Walmart Money Card Activation – Login to Check Balance

Walmart MoneyCard, a reloadable prepaid credit card allows you to purchase products from Walmart stores or from the Walmart online store. It is one of the most popular prepaid cards among customers as reloading of the card is safe and easy. The MoneyCard is similar to a regular VISA or MasterCard, and can be used in all stores worldwide.

The Walmart MoneyCard has to be activated before it can be used. The process to activate the card is very simple and can be completed in a few steps online. Once the card is activated, you will be able to use it while enjoying the benefits of the MoneyCard.

Walmart is considered to be one of the largest department and warehouse stores chain in America. It was founded in the year 1962 and now has more than 8500 stores worldwide. Walmart stores are spread across 15 countries and are considered one of the largest American grocery retailers.

Requirements to activate Walmart MoneyCard

  • A PC or laptop with a stable internet connection
  • Your Walmart MoneyCard

  1. To activate your Walmart MoneyCard go to
  2. Enter your 16-digit Personalized Card number, along with the expiry date and three-digit security code. All of this information will be present on the MoneyCard.
  3. Next, enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the space provided
  4. You can create your own 4-digit PIN for the card or click on ‘Choose PIN for me’ to let the system pick a random 4-digit PIN for your card.
  5. Enter the security image in the relevant box and click on ‘Next’.
  6. Enter your personal and contact details in the respective fields and follow the on screen instructions to activate your card.
  7. If you require any assistance or information click on the following link

How to Check Your Balance:

walmart money card number balance

If you are interested in applying for a Visa credit card, there are a lot of things you should consider first because there are so many types of cards. For instance, consider whether you fly frequently and would like a card that earns you frequent flyer miles, or if you need a card with a very low interest rate because you plan on keeping a balance, or if you are in need of a visa credit card for your business, child, or if you have bad credit. These are all things to consider first, because you don’t want to apply for credit card after credit card. It is better to decide what is best for you, and then begin applying.

Also, some very important things to evaluate on each card you are considering is introductory APR, introductory APR period, regular APR, annual fee, balance transfer and the type of credit needed for the card.

For instance, many credit cards provide an introductory APR to make the card more appealing and make you want to switch or apply for that particular card. IN some cases, visa credit cards will offer 0% interest for a year or six months, depending on the card. While the introductory APR can be a good thing because interest fees charged are either nothing or considerably lower than other cards, you need to keep in mind how long the introductory APR period lasts and what the APR is regularly.

If the introductory APR period lasts for six months to a year then that is a good period of time in which you can use the credit card to your advantage. However, you should keep in mind the date when the regular APR starts so you do not find yourself with high levels of interest rates and a large balance.

The regular APR for a visa credit card can vary significantly depending on the type of card and the individual’s credit. Everyone wants a credit card with a low regular APR, but the truth is there are not that many credit cards with really low APRs. This is because credit card companies make a lot of money on charging interest from month to month.

Also, you should only apply for Visa credit cards with no annual fee. This is because there are many credit cards that offer the card with no fee, so there is no need for you to pay $50 or more per year simply to carry the card. Make sure the visa credit card you are applying for does not charge an annual fee.

Check and see if the visa card you are applying for accepts balance transfers from other credit cards. If the new visa card you are applying for has a low introductory APR then when you are approved you will want to transfer your balances from high APR cards in order to pay it off more economically.

Finally, check the type of credit needed for the visa card you are interested in. If the card information says you need excellent credit and you have poor credit, do not even waste your time and the affects on your credit report by applying for that card.

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Having less than perfect credit does not cancel out your credit card options. In fact, just the opposite is true. These days, credit card lenders issue plastic for every need under the sun. This includes cards designed specifically for those with poor credit. By taking advantage of a bad credit credit card, you can get back on your financial feet in no time. Read on to learn more about bad credit credit card offers.

Prepaid Debit Cards

If you have trouble getting approved for a traditional credit card, a prepaid debit card is a smart alternative. With this option, you first deposit money into your account. You can then use your card to make purchases. To help you stay on track, your line of credit is limited to the amount you have deposited. By putting money into your account and making purchases, you will rebuild your credit. For two great prepaid options, check out the All-Access Visa Prepaid Card and the Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card.

Secured Credit Cards

Another option for those with bad credit is a secured credit card. This type of card requires you to open a savings account. The account serves as security for the line of credit. The credit available to you is a percentage of your deposit. This usually ranges from 50 to 100 percent. If you pay off your balance consistently, over time your line of credit will increase. A secured credit card usually includes an annual fee and high interest rate.

First Premier and Orchard

Perhaps you plan to occasionally carry a balance on your card. If this is the case, there are various bad credit credit card offers available. First Premier Bank issues cards designed for those with poor credit. First Premier Bank credit cards offer low interest rates and the chance to improve your credit rating. You can be approved instantly for one of their cards. Check out the First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard/Visa to get you started.

Orchard Bank also caters to those with a poor credit history. The Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard offers a low interest rate on purchases. It also regularly reports to credit bureaus. This gives you a chance to use your card, pay off balances, and have creditors take notice.

Both First Premier and Orchard Bank cards include a number of fees. First Premier Bank charges initial fees of $29 and $95, as well as a monthly participation fee and annual fee. Orchard Bank requires a high annual fee.

These expenses may seem high. However, it is important to remember that these companies are offering cards to those with poor credit. Most bad credit credit card offers include extra fees due to the risks involved. Yet these cards are designed to help you improve your credit rating. Once you show that you can handle these cards wisely, you can apply for other offers.

Don’t let poor credit get you down. There are many bad credit credit card offers available. Choose the option that’s best for you and then apply online. With careful planning, you can improve your credit score. Soon you’ll be in good standings once again with lenders. This can open many more financial doors in your future.

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Every time you apply for a credit card or loan, each single inquiry from that lender will be recorded on your credit report making too many inquiries is a signal to a potential lender that you are a risky customer just shopping for credit and not for real funds.

True or not, a secured credit card may be the right type of credit card for you because it is secured by a deposit account owned by the cardholder. This deposit consists of 100% to 200% of the total amount of credit desired, that is held in a special savings account.

However, cardholders of secured credit cards still may expect to make regular payments as they would with any other regular credit card, with the only difference being the card issuer has the option of recovering the full cost of the purchases paid to the merchants out of the deposit if the cardholders does not pay their credit balance in a timely manner.

Most entities issuers of secured credit cards consider that if the cardholder does not make the required payment, the account must be paid anyway and before the security is released instead of taking the money from the security to pay the balance due. This is a risk for the cardholders because their card is not cancelled and the balance does not set off the deposit.

It is sad how easy it is to find that such advantage at first glance is nothing more than just a financial move to let interest to continue, accumulating on the unpaid balance for considerable periods of time which total charges often exceed the original deposit and leading the cardholders not only to lose their deposit but after that with additional debt that may become a nightmare to pay.

This is not a threat but a condition usually described in the secured credit card agreement of some credit institutions that most of the time is ignored by the cardholders, or something that they do not read, or do not understand clearly, when the account is opened.

Understanding all the terms of the agreement and not fearing to ask when in doubt is important because secured credit cards are the most viable option to allow individuals with poor credit, bad credit history or no credit history.

In fact, secured credit cards are the best option for rebuilding or cleaning up your credit history report, particularly if Visa or MasterCard endorses them, but always bearing in mind fees charged for secured credit cards more often may exceed those standard fees charged for ordinary non-secured credit cards.

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