>9gt; Bad Credit Car Loans, Used Auto Financing, Buy Here Pay Here Dealership, Used Car Lot Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA - Super Credit

Bad Credit Car Loans, Used Auto Financing, Buy Here Pay Here Dealership, Used Car Lot Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA - Super Credit

Buy here pay here dealership offering bad credit car loans and no credit auto financing in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA.


At Bad Credit Car Loans, bad credit won’t prevent you from getting the car loan you need. We are here to help people with good credit and bad credit obtain car loans for new or used automobile purchases. We can also help you refinance your existing car loan or buy out your auto lease. Our services are Hassle-Free with no obligation after you have applied for a bad credit car loan.

No credit, bad credit, and no qualifying programs are available nationwide. So no matter how good or bad your credit is, be sure to take a moment to complete our finance application so you can take advantage of our Hassle-Free service today.

Super credit autoSo if you have good credit or bad credit, we will help you find the right car loan for you. Let our staff of qualified loan specialists work with you to find the lowest possible interest rate and down payment. We work with a vast nationwide network of auto loan finance companies and dealerships in your immediate area to get you in the new or used car you are looking for. Don’t let bankruptcy, garnishments, tax liens, or even judgments prevent you from obtaining a car loan or refinance loan. Save time and money with our easy application process.

Are you looking for a dealer near you to find auto loans for bad credit? Look no further! Bad credit car dealers in your area are easy to find in our directory of bad credit auto dealers, they offer a number of car financing solutions to meet your needs. Look through our certified dealers to find a bad credit auto loan for your next vehicle.

After submitting your application with Bad Credit Car Loans, our loan officers will look at your application and your credit situation. After a careful review of your application, we send your information to the appropriate lending institution/auto dealers for pre-approval. This process is fast and simple and takes all the guesswork out of your next auto loan. With Bad Credit Car Loans, there is no need to apply for financing all over the internet and no more driving all over town looking for the best deal. We will work hard to finance your next car purchase today.

Our program is fast, easy, secure, and best of all Hassle-Free! There is no obligation to you after you apply, and the program is hassle-free. Just fill out the auto loan application and our representatives will have an answer for you shortly. Customer Service is our #1 priority at Bad Credit Car Loans. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. >9gt; Bad Credit Car Loans, Used Auto Financing, Buy Here Pay Here Dealership, Used Car Lot Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA - Super Credit's domain statistics have been assessed with data provided by cloud computing providers. Additionally, cloud security information may be pulled from the host server or private cloud that registered with.

Title: Bad Credit Car Loans, Used Auto Financing, Buy Here Pay Here Dealership, Used Car Lot Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA - Super Credit

Description: Buy here pay here dealership offering bad credit car loans and no credit auto financing in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA.

If you are looking for a bad credit auto loan, you might be asking:

Is there really a way for me to get an auto loan with bad credit? What if my credit history is really bad, or I don't even have a credit score? If you can get an auto loan with bad credit then there has to be some sort of catch, right?

Actually, there are tons of people searching for auto loans for bad credit who find that the answer is that it is definitely a possibility to get a car loan with bad credit!

Let's unpack the reasons:

The fact that you have bad credit and are looking for an auto loan doesn't mean you can't get approved. When the economy is down, like it has been the last several years, more people end up having bad credit (even bankruptcy). This put's banks in a position to either not make loans, or adjust their practices to meet the current economic conditions. A bad credit auto loan may not have the same rates as a loan for someone with better credit scores, but it also doesn't mean that a bad credit auto loan won't be approved because the competition is higher now for banks and the standards lower. The reality is, the number of people with great credit goes down each year.

A bad credit auto loan means a secured loan. This means that the vehicle you buy is literally the collateral securing the loan. Banks are more interested in financing auto loans for bad credit because they are secured. Bankers might never come clean about this, but they know that having bad credit doesn't mean you don't pay your bills. Actually, in lots of instances people who have filed chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy can actually be in a better position to receive a bad credit auto loan because they are often times able to make their payments better than someone with a higher credit score because of their financial position.

Getting an auto loan, even with a bad credit score, is a fantastic way to raise your credit score. Having that payment history that is positive will make it way more likely that a financial institution is interested in working with you to help you get financing for future loans.

A Dealership Franchise has stiff competition, it can literally be as important, if not more so, to actually sell a car as it is to make a huge profit off that car. The reason is that auto manufacturers have an incentive based program for their franchisers. As they sell cars, the incentives increase - not based on the price, but the number of cars sold. This means, more cars sold = more incentives (and larger incentives). This makes it to where dealers are interested in making deals to get cars sold. If you are looking to buy a car with an auto loan, even with bad credit - then the competition is on your side. Often, dealers will even bring the auto loan financing in house, giving bad credit auto loans and even no money down. This provides financing options you might not find elsewhere.

We know how to get you approved for an Auto Loan, even with Bad Credit, it's what we do!

We've been in the bad credit auto loans business ever since our first days in 1989. We understand how to get people approved no matter what their credit history. The online application was created in 1999 to provide you and opportunity to look at your top options for auto loan financinng. It really only takes a few minutes to apply!

Get Approved for your auto loan today!

Lot's of people wonder if they can get an auto loan with bad credit or after bankruptcy. Whether you've experienced Chapter 11 or Chapter 13, we can help you get approved for a bad credit auto loan!

We specialize in helping individuals with poor, bad, no credit, and bankruptcy get approved for auto/car financing. Apply Today!

Super credit auto

Super credit auto

Super credit auto

Some of the language used in financing auto loans for cars or in the bad credit auto loan industry are a little hard to understand. We've put together some resources to help make sense of it all:

The parent company to,, was started by our family to help people get car loans even with bad credit. We've been helping poeple with bad credit get financing since the 1&80's. We know what we are doing and are the very best for helping you find the perfect match financially with competitve loan terms - no matter what your bad credit score!

Our application was created to help people with bad credit get approved for an auto loan. Buyers who have bad credit scores and credit issues can get approved, let us help!

Our process is super easy to understand!

We help people who are looking to buy a car with bad credit. They begin by filling out our online application where we gather all the pertinent financial information needed over a 256 BIT Secure Encryption connection. We then work to connect the individual with bad credit to an institution (bank or dealership) who will approve them for an auto loan. Sometimes you can even get a zero down loan!

We work for the buyer by connecting you with our massive network of car dealerships and banks (all across the nation) to provide an auto loan for bad credit for you!

No matter what your past looks like in regard to your credit score, we can get you approved for and help find a loan financing solution for your lending requirements. Our loan professionals will work to help meet your financing needs and partner you with one of our dealerships or banks from across the nation in order to provide the right auto loan for your bad credit needs!

*The information you provide is for the purpose of arranging vehicle financing, it is not used without your knowledge for other purposes. See our privacy policy for more information.