turn in lease

Turn in lease

What is Normal wear and tear on a lease turn in?

There is going to be some damage to the paint on a vehicle after two to five years of normal driving, however the definition of Normal and Acceptable damage varies from lessor to lessor.

The Best Approach to Lease Turn in:

Take the vehicle back to the lessor for a pre turn-in check. This should be done 30 days prior to the turn in date, and carries no charge. The lessor will provide a checklist of all the damage and wear found on the vehicle. The list will also denote what will result in a penalty charge if left unrepaired. They will usually provide you with a cost for them to do the repairs.

In most cases, any work that needs to be done, can be done for LESS by someone other than the lessor, however, it is the leasee's responsibility to arrange for the work.

Lease turn in problem areas:

One of the areas most commonly attacked is the condition of the painted finish of the vehicle. The General rule of thumb is that if the paint can be touched up it will pass inspection, but if the damage area needs to be repainted then a penalty charge will be charged if the repairs are not made prior to vehicle turn in.

Armed with a pre turn-in checklist, Southern Colors will probably be able to resolve the finish problems, for Much less Cost and Time than the alternative sources. Areas most commonly repaired:

Southern Colors can repair most damage on a Same Day Basis, probably while you wait.

turn in lease

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Turn in lease

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turn in lease

Turn in lease

Turn in lease

Contact us at (800) 286-0653 M-Th. 8am-8pm Fri. 8am-7pm CST

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options at the end of my lease?

With Lexus Financial Services, you have options. To explore some of your options 1 select the following: Lease a New Lexus or Purchase Your Current Lexus .

1 Options are available on approved credit through your dealer and Lexus Financial Services. Not all applicants will qualify.

How will Lexus Financial Services contact me before my lease ends?

In the months leading up to your lease maturity, you’ll receive several communications from Lexus Financial Services about your options and obligations. Be on the lookout for information from us through lexusfinancial.com, U.S. Mail or phone calls.

What is my lease maturity date?

The lease maturity date is the date when your lease agreement ends and the vehicle is returned to Lexus Financial Services through your originating dealer (unless you choose the option to purchase your leased vehicle). The date can be found when you log in to your account or on your monthly billing statement. If you have moved since you established your lease, use our dealer locator to find a participating dealer near you.


What is an inspection? Why does Lexus Financial Services offer a complimentary

An inspection is an optional complimentary service conducted by independent inspection company, AutoVIN, to assess the condition of your vehicle before your lease ends.

Lexus Financial Services offers inspections to help ensure our lease customers understand the current condition of their vehicles and to provide an estimate of wear and use charges that may be due at lease termination.

2 Available only to Lexus Financial Services lease customers who reside within the continental United States.

Who does the inspection?

Inspections are conducted by independent vehicle inspection company, AutoVIN. All AutoVIN inspectors undergo training to ensure that vehicles are inspected according to Lexus Financial Services’ wear and use guidelines.

When and where is my vehicle inspection done?

If you choose to take advantage of an inspection prior to maturity, inspection appointments should be scheduled to take place 15-60 days prior to your scheduled lease-end date. Inspections can take place at your home, office, local Lexus dealership or other preferred location.

How do I schedule my complimentary

You may contact AutoVIN directly at (855) 90-MY-LFS (906-9537) or visit AutoVIN to schedule an appointment online. Please note that online appointments should be scheduled via the desktop website.

What happens at the inspection appointment?

A trained independent inspector will arrive at the scheduled time and location and will perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle. The inspector will use the Lexus Financial Services Lease-End Wear and Use Guidelines to determine any chargeable damage.

At the end of your inspection, you will receive a card containing instructions for how to access your vehicle’s condition report online once it is available.

Where do I turn in my lease vehicle?

Your leased vehicle should be turned in at your originating Lexus dealer by the scheduled lease-end date. If you have moved since you established your lease, use our dealer locator to find a participating dealer near you. Contact the dealer to schedule your lease turn-in appointment approximately 30 days prior to your lease maturity date.

Who is my originating dealer?

Your originating dealer is the dealer where you established your lease. This information can be found when you log in to your account. This dealer can assist you with choosing your next Lexus and turning in your current leased vehicle.

What do I need to bring to my turn-in appointment?

Bring your clean leased vehicle along with the following items: your LFS Odometer Statement; tool kit and spare tire, if applicable; all sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable; Owner’s Manuals; any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.). Failure to return original equipment or keys at the end of your lease may result in additional charges.

What needs to be brought to the inspection appointment?

Bring your clean leased vehicle along with the following items: tool kit and spare tire, if applicable; all sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable; Owner’s Manuals; any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.).

Who needs to be present at the inspection appointment?

It is recommended to have the primary lessee present. The inspector will review his/her findings with the person present at the completion of the vehicle’s condition assessment.

How long should I expect the inspection to take?

Inspections require approximately 45 minutes to complete.

How do I get a copy of my vehicle's condition report?

Within two business days of the inspection, your vehicle’s condition report will be available online. You can view this report by logging into your account at AutoVIN.

What happens if I choose not to take advantage of the complimentary inspection prior to maturity?

An inspection prior to maturity is optional. However, if you do not take advantage of the service prior to your maturity date, the leased vehicle will undergo an inspection once it has been turned in should you choose to return your vehicle. You may find it valuable to know the condition of your vehicle before returning it as you may be liable for any excess wear and use charges.

Do I need an inspection if I am buying my leased vehicle?

No, you will not need to do an inspection. For details on the process to purchase your leased vehicle, view the Purchase Your Current Lexus option.