Td card service

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Td card service

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TD Visa Customer Service/Lost & Stolen Credit Cards Telephone Numbers

For customer service/support for your TD Canada Trust Visa Credit Card, or if your card has been lost or stolen, make a call to the following telephone number:

If you are overseas, or otherwise outside of North America, call TD Canada Trust Visa Credit Card Services COLLECT at: (416) 983-8472

To save a ton of time, call the 416 TD Canada Trust telephone number even if you're not overseas, even at long distance rates, since they think you must be overseas and stuck in an emergency, so they transfer you straight to an agent, rather than put you on hold!

regarding of the tern of using, I could not use my credit card in Thailand. My credit card number is 4520 8400 1940 xxxx exp;10/16. please activate it due my difficulty in Thailand and please contact me Rainforest Boutique Hotel in Chaing Mai - room no: 401 either send a confirmation through at: [email protected] tel 053 309081-2

kindly please stop my td credit card right away since i found it lost this afternoon, and i had called but not get a response, and will call again, or call me at 604-710-7389.

Thanks for providing such useful information. I really appreciate your professional approach.

So wonderful!Very worth to read.

so i call your 1 800 number to have my card cut off due to my child stealing it. caught it right away but my account was drained due to your "we'll take 10 minutes to answer your call. " really could not shut down my card in an appropriate amount of time and now my christmas cash is gone. thanks for having an emergency number available. really appreciate it. i'll probably go to another bank. still on had to shut the card down by the way,and i type with two fingers. happy freaking holidays.

and waiting. great music though. if you want to hang yourself.

so he comes back now and the account is lacking. great service. still on hold. child has returned. with the card. again,great prompt service.

i am closing my account first thing tomorrow. crappiest service ever. quite frankly in the most polite way. go fuck yourselves. i'll beat the kid over the money,and harass your employees over my inconvenience. perhaps you should set up an emergency contact line. if i ran my home this way,my children would stave while listening to elevator musac,and be rich from getting bank cards. thanks from a previous customer.

I was robbed by some Thai police last night (I am in Thailand). I had to give them 5000 baht and my bank card went missing at the same time. Not sure how they did that. I cancelled the card as soon as I figured out it was gone but I do not know if they watched me as I put in my pin number and took out all of my cash. I am in a state of shock right now and have your hotline twice and since I have cancelled the card they would not give me any information other than to call my branch in the morning. It was about a 90 minute time period that I didn't know my card was gone. Please help me.

It is ultimately frustrating to repeat over and over again same procedure with my excellent card record and no luck to purchase the ticket. For the record, one can not call 800 numbers from overseas. and a collect call ,yet another way of making people crazy.A person Who is in charge of this operation ,first should go abroad and go through this hassle .if not simply , MUST RESIGN. Lucky that person does not work for my company.

I go on metro town on shop Ann Louise you coud not accept my td visa tell me the reason pls I wait you email