California Unclaimed Money Totals Nearly 6.1 Billion

California Unclaimed Money is more than $6.1 billion and their are somewhere around 17.6 million people or organizations that have there money just sitting there waiting for you to come get it.

This is just your property waiting for you to claim it while is just sits. The thing is that if you don’t claim it soon, it will be lost as they have no way to keep maintaining this must misplaced property. They don’t say this, but I would suspect that it would just go to the state wouldn’t you? We know they need it so see if there is something waiting on you.

I personally had 400$ sitting there from an apartment I lived in years ago. I sent in the claim and weeks later I got a check in the mail.

You see in California and all other states they have whats called a unclaimed property law. Not all states are the same as to how they handle it so we be cautious. As far as California is concerned they require business, apartment associations, corporations and insurance companies to annually report and deliver any property owed to individual to the controller’s office if they haven’t tried to get the money to you during a 3yr period.

Knowing the nature of the business people forget or they don’t have forwarding addresses because individuals didn’t give them one because they didn’t realize that had money waiting. Unfortunately in some cases people die and don’t even realize they had money sitting there is someone else’s hands. With that said if you have a family member who has passes if you are eligible you could claim that property.

As you can see California Unclaimed Money is a BIG DEAL and you should check into it!

Lets look at some of the types of unclaimed money is out there:

  • Safety deposit boxes contents or bank accounts
  • Uncashed money orders or cashier’s check
  • Certificates of deposits
  • Mutual funds, dividends, bonds and stocks
  • Even insurance policies that are matured or terminated
  • Estate accounts
  • Mineral rights or even the royalties
  • Escrow accounts
  • Trust Funds
  • Etc…

As you can see this law was designed for you to have the opportunity to get back whats rightfully yours without the companies adding it to their bottom line as profit. The law also makes it possible to get the funds back to the California citizens through and single source and that is the State Controllers Office. Basically you have nothing to loose but a chance to walk away with some property that you didn’t know as yours. So check to see if you have some California Unclaimed Money waiting on you.