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As an independent bank, we are able to make decisions quickly. Our experienced management team is available to personally discuss your banking requirements. At CompassBank, we have a clear understanding of the financial services businesses and professionals in the Caribbean region need to expand and be successful, and we are committed to providing you with an array of banking products and services for exactly that purpose.

CompassBank was formed to meet the needs of those who demand that a small bank deliver extraordinary personal service. At CompassBank we are interested in providing more than just deposits, loans and statements. Our objective is to help people realize the financial goals of their family and business.

Our board of directors, management team and employees are dedicated to our customers. We provide the same products as the "big banks" including business loans, deposit products, investments products and internet banking; but do so with a superior level of service for our customers and ultimately to our employees and shareholders. That’s what it means to be CompassBank.

If you are an individual, a small or medium sized business, a professional or an entrepreneur who wishes to conduct business with an independent business bank that demonstrates an active interest in your business and personal financial affairs, we are your type of bank.

BBVA Compass Bank: Login, App, Mortages, Locations And Customer Service

Led by financier Harry Brock, Jr., Central Bank and Trust Company, (BBVA Compass Bank) was established in 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama. Brock was an innovative man that had ideas to make banking more convenient for its customers, such as unheard of all-day banking and even opening on Saturdays. In 1970 it became the first bank to open on Saturdays. In 1971 Central Bank and Trust Company acquired State National Bank. A joint entity was established naming it Central Bancshares of the South. Brock then pushed to change the Alabama state law that prohibited opening banking branches across county lines which prevented banking expansion drastically. In 1978, Central Bank added 2 new services: Handy Bank and Handy Check which were the first ATM and Visa debit card services in Alabama. The law was passed in 1981 and continued to forge ahead over the next few years which allowed expansion statewide and ultimately regionally. Between 1981-1987, Central Bank merged 10 affiliate banks to form the first (and largest) state wide bank in Alabama. Also during this time period, Central Bank changed their name officially to Compass Bank and expanded into Florida. It was 1987 when Central Bancshares dove into the large Texas banking corridor with the acquisition of the fallen First National Bank of Crosby, the beginning of their journey into interstate banking had begun. This then led to the Southeast Compact, an agreement among the southern states to allow expansion outside of the regional state borders. Central Bank and Trust changed its name to Compass Bank after the completion of the Texas acquisition. Over the next few years there were many changes, including the retirement of Harry Brock in 1991. D. Paul Jones, Jr. then became the new CEO and changed the name to Compass Bancshares. Jones retired in 2007, succeeded by Gary Hegel.

Hegel was involved in the sale of Compass to BBVA for $9.6 billion. BBVA is based in Spain and operates in more than 30 countries. Currently named BBVA Compass Bank, it survived the financial crisis that began in 2007. As it is a foreign-owned institution, it was not eligible for federal government assistance. They did have approximately 10% layoffs and cut expenses somewhat, but one of their major advantages is its global variety of investments. The United States only accounts for approximately 10 percent. As of 2012, there are more than 745 branches throughout the United States. Total assets exceed $65 billion and deposits are in excess of $48 billion. BBVA Compass is currently one of the 20 largest U.S. banks. BBVA Compass offers all the personal and business services you would expect from a full service banking institution. Specialized programs are offered as well such as investment, retirement advising, merchant services, online payroll, and 401(k) services.There are many options for personal and business checking and savings accounts. They also offer many lending programs, credit and debit cards, and the convenience of BBVA Compass online banking.

Signing in to BBVA Compass Bank is simple and easy. Look for the form labled ‘Sign in to online banking’. The login form will request your username. Enter your Compass Bank login and click on the arrow to submit your information. The system will check the username and then you will be required to complete the Compass Bank login process by entering your account password.

If you do not have a Compass Bank login, setting up your BBVA Compass Online Banking Login is quick and easy. In order to set up your BBVA Compass Online Banking you will need an account number or check card and 4-digit PIN number and you’ll be on your way to managing your accounts and finances with convenient 24/7 access. Just click on this link to activate online banking. https://www.bbvacompass.com/online-banking/activate/

Easily download your mobile banking apps from the iTunes store or your Android google play store. The Compass Bank app provides a ton of helpful services and features as you would normally find when you do online banking through the website. The Compass Bank app is safe and secure to give you extra peace of mind.

BBVA Compass offers several options in mortgage banking. Fixed Rate Mortgages offer peace of mind that your monthly payment is set for the term of the loan, which is usually 15 – 30 years. There are also Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) which are a bit more affordable in the beginning and might be your best option if you do not plan to stay in your home long term. You do need to be aware that “Adjustable Rate” means that the interest rates will adjust, and if they rise, your payment will increase as well. Jumbo Loans are for people that can afford to make larger monthly mortgage payments on a property with higher value. This can be a great choice for some that qualify for this type of loan. Government Loans are also offered at BBVA Compass. There are First Time Home Buyer Programs and FHA loans which require lower down payments and closing costs. Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2.0) is a home refinance program. If you qualify to refinance your home, you can quite possibly get a lower rate and shorter term. Click this link for more information on this type of program and find out if it is something that might benefit you! https://www.bbvacompass.com/mortgage/mortgage-options/specialty-loans.jsp#harp If you owe less than your home is worth, you may qualify for a BBVA Compass Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit.

Learn more about each of these loans and mortgages by going to https://www.bbvacompass.com/mortgage/mortgage-options/

Compass Bank locations are everywhere and very easy to find. If you use the Compass Bank mobile app, you have the ability to locate one close to your current location through GPS. You can also search for a location by city, state or zip code online through the website. The search results will display a map of locations as well as hours of service.

You can contact BBVA customer service if you have questions about your online banking account or Compass Bank login. You can also get support from a BBVA representative reguarding loans, credit cards and more. The following contact numbers will put you in good hands with Compass Bank.