how to stop automatic payments wells fargo

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How to stop automatic payments wells fargo

How to stop automatic payments wells fargo

How to stop automatic payments wells fargo

Wells Fargo is a financial institution that works with personal and business accounts. The company offers services like checking accounts, savings accounts, wealth management and other financial products to customers. Information on the corporate side of the business at Verizon headquarters is listed on the corporate pages of the website.

You can find the corporate office and Wells Fargo headquarters in San Francisco, California. The office is where many of the executive officers call home. You can contact the company headquarters via mail, phone and email.

  • Address: You can write to the Wells Fargo headquarters at:

Wells Fargo Headquarters 420 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94104

This is not the address for sending payments for Wells Fargo products or services. Contact your local branch for the payment address.

  • Phone Number: The only phone number listed for Wells Fargo headquarters is a toll free number. Call 1-800-869-3557 to request a conversation from someone at the corporate office. You can fax the office directly at 1-415-975-7745.
  • Email: Wells Fargo is one of the few companies we’ve come across that offers a direct email address [+] for the corporate team. In this case, you can reach out to the Board of Directors via email. You will need a personal email address to send the message as there is no contact form on the website.
  • Website: There is a corporate side to the Wells Fargo website. You can visit the website [+] explaining the history of Wells Fargo, social media connections available from the company and investor relations information. There is also a map so you can find the nearest Wells Fargo to you.

Patricia Callahan – CAO and Senior Executive Vice President

David Carroll – Senior Executive Vice President

Michael Heid – Executive Vice President

David Hoyt – Senior Executive Vice President

Richard Levy – Executive Vice President

Michael Loughlin – CRO and Senior Executive Vice President

Avid Modjtabai – Senior Executive Vice President

Kevin Rhein – Senior Executive Vice President

Timothy Sloan – Senior Executive Vice President

James Strother – Senior Executive Vice President

John Stumpf – CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Carrie Toldtedt – Senior Executive Vice President

There are no company brands associated with Wells Fargo headquarters.

I applied for a home loan purchase and received an approval. Then Wells Fargo put me through the ringer with repeated requests for data. Once I had satisfied their requirements, new requests were repeatedly made. In the 10th week of waiting I receive no response from my mortgage rep for over a week and a half (he quit) then I receive a terse email from a Travis Feddersen that my loan was declined because the condo HOA guidelines do not comply. Ten weeks had passed and I incurred costs for appraisal, application fees, home inspection, notary snd DHLI. I have been a WF customer for 20 years, have a 785 FICO and have had multiple mortgages with WF in the past. I have never experienced more frustration with incompetence and poor service as WF dragged me through this horrendous and stressful experience. I will be writing to their CEO Timothy Sloan and VP of retail mortgage lending. WF’s actions once again show they just don’t give a damn about their customers. I will close my accounts with them.

This bank had no interest in customer satisfaction. You should read the “Don Frank act ” the banks will be alerting the government to take fund from Americans to pay our national debt off. It’s called a bail in. Other countries have already done this to stabilize their economy. Fair warning.

We are trying to locate someone who can assist and support us in a flooding problem we are experiencing which is aggravated due to customers exiting Wells Fargo drive through after a rain storm. When exiting and driving down the street the water on the street comes up to our home’s front door. Also all the debris and landscaping from the bank flows into our driveway, carport and yard. Of course when customers exit they sometimes want to speed out vs drive cautiously though the water on the road. This is a several months issue here since we live in Florida, Fort Myers Beach. We have mentioned this to the Wells Fargo Bank Manager however they claim there is really nothing they can do. We have been customers of Wells Fargo for several years and this is our bank. Not that this should make a difference, but this situation is becoming serious and could cost us damages especially during our hurricane and rainy season. Can someone please contact us and advise. We have reported this to the city and they are looking into it, however we would think Wells Fargo would be concerned as well. Thank you,

Well as I try to email corporate is directs me to a site to lose weight?? How professional… I WAS with wells fargo and I have to say I’ve never looked back! I’ve been trying to file a fraud claim since last SEPTEMBER!! All they do is jerk me around.. I’m making ANOTHER attempt today and I’ve been on hold for over an hour! Every time I walk in to file this claim I get the runaround! I was told their system was updating so they couldn’t help me.. then the other time I ended up sitting on hold until THEY CLOSED! My whole experiences have been horrible and I don’t recommend ANYONE having these clowns!

I am currently looking for a job, yet when I tried to review openings in my area you wanted my date of birth first. Why do you need to know this; after 2 bachelor’s degrees and a MBA I can assure you this have the skills necessary to read a job description.

Why has WF removed the coin counting machine from Sauk Rapids MN branch? This is really inconsiderate as some of us save our coins every day and I was told I had to put in tubes and then they will accept the coins. After 55 years with WF, this is a real kick in the teeth. I thought banks were customer orientated not all for the making it easier for the employee but I guess I am wrong. Way to go WF.

Wells Fargo Robed me 48,000 dollars then no other bank can Verify me two Open and new Account. I can’t get a new working ATM Card in almost 10 Years and I have and 700 Credit Score.

I leave the USA and Wells Fargo Say call them so theres a Hold on my Money 89% of the time I’m Outside the Country Wells Fargo Sent and ATM Card two and USA Address and I lived in another country I ask them two send it and they close account Till I call.

Now my Mom Mailed me the New ATM Card and I said buy me and new Apple computer Cord on Ebay 25 Dollars she paid 90 at Best Buy 40 DHL Shipping. and DHL Put 300 Declared Value the Tax is 123 Dollars on a PC Cord and USB stick both worth 45 Dollars. and I have two pay the Tax two Get the ATM cord.

Once a bank Robs you can never Leave Wells Fargo Sabotage everything.

I have been a Wells Fargo customer for many years. I deposited my pay roll check on Friday, then the next Tuesday I found out that my check was being held for verification and funds would not be available for 10 days. I spoke to my employer and they provided proof that the check had cleared in their bank 2 days prior. Since then, I have contacted the local Wells Fargo bank and called the 800 number several times. They told me that, even though the check has cleared on their end, they will not release the check for an additional 5 days. I do not understand how they can get away with this, it is a simple pay roll check that I receive twice a month. I would like to warn others that Wells Fargo will withhold your hard-earned money and not give flying crap about you.

Can anyone provide me with The Board of Directors’ email? I cannot locate it. As it is always with WF,nothing is simple.

They don’t want to talk to us because they don’t care.

It looks like my decision to leave Wells Fargo was a good one. I’m writing a letter to the CAO about my mortgage because I’ve paid five months payments this year but only was given credit on the principle for one plus about $30. I wonder where my money went. The hassles have been horrendous and I’m talking to attorneys. Also am ready to send a complaint to the Federal Reserve. Why this bank has become so bad is beyond me. I’ve been with them for over 20 years. My advice: change banks and if you have the money (We do.) sue them (We may have to.) .

Unfortunately, Wells Fargo is unprepared to take care of nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit consultant I have helped more than 70 nonprofits set up their incorporation and tax exemption. This includes providing all of the documentation necessary to set up a nonprofit bank account. THE ONLY BANK i have experienced issues with is Wells Fargo. Everything from arguing that an organization MUST be designated an LLC, S or C corp (which a nonprofit is NOT) to refusing to open an account because the state document does not have INC at the end of the name but the IRS determination letter does (INC is added after the incorporation is approved.) DO NOT try to set your nonprofit bank account up with Wells Fargo unless you are prepared for issues to arise.

Unfortunately, Wells Fargo is unprepared to take care of nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit consultant I have helped more than 70 nonprofits set up their incorporation and tax exemption. This includes providing all of the documentation necessary to set up a nonprofit bank account. THE ONLY BANK i have experienced issues with is Wells Fargo. Everything from arguing that an organization MUST be designated an LLC, S or C corp (which a nonprofit is NOT) to refusing to open an account because the state document does not have INC at the end of the name but the IRS determination letter does (INC is added after the incorporation is approved.) DO NOT try to set your nonprofit bank account up with Wells Fargo unless you are prepared for issues to arise.

Not only does the company stink, and I would say worse if I could, the HR Director named Linda Obertin is on the Board of American Payroll Association, which is supposed to be the Number One organization for standards for payroll certification.

This crap system and organization has me on hold since they could not call me back two times. I got down to Five minutes waiting time and then it took me to 15 minutes. I was just informed that it is now 16 minutes waiting time.

I don’t know if I should go into their website and slander their name all over the place or just all over the Internet.

Well’s Fargo bank discriminates against Black Americans and will not be tolerated. Made to stand up in the bank for a hour and 35 minutes to cash a Cashier’s Check? Racial Profiled and discrimination, and insults to injury. My bank Citibank right next door.

It’s ashame that a once proud bank is a shell of what it once was.l tried to get a small problem taken care of. They have no idea of what to do.jHow can these people in charge be so rich and so stupid at the same time.

You think that’s bad?

Try asking them to inspect the original loan document you signed for whatever type of loan you had. They will offer you a ‘notarized copy’ which means a Notary prints off a digital copy and notarizes that it is a copy of the digital copy. It is not sufficient to establish proof of claim.

Know what happens to the original? I do

I can’t speak for Wells Fargo as a whole but the branch in Columbus, GA on Manchester Expressway sucks! My boyfriend text me while I was at work saying that he went in the drive thru to deposit his check and asked for cash back. He said that they took forever and he noticed the teller (that he also had) tell someone to come in. Anyway, when he finally received his money it was $100 short!! He immediately sent it back in and told the teller the problem. The teller asked to come in and he did. He said that they had to could the drawer so by this time I’m off and sitting on the phone with him the entire time. While waiting, he hears another teller say that her drawer was $100 over but the teller my bf had said his wasn’t. They told him there was nothing they could do. He asks about the other teller being over $100 and “some rude lady” says that it her drawer has nothing to do with it. My bf then asks his teller, that if he gave him the $100, in what form did he give it. The teller stated that he “thinks” he gave him the correct amount back. My bf responds and says “this man doesn’t even know WHAT he gave me!” By this time I’m at the bank. It’s a few minutes after 5pm so the door are locked. By this time my bf is very upset and cursing. They say there’s nothing they can do and that he needs to leave. As a lady is unlocking the door to let him out, I try to talk to her as I stand in the door. She states that they can’t let anyone else in the bank. I told her that I understood but that I would like to know what he needed to do to get the matter looked into, possibly closing his account and if I could speak to the manager. She said to give her a minute to speak to the manager and she’d let me know. Please know that it’s raining, cold and I’m 33 weeks pregnant and the lady never came back. In fear of them just leaving without handling the matter I call the police. Turns out they had already called them! When the officer came, he tried to let us come in as well to sit but they lady told him the he was cursing and she didn’t feel “comfortable” I guess letting him back in. Again, I’m pregnant! But anyway, the officer came back out and said “you don’t want to mess with banks because what they do is call the hire ups and then the next thing you know, the FEDS are involved” OOOKKKAAYYY?? I told him that that was fine but what did we need to do going forward. That I’m not trying to so that the teller pocketed the money, it could’ve been an honest mistake but it needs to be looked into. He said that it was best that we just leave and go to the main building tomorrow. What gets me is that they told my bf to look in the car!! Like they gave him a hundred dollar bill when the receipt said his change ($190.74) was in all twenties and one ten! You mean to tell me he dropped 5 twenties or is lying yet sent it right back in, came in as asked and we called the police?? Calling corporate first thing in the morning and as soon as his deposit clears we’re going to the main branch to close out the accounts. Banking with them for over 5 years and to be told there’s nothing they can do when the website clearly says “on the side of our customers” is beyond hurtful. They didon’t even want to look into the matter and the officer didn’t want to do his job either. I bet there’s no report. It doesn’t matter if it was $5, “there’s nothing we can do” should’ve never been said. Take my info and “we’ll look into it” or directing us to a manager or the main office would’ve worked just a little bit better.

Contact me, I can advise you on the proper procedures to go through in order to deal with this. Remember, they have cameras everywhere, most banks will have cameras over the area where their tellers are working. They are required to keep recordings, especially if there is an issue at hand, Contact the bank manager directly, ask for a written report to be released on what the tapes show, detailed documentation of the events that happened, DO THIS ALL IN WRITING, DO EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Unless the conversation is recorded (laws apply to this), you cannot prove a conversation but BLACK AND WHITE SPEAK VOLUMES. All processes that lead to court involve arbitration. Costs a lot of money for Wells Fargo to arbitrate everything. Go through the steps, it’s a pain in the butt, however, victory is yours for the taking, you just have to work for it. Their hopes and how they process their internal complaints, etc., is set up to make you want to give up under frustration of the system. Make the system work for you. Stay on top of it, don’t let time go by without contact so they know that this problem will not go away and needs to be addressed.

I currently do not have a Wells Fargo Acount but I have been meaning to join my husbands account. My company uses Well Fargo for their banking needs and I usually go in and cash my check at the Marbach location in San Antonio where they have outstanding customer service and a very welcoming atmosphere. Now, I cannot say this for SW military/New Laredo HWY location. I was there Saturday morning to cash my payroll check since I was on that particular side of town. after waiting in line for 25min the teller advises me that they are not cashing non-costumer checks due to a cash shortage. I understand their dilemma but how would you not cash a check from your own bank? Now, okay they are trying to save it for their customers I get it I move on. Initially, I call and ask for a manager who happen to be busy so I spoke with a female rep to complain. When I ask why they couldn’t cash it and they explain I had an issue wrapping my head around it is still your banks check. I pretty sure I would have been over the issue if I would have received a sorry for the inconvience type response or something in those lines but instead I get ” Well ma’am we don’t print the money here!” in a sarcastic tone. I am not a rocket scientist or do I claim to be the most intelligent person in the world but I do know that Well Fargo doesn’t print money. That really boiled my blood. Yes, I did call to complain but I was never rude or disrespectful to deserve a rude and demeaning comment such as that. Then when I rebutted her comment she became even more obnoxious so I stated I will just call your cooperate office and inform them if your poor customer service and her response was @well call them then.” I hate to judge Wells Fargo by this one event it it is so hard not to. My husband was so upset with the way she spoke with me that he wants to close his account. I hope she reads this and realizes poor customer service can be a reflection of a whole company not just her.

Do you have corporate number for Timothy Sloan. The president and ceo. No one will give me the number. Been trying to get help for a week now