity does offer a

    payment plan for their renewing Florida FR44 insurance policies.

    A - The premium will be less but is not determined until after the endorsement or change in your policy is

    processed and completed. Your prior Bodily Injury of 100/300 will help you achieve a better rate.

    A - You can check the status of your license by using Florida's online driver license check.

    Copy & paste the following URL in your browser's address bar ( )

    If your license is currently suspended due to a DUI conviction you will see an FR (financial responsibility)

    suspension with a 9 digit # that begins with a 4. This is you FR44 case #. As soon as the state electronically

    receives the FR44 filing from your company and you reinstate your license, your license status will show as

    'valid' and you will no longer see your case #. Always contact the DMV first to ask when you can remove the

    A - It is a requirement that individuals do not have access to a vehicle when purchasing a Florida non owners

    insurance policy and all companies comply.

    A - No; however, if you do not have a vehicle to insure, you can still comply with the state's requirements by

    purchasing a non owners policy with an FR44 filing. You are only eligible for this type of policy if you have no

    vehicles registered to you, do not operate any vehicle regularly, and live in a household with no vehicles.

    else's name and be an additional driver on their policy?

    A- Yes. It depends on the company, however, both Progressive and Foremost (who we represent) will allow

    Infinity Insurance Car Accident and Injury Claims in Florida

    Infinity Insurance says that they provide low-cost car insurance in Florida. They say that they deliver first-class customer service through their agencies, web services and call center.

    The last two times that I’ve called Infinity Insurance to report an injury claim, I had to wait an average of 50 minutes to speak with a representative. This is in line with my low opinion of Infinity when it comes to handling injury claims.

    In 1955, Infinity’s first office opened outside of Florida. They now insure many Florida vehicles.

    Infinity Insurance Pays $10,000 of $20,000 Settlement for Herniated Disc and Scar

    Lisa (not real name) was in a car that was T-boned by another car at an intersection in Miami-Dade County, Florida. I claimed that the accident caused or aggravated a herniated disc in her lower back.

    She also claimed that the crash caused a small scar on her body. Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company insured the other driver.

    Infinity paid the $10,000 bodily injury (“BI”) liability insurance limits. Another insurance company paid its $10,000 BI liability insurance limits.

    I represented Lisa.

    Infinity Insurance Pays $10,000 of $20,000 Settlement for Herniated Disc

    Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company insured the other driver. Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company paid the BI liability insurance $10,000 limits.

    Another insurance company paid its $10,000 BI liability insurance limits. I represented Henry.

    Driver Hit By Driver Insured With Infinity; Case Settles for $25,000Infinity insurance in florida

    Infinity insured the driver who caused the crash; however, the driver didn’t have BI liability insurance.

    USAA paid $25,000 to settle.

    Infinity Pays $2,724 in PIP for Knee Injury; Allstate Settles for $10,000

    See a case where Infinity Insurance paid $2,724 to a driver’s, Ryan’s (not real name), medical providers after his car accident. Ryan was driving his car in Miami, Beach, Florida.

    A car rear ended him. There basically was little to no damage to Ryan’s car.

    Allstate paid the driver’s $10,000 BI liability coverage limits to settle Ryan’s personal injury claim. I represented Ryan.

    If you need to report a claim, you can call 1-800-334-1661. You can also report the claim in writing.

    Infinity says that it provides “fast, thorough and friendly claim resolution…”

    Infinity gives its insureds an Infinity Claims Card. After Infinity gets the basic accident information, they will assign an adjuster to your case.

    Warning: You should NOT give a recorded statement to the adjuster unless you are insured under the auto insurance policy.

    The adjuster may need police report (Florida traffic crash report). You may have received a driver exchange of information at the scene.

    Many Florida police departments (and the Florida highway patrol) use You can purchase the report there for a few dollars.

    The Infinity adjuster may contact the other parties, do interviews and/or inspect vehicles. They may also try to get other information during this investigation.

    The Infinity adjuster may run a claims search on you to see your claims history. They may take a tougher stance against you if you have a significant recent history of making claims.

    Will Infinity raise your rates or cancel your coverage if you make a claim?

    It depends. In many situations, Infinity cannot legally raise your rates or cancel your coverage for making a claim.

    An injured victim may make a PIP claim with Infinity. It could be from a minor impact soft tissue injury. Expect Infinity to take the victim’s in person recorded statement.

    This takes about 45 minutes. It may be inconvenient to the Infinity insured.

    An Infinity insured’s negligence may cause your accident. You may have a minor impact soft tissue claim against a driver or owner of a vehicle insured with Infinity.

    I heard from a source that an Infinity employee may go to your doctor’s office. He or she may show the doctor pictures of the minor damage to the vehicles. They do this in an attempt to imply to that the crash did not cause your injury.

    They are more likely to show up at a rinky-dink medical clinic than a larger, professional medical clinics or doctor’s office.

    If your injury is severe, they are not likely to go to your doctor’s office.

    Infinity is below average at paying Florida injury claims. They are likely to offer you less than the fair value of your injury case.

    Infinity has a reputation for offering less to settle Florida injury claims than most other Florida auto insurers. Expect them to assign less money to the pain and suffering component of the claim than many other insurers.

    This assumes that you are entitled recover money for pain and suffering in a Florida car crash. Many Florida auto insurers that are much better than Infinity at paying Florida injury claims. Some of them are:

    Which Florida auto insurers are worse than Infinity at paying bodily injury claims?

    Infinity Auto Insurance Company is #11 for Private Passenger Auto Market Share

    The 2015 Florida Report lists Infinity Auto Insurance Company as the 11th largest Florida private passenger auto insurer. Infinity is growing.

    A “private passenger motor vehicle” is any motor vehicle which is a sedan, station wagon, or jeep-type vehicle and, if not used primarily for occupational, professional, or business purposes, a motor vehicle of the pickup, panel, van, camper, or motor home type.

    Infinity Auto Insurance Company Has Many Consumer Complaints

    Infinity had a complaint index of 2.2, which is high. For comparison, State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company had a complaint index of .7.

    A lower complaint index is a good sign for consumers.

    For Florida private passenger auto, Infinity’s written premium was $265,367,757. “Premiums” are money paid to an insurer for an insurance policy.

    It had 1.8% market share. “Market Share” is the company’s Florida direct written premium relative to the industry for a Florida private passenger auto coverage.

    Private Passenger Auto No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection)

    The 2014 Florida Report lists Infinity Auto Insurance Company as the 10th largest Florida private passenger auto no-fault insurer. Auto No-Fault is Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

    For Florida private passenger auto no-fault, Infinity’s written premium was $96,115,866. It had 2.8% market share.

    The 2014 Florida Report lists Infinity Auto Insurance Company as the 15th largest Florida private passenger auto physical damage insurer.

    For Florida private passenger auto physical damage, Infinity’s written premium was $51,185,699. It had 1.5% market share.

    Commercial Auto No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection)

    The 2014 Florida Annual Report lists Infinity Auto Insurance Company as the 5th largest Florida Commercial Auto No-Fault insurer . A “commercial motor vehicle” is any motor vehicle which is not a private passenger motor vehicle.

    Infinity’s written premium was $2,931,941. It had 3.4% market share for the commercial auto no-fault insurance.

    A consumer complaint is any written communication by an insured or named beneficiary expressing dissatisfaction with an insurance entity over which the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has regulatory authority.

    Should You Make a Consumer Complaint Against Infinity?

    If you are an insured or named beneficiary, and you are dissatisfied with Infinity, you should first give them a fair amount of time to give you a reasonable written explanation for their actions .

    If Infinity’s response is not satisfactory, you can file a consumer complaint.

    Do consumer complaints help your Florida injury case against Infinity Auto?

    Maybe. A consumer complaint may trigger a review by the claims manager.

    In the case of a consumer complaint filed with the DFS Division of Consumer Services indicating that a company may be engaged in a pattern or practice of fraudulent activity, the division may refer the complaint to the Market Investigations unit for review.

    The Division has discretion as to whether or not to refer the complaint to the Market Investigations for review. If Market Investigations uncovers potential violations, then the complaint may be referred to the DFS Division of Insurance Fraud.

    Market Investigations has discretion as to whether or not to refer the complaint to the DFS Division of Insurance Fraud.

    Consumer complaints may keep insurers who are acting fraudulently in check.

    For private passenger auto, Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company’s complaint index is 1.6. “Complaint Index” is a ratio derived by dividing a company’s complaint share by its market share.

    A complaint index of more than 1.00 indicates the company’s complaint share is disproportionately higher than its market share for a private passenger auto insurance.

    Therefore, Indemnity Insurance Company’s complaint share is disproportionately higher than its market share for a private passenger auto insurance. This is bad for consumers.

    Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company’s complaint share was 1.6%. “Complaint Share” is the number of complaints received by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation relative to the insurance industry expressed as a percentage.

    About 16 of every 1,000 consumer complaints were filed against Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company. Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company had 15 consumer complaints.

    Infinity Indemnity Insurance Company had 0.9% market share. Premiums were $134,206,010.

    This is for the 2014 year: For private passenger auto, Infinity Assurance Insurance Company’s complaint index was 2.03. This indicates that Infinity Assurance’s complaint share is disproportionately higher than its market share for a private passenger auto insurance.

    This is bad for consumers. Infinity Assurance Insurance Company’s complaint share was .79%.

    Basically, 7.9 of every 1,000 consumer complaints were filed against Infinity Assurance Insurance Company. It had 8 consumer complaints.

    Infinity Assurance Insurance Company had 0.39% market share. Premiums were $55,265,180.

    This is for the 2014 year: For private passenger auto, Infinity Insurance Company’s complaint index was 67.95. This indicates that Infinity Assurance’s complaint share is MUCH disproportionately higher than its market share for a private passenger auto insurance.

    This is a bad sign for consumers. Infinity Insurance Company’s complaint share was .0.89%

    Basically, 8.9 of every 1,000 consumer complaints were filed against Infinity Insurance Company. It had 9 consumer complaints.

    Infinity Insurance Company had 0.01% market share in Florida. Premiums were $$1,962,314.

    To put Infinity Insurance Company’s consumer complaint ratios into perspective, let’s take a look at a look at another Florida private passenger auto insurer, USAA General Indemnity Company.Infinity insurance in florida

    USAA General Indemnity Company had a complaint index of 0.55. They had 5 complaints against them. USAA General had 0.90% market share. Premiums were $127,075,897.

    As I mentioned earlier, Infinity Insurance Company’s premiums were $1,962,314. Basically, USAA General Indemnity Company did about 64 times as much business as Infinity Insurance Company .

    However, Infinity Insurance Company had 4 more complaints than USAA General Indemnity Company.

    As of November 26, 2016, Infinity has a market cap of $980.75 Million dollars. So it is worth almost 1 Billion dollars.

    A.M. Best issues credit ratings. They give Infinity Indemnity an A (excellent) rating for financial strength. Learn about Best’s Financial Strength Rating Guide.

    Best is an independent opinion of Infinity’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

    In most Florida auto accident cases, Infinity’s financial strength has little to no bearing. If Infinity went bankrupt, the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) cover them up to $300,000 per claim for a Florida auto accident.

    Infinity insurance in florida

    Most Florida motor vehicle injury cases are worth way below $300,000. Infinity’s A.M. Best rating has little relationship with Infinity’s fairness when paying Florida injury claims.

    As I said earlier, Infinity is a below average insurer for Florida personal injury claims. I am an attorney who is experienced handling car accident claims against Infinity Insurance in Florida.

    Did someone’s carelessness cause your injury in a Florida car crash or other type of accident?

    We want to represent you if you were hurt in an accident in Florida. If you were injured in another state but live in Florida, we may also be able to represent you.

    Call us now at (888) 594-3577 to find out for FREE if we can represent you. We answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    infinity insurance in florida

    Lowest Rates, Free Quote

    In the insurance business, often longevity is one of the deciding keys to choosing your provider. Infinity Auto Insurance has over 2,300 employees and assets worth $1.5 billion. They pride themselves in being able to cater to each customer and attend to their needs personally.

    Their specialty is in personal insurance and they reach out to customers via online recommendations, independent agents, and partnerships with other companies in the insurance industry.

    Infinity Auto Insurance also has special coverage for classic cars, exotic cars, and commercial vehicles. Infinity insurance in florida

    However, to be eligible for classic or antique car coverage, the owner must show proof of a clean driving record and must meet the company’s annual mileage limits.

    Also, the classic car must not be a daily car and should be in storage or display more than on the road.

    Compare car insurance without the hassle.

    Infinity Auto Insurance is a nonstandard insurance company with the same build-up coverage options of larger companies. However, their rates tend to be slightly higher and their license to operate is limited mainly to Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida and 3 other states. Their full coverage known as Premiere Policy or Deluxe coverage includes:

    • Roadside assistance known as the Infinity Driver Club
    • Coverage includes spouse, relatives, friends and non –resident drivers using the vehicle listed in the policy and having the owner’s permission
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Covers physical damage on temporary vehicle
    • 30 days automatic physical damage and liability on replacement vehicle
    • Repair Satisfaction Vehicle Program
    • Comprehensive
    • Collision

    Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation in Alabama, also known as Infinity Auto Insurance, is an auto insurance provider. They focus on nonstandard car insurance and has well over 12,000 independent agents.

    The company was established in 2002 after American Financial Group transferred their outstanding common stock to form the public Infinity Property & Casualty. The formal date when the company became public though was more than a year later on February 2003 at the NASDAQ Stock Market.

    Infinity offers 3 kinds of personal car insurance which is differentiated by the coverage amount. The Economy coverage barely meets the minimum requirements of each state.

    It does not include rental reimbursement. The second kind is the Standard personal car insurance which allows for protection in cases of borrowed vehicles and rentals.

    The company also allowed the policy holder to customize liability limits and first party deductible in order to meet his or her budget for car insurance.

    The third kind of personal car insurance is called the Deluxe which is the Standard coverage with custom equipment protection and rental reimbursement.

    As for coverage for commercial vehicles, this is limited to small to medium-sized businesses and vehicles of up to 54,000 pounds only.

    This coverage is also available in Texas, Florida, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

    The company claims to be the third largest nonstandard car insurance company and among the top 50 casualty insurance companies in the country.

    Their closest competitors are Progressive, GEICO, State Farm / All State, Nationwide, and USAA. From the years 2007 to 2008, Infinity Insurance was deemed the “most trusted insurance brands” among Hispanic Californians. The company also claims to be environment-friendly.

    Infinity insurance in florida

    With primary focus on nonstandard car insurance, it can be expected that the affordability rating of Infinity for the average car owner would be a little high – and at a 3.8/5 Credio rating, this appears to be spot on. Nonstandard car insurance refers to those with special cases such as antique collectibles, those with a poor driving record, prior DUI, required to buy SR22 insurance, or those young and inexperienced.

    Thus being eligible for discounts will help bring the rate down. Infinity Auto Insurance offers the following discounts: safe driver (up to 25%), lump sum payment (up to 15%), and multi vehicle bundling (up to 38%).

    There are other discounts but the exact rate is unspecified which implies that it would be up to the discretion of the agent. These discounts include defensive driving course, group membership, loyal customer, young driver training over and above the basic driving class, online billing, low mileage, anti theft, anti lock, safety features, and VIN etching .

    Infinity Auto Insurance offers additional coverage for a fee. They are:

    Infinity insurance in florida

    • Roadside assistance 24/7 but only if you are a member of their Driver Club. Driver Club membership to the club is free but you are charged a low additional fee for the service. This low cost fee is based on a pay-as-you-go program which means it is not a monthly fee.
    • Glass coverage but only for those with Comprehensive Coverage
    • Rental reimbursement of $25 to $30 daily and a maximum limit of $450 to $500 per incident
    • Upgrade of item coverage but this add-on is only allowed for those with Deluxe Coverage

    Infinity insurance in florida

    Compared to top car insurance companies, Infinity Auto Insurance merits a very low score on customer experience with Credio at 1.7/5. In fact, the quality of their support services has been on the receiving end of many complaints. While it is relatively easy to sign up with an independent agent, any procedure after you start paying for your policy has a more than 30-70 chance of being snubbed.

    The company itself has a sound financial foundation and respectable financial rating review agencies have awarded it a consistent A grade on this aspect alone. Customers are also happy when requesting for changes in their policies as this is done with the independent agents.

    And the website is fairly well executed with enough basic information needed for most occasions. The company has a mobile friendly app although it could use some improvement with usability.

    Like any company that relies heavily on independent agents, there is limited control over the actions and service of these agents. Thus, it is highly possible to be turned off by substandard representation.

    Finally, all claims are processed through phone and not through the independent agent. This can be inconvenient at times although the company’s website has a tracking system to help you follow the process online.

    According to the BBB, Infinity Auto Insurance is not BBB accredited but has been awarded a B rating. It has successfully resolved 129 cases in the past 12 months with a total of 296 complaints in the past 3 years. Most complaints have to do with communications with adjusters and repair issues.