Southern auto owners insurance company

Auto-Owners Insurance Group is comprised of five property and casualty companies and one life/health/annuity insurer.

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company

  • Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company

  • Owners Insurance Company-Operates in 25 states.

  • Home-Owners Insurance Company- This property and casualty stock company writes business in Michigan and Ohio.
  • Property-Owners Insurance Company- This stock insurer writes property and casualty products in Indiana and Michigan.

  • Southern-Owners Insurance Company-This stock insurer writes property and casualty products in Florida.

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    southern auto owners insurance company

    147 Caroline Street

    Orange, VA 23117

    • Auto
    • Motorcycle
    • Boat
    • Jet Ski
    • Home
    • Farms
    • Rental Property
    • High Value Homes(excess of $1 Million)
    • Personal Umbrella
    • Term Life Insurance
    • Whole Life Insurance
    • IRA
    • Fixed and Variable Annuities
    • Health
    • Collections: Guns, Stamps
    • Jewelry

    • Business Auto
      • Service vehicles
      • Logging trucks
      • Dump trucks
      • Local, Intermediate, and Long Haul Trucking
      • Cargo
      • Federal and State Filings
    • Property
      • Business Owners
      • Manufacturing
      • Industrial
      • Sawmills
      • Vacation Rental Properties
      • Home Owners Associations
      • Contractors Equipment and Machinery
    • General Liability
      • Contractors
        • Excavation
        • Painting
        • Drywall
        • Tree Trimmer
      • Truckers GL
      • Manufacturing
    • Workers Compensation
      • All Types of Business Exposures

    • Allstate Insurance Company
    • Auto Owners Insurance Company

  • Owners Insurance Company

  • National Grange Mutual Insurance
  • Company

  • Southern Insurance Company

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    Southern auto owners insurance company

    L. Payton and Associates can cover all of your insurance needs in Virginia. From Auto, Home, Health, Life and Personal Property Insurance to everything you need to protect your business, such as Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, General Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance, we have you covered. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or come see us at our offices in Mineral, Virginia or Orange, Virginia. Contact one of our licensed agents today and let us make sure you are protected.

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    What can you expect from an Independent Insurance Agent?В

    • Helps you assess new risks in order to determine if you should retain a risk or transfer it to an insurance company – in other words, helps you determine how much of a deductible is best for your unique situation,

    Southern auto owners insurance company

    It is the agent’s job to act as part of your financial team – like your attorney or accountant – to provide professional advice to help you manage your risk protecting your current and future assets. The agent then annually – or more frequently – reviews your account to ensure that your insurance products are responding to your changing needs.

    For example, in health insurance we have seen dramatic increases in premiums. Consequently, the agent will receive calls from the majority of health customers every year asking “how can we reduce the cost to a more affordable level.” The agent must know and stay on top of the available products on the market, coverages and exposure to assist that the customer in meeting the financial needs of their family.

    While many insurance companies offer similar products and coverages, each company is unique with respect to their own options, pricing, and many other variables. An independent agent’s job is to know what those variables and options might be – advise you the insurance customer – and help you get the best coverage for your specific need and budget. Speaking of which, most independent agents are paid on a commission basis through business arrangements with the companies they represent so unless your situation is exceptionally large – where a fee arrangement might be more appropriate – the services of your independent agent are included in the price of your premium.

    Insurance is about peace of mind, and that’s what you get when you trust your protection to an independent agent. Peace of mind is more than taking care of you when you have a claim – it’s also knowing you have the right coverage in case you need to make one.

    Southern auto owners insurance company

    Southern auto owners insurance company

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    southern auto owners insurance company

    Southern auto owners insurance company

    Among the leading property and casualty insurers in the U.S., this mutual insurance company is represented by approximately 35,000 agents in more than 6,000 agencies and is the Group's largest insurer.

    Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company

    Netting over 42,000 applications per year, with $18.5 billion of life insurance in force in 2006.

    Owners Insurance Company

    This stock company is the second largest property and casualty insurer in the Group and operates in 24 of the 25 states in the Auto-Owners regional market.

    Home-Owners Insurance Company

    This property and casualty stock company writes business in Michigan and Ohio.

    Property-Owners Insurance Company

    This stock insurer writes property and casualty products in Indiana and Michigan.

    Southern-Owners Insurance Company

    A stock insurer writing property and casualty products in Florida.

    southern auto owners insurance company

    Auto-Owners Insurance History:

    Auto-Owners Insurance is a Fortune 500 company, that has been in business for over 90 years. Its headquarters are located in the mid-west and has remained in that part of the U.S. since its start in 1917. A “will not quit” perseverance exemplified its infant beginnings. The Auto-Owners architect began in a one room bank building, with only one accounting book. Even when the Depression Era hit, Auto-Owners promised and met its payout claims, in cash! Over the years, it has earned the reputation of being the largest property and casualty insurance company, and retains that title today.

    It has five subsidiaries which include: Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company, Southern-Owners Insurance Company (based in Florida), Home Owners Insurance Company, Owners-Insurance Company, and Property-Owners Insurance Company.

    Pros of Auto-Owners:

    In today’s uncertain economy, Auto-Owners’ peers, state that this company can be counted on to remain financially stable. Even though Auto-Owners brand name, will not be found under the search engine for cheap or discounted insurance, Auto-Owners operates on the principle of independent agent systems. Under this operating system, agents can offer comparative quotes, right on site, and then issue policies that are customized to fit the policyholder’s needs.

    Auto-Owners agents are represented as part of the local neighborhood, and are immediately available when calamity strikes. Because they are readily available, they have a personal relationship which instills confidence. Auto-Owners offers multi-policy discounts, handled by friendly, helpful, experienced agents. Further, as part of a neighborhood business, Auto-Owners claim to fame, is that they can offer a wide variety of products, provide 24/7 service and quickly assist with claims. Each of its subsidiaries have received top awards from nationally recognized organizations.

    Cons of Auto-Owners:

    2010 reports, by consumers, seem to show complaints centered around claims. Main complaints from consumers, has been Auto-Owners slow claim times, especially if a personal injury was the result of an accident. Also, the length of time it takes an adjuster to make their report, so that claims can be settled swiftly.

    Services offered by Auto-Owners:

    Auto-Owners name does not represent all that this J.D. Power and Associates awarded company represents. Auto-Owners is a full service cojmpany, that not only offers car insurance, but insures home owners, businesses both large and small, insurers of workers compensation and offers life insurance. They also offer annuities, disability and long-term care insurance. Auto-Owners, under the car insurance category, also insures trucks, commercial automobiles, motor homes, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, vacation trailers, campers, utility trailers and classic automobiles.

    States covered by Auto-Owners:

    Auto-Owners has full service offices, in 26 U.S. states: Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconson, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, North/South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

    Overall Rating/Satisfaction by Consumers:

    The most recent consumer surveys, conducted in the coverage areas of Auto-Owners, and across each of its products, convey the motto of Auto-Owners, that the consumer’s needs come first. The satisfaction ratings display the confidence and trust, from consumers, that Auto-Owners has stood on for years.