what is miscellaneous mean

a cc. has balance Rs. 8,40,000 at the credit of profit and loss a/c this balance is used for redemption of debentures what will be the entry

what is accounting

I am kind of confused between VAT and income tax! and am i supposed to use them both in the income statement?

v, An amount spent for inaguration of new factory building is A, revenue expenditure B, capital expenditure c, prepaid expenditure d, none of the above

Cheque in hand is current asset or fixed asset.

Hi Everybody, 1). Can anybody tell me the Journal entry for Bank charges Rs.100 and under which account it will come. 2). Received interest from Bank what is the journal entry, under which account it will come, Awaiting for soonest reply, Thanks, Khan

Does paid up capital include Advace against Capital or Calls in Advance for calculating Networth of A company

how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement

What is personal account?

what is cost of captial

Foreign currency Valuation

If a company monthly sales is 7,567075.03, variable cost 5,114,902.05 and fixed cost 1855268.11. What will be the Break even point ?