REVIEW: US Airways Premier World Mastercard Credit Card

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction feeIf you’re a fan of U.S. Airways, have excellent credit, and plan on flying at least a couple of times a year, then the U.S. Airways credit card issued by Barclaycard, should be a great addition to your wallet.

40,000 Bonus Miles – One of the highlights of this card is its significant bonus miles offer. Cardholder will receive 30,000 bonus just for using their card at least once, then up to 10,000 additional bonus miles by transferring other account balances over within the first 90 days. That’s enough for 2 round trip tickets just like that!

2x Double Miles – Dividend Miles are awarded at 2 miles for every dollar spent purchasing an item directly through US Airways, and 1 mile per $1 spent on purchases made elsewhere, with no mileage cap.

0% Intro APR – Not only will you receive a 0% APR on balance transfers for an entire 15 months, you can also earn up to 10,000 bonus miles by transferring another credit card balance over right away.

Other Benefits – In addition to the award miles, every year cardholders will receive a companion certificate valid for 2 – $99 companion tickets. That’s after the cardmember’s initial purchase and then again after the anniversary date each year. Premier cardholders will also appreciate first class check-ins, priority boarding, one yearly US Airways Club day pass, a $75 club membership discount, Dividend Dining Miles and exclusive redemption discounts!

Cash Advance / Balance Transfer / Foreign Transaction Fees – I’m not thrilled with the 5% cash advance, 4% balance transfer and 3% foreign transaction fees that come with this card. Thankfully, though, you’ll have a lower 3% fee during the first 15 months, which is when most people will be transferring their balances over anyway. Cash advances aren’t used that often by the majority of cardholders so the slightly above average fee may not even affect you. And if you’re not a huge foreign traveler then you don’t have to worry about paying a pinch more than some other cards for overseas transactions.

All-in-all, these fees are only slightly higher than some of the other cards out there, but fairly standard for Barclays issued credit cards.

The main reason you’d probably consider another card is if you don’t want to be restricted to a particular airline. In that case you may want consider a credit card like the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard. Just keep in mind you’ll usually trade first-class check-ins, boarding and other exclusive benefits of the “branded” airline credit card for airline flexibility.

There are two U.S. Airways credit card offers currently available through Barclaycard. The one we’re primarily covering here comes with an $89 annual fee, which is fairly typical for airline miles cards like this one. And there’s one with a $49 annual fee, which comes with a few less bonus miles and other rewards. If you travel a lot for business or leisure, then I would personally go with the former. But if you’re not a frequent flyer, then the latter may be a better option for you. You can pick the best card for you by comparing them on the application page.

The The US Airways Premier World MasterCard® is a handy card to have for U.S. Airways aficionados. You will typically need an excellent credit score of about 720 or greater to get approved. If for any reason you’re not approved, be sure to call them to discuss your application after you’ve been notified of your status. Several people reported having success getting approval by calling Barclaycard after originally being denied.

Have you applied for, been approved, or denied for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard® credit card recently? If so, feel free to leave a summary review of your experience in the comments below. Genuine reviews – positive or negative – will help other consumers researching this product, and are greatly appreciated by the community. If you’ve been using this card for any length of time, we welcome your thoughtful feedback as well.

Using No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card in Europe

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

When you use your credit card overseas, you will get charged a foreign transaction fee of about 1.5 to 3.0% on top of your purchase price for goods and services. Assuming you spend around $3000 on your overseas trip, you will see an additional charge of $45 to $90 on your credit card statement as foreign transaction fee cost.

There are ways to prevent foreign transaction fee when you use your card overseas. Most of the premium cards from American Express, Chase, Citi Bank and Bank of America waive foreign transaction fee which will save you money when you use the card overseas to pay for your transactions.

Also, the no foreign fee transaction card waives you the fee if you purchase goods in foreign currency on a website operated in an overseas location. A few months ago I wrote an article about using my Chase Sapphire Card for booking a train trip in Europe. The Chase Sapphire card comes with no foreign transaction fee, and I used the card to book my train ticket in British Pound and found out the card indeed gives out an excellent rate for paying for the service in a foreign currency.

Using various No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card in London

During my recent trip to London, UK I decided to take several no foreign transaction fee card and decided to experiment them to find out the which card will give the best rate for US Dollar to British Pound when they are used for various purchases.

During my past overseas trip, I never cross-checked with the data available for the dollar to foreign currency rate for my purchases to see whether I get close to the spot exchange rate available for that day. During my recent trip to London, I tried to check out the currency exchange rate available for the day and the exchange rate; I get when I use my credit card to make a purchase.

Used Chase United Explorer Visa card to make a purchase for £ 37.52 and based on my Chase credit card statement I was charged $46.50 in US dollar for that transaction. Based on the amount charged in dollar the conversion rate works out to $1.2393 per British Pound.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

On the day of the transaction, the pound to dollar conversion rate was $1.2356. Based on the conversion rate, I received an exchange rate that was very close to the one available on that date. So the Chase United Explorer Visa credit card gave me an excellent exchange rate when the card is used for purchases in foreign currency.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

For another transaction on the same day, I paid using the Barclay AAdvantage Card to pay for my services. I used my card to charge £11.45 for the service as per Barclay AAdvantage website the charge for the services was $14.17 with a conversion rate of $1.2375 per British Pound.

The conversion rate per Bloomberg on the day was $1.2356 for a British Pound. Based on the transaction I received an excellent exchange rate available for that day when I used the Barclay AAdvantage Mastercard.

You may notice there is a slight difference between the Chase United Explorer rate and Barclay AAdvantage rate, with Barclay AAdvantage card giving a slightly better rate than the Chase United Explorer card. The rate difference could be due to foreign currency market changing rapidly throughout the day a closing the day with the closing price of $1.2375 per British Pound.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

Used my Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa card on a different day to make a purchase for £36, based on my account website I was charged $44.28 for the transaction, the conversion rate for the transaction works out to $1.23 for a British Pound.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

The Bloomberg end of the exchange rate for a dollar to pound on that day was $1.2282 for a British Pound. Based on that Bloomberg closing exchange rate I received a conversion rate close to the exchange rate available for that date.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

Used American Express SGP card for a ticket purchase at the cost of £49.90, as per my credit card account, I was charged $61.72 for the ticket price. Based on the dollar charged to my account the conversion rate between US Dollar and British Pound works out to $1.2360 per British Pound.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

Based on the exchange rate of $1.2252 per British Pound, for the using American Express SGP card, the American Express SGP card is slight giving a poor exchange rate when we used the card to make the purchase compared to the other card I used for purchases.

Us airways mastercard foreign transaction fee

Both VISA and Master Card branded cards gave a rate very close to the exchange rate available for that day . The American Express card also offered a good rate but not as good a rate of Visa or MasterCard . So using a Visa or Mastercard will give you the best foreign currency exchange rate when you use your card to pay for a service in foreign currency. No matter what version of the card you use, if you use no foreign fee credit card you save a good amount of money from getting wasted as the foreign transaction fee.