Veridian credi

Meridian is a multi-media exploration of technology, humanity, and their offspring. Digital technologies and live performance combine in events that feature projected-video, ambient-electronic soundscapes, acoustic and electric instruments, looped and processed vocals, and spoken word poetry.

Meridian is an innovative artistic collaboration by four Vancouver Island artists who share their passions and performance skills to create an experimental, immersive experience.

Meridian is a collaboration that began in January 2012, resulting in a 60-minute performance presented in March 2012 at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre. Since then the project has grown to include a second, hour-long performance work, and has seen the members participate in many public talks and performances.

Meridian is Kevin Mazutinec, Marian van der Zon, Robin Davies, and Justin McGrail.

Veridian crediPhoto by Denisa Kraus

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