BitQuick Adds Woodforest National Bank – Buy Bitcoin at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Krogers

Walmart woodforest bank

WoodForest National Bank has been added to BitQuick’s list of approved banks! With nearly 800 locations in 17 states nationwide, WoodForest makes for a spectacular addition to the large list of banks that are already compatible with BitQuick. WoodForest is unique because they are Walmart’s largest retail partner, with some branches that are open 24 hours a day and 364 days a year. WoodForest also has additional partnerships with other large retailers as well.

This addition brings BitQuick’s total number of deposit locations to over 25,000 across the United States (this figure does not include Bank of America’s network of over 16,000 ATMs, many of which are compatible with the BitQuick system).

Buy and Sell Bitcoin 24/7

Thanks to the addition of WoodForest National Bank, it is now much easier to use BitQuick at your own convenience, without the need to worry about a bank being open. With a number of WoodForest locations as well as tens of thousands of Bank of America ATMs open past banking hours, deposits can be made with more convenience and less restriction, allowing you to buy bitcoin instantly and safely.

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